Currently having a love affair with statement booties.

We all know that boots and booties are taking over the runways and shops for the past few seasons and the trend is still going strong. Statement booties specifically are having a major moment and I am super on board with that. Although some designer booties are to die for, I am still not convinced on dropping thousands of dollars to partake in said trend. Animal printed booties, colorful booties, color blocked cowboy boots, brocade style and even luscious velvet fabrics are all over the streets lately and I am loving how fun and east this trend is—you can experiment with different styles and you’d be able to pull it off seamlessly. No need to break your head because a simple outfit works wonders with statement, colorful booties…because you just let your boots do the talking!

I am an avid, obsessive, shoe-aholic girl and I am a collector of shoes and especially colorful, unique one. If I fall in love with a shoe, I don’t hesitate in investing in a good pair because I know I will keep it for years to come.  Besides, this is a trend that will stand the test of time, because you always need boots and if you are looking to spice up your outfit, then you can’t go wrong with statement boots. It’s a versatile and stylish trend. Plus, I feel like that booties are a transitional piece that you can take with you from season to season and you can easily dress them up or down! If you are into this trend currently and you’re not sure you will be in the future, then you can just go thrifting! That’s always a good option for you to find something cool without dropping big bucks for it. Since I love my shoes, I am more than willing to spend money because I know I will get my wear out of them and, I am very good at keep my shoes in tiptop shape! However, I love turning to vintage too because I always find something beautifully unique from previous times like the one I am wearing in this photo. These red croco skin booties are amazing!!! They’re a cross between cowboy boots and biker boots and what I love about them is the fit, so so comfy! it’s unreal! I bought them from a luxury thrift shop at the Point Claire village over last summer and have paid 90$ for them and I guess for real leather, that’s a pretty good price, id say! They’re made in Spain and although the brand name has been washed out, I cannot be more impressed with the quality. If I ever find a similar pair in a different color, I’d buy it without thinking twice.

outfit 1 (3)


SHIRT: Winners ◊ PANTS: Gap (thrifted) ◊ BOOTS: Vintage ◊ Watch: Marc Jacobs ◊ BRACELETS: Alex and Ani

outfit 1 (7)

A good place to start looking for booties on the high-street would be Zara if thrifting isn’t your thing! They always have amazing shoes and I would definitely put a seal of approval on the comfort front. They always do shoes right. Not clothes, but shoes are their forte.

Happy April and may your shoe game be as strong as your coffee!


Oh so Coco…Coco Chanel!

This outfit, I am particularly very excited about! I cannot get enough of this suit. My brother in law spotted it when we were thrift shopping at Nova a couple of weeks ago and thought it was so me and when he showed me it, I died and a half. I can’t even! It’s so boujee! It made me automatically think of that Chanel suit Marge Simpson bought at a discount shop and wore to a Springfield Country Club, and become so obsessed with fitting in with the rich and famous. I think that was my favourite episode of all time. Seeing how worried she was about changing her clothes constantly to be accepted…I don’t know, there’s something quite sad in this matter—the need for us to constantly spend to desperately fit in into certain social groups. With that, this suit made me feel like I belong in the 1960s where suits became more popularized due to Coco and other wonderful designers. The suit gives me 1950s elegance and this why I felt the need to wrap my head scarf in an Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly kind of way. The head scarf, unlike today, was very popular back then and was donned by leading fashion models where they draped them across their heads and either tied just under the chin or wrapped around the neck for more coverage and security. Even in the 1960s, the fashion of the head scarf continued where young women wore them simply wrapped or even tied in a bow. Jackie Kennedy was known for her head scarf style as well as Sophia Loren who brought back the exotic look with her signature head scarves.

I couldn’t help but add white boots to this look. I feel like it just brought it all together and with the way I tied my scarf…just perfection! Would I wear this out shopping or doing errands you say??? Perhaps, I don’t feel particularly self-conscious in it…meaning I don’t feel over-dressed…I just feel like I came out of a black and white telenovela ready to take on the future.



SUIT: Thomas Haier • BOOTS: Zara • BAG: Aldo • SUNNIES: Aldo • SWEATER: Thrifted

What do you think of this beaut?! Should I sell it or should I keep it?!



Did motherhood change my style?

I know I haven’t gone out loads lately but on the days I do, I keep asking myself, would I wear this? Would I wear that again? So I couldn’t help but wonder, did motherhood change my style? I mean, yes, I have a daughter to take of, but there’s me too. Clothes, fashion, colors, textures…that’s what truly made me happy, so why haven’t I been indulging and digging into the depth of my wardrobe to dress up and spruce up and feel pretty? Many days, I am not going to lie, I felt pretty shitty about myself, not feeling pretty anymore or lacking the enthusiasm to actually look half decent. I smelled like milk for the first few weeks and had spit-up milk all over and whenever I had the chance to finally shower, the process started all over again and I felt like I might never recover or get back to the old me. I mean do you really go back to the old you after having a baby? Sofia has been nothing but a blessing in my life and smelling like milk didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. As long as baby was happy, I was happy? But that didn’t mean that I should neglect myself and not make efforts to look and feel pretty. It was vital and important for me to get back into the swing of things because I didn’t want my daughter growing up and seeing me that way. I want my daughter to look at me and be like, yes; momma took care of me but took care of herself too.


Today I was able to go out with baby monster for a friend visit and I felt a little more confident in my new role as a mum. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed and don’t know how to take care of things, mainly because anxiety takes over but the more I let the negativity go, the more I feel like I am in control and feel like motherhood isn’t as scary as we all think. Dressing up plays a big part in my confidence and when I feel pretty, I feel like I can conquer the world. Today I opted for an effortless casual look. Since it’s getting colder out, I wore wool pants that I thrifted a while back and the fact that they’re high waisted, so I feel a little more comfortable with the remains of my stretched little mushy tummy. I added more pink, who am I?? I guess having a girl has given me the love of pink back, although she’s always in grey. LOL! I couldn’t go about town without my Gazelle trainers; they’re the most practical, most comfortable most badass shoe I own at the moment! I having been wearing them a ton lately and I don’t see myself wearing anything else. I feel like such a cool mom with them!


JACKET: Zara • SWEATER: Centerpoint (Jordan) • PANTS: Zara (trhifted) • SHOES: Adidas (Gazelle) • BAG: Gift from Le hubby • SUNNIES: Aldo


So, I guess, although motherhood somewhat changed my style in terms of practicality, I still do feel like I can get away with wearing a short skirt and knee-high boots if I wanted to! I still do love color and my experimenting game with different patterns and textures is still going strong. I don’t think we should use motherhood as an excuse to stop looking after ourselves and dress pretty or sexy or hot because we are the reflection of our daughters’ future and we have to give them something positive to look forward to. The most important thing is that you should always dress up for yourself first and then to impress others.



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That mustard shirt…

There is probably nothing that beats a beautiful sunny day…and I have been getting loads of sun lately with my move to Jericho…which btw has been awesome for my skin! No more dry patches and no more flakey skin…although I do still get that (once in a while) around my lips. So today I felt a little more upbeat and felt like dressing up for a little outing with my hubs’s nieces and nephews (yes the photos are taken by his 12 year old nephew). I spent most of the time chasing after those little rascals and giggling for the rest of it. Sometimes, it is important to remember to get the child inside us out a little for some fun. I am and always will be a child at heart; carefree and free-spirited, which is why I have been dressing the way I am dressing lately. A little bohemian charm never hurt anyone. I want to keep things airy and cool. A little loose and a little style!

So here’s how my outfit turned out and yes some vintage is involved…couldn’t leave that part of me behind in Canada of course. Vintage is really what I thrive for…finding that unique pieces and bringing it back to life…just ugh! Such a wonderful feeling!


SHIRT: Unbranded 80s Vintage Δ PANTS: Zara culottes Δ SHOES: White Mountain Δ BELT: Ebay Δ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade

I love these sandals ps…because you can wear them quite casually but still look super well put together…and they go with everything!!! From dresses to pants to skirts to jeans… name it!

Also pps…can we like admire this 80s silk mustard shirt together…okay so at first, I didn’t even care that it was a little way too big for me, because the color sold me on it. I bought this momma for like 5$ at the Nova boutique in Hudson while shopping with mum and it was everything. Since I bought it, I wore it about 50 times already and I will continue to wear it as long as it is in good shape. It’s so super light and comfortable. Plus, the color! OMGGG the color! I am slightly obsessed with mustard as you guys have noticed.


I wanted to wear my 80s elephant leather belt I got along with this shirt…but it died 🙁 soooo bummed!!! Super sucks, but I am working on finding a way to salvage it and bring it back to life…the hook of the belt broke as I pulled it out to undress myself…can we all say Miss Klutz!

I may look like a delicate flower and all, but man do I break things. I have come to terms that my talents include breaking things and walking into things…and this is certifiable!





Fashion Style

The smart pants edit

These were my first pair of proper professional pants. Super nice fitted wide leg trousers. So chic and so comfy. I got them a little over 10 years ago for my first office job after uni and they were just perfect. The neutral color made it easy for me to mix and match it to many items in my wardrobe. I haven’t worn them a lot since I went into the fashion industry, because jeans were always a better option for me. Until today! I decided to get them out and wear them for a cool Monday office look. Worst decision ever!! I am so sad because now, they are trash. I fell going to work this morning and now they have a huge hole in the knee area. I mean, I am a DIY queen, so they’re not going to trash just yet…I will end up turning them into much cooler culottes now. Or maybe cool shorts…who knows! I’ll keep you guys posted.

So here’s what I ended up pairing my Laura Petites trousers with:


PANTS: Laura Petites trousers ◊  SHIRT: Thrifted H&M  ◊ VEST: Forever 21 Cropped top ◊ SHOES: Calvin Klein thrifted

I am so saddened that I don’t to pass these trousers to my daughter or my nieces or something. I wanted to keep them as much as I could and I guess today was the day I had to say goodbye to the pants and hello to a very badly bruised knee.


This look reminds me of those days in my last year of high school where I would always dress smart and add a tie on top of that! Haha! I was so ready to go to college, I even got the tie going. I always in my heart believed I was meant to be a boss lady! A true hard-working, sassy, awesome, killer business woman. I always had that fire in me and this outfits take me back to those times.

It also kindda reminds me of Cher Horowitz from Clueless…Can you tell this movie marked me or what?








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Neurotic vintage lover

Want to beat the winter blues, ain’t no better way to do so than to add gorgeous vivid colors. I am not one to go for bright barbie pink color, but when I saw these pants on the Asos website, I knew I’d like them, because they’re wide fitted trouser…a little something more than lady-like for me. I am so used to being in jeans that I almost forget that trousers exist. As soon as I got them in the mail, I tried them on! And as expected, the fit is beautiful! It’s wide, sits on the hips and hugs the body just in the right places. Trousers are awesome if you’re trying to hide some of your curves (not that you should! flaunt them sista’!!!!), and they make you look like a grown-up, which is sometimes necessary when you got a bunch of meetings.

They’re in a delicate crepe fabric, that hold body yet drapes poetically over your curves. It’s like a hug! And what a better way to complement my barbie pink trousers than with an epic vintage beaded top!!!

I bought this exceptionally unique and delicate top last summer, in a vintage warehouse scavenger hunt. I was on the lookout for new products to add to my Etsy store…and then I came across this one. It’s one of those top that you look at and say eeew when it’s flat but you know it will look super rad on! Let me tell you it does. It’s a little big for me, but I still like it. It’s cute to wear over top jeans for a more casual look, with trousers for a chic look or over a skirt for a princess-y, special event look. This 80s top is seriously one of a kind. However, it’s sometimes annoying to care for a piece like this because it is one of the most delicate pieces I own. It’s special, yes, but you have to always be careful with it and your surrounding. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing piece to own because you can dress it up or dress it down.

So I wore the River Island pink trousers (which are currently on sold for 32$) with my Sarafino sequin top and added a little more color with my red Zara heels. To make the top part of the outfit a little more proportional with the bottom, I cinched my top up with an elasticated thrifted belt. Then to top it all of, I wore a black veil with some hint of gold lurex thread.

Loads of people were happy to see me in pink as it’s a rare occurrence. I wear it, but not to this extent. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised with people’s reactions but felt super flattered that they found me pretty in pink.

I have a few more ideas on how to wear my new River Island trousers and I am excited with the possibilities!



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That 50s skirt…

This is a vintage item I cherish so so much. Not only for its rarity, but for its beauty, sexiness and femininity. This skirt was a random purchase a few years ago at a thrift shop. I saw it and I knew I needed it in my life. The tweed fabric offers opulence and elegance. I feel like a elegant rich old woman from the Upper East Side. So dramatic, haha, but so true! I sincerity feel like I can slay an meeting is this skirt and just rock anything I undertake. It such a special piece! I can’t even explain it! Youu gotta put it on to know what I mean! Plus, the colors in the tweed are awesome…there are specs of pink, of white and of yellow. This makes this piece so versatile and easy to style. You can just pick any color in the tweed to bring your outfit together and make it on point….


….annnnnddd, it is so on trend right now! So happy I own it! It’s a gorgeous 50s item and it’s made in Canada. Since I will be moving very soon, I sadly need to get rid of a lot of my items..and this baby is currently posted for sale on my Etsy page…plus it’s on sale!!

Sooo, anyway, this is how I styled my baby…

I wore this beautiful midi tweed skirt with my favorite feminine white Topshop shirt, Vince Camuto booties and a mustard veil to bring it all together and topped the whole look off with a bold red lip…obviously, because when you feel like a boss, you wear a red lip!

What I wore in details:

-Vintage midi tweed skirt
-Topshop white top
-Vince Camuto booties


This is definitely a look I wore wear often, especially if I have an important meeting or event, because it offers a certain je ne sais quoi. It’s funny to say, but our psychology completely does change when we wear something good. It changes our thoughts and our ideas about how we feel about ourselves. Whether we admit it or not, clothes and fashion make us happy; they makes us gain strength and confidence in ourselves and offers us a platform to express ourselves freely without limits or boundaries. The only limits out there are set by us through our fears and vulnerabilities.

Through clothes and through fashion, be yourselves and be your own. Do not let others set limits for you…break the boundaries and make yourselves happy and proud!

Till next time x

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The coat that stole my heart <3

I laid my eyes on this beautiful coat at a vintage fair last winter and I couldn’t resist buying it. When I tried it on, it just fit so perfectly, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t buy it. But as I was trying it, my sister noticed that there were lipstick marks all over the bum area. I guess the owner was a little reckless and irresponsible with it and didn’t take much care of it. I managed, after so much struggles, to get the stain out by sending it to a leather specialist (to whom I ended up paying 5 times the price of the coat). It is definitely an investment because it cost me so much at the end. Nonetheless, I am super happy to own this wonderful vintage coat. It’s stylish and so fun!


This baby is from the 1970s from the Leather Attic company (which later became Danier in the 80s). Genuine suede leather and silver fox fur! I am not usually up to wear real fur…but since it’s vintage, I allowed myself to feel a little less guilty because I am being green and I’m reusing such a precious item. ANNDDD it’s made in Canada! So exciting, right?

I have been wearing it quite a bit since the weather has been’s not too too cold, where I have to wear my heavy parka and cover up with loads of layers. This coat is perfect enough; gives me warmth and style all at once. I wore it today on my way to an important meeting and I felt like bam! I own the world.

Can you tell I love it?!! I can’t stop trotting and jumping with joy. I am so proud for finding this piece even if it cost me so much. A piece this special will forever hold a place in my wardrobe and heart and I will keep it to give to my daughter (one day..if I have any).


And this is what I wore today under this awesome coat:


Yes, it was incredibly windy and can you see how I am feeling so cold  I can’t even smile! haha!

Since I had a meeting, I didn’t want to wear a skirt…because I was so not feeling it and so did my waistline. I ended up wearing my favorite Rachel Zoe denims (which clearly I need to replace soon). A random peasant blouse and a long black vest that I stole from my sister. And of course I had to top it off with my most cherished item of the season; my Zara leopard print booties. Can they be more chic?! They make any outfit seem so important and always on point. They’re the perfect ending touch to every outfit.


So that was my outfit of the day. And I’ve been dying to blog about my coat because I can’t stop mesmerizing and admiring it. I am taking it with me on my little trip this holiday season.

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The over-the-knee boots edit

The knee-high boots trend has been hitting hard lately. All kinds of heights and all kinds of textures and materials…like, I wanna buy them all! Anyway, the over-the-knee boots became popular in the 15th century as men’s riding boots…but over the years, they became one the trendiest items in a woman’s wardrobe. I mean, it’s not every body’s cup of tea, but for those that love that trend, they’re available everywhere now. I guess that the only thing that could go wrong with these boots is that you end up looking trashy. You need to be careful how you style them and how you wear them.

I got my boots last winter from Nine West. They were on sale for 60$. I’ve always wanted to get some, but was scared it would either make me look like an Oompa Loompa or like Daisy Duke. However, when I came across these, I made the plunge. Why you say? Because of the heel!! The heel is boxy and it’s not too high. I can walk and stand in them for hours and not even feel them pinch.

What I love most about the over-the-knee boots trend is the fact that they’re super feminine and all kinds of sexy! In all the right ways! Especially when they’re in a beautiful, good quality, velvet material!

Since I purchased them last year, I always wore them with dresses or skirts. But today I decided to do the jean/boot smart look and I was super happy with the result. So here I am, documenting this historical moment (hahahah!).

I decided to let the boots be the focus, so I wore simple black jeans and a b&w striped shirt. I added some jewels and a colorful scarf for a little oomph!



What I wore in details

-Antique necklace from Jerusalem (which is available for sale).
-Thrifted striped shirt.
-Rachel Zoe jeans.
-Nine West boots.

I cannot get over these babies!!! They’re so beautiful and I love them so much that sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t wear them because they’re precious.

If you’re looking for a nice pair of knee-high boots, there are some really gorgeous ones on Asos, Nine West and Aldo that are currently on sale….

‘till next time!


Cheers x

Fashion Style

Mixing patterns without regret!

Okay, so there’s no real formula that you can use to make an outfit perfect. I sincerely get super angry when people tell me…but this doesn’t match! WHATT?? Who says things have to match? Things just have to go, they have to compliment each other and have to help each other stand out on their own and together. No rule out there says that you have to wear everything beige and everything black…I mean you can if you want. However, if you decide to want to make patterns and colors, then by all means do it! You do not owe anyone anything, especially when it comes to fashion. I always tell those who ask me my fashion advice to always dress for themselves first. Once that is covered, then who cares about what others think? People will always have something to say, despite what outfit you  have on! So what the hell, screw that and you do you!

This is exactly what I did today! I wore wanted I wanted because I just wanted to. And also because my original outfit was a fail…damn static :s I so wanted my inner Carrie Bradshaw out. Her fierce sense of style and love for mixing patterns, textures and prints are just on point! I have always loved to take risks with my outfits…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Today, however, I was super proud of my outfit and it super made me happy. I felt feminine, stylish and super myself. It was a total risk but from the comments I received..I guess it was a success.

Here’s the result:




What I wore in details:

-Kate Spade sunglasses
-Thrifted black cardigan
-Thrifted leopard print shirt
-Sioni red/black skirt
-Nine West leather boots



Just like Carrie, I am a true believer than we are each entitled to express ourselves through fashion, through style and through clothes. This is the only world where we are truly ourselves without boundaries; the only world we can break all the rules and make our own!