Currently having a love affair with statement booties.

We all know that boots and booties are taking over the runways and shops for the past few seasons and the trend is still going strong. Statement booties specifically are having a major moment and I am super on board with that. Although some designer booties are to die for, I am still not convinced on dropping thousands of dollars to partake in said trend. Animal printed booties, colorful booties, color blocked cowboy boots, brocade style and even luscious velvet fabrics are all over the streets lately and I am loving how fun and east this trend is—you can experiment with different styles and you’d be able to pull it off seamlessly. No need to break your head because a simple outfit works wonders with statement, colorful booties…because you just let your boots do the talking!

I am an avid, obsessive, shoe-aholic girl and I am a collector of shoes and especially colorful, unique one. If I fall in love with a shoe, I don’t hesitate in investing in a good pair because I know I will keep it for years to come.  Besides, this is a trend that will stand the test of time, because you always need boots and if you are looking to spice up your outfit, then you can’t go wrong with statement boots. It’s a versatile and stylish trend. Plus, I feel like that booties are a transitional piece that you can take with you from season to season and you can easily dress them up or down! If you are into this trend currently and you’re not sure you will be in the future, then you can just go thrifting! That’s always a good option for you to find something cool without dropping big bucks for it. Since I love my shoes, I am more than willing to spend money because I know I will get my wear out of them and, I am very good at keep my shoes in tiptop shape! However, I love turning to vintage too because I always find something beautifully unique from previous times like the one I am wearing in this photo. These red croco skin booties are amazing!!! They’re a cross between cowboy boots and biker boots and what I love about them is the fit, so so comfy! it’s unreal! I bought them from a luxury thrift shop at the Point Claire village over last summer and have paid 90$ for them and I guess for real leather, that’s a pretty good price, id say! They’re made in Spain and although the brand name has been washed out, I cannot be more impressed with the quality. If I ever find a similar pair in a different color, I’d buy it without thinking twice.

outfit 1 (3)


SHIRT: Winners ◊ PANTS: Gap (thrifted) ◊ BOOTS: Vintage ◊ Watch: Marc Jacobs ◊ BRACELETS: Alex and Ani

outfit 1 (7)

A good place to start looking for booties on the high-street would be Zara if thrifting isn’t your thing! They always have amazing shoes and I would definitely put a seal of approval on the comfort front. They always do shoes right. Not clothes, but shoes are their forte.

Happy April and may your shoe game be as strong as your coffee!

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The smart pants edit

These were my first pair of proper professional pants. Super nice fitted wide leg trousers. So chic and so comfy. I got them a little over 10 years ago for my first office job after uni and they were just perfect. The neutral color made it easy for me to mix and match it to many items in my wardrobe. I haven’t worn them a lot since I went into the fashion industry, because jeans were always a better option for me. Until today! I decided to get them out and wear them for a cool Monday office look. Worst decision ever!! I am so sad because now, they are trash. I fell going to work this morning and now they have a huge hole in the knee area. I mean, I am a DIY queen, so they’re not going to trash just yet…I will end up turning them into much cooler culottes now. Or maybe cool shorts…who knows! I’ll keep you guys posted.

So here’s what I ended up pairing my Laura Petites trousers with:


PANTS: Laura Petites trousers ◊  SHIRT: Thrifted H&M  ◊ VEST: Forever 21 Cropped top ◊ SHOES: Calvin Klein thrifted

I am so saddened that I don’t to pass these trousers to my daughter or my nieces or something. I wanted to keep them as much as I could and I guess today was the day I had to say goodbye to the pants and hello to a very badly bruised knee.


This look reminds me of those days in my last year of high school where I would always dress smart and add a tie on top of that! Haha! I was so ready to go to college, I even got the tie going. I always in my heart believed I was meant to be a boss lady! A true hard-working, sassy, awesome, killer business woman. I always had that fire in me and this outfits take me back to those times.

It also kindda reminds me of Cher Horowitz from Clueless…Can you tell this movie marked me or what?








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Shades of red…and pink!

It’s Valentine’s day! The day every couple out there celebrate their love and spiritual (or not) connection. To me, it’s just another day…because should be celebrated everyday! However, that doesn’t mean I can’t get excited and doll up and strut around showing off my cute little outfit. I mean my lover is miles away and I won’t really go out for a romantic dinner..I mean I could go all solo. I have done that multiple times, but not on Valentine’s.

So today, I decided to dress all cute and send a little picture to my hubby to make him wish he was here! And this is how I ended up dressing for V-day. I was super proud of my outfit, so I obviously needed to document it.


So my outfit was obviously going to be pink and red! Hello! I love red, I wear it loads. Not as much as black, but often. On the other hand, pink isn’t too too my thing. I mean it’s a nice color, but mostly on the lips. When I was in high school, I remember wearing pink from head to toe. It was kinda crazy. Haha! Like a pink lemonade. Then suddenly, I got over pink and adopted blue all through college and transitioned into other colors in university.

So today, I decided to combine pink and red in a different way and make the outfit my own. I spotted this dress in Zara and fell in love. It’s super romantic with the colors, super girly with the frills and super feminine with the cut. What I loved about it, mostly, is the fact that it looked vintage-y with the design and print.

I wore this dress with a thrifted bootie/shoe from a friend. Added red-ish tights, a bkue/grey-ish scarf and a little white clutch bag with silver and pink detailing.

It’s perfect for a date! You can just switch up the heels to your liking to make it more glamorous. I  stormed the snow and totes made this outfit happen. I wanted to wear higher black heels with little red accents, but it was almost impossible to walk without falling flat on my face.

Hope this Valentine’s is the best you’ve had and will ever have!