Long haul flight; pregnancy edit

I have traveled long haul multiple times; for years, since I was a little girl, but for some reason, as I get older, I find it harder and harder. I didn’t really know what to except when it came to traveling six months pregnant; so here I am writing you a little bit of a summary of how I felt after an 11hr flight.

long haul flight


Whether you like it or not, the washroom will be your best friend. It was always a huge burden for me to go to the washroom on planes because they’re so filthy and disgusting and I feel shitty after going in there. However, no matter what you do, pregnancy will not allow you otherwise. I ended up going, no joke, every hour to the loo, which was not such a pleasant experience. A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do I guess. So here’s my advice to you, be prepared; prepare your supplies…get a toiletry bag and fill it with wipes, hand disinfectant and your own soap (dramatic I know, but trust me, you need it). Anything that makes you feel fresh will be a bonus to keep in your bag. Also, a fresh pair of undies, in case of emergency, also helps.


Second thing I really struggled with and wish I had thought of was having a super super dry nose, gosh, that one is a killer! I already, slightly, before traveling, suffered of a dry bloody nose, but I didn’t think it would be a huge issue on this flight. I struggled for most of the flight and just ended up wetting my nose whenever I felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore. One thing you can get to ease your dryness is a nose spray like HydraSense and this should do it.

You’ll basically be a walking cactus! I know I was before traveling and during the flight, I suffered quite a lot…not the greatest feeling being dry. However, for that I was fully prepared. I had a facial spray, a face moisturizer and a body lotion. These were essentials that I knew I needed to pack and they helped ease my dryness quite a lot and I felt pretty content with what I had packed. Another thing, don’t forget the eyeballs ladies! Your eyes will be desert dry the minute you’re up in the air. So make sure you pack up some eye drops with you because you’ll need it.


Yes, the plane gives you food…but I don’t like it much and it isn’t a lot of food anyway. One thing I know for sure is that I get hungry quite often. Eating little baby sized meals is the way it will be for the next few months and so snacking is super essential. So before getting on the plane, get snacks! Pack everything and anything that will keep your stomach happy. I ended up packing energy bars, mixed nuts and some chopped veggies.

Overall, it was an okay experience…I usually get super tired on long haul flights and end up taking sleeping pills to sleep it off…but since this wasn’t an option for me this time around. I ended up dozing off for a little on and off during the flight, walked around a little and watched movies to make the time pass. It is necessary not to obsess with the time and keep checking it because it just makes things worst. Just stay positive and keep yourself entertained and you’ll see that in no time, you’ll get to your destination safely!

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Hydration tips for long flights.

In lights of my next 12 hours long trip tomorrow, I wanted to share with you some of my tips on staying hydrated on long flights and ways to keeping your skin happy <3

Hydration is key to staying comfortable on your flight. Keeping your skin happy will make you enjoy the trip more. Drinking loads of water prior to your trip is key. You must stay hydrated at all times, especially during the flight. Since the air inside the cabin is humid, we tend to dehydrate very quickly and this could lead to serious problems if we do not take the necessary precautions.

Here are some of the items that are a must for me to bring on board the plane:


  1. Water: Super essential to stay hydrated from the inside out. It will help you stay healthy and feel fresh. Drinking plenty of water will also help your skin feel soft and smooth.
  2. Face moisturizer: When stuck on long flights, it’s always a must to bring along a good moisturizer with me, because it helps my skin not feel super tight or itchy. My favorite one is La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane. It helps keep my dry intolerant skin very smooth. The formula is concentrated in La Roche-Posay’s thermal spring water and this helps in soothing the tight, burning, pulling sensations. Because I suffer from contact dermatitis and severe eczema, this intensely nourishes my skin and restores comfort without irritating me. What I love about it; it’s fragrance-free, preservative-free, paraben-free and non-comedogenic.
  3. Moisturizing facial spray or Fiber mask: You can choose which ever suits your comfort. Putting a fiber face mask on the plane seems a bit excessive, but trust me it helps a ton..Especially on 12 hour flight. The worst feeling in the world for me is to be dry or itchy and this is why I don’t mind looking silly on the plane. Having a Jason X mask is definitely not the sexiest, but hey, it does the job! For those worried about looking crazy, you can opt for facial mists. This is a great alternative and you can put that as many time as you want. My favorite fiber masks are the Sephora ones because they do the job just great and are inexpensive!
  4. Lip care: Now there are times when I went on long flights without lip care products and let me tell you that the days after landing I suffered majorly with extremely dry and blistered lips. Not the greatest feeling in the world!!! You can opt for any regular lip balm rich with coconut oil or emu oil. But what I choose to put on long flights is Bite’s Agave Lip Mask. I put it once and if necessary I would apply again. But for the most part, doing it once is enough for me during the whole trip. This product is the bomb! It keeps my lips hydrate, plum and super moisturized.
  5. Eye drops: Let’s not forget our eyes!! They too need care! And sometimes on planes, they get really really dry and itchy. Eye drops are good to help alleviate the dryness and they keep you happy! The one I like the most is the Refresh Liquigel because it helps ease any issues with a long lasting effect.
  6. Body lotion/hand cream: We can’t forget about the rest of our body. I know the face is important, but we can’t keep the rest of our body neglected. So to give some love to my skin, I choose L’Occitane’s hand cream for dry skin. This is a thick cream formula which keeps the skin hydrated without being greasy. I love hydration but hate grease and this baby offers me exactly what I want.

These are some of my favorite products for long flights. What are yours? Maybe I’ll discover something new…Cheers xo