Cruella De Vil: a style icon!

I was thinking to myself the other day as to why we neglect the villains of Disney or in general. There’s two side to every story and we tend to always stand with the vigilantes of every story; again, because that’s human nature.  I mean, villains, too have a voice and a message to convey, so why not get inspired by them somehow. Take it and turn into a positive in your own way. I have been getting back into Disney and cartoons because I want my daughter to appreciate them as much as I do. I have been having such a dalmatians moment and enjoying Cruella, granted she was awful, but we can’t deny the fact that she was always so damn stylish. I mean I wouldn’t go as far as skinning poor little animals for the sake of fashion but finding inspiration isn’t bad either. She was so big on prints, especially black and white and although I have been sporting too many colors lately, today I felt like going monochrome and ain’t no better way to do it than à la Cruella De Vil way. Her outrageous accessories and hairdo make for an extravagant vogue spread and if she was real, I would hang out with her just to get infected with her confidence of rocking insane dresses. She is a true style icon; she has the ability to make any outfit seem so posh and fab! I mean, come on! Her green eye shadow was just bomb! The half white, half black hair was everything; she was already so advanced in her fashion game!


Although I didn’t go as far as wearing an avant-garde dress to work, I ended up just sporting trousers and a shirt and I felt very profeshhh in a stylish way. I felt naked without color, really, but I still enjoyed the monochrome because sometimes you need a little break from your obsessions before you reach your limit to hating them.



SHIRT: Topshop ● PANTS: House of Harlow ● BOOTS: Nine West ● BAG: Core Life

So, I guess, moral of this post is that no matter how evil or how old a person may be, you can still find inspiration in them (yes, I am using a Disney character to prove a point). Lately, I have been feeling all kinds of down because of humanity’s level of goodness degrading….but somehow I still maintain my positivity. I feel like it is in our hand to see the good in a person and, yes, some of us are too far down the evil pit, but there is always room for improvement.


Fashion VS. Style: What makes an outfit pleasurable?!

I have been asking myself these questions lately…. I mean, what are the elements that make your outfit pleasurable or satisfying??? What style quests are you trying to achieve? There is a big difference between fashion and style and I guess for many, it doesn’t really make a difference. But to those of us who love fashion, we know that the art of dressing up is far more important than just covering your body with fabric. There is something much deeper than that and for me style is a constant evolution of dressing up to your own desire. Style is personal to each individual and it is about expressing yourself freely without having to speak. I find it so interesting to watch and analyze people based on how they dress…but then again, we don’t judge a book by its cover. But, really though, what makes an outfit an outfit??? Should an outfit simply be utilitarian or should it be more style-focused? Sure, it all depends on social status, career requirements, environment and personal taste, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in what you put on your body.

These days, I have been having endless amount of fun experimenting with color and clashing print. I sometimes overwhelm myself because I’m super inspired. Crazy, I know. Well today was no different, sometimes I just want to wear all the pieces in my closet, all at once, all at the same time….haha! But I hold myself so I don’t end up looking like the pigeon lady from home alone. However today, I managed to keep my cool and I only got out my yellow pants amid a snowstorm, yes, the yellow pants! Did I get weird looks on my way to work, yes…but come on, where’s the problem with wearing yellow trousers in winter?? And I also paired them with a polka dot navy shirt and made an outfit happen.



SHIRT: FDC ● PANTS: Bianco ● BAG: Cole Haan ● SHOES: Nine West (knee-high boots)

Although, I was sure of the choice when I got up…during the day, I felt a bit out of proportions with the color choice but decided to keep on keeping on, because what choice do I have. Sometimes, we just gotta go with the flow and that’s what I ended up doing today. I guess, moral of the story is to always enjoy your outfit and be sure to feel good in it, because when you feel less confident, it shows, and you won’t be satisfied. There is a huge difference, at the end of the day, between what you are wearing and why you are wearing it. I tend to always think about why I would like to wear a certain piece and that, my friends, is what style is about. Defining yourself unapologetic-ally through your garments of choice.

What do you guys think?!


Style Vintage

Bloom Baby, Bloom!

Hope your day is as productive and positive as mine! I have been on quite a high lately and sort of on a “no f*cks given” mood and I couldn’t be happier. I tend to have my little moments of anxiety here and there, but once they’re sorted out, I feel bloody alive. I am enjoying being out and about—killing it at life if you will and although I have been having mom-guilt kick in hard, I am comforting myself with the fact that all I am doing currently is for little one and as long as she is smiling, happy and healthy, then I’m doing well. Being a parent is very difficult and not in the sense that you have to take care of another human but it’s due to the fact that you have to deal with emotions such as guilt, frustration and anxiousness. I feel like most days, I do my best and on others, well let’s not go there! Today, I felt very feminine and pretty and that’s because I dug in my endless pile of amazing 70s dresses. Oh the 70s; the patterns are joyous, the tailoring is impeccable and the designs are out of this world. I am totally hooked on the 70s lately and for good reasons; the 70s make me feel like a total babe. Even though my dress was simple today, it still made me feel special—its’ a gorgeous A-line floral dress that I own and have put up on sale in my shop. I wish that I could keep everything, but unfortunately space is limited and I am sure it will go to a better and loving home.


This 70s floral number is pretty straight-forward and there’s no need to actually hurt your brain trying to style it and even though I wanted to go all out in terms of styling it—I ended up keeping it to a bare minimum. And here’s how it came out:


DRESS: Vintage (70s) •SHOES: L’Intervalle • BAG: Kate Spade • SUNNIES: Ray-Ban

Spring seems to be on the horizon with the blues skies and mild weather but then the cold sneaks in to remind us that winter is still going strong. Oh spring, you tease! I don’t winter, but I think more sun would do all us of some good!


And on the sneakers trend bandwagon we go…

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me!!!! And I am feeling good! Okay so, today is really special as I received some really good news, which is giving me hope to a better and happier future for little monster. Although, she’s quite the fussy one these days and I am frustrated and tired, I am still the happiest human on earth. I wouldn’t have thought that a little human could leave such an impact on me…no matter how low or sad I feel, a little smile from her makes me forget about all the bad things that come our way. This is why, I take it upon myself to work hard every day to make her happy and content and to protect her and help her become a strong woman. Besides that point that I just made, I wanted to share my weekend outfit, something I felt quite comfortable in, very girl but still so casual and works for the mom life. I have turned into a sneaker/trainer lover. Since giving birth, I can’t take them off my feet and my high heels are left on the shelves sad and dusty. Trainers can be very tricky sometimes to dress up but I find myself easily adding them into my outfits and so I did and here’s how it came out…


I am sure you guys remember this dress, something I had in my wardrobe for a while now and I decided to wear it as a skirt because there’s no need to constantly buy new things or even used things…buying doesn’t need to happen every months. I see all these people posting online about how much stuff they buy and, although sometimes I feel the urge to do so, I stop myself because I feel guilty about how much we consume as humans. We have no idea how much shit we put our planet through. Anyway, don’t want to this blog into a big rant but just wanted to clear out the air.

Had these running shoes for a while now and I wear a lot more often than I should, even if the outfit doesn’t require it…but finding myself turning to comfort more these days, I decided to integrate in a way that I won’t completely have zero style. Meaning leggings and sweatshirts…..No thank you, next!


What do you guys think of this booming sneakers/trainers trend? Is it a yay or a nay? I actually very much do love this look, it’s very friendly and mommy approved, you can run around doing your errands and still have style. It’s a win-win for me.


Welcome to the 60s

When I saw this dress a few months ago on sale on the Zara website, I fell in love with it because it gave me 60s mod vibes all over. I loved how it was bold and yet so wearable. The color combination was quite brilliant and the cut was super flattering and I couldn’t wait to wear and so I did this weekend. It is not everyone’s taste but I was definitely mine. I find it to be a cross between Pierre Cardin’s space age design and Emilio Pucci’s wild geometric design. 60s fashion was bold, creative and innovative; those years shifted and put the emphasis on the youth and their ability to do their own thing. They were put forward and fashion followed suit in the streets rather than in the big couture houses. There was a little bit of a carefree in the whole mod fashion as everything started to shift with the baby boomers were coming of age. Color played a big role in defining the 60s; where the muted and pastel palette of 1950s fashions gave way to bright, bold colors which were often presented in geometric patterns.

And with that, here’s today’s 60s inspired look:


I love how the dress has super long raw edged sleeves that you can bunch up to help create volume; I find it much nicer than having sticks for arms. It adds interest and definition. The velvet is quite nice and it isn’t too thick, so I feel like my shape still looks sleek and not too overkill.


Going with the whole velvet theme, I wanted to maintain that onto my feet and wore my velvet burgundy shoes to tie the whole look together. I felt like boots would be too much and I would look more witchy than elegant. I feel like the burgundy/gold matched perfectly with the dress color pattern.

The turban also helped in accentuating the whole “do your own thing” vibe that the 60s so focused on and it gave room for me to wear my current favourite vintage earrings. The photos don’t do them justice. Also, this is the first time I wear a dress post-partum and although I still do have a belly and haven’t gone back to working out (as I am taking things slow and enjoying little one), I feel like I am happy with my body despite it all. But to add a little more definition to my waist area, I added a cute vintage gold belt that added a bit more attitude to the look and I love it!


Even though the dress is quite statement, my look was still minimalistic and that’s what I like about it all as I don’t have too much going on. I feel like this dress will stay in my wardrobe for a long time because it is me in a nutshell.



Fashion Vintage

My first attempt at Tokyo street style.

In the recent years of closely following fashion street looks from all over the world, I have to say that my favourite by far is the Tokyo one because of so many good reasons. I thoroughly enjoy everything I see, although to some, it might not make sense. The people of Japan know damn well how to dress and they kill it! What I love it about their street style is that it’s authentic, it’s real and it’s super raw. No two will dress alike and everyone’s got their own thing. The Japanese do not limit their style to just fabric and regular garments, they are not afraid to add in balloons and furs and all sorts of cool things.

They are not afraid to go out of the box and wear ingenious items to stand out from the crowd and this is what I love most about them; they certainly know how to express themselves and leave a big mark. Also their color mixing and matching color game is always lit! They do it so well! So in an attempt to re-launch my love for dressing up after falling ill and after having a baby to care for, here is my Tokyo street style inspired look…


Going into this, I didn’t know what I was really thinking and I was quite worried that I would look insane walking down the street wearing an array of colors. City people really do love their greys and blacks…so I for sure will be an oddball; not that I ever cared…but yeah. I obviously decided to go with vintage because why not? I bought this fuchsia raincoat a while back when I was pregnant from a charity shop and didn’t wear because well it wasn’t the time for it. It’s a vintage London Fog and I know it seems big but it’s so super fashionable and the rest well is history.



TRENCH: London Fog (vintage) ♠ SHIRT: Joe Fresh ♠ SKIRT: Vintage ♠ BOOTS: Spring ♠ BELT: Vintage ♠ BAG: Betsey Johnson ♠ SUNNIES: Aldo

This skirt I also bought at the same charity shop and having been dying to wear it because it’s so loud and colourful but I only had the chance to do so now and it’s quite crazy how the weather changes here. It’s in a very pretty soft light cotton that you can wear in the summer but easily transition it into the fall but wear stockings underneath to keep warm. Although I didn’t completely dive into the Tokyo street style looks and go full full out, I felt pretty confident and happy with the outfit. It just gave me the boost I needed to get back into the swing of things. Sometimes, we need that little push to get out of our comfort zones or perhaps to find ourselves again.



Style Vintage

Sweater Obsessed: Orange IS the new Black!

It’s sweater season again and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I love fall and my favourite season…if it could be one season all year, I would forever choose fall. The colors of the changing leaves give me hope for new beginnings and I totes need that now after giving birth and not having time to even shower properly. I have had the chance to walk around the mall a few times with the little bug and I noticed how big of a place sweaters are taking in stores, even more so than before. Sweaters are my obsession and I love fall and winter purely for that because you can look good while being snuggly and warm. There are the ugly acrylic sweaters that loose shape right away and the wool ones that itch so much…I think trying to find the perfect sweater is an art and collecting them is an even bigger art. I have collected a few sweaters throughout the years; some new, some vintage, some thrifted…but overall my collection is one I am proud of.


This sweater caught my eye immediately because the color is glorious! I never wore something completely orange as this sweater and what I love about it is that it’s oversized which means more room for snuggle-iness. I think orange might be my new favorite color, move over burgundy, you’ve got a strong contender! So, I decided to pair this sweater with a vintage skirt I bought a few months ago when I was hugely pregnant but couldn’t wear it, so now is the appropriate moment to take it out into the light. I find that midi skirts are super flattering especially that I am on the petite’s side. I don’t have to worry about it being too long or too short; it’s just the perfect length. Since being a new mum, there’s rarely an opportunity right now to wear heels (unless I go on a date-but le hubs isn’t here), which means I am now stuck on flats for the next while and so my trustee Converse trainers are my go-to at the moment. They’re white and so they can easily be worn with any outfit and besides I love them so much, I think I might invest in another pair; perhaps black or maybe a crazy colourful one.


This outfit is the epitome of fall for me and even thought the colors are bright, they are still muted in a way (not that you can’t wear bright colors in fall or winter…you can do whatever you want really!). I am seriously in love with this skirt, if I could wear it as my daily uniform I would, but that would just be sad.



JACKET: Danier Leather ∞ SWEATER: H&M ∞ SKIRT: Vintage ∞ SHOES: Converse ∞ BAG: Karl Lagerfeld ∞ SUNNIES: Aldo


I am glad to have a little more time to wear proper clothes now other than sweats and hoodies. Smelling of milk has got me feeling blue and so I needed to refresh and get out of the little rut I was in. This is perhaps the start of new colourful fashion adventures and I am so happy that I get to share them with you…




Steal her look: Selena Gomez

I have been spending too much time reading celebrity blogs or watching ET and I have been so into the celebrity style for less lately…don’t know why, perhaps I’ve got too much time on my hands. Anyway, I thought it would be super fun to do a little blog-series called Steal her Style…where each Friday, I choose a celebrity and try to recreate their style from a particular look and adding my on little touch to it. So to start this series today, I decided to go with Selena Gomez, not for any particular reason other than I fell in love with her jeans in this particular look…the jeans remind me of a pair I owned in high school and they were my favourite pair. My dad had bought them for me one summer when he was away and they made look slim (I always thought because I had curvy hips…that I was fat, I know, silly!).

*PS: I will always put links at the end of the blog so you can shop the look for less*

The look is quite simple, but I fell in love with it the minute I saw it; I think because it’s pretty yet simple and effortless chic. And here’s my interpretation….



CARDIGAN: Unbranded (gifted) ‡ TOP: Polo tee ‡ JEANS: Thrifted-Buffalo ‡ SHOES: Topshop ‡ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21

Selena, in the picture, is wearing a coat, but since it’s way too hot for me to wear one, I decided to go with this taupe cardigan instead. It’s lightweight, airy and I feel like a super-heroine in it (every time the wind blows). I decided to go with my regular light wash cropped denim because they still fit me. Instead of wearing a blouse, I went with a white polo tee and it felt casual for the outing I was going to, didn’t want to be way overdressed with a blouse. Instead of doing simple black sandals like Selena, I went with my favourite hot pink sandals because I wanted to tie my outfit all together. Having chosen to go with a colourful scarf, I wanted my shoes to end the outfit beautiful and I am super happy with my decision because color is always the best option.

For my first “Steal Her Style” blog, I am really happy with the outcome; although the outfit I chose is simple, I am happy with the result and cannot wait to find more inspiration for my future posts. I will try different celebrities with various different styles just to get out of my comfort zone and I cannot wait to see the results.


Hope you guys liked this one and if you have any celebrity suggestions, please leave me a comment!



Travel Vintage

That 80s sweater….

We visited Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue today and it was the perfect weather to walk along the river…it wasn’t too cold nor too hot. Hubs and I walked around the city and enjoyed the local market area where there was a bazaar supporting local farmers and small businesses . We ate some handmade gelato and it was amazing! The sun was bright and shining and the bees and butterflies were out to play.



The foliage was remarkable and there still loads of green left in the scenery. The air smelt nice and the breeze was just super yummy! There were loads of people walking around and enjoying family time. There were even people taking advantage of the mild weather to ride their boats (perhaps) one last time before winter.

Hubs and I also took the time to go to Nova (the vintage/thrift shop) in Sainte-Anne…and I ended up buying a few items and I cannot wait to share them soon..EEEKK!!!


Can’t make this post without also sharing my outfit of the day…and I wore vintage! I got this sweater a few winters’s a beautiful hand knit sweater made in Hong Kong. It’s honestly very heavy and you can see that it is worked meticulously. It’s a rare and wonderful piece to own. I have posted it for sale for the moment on my Etsy page (for those interested).


TOP: Vintage Nannell sweater ♦ PANTS: Thrifted Buffolo (straight leg cut) ♦ BELT: Calvin Klein ♦ SHOES: Converse ♦ BAG: Cole Haan ♦ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21

I’ve been enjoying wearing straight leg jeans/looser jeans…they’re much more comfortable and I feel like I have abused the skinnies a little bit too much. The ones I am wearing in this blog are thrifted…and they were longer and so I cut them and let the bottom hem frayed. DIYing is a super easy way to give the illusion of having loads of items in your closet…but you’re just really pimping what you got. I have been into this at the moment..I haven’t really actually shopped in real store or malls in a while..I would say a good 5 months. Thrifting has been taking a lot of my time lately and revamping my clothes even more. Why not make your things unique and leave your own touch. It really doesn’t cost much.


I will share some of my DIY items that I worked on lately in up coming posts…right now I am loving documenting about our travels and discoveries.


I have been pimping loads of my denim items and some items I have had for ages…so I figured why not make them new again. You’ll see them soon!!!


OOTD: Jericho style…

Since moving countries, I have been a little down and dressing up wasn’t really on the table…I have been in the same old jeans and t-shirt…living off of a suit case isn’t that glamorous. It’s dreadful really…I was hit with a pretty severe allergy to add to the mix, which then caused me to be a little depressed and homesick. This morning, however, I woke up with a little bit of enthusiasm and felt like dressing up and today’s outfit was dressy yet sporty…a little comfort never hurt anyone. Jericho is a pretty hot place to be in at the moment, it is the lowest point on earth, right next to the Dead Sea…a little dry and very hot. We’re talking about a good 35-40 ̊C…and so dressing light is important. I went with culottes because they’re always a good idea. And this is how I paired it up and styled it:


I needed a little bit of color in this outfit and coral felt like the best option:

What I wore:

TOP: Topshop ◊ PANTS: Zara Culottes ◊ SHOES: All Star Converse ◊ BAG: Coach ◊ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade


This outfit worked out great in keeping me cool in a hot climate. I was able to maintain my style and comfort all at once. I am definitely not dressing like the rest of the women out there, but I like the fact that I am still a little unique and in touch with my own style. I am totes recognizable, in the sense that people know automatically that I am not from here…which is a little scary but still awesome. I don’t like too much attention as it gives me loads of anxiety, but I always tell myself that I need to be strong. This is a definite challenge; a very big one, but a great beautiful one.

Always stay true to who you are!