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That green angora sweater <3

I have had this 80s agora  mix sweater for ages…I never had the guts to wear it because, well, it’s green. I just don’t really know it this color suits me all that much. Green, yellow and purple are colors I never usually gravitates towards because I feel like they make my complexion even darker than it already is. But today, I put my big girl pants on and got some courage to wear it. It’s so freaking soft too!!!

Hubs and I were walking around town and just went for a small stroll into the woods before we hung out with family. The weather was beautiful and it was good enough for me to just get away with wearing a  sweater without a jacket. October has been a good month so far and we’ve been super lucky. Hubs has enjoyed every moment he got here so far because it wasn’t too too cold (as it usually is in October).

So here’s how my outfit turned out…I guess you can say I kept it pretty simple because the green was a little overwhelming for me.


SWEATER: Vintage (80s) Rino Rossi  (posted for sale on ETSY)♦ JEANS: Buffalo (thrifted) ♦ BOOTS: Aldo ♦ SUNNGLASSES: Forver 21 ♦ BELT: Calvin Klein

In person, I guess I felt a little awkward wearing such a powerful color…but looking at myself through these photographs, I realize that I may be a little too harsh on myself and that green actually suits me and that my complexion is fine. We sometimes just put limitations and boundaries from ourselves to ourselves (if ya gys know what I mean). We need to be kind to ourselves once in a while…we tend to forget we’re human.


Wearing green actually made me happy as I fit in with nature and mt surroundings…or whatever green left there is in my surrounding. Taking some time off these past few weeks has made me realize that life needs to be enjoyed fully…make every moment worth it and last. Sometimes, we run to catch up with life and then we forget about the true core values of our lives such as family and health. It is necessary to taste what’s around us with our senses and our hearts.


As mother Teresa said: “Be happy in the moment, that’s enough, Each moment is all we need, not more.”




Puffy and fluffy in Gatineau

We had the chance to go to Gatineau this weekend to see Mosaicanada…unfortunately it was the last weekend to see the most beautiful and spectacular horticultural celebration. It was in honor and a tribute to the art of mosaic culture and to Canada’s 150th anniversary. My husband and I fell in love with it. Spectacular doesn’t even begin to cover it…the fact that so many wonderful people worked hard to put this together is just so amazing. The exhibit was memorable and exciting. We then spent the time to explore Ottawa and my husband loved it. He’s so cute when he crosses something new and discovers a new things…I just want to protect him and keep him in my pocket. He’s super adorable

It was a little chiller for us that day and so we dressed a little bit warmer than usual and this is how my outfit came out…



JACKET: Danier ♠ TOP: Fluffy sweater for a local Jordan shop ♠ PANTS: Free People skinnies ♠ SHOES: Converse ♠ SUNGLASSES: Prada ♠ NECKLACE: Antique from Jerusalem ♠ BAG: Diesel

I know I am obsessing over this Danier jacket…but I have missed it so much as I left it behind here in Canada and wasn’t able to wear it over the summer either. So, I am a little bit abusive and I am wearing it as much as I can so I can get it out of my system.


It was the cutest trip, although sometimes the hubs got me a little frustrated (as I did him), but all in all, it was a great one and it made me happy to see hubs excited. When you see the happiness in your lover’s eye, nothing else matters. It’s only you and him/her and the moment you spend together!


Another leather jacket look…

I have been quite obsessed with my Danier leather jacket. Since rediscovering it, I have been wearing it non stop. Today, hubs and I were strolling around the city to see different parts of Montreal and Laval…He wanted to see where I grew up and the places I liked the most…and so I needed to be comfy but I still wanted to be stylish and so adding my favorite leather jacket and heels made everything so much better.

And so, here’s today’s look:


I went for a thrifted straight leg jean because I am starting to get a little tired of the skinny jeans look…When I saw these Gap jeans, I knew I would like them. Even thought I was looking for style, I wanted to keep things simple and straightforward. I wore a black sweater I bought from Jericho a little while ago from a local shop…then added my leather jacket over it.


JACKET: Danier ♣ TOP: From a local shop in Jericho ♣ PANTS: Gap (thrifted) ♣ SHOES: Call it Spring ♣ BAG: Ebay ♣ NECKLACE: thrifted


Can I tell you how much I absolutely love this bag!!! I got this from Ebay and it just reminds me of summer…and I guess I am still holding on to summer.


Even though my look was pretty simple today, fall inspires me to dress up all the time. This weather is perfect to wear light sweater or light jackets…it allows you to add so many different colors because the scenery is colorful and inviting.

Fall is the season for me…sweater weather makes me so happy!

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Sweater weather

It’s finally sweater weather! I know it sounds crazy, but I am so happy it’s finally cold enough to wear sweaters. ‘Tis the season to be warm and snugly <3 This sweater in particular holds a special place in my heart because it’s the perfect combination of girly, feminine and warm. I almost never wear pink, I am either stuck with black or blue. I will throw in crazy colors once in a while or always opt for lined anything…But once in a blue moon, I’ll go for pink. I don’t particularly love it, but I do not discriminate…all colors are welcome into my closet with arms wide open. Anyway, back to the real purpose of this post! This beautiful sweater!!! When I first laid my eyes on it on the Forever 21 website, I was smitten by its cut, its shape and, surprisingly, color!  The bell sleeves caught my heart and I knew I needed this in my life! So I took a plunge and made this baby mine. It is still currently available on the Forever 21 website and runs for 39.90$.

I was an avid pink wearer way back when pink was my national anthem…meaning high school. But since then, I grew out of it and turned best friends with black, or grey, sometimes white…and most of the time a combination of all 3 in a lined piece.

Here’s how I decided to style this mock neck sweater and I am pretty content with the whole look…so I thought, perfect, I can document this!


What I wore:
-Forever 21 mock neck sweater.
-Thrifted tartan pants.
-Aldo shoes.
-Antique necklace from Jerusalem.
-Vintage bag.




Sweaters are like the gateway to my hearts..that and fries..okay and shoes. Those 3 things make me the happiest girl in the whole wide world.

What are the things that make you most happy?


Hope you guys like this look!

Have a wonderful week peeps xx

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The fuzzy sweater edit

It’s sweater weather and what perfect way to wear your favorite fuzzy baby out for a stroll. There are 3 things in life that make me swoon…fries, sweaters and shoes or maybe cats…but they’re both up there…okay okay…let’s make that 4 things. Anyway, you have me at any of those things mentioned above. I love sweaters, I can be in them all year round (if I could…given the temperature). So, this sweater holds a very special place in my heart. Why you say…well, for the pure fact that it’s so freaking soft and so freaking warm and so freaking stylish. You can totes dress this little baby up or down and make it your own by adding your own touch and twist.


This fuzzy sweater cost me like 10$ from Wal-mart; which I had purchased ages ago but never had a chance to photograph it an give its memento until now. So this how I wore my aubergine sweater out to work.


I decided to wear it with my Zara culottes, Vince Camuto booties and Kate Spade backpack. To tie the whole look together, I added my favorite colorful headscarf that recalls all these color into one.


What I wore in details:
-Colorful scarf from Turkey
-Wal-mart aubergine fuzzy sweater
-Zara culottes
-Vince Camuto booties
-Kate Spade tortoise sunglasses
-Kate Spade backpack

What are your favorites things in life that just get you? Share them below in a comment!

Cheers x