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That mustard shirt…

There is probably nothing that beats a beautiful sunny day…and I have been getting loads of sun lately with my move to Jericho…which btw has been awesome for my skin! No more dry patches and no more flakey skin…although I do still get that (once in a while) around my lips. So today I felt a little more upbeat and felt like dressing up for a little outing with my hubs’s nieces and nephews (yes the photos are taken by his 12 year old nephew). I spent most of the time chasing after those little rascals and giggling for the rest of it. Sometimes, it is important to remember to get the child inside us out a little for some fun. I am and always will be a child at heart; carefree and free-spirited, which is why I have been dressing the way I am dressing lately. A little bohemian charm never hurt anyone. I want to keep things airy and cool. A little loose and a little style!

So here’s how my outfit turned out and yes some vintage is involved…couldn’t leave that part of me behind in Canada of course. Vintage is really what I thrive for…finding that unique pieces and bringing it back to life…just ugh! Such a wonderful feeling!


SHIRT: Unbranded 80s Vintage Δ PANTS: Zara culottes Δ SHOES: White Mountain Δ BELT: Ebay Δ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade

I love these sandals ps…because you can wear them quite casually but still look super well put together…and they go with everything!!! From dresses to pants to skirts to jeans… name it!

Also pps…can we like admire this 80s silk mustard shirt together…okay so at first, I didn’t even care that it was a little way too big for me, because the color sold me on it. I bought this momma for like 5$ at the Nova boutique in Hudson while shopping with mum and it was everything. Since I bought it, I wore it about 50 times already and I will continue to wear it as long as it is in good shape. It’s so super light and comfortable. Plus, the color! OMGGG the color! I am slightly obsessed with mustard as you guys have noticed.


I wanted to wear my 80s elephant leather belt I got along with this shirt…but it died 🙁 soooo bummed!!! Super sucks, but I am working on finding a way to salvage it and bring it back to life…the hook of the belt broke as I pulled it out to undress myself…can we all say Miss Klutz!

I may look like a delicate flower and all, but man do I break things. I have come to terms that my talents include breaking things and walking into things…and this is certifiable!





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Back to the 60s

Today, I’m going all the way back to the 60s. I sort of wish I was born in the 30s….I mean, in terms of style, the 50s all the way through to the 80s are years filled with great fashion mementos. The prints, the cuts, the fit, the colors, the detailing….everything was beautiful; even the quality! I would do the 50s for the Dior style; all those full skirts have me swooning. The 60s would be awesome to relive for the amazing wide variety of prints; houndstooth, gingham, stripes, and the list goes on. Oh! And!!! Those cute short dresses that Twiggy endlessly sported!! The 70s would be amazing to relive for the flared everything…sleeves, pants, tops, you name it. And the psychedelic prints. The 80s, well, the 80s are the years of crazy neon colors, the layering, the big denims and the crazy hair. It’s a notorious year; the year where you can one day get away with wearing skin tight miniskirts to large MC Hammer pants. Alas, here I am in the modern times where fortunately, history repeats itself! And so this is why I allowed myself to go back to the 60s, it’s not vintage per say, but it is a 60s inspired look.


I had a meeting, so I couldn’t do denims for sure, and I wasn`t going to do a skirt either. So I went for something professional but with flare, obviously, because we’re talking about me. I would almost never settle for boring; I need detail in every outfit. So without further ado, here’s what I wore:

I opted for velvet pants, I know it’s spring, but it’s still kinda chilly out here in
Montreal with all the rain we’ve been getting. I paired them pants with a cute high low gingham shirt. I kept it pretty monochrome in the color department and let the shoes do the talking (they’ve gotta be my favorite pair ).

What I wore:

TOP: Topshop tie sleeve top ◊ PANTS: Zara ◊ SHOES: Topshop


I obviously would have loved to use vintage items today, but I don’t own anything (yet) from that era. I would need to go do a little of bit of sniffing around the thrift shops to find ideal items I can add to my insanely growing collection. But for the moment, this will do.


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Color Kerfuffle!

When you just don’t know which color to wear….you just go for them all at the same time. This is what I did today! I could not for the life of me settle for a certain color scheme and so I though to myself, just why not? Why not be colorful just for the sake of being fun, youthful and yourself. I bought this beautiful geometric over-sized shirt from Topshop a few weeks ago and today what its first public appearance. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea styling it is a little tricky if you don’t want to look like you stole grandma’s shirt. I decided to take a risk and buy it anyway. It cost me about 25$ CAD. It was on sale on the Topshop website and unfortunately is currently out of stock. But I know that Topshop sometimes brings things back and they’re constantly in and out. So if you’re interested, just keep checking and you might find it!


I bought it simply for the color selection. It’s something I usually wouldn’t go for but there’s always a first for everything.

I decided to go for a turban style today, since I hadn’t done one in so long. I feel like maybe sometimes my face is a little too fat for this look and sometimes I end up with a double chin if I don’t stand in the right angle. Anyway, enough blabbing and here’s the final look:

What I wore: 

-Topshop geometric over-sized shirt.
-Zara culottes.
-Zara heels.
-Vintage neck scarf.
-H&M earrings.

So I totes didn’t follow any particular rules today. I just thought, girl, go for it! You can do this. Although some people obviously had to give their 2 cents…I felt good in this outfit. I felt professional, clean, stylish but most of all feminine. It is important that we feel good in our skin and be sure of what we put out there. Now, I am not saying I never doubt myself…but I always try to know who I am and know what I put out into the world. And even though there were loads of negative comments on this particular look, I felt damn good. So unapologetically good!

The sock thing, ps, was on purpose. It’s a look I never tried and this was the time for it. The cold was reason enough for me to wear sock with my heels and I kinda like it. It’s different but it’s cool! Now that doesn’t excuse your old folk wearing his sock with his sandal! That’s not a look to go for….but this one is super cute.

And, that yellow was just another color I wanted to integrate for another pop of color. I was quite happy with the results…it might be too much for some, but this was my cup of tea. OHHH and,  I think that the sock look will happen again! Maybe with a little more girliness next time!


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Party outfits

‘Tis party season again!!!  The best time of the year; you dress up, you eat, you hang with friends and make memories. Even though I technically do not celebrate Christmas, it’s a time I appreciate, because I see others happy and super festive. I absolutely love getting into the holiday spirit as well. My friends and co-workers all celebrate, so that gives me reason to dress up fancy. I mean who doesn’t love a good sequin!!! I can do sequin all year round…but you know gotta keep it on the low low sometimes. So in the post, I would like to share with you 3 holiday outfits that could work for whatever event you are planning or going to.

I went for 2 fancy looks and 1 a little more on the fun side:


Look #1
The perfect cookie cutter

I love this look because it is all vintage! Well, minus the scarf and the heels. It’s super fancy and festive and you have all that jingles right there. The colors of this vest are so Christmasssy, it’s perfect! I found this beauty in a vintage warehouse in Toronto and I have it now listed on my Etsy shop…for those interested to buy it (of course I’ll be sad to let it go…but it needs a new home). I paired it with a vintage midi skirt and added a super cool gold Zara flower belt and red Zara heels. This is the epitome of mother Christmas!! It’s like the ugly sweater without the ugly! It’s 80s on a whole new level.


Vintage sequin jacket – vintage skirt – Zara heels – Zara belt.

Look #2
The modern rocker

This one is my absolute favorite for the pure fact that I am wearing sequin pants!!! SEQUIN pants! Like I get the shine and the oomph but I am still comfy and covered up from the cold. Plus this top! It’s so feminine and classy. The color combination too is a plus for me. Plus I added a pop of color on my ear with this beautiful blue H&M flower earring.


Topshop white blouse – Forever 21 sequin pants – Brown shiny heels – H&M earrings.

Look #3
The festive cracker ball

I gotta say this look is fab because of the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are all the rage now and you can get away wearing them for any occasion. I got this bad boy from Forever 21 and I love it! The back is super sexyyyy. Jumpsuits are like a touch of masculine in a sea of feminine and that’s how I like my outfits. I added a cute girly blouse with bell sleeves and turban-ed it up with my favorite Zara scarf. This scarf is so colorful and vivacious; it like literally sums me up.

Forever 21 jumpsuit – Shein top – Zara booties – Zara scarf – Forever 21 black choker – Vintage crystal choker – H&M earrings.

What I like about parties, in general, is the opportunity to play dress-up without judgment. I mean you can dress-up anytime, really, but parties are just so much more fun. Everything with a crowd is more fun (sometimes).

There are no rules in fashion, for me anyway, and if there are, screw ‘em and break ‘em. You do you x


I want to take the time to wish y’all the happiest of holidays…good times with family and friends and may the new year bring you all peace, peace and more peace, love and health!








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Street Style with a twist

It’s been a hot minute since I did a turban style with success. I usually have to struggle to get it right. But, since I have been practicing, I’m getting the hang of it and it’s actually turning out cooler than I expected. I am super happy that it stays in place and I don’t have to keep pulling at it to make it work. Today’s outfit consisted of that…a turban hijab!!!


Picture courtesy of Google

I have had this “keffiyeh” for a few years now. My papa gave it to me when I was younger. As Palestinians, we have pride wearing it as it represents revolution, nationalism and peace.

Nowadays, it’s more of a fashionable statement. You find this scarf anywhere and everywhere.  Anyhow, I came across my scarf as I was doing a major closet cleaning and was super inspired to wear it as a turban scarf and style it in a cool, street-chic kinda way. This is how it turned out!

I wore my favorite jeans ever! Combined them with a burgundy Zara top and acid washed Gap denim jacket. I added my favorite H&M earrings of all time! Of alllll time!! I am so not an earring kinda gal, but for these!!!  I am a convert.



What I wore in details:

-Gap acid wash denim jacket
-Zara turtle neck top
-Rachel Zoe black jeans
-Aldo boots
-H&M earrings
-Forever 21 sunglasses


This has got to be my favorite street style look so far and I would for sure wear it again!

I feel like it’s the perfect combination of feminine and masculine. This is how I love my outfits to be. Fashion and style shouldn’t have limits and I am so blessed to be able to explore all the possibilities!


Fashion Style

The fuzzy sweater edit

It’s sweater weather and what perfect way to wear your favorite fuzzy baby out for a stroll. There are 3 things in life that make me swoon…fries, sweaters and shoes or maybe cats…but they’re both up there…okay okay…let’s make that 4 things. Anyway, you have me at any of those things mentioned above. I love sweaters, I can be in them all year round (if I could…given the temperature). So, this sweater holds a very special place in my heart. Why you say…well, for the pure fact that it’s so freaking soft and so freaking warm and so freaking stylish. You can totes dress this little baby up or down and make it your own by adding your own touch and twist.


This fuzzy sweater cost me like 10$ from Wal-mart; which I had purchased ages ago but never had a chance to photograph it an give its memento until now. So this how I wore my aubergine sweater out to work.


I decided to wear it with my Zara culottes, Vince Camuto booties and Kate Spade backpack. To tie the whole look together, I added my favorite colorful headscarf that recalls all these color into one.


What I wore in details:
-Colorful scarf from Turkey
-Wal-mart aubergine fuzzy sweater
-Zara culottes
-Vince Camuto booties
-Kate Spade tortoise sunglasses
-Kate Spade backpack

What are your favorites things in life that just get you? Share them below in a comment!

Cheers x




Fashion Style

Shades of pink

The weather is weird in Montreal lately…sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold…sometimes it’s meh! So anyway, I don’t even know what to wear anymore because the weather is up and down. It feels like fall-ish…the transition period is taking forever to get over.  Ok, I am done with my weather rant. I usually never rant about the weather because I love it in very possible way. But my favorite season is fall and it doesn’t feel like fall yet! But then I decided to wear fall colors in a summery kinda way….and this was my outfit for the day; perfect for the office or for a dinner.

So I wanted to wear a patterned outfit but in a fall kind of way. What better than these green/brown Zara pants?!! I bought them last year and wore them a couple of time. They’re trousers, so I don’t reach for them much, just because I’m always a denim kinda girl. I like it simple and crisp! But sometimes, I like to dress fancy and this outfit is on that side of the spectrum. So I paired them with a light pink chiffon shirt I bought this summer from my Jordan travels from a local shop. It was the last one on the mannequin and I decided…Yes! I need a pink shirt, because I really wear pink.  What cool about it is that there are sequin inserts on the sleeves for a chic look. You can super dress this shirt up or down and that’s why I decided to invest in it.

To end my outfit and bring everything together, I wore my velvet burgundy heels which I wore to my engagement/wedding. They’re so comfortable and super stylish…especially with the gold rim, it adds an oomph to every outfit!


So that was it for my #ootd! Let me know what you guys think in a comments below!

Cheers x

Beauty Style

Sunday Cathedral

I got this lipstick in a points exchange while shopping at Sephora. I was always curious to know what the hype was all about with the Kat Von D line. I never actually purchased any product from there because I was and always will be a Marc Jacobs kindda gal. So since this was available to try, I figured why not give it a go. The leather little pouch came with 2 eyeliners in the color black and brown and with a little lipstick sample in the color “Cathedral

The color is a matte brown with a rose undertone color. It’s beautiful! I always wanted to try brown but was scared it would make me look dead since I am olive skin toned. But when I first put on this color, I felt like it really complimented my skin tone rather than making me look fad and zombie-like. What I love about it is that it’s brown but not super brown. It’s soft on the lips and hydrating…does not dry out your lips nor irritate them. The full size lipstick runs for 26$ CAD in Sephora. It’s part of the Studded Kiss Lipstick collection. Now here’s the real question…would I purchase this in full size? I say yes I definitely would. I am super in live with it and this color makes me happy despite the fact that it’s a neutral.

Now this lipstick color inspired me to dress like a free spirited animal..and this is what my outfit looked like today:


What I wore:

Gap Overall – Thrifted leopard print top – Zara bow shoes (I got while on vacation in Jerusalem) – Kate Spade sunglasses.


Have you guys tried the Kat Von D lipsticks and if yes, which ones did you like?? Leave me a comment below so I can try out more.

Until next time,

Cheers x



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The nude edit!

I’ve been feeling the nude lip for a while now and so far my favorite go to lippie product is Mac’s Faux. It’s a cream finish lipstick that keeps your lips hydrate throughout the day. This muted mauvey pinky color is perfect for everyday use. I sometimes wear it with a little bit of lip gloss over it. It costs 21$ CAD and it truly lasts ages. I uses this on a daily basis and I still have loads left in the tube.


This lip stick makes me feel extra girly and this is how I decided to dress up today:

This is cutest shirt I own!!! I love it and I wish I would own it in 99 different colors. Not only does it make me feel girly and pretty, but it makes me feel like a million dollars. I got this a little while ago from Topshop and what I fell in love with was the back slit and the pleating. The back design adds a Je ne sais quoi to it. The price is a little steep for a simple shirt but because I knew I loved it, I couldn’t resit paying the 80$. I was going to return it and left it in my closet for a while before finally deciding that I was going to keep it. I know that I will get a lot of wear out of it. The design is so unique that it convinced me to keep it.

This is what I paired the lipstick and the  Topshop shirt with:

-Red Zara pants I have had for ages.
-Jessica Simpson clog sandals.
-Aldo sunglasses.
-Coach bag.

If you’re into nude lipstick at the moment; which one is your favorite…share it with me in a comment below.

Cheers x


Fashion Inspiration Style Travel

What I wore: Palestine 2016

I took it upon myself to document what I wore everyday throughout my vacation. I wore everything I packed, which was pleasantly surprising…kinda means I am an efficient packer…



What I wore: Thrifted bodysuit – Beaded maxi skirt (purchased from a random store while vacationing in the Middle East) – Zara shoes – Calvin Klein bag – Betsey Johnson sunglasses – Vintage necklace from Jerusalem.

♣ ♣ ♣

What I wore: Topshop graphic printed top – Rachel Zoe skinnies – David Jones bag – Thrifted sandals – Aldo sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣



What I wore: Miss Me beaded top – Rachel Zoe skinnies – Thrifted sandals – David Jones bag – Aldo sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Forever 21 top – Rachel Zoe Jeans – Calvin Klein bag – Studded Italian slippers – Aldo sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣

What I wore: Forever 21 floral top – True Religion skinnies – Italian slippers – Calvin Klein bag – Bulgari sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Long striped top (purchased for a local shop in Jordan) – True Religion skinnies – Charles and Keith sandals – Calvin Klein bag – Betsey Johnson sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Forever 21 top – Thrifted skinnies – Gifted slippers – Antique necklace from Jerusalem – Claire’s sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Zara checkered shirt – Thrifted skinnies – Italian studded slippers – Betsey Johnson sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: VS Pink burnout top – Forever 21 jeans – Thrifted sandals – Calvin Klein bag – Betsey Johnson sunglasses – Antique necklace.

♣ ♣ ♣



What I wore: Forever 21 top – Zara culottes – Squid shoes – Betsey Johnson sunglasses – Calvin Klein bag – Vintage necklace from Jerusalem.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Thrifted graphic print top – Forever 21 jeans – Thrifted sandals – Calvin Klein bag – Antique necklace.

♣ ♣ ♣

So which outfit is your fave?