The tartan trend is back…And here’s my interpretation!

Going to a Christmas dinner with friends this year (yes, I know I am Muslim…but that doesn’t stop me from being there for my friends), and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel very blessed to have non-Muslim friends who are genuine, real and caring and super non-judgemental. Growing up in Canada never seemed hard [...]

Purple Rain

Purple Rain

It’s officially party season and there’s no better time to get your sequins and loud clothes out. It is also the time of the years where budget get quite the kick in the rear and the wallet suffers massively but dressing up for parties doesn’t have to break anything because there are a million and [...]

Jimmi Hendrix meets Freddie Mercury; the pirate edit!

This outfit has got me feeling all kinds of pirate! It’s very Jimi Hendrix meets Freddie Mercury meets Jack Sparrow all in one. I feel so vivacious and alive and honestly I felt like I can conquer the world even though the whole outfit was pretty simply. Again, these featured pants are from a recent [...]