What I have been up to…and also FLASH SALE!

Happy June and summertimes! Can’t believe we’re June already! WHAT?? HOW?? It has been a while since I have written on here. I have been so out of it, especially with quarantine, things seem so surreal. I feel like I have gotten the hang of it and now I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and relax even though I am at home. First of all, the kiddo is with me 24-7, which is great at times and stressful at times; I have been loving catching up with her and I am loving seeing her grow right before my eyes. I cannot believe that she will be two years old soon…like where the heck does the time go?? I am not going to lie, I have been paranoid with this whole COVID thing when it started, but then I realized, what’s meant to happen will happen. So I have decided not to live in fear and simply just have a great time with my daughter while simply being cautious. We go out on walks around the neighborhood, go to the park to run around like crazies, and we let our freak fly. We do all sorts of silly things just to stay happy and entertain our monster.

So, I have been busy juggling work and mom life and sometimes the struggle is real and I think I suck at this….but other times, I have got it in the bag..over the net, slam dunk style. I have my contract to complete, don’t know when it’ll end really, and I have my online shop and my kiddo…oh and the husband to help out at school. Plate full you say…oh no!! Add on more, please! I can’t seem to understand the concept of taking it easy or relaxing, but then again, that was never my forte. I love to keep busy!

What else…OH! I have gotten back into sewing, which I am enjoying fully and I am contemplating creating a small collection with vintage fabrics. like a capsule collection…in the works, we’ll see what happens. I made a couple of cute dresses for the little one and she loves them as well. A few masks here and there, for the family of course and not for sale. I feel like quarantine is allowing me to get creative again, which is pretty cool. I am also enjoying refurbishing furniture. I have an old vintage dresser that looked quite sad, so I decided to give it some love and freshness, still in the works, will update you guys on it soon. It is taking foreverrrrrrr but it’s looking nice!

Um, what else, let’s see, um, oh! I have been doing quite well with my shop. When the pandemic started to hit hard, it’s like people had a revelation or something that shopping local and helping small businesses are important, so I am grateful for every person that has shopped with me and supported me on my journey. As thanks, I am inviting you all to shop my flash sale!!! Dresses are currently 15$ CAD only for a couple of days. Go check it out fast as sales won’t last long. Items are going like crazy. Also, shipping is free in Canada and USA. Since I have been blessed, I am lucky to say that I am giving back to charity and that makes my heart happy.


I haven’t posted any outfits in the past couple of weeks as I have been living in PJs but I am getting out of this rut and I will be posting soon.

Happy humpday!

Design Fashion Inspiration

Orphans, charity, love, humanity and more…

I have had this project in mind for the past 2 years…I was perhaps a little to ambitious in my mind. I would have wanted to produce more items and give back as much as possible. As I decided to “retire” from the fashion industry and no longer create massive collections, I decided to venture into more of a humane/ethical world. I wanted to put myself to good use and make a positive impact in my community…which led me to think, why not use the fabrics/trims/buttons for a good cause. I wanted to create these items for the purpose of making children happy. I wanted to make 100 dresses (initially) for charity and give them to orphaned children in Jordan. I completely fell in love with the country and wanted to perhaps be able to leave a positive mark there. I searched high an low for the right place to invest my time in and with the help of some wonderful people, I was able to find the perfect place I will give my dresses to (will be keeping the name anonymous for the moment).

As I work on many  different project from running a business, to working full-time, to blogging, to planning a wedding…this project was on the back-burner. Truthfully, I was super disappointed with myself for not being able to complete the set amount. After some struggles and some squeezed time, I was able to complete 35 dresses. That doesn’t mean I will not set another goal, it just means that for the moment, this is what I have.



These dresses are collectives of different fabrics I owned, however, some were donated to me by friends. I used up loads of my trims and buttons to embellish them. I didn’t want to make regular boring dresses, I wanted something cool, different and unique. I wanted to make different size dresses and different dresses. Each one unique to its kind; never the same. I wanted the orphans to feel like princess in the special coming times. Since it will be Ramadan soon for us Muslims, Eid will follow. Taking the time to make these dresses in time to make the children feel happy and joyful is super humbling. I wanted to be able to offer those little beautiful angels something special just like them. Eid is a time of celebration for us, it is the time to share your wealth with the needy to make them feel like your equals. It is the time to be happy and celebrate with your loved ones. As Muslims, we grow up with charity instilled in us, because it truly is the essence of religiousness. To be able to share your goods with the needy is a marvelous feeling. It is necessary for me to keep the concept of unlimited love and kindness alive ad going.

Although I didn’t spend much time working of them, I enjoyed every minute and sincerely gave it my all.


PS: this is one is one of my favorite!! I mean look at how cute it looks!! So novelty <3


I did not just stop at making little girls’ dresses, I decided to go all the way to teens. I did dresses for starting at 2 yrs till about 25 yrs. Now I would have wished that I had the chance to stay at the orphanage for a while and volunteer a little bit all through the holy month of Ramadan…but unfortunately, like I said, sometimes life takes us to different paths…paths we never dreamed of being in.

All in all, these 35 dresses all have a story behind them and I hope that this will at least make the girls happy, even if it’s for a couple of hours. I want to be part of their lives as they are the future and to make them feel loved and wanted is a blessing.

Since I was a little teeny weeny girly, I always wanted to go to Africa and “save” the world. I want to give my time to charity and not have anything in return except gratitude, friendships and memories with real people. Now, I never had the chance to go to Africa (yet), but I decided to start somewhere…although small, I am hoping that it will leave a great and positive impact. Philanthropy is a part of me and I am hoping to continue to share my love of humanity with those around me. For those who are interested in getting involved, you can shoot me an email and I will gladly transfer your messages to those in charge. This is completely non-profit for me. These orphans could use help getting the basic necessities such as school supplies or toiletries.

As Ghandi said; be the change you want to see in the world…I always, since a was little, tried to keep this in mind!



A little bit of sparkle: Flower girl dresses!

My sisters and I started shopping wedding a few months ago and like I said in a previous post…we realized that it was so damn expensive. The simplest bridesmaid and flower-girl dress was around the 500$ mark (minimum). We shopped online and in stores and couldn’t find what we wanted. The color palette I choose was not the easiest to work with, but I stuck by it! I promise that I wasn’t a ‘bridezilla’ but I wanted my photo to be really nice and that when I looked at it 20 years from now, I would say, damn we were babes! Then we I saw that it started being difficult and dreary, I told my sisters that they could wear a blush toned pink or beige…whatever they wanted as long as they were happy. Color palette didn’t matter for me anymore…it’s not about the set-up, or the bouquet or the dresses, it’s about the people I party with and my family and friends mean the world to me.

So to get on with the point of this blog, we walk around St-Hubert Street in Montréal and found Anais Designs, my sisters didn’t the perfect burgundy shade to go with my shoe…but the dresses made them look like princesses and I was extremely happy to see them happy.

As for the little girlies of the party, there was no way I would ever let my sisters put 300-400$ for a dress that will be worn once. Since the wedding is abroad, there are priorities and I knew that plane tickets and fares were much more necessary to save for rather than pay for a one time deal. So I decided to make my nieces their dresses with the original fabric I wanted to make my dress in. On top of that, I added my hubby’s nieces in the mix…so in total, I ended up working on 6 dresses (2 of which are still in production mode).

I had so much fun making them! Creating, designing, sewing…is something I strive for and miss at times and this project gave me a good boost. Creating something from scratch always made me feel so emotional, as if I put out a baby into the world. Children of labour!! Huge labour!

So here they are:



I would say I worked on them a total of probably 3 weeks….all together (not counting the 2 left to assemble). With the first sample, the fittings, the cut and everything..I would say that’s a pretty good job. The flowers though…that took me forever, I would say! It’s always the tiniest details that that the most time to finish. The meticulous work and the finishing add hours to the bank. But I always say it’s worth it! Every time!

I am beyond excited for this new chapter and I am pretty sure it is going to be a hell of a ride. I am so ready for this change and super proud to be my partner’s half. He gets on my nerves at times (I’m sure he feels the same), he definitely makes me a better woman and a stronger one! We super complete each other!

Fashion Style Vintage

The Vintage DIY Overhaul Edit

I purchased this dress a few week ago, while searching for new vintage pieces for my Etsy shop…it was in a pretty bad shape. The fit was horrible because the top was way too big for the bottom. It was literally falling apart but I still knew I could do something cool with it. Besides it was so glamorous…pictures don’t do it justice. It was a beautiful silk dress with delicate beading all around the bottom of the skirt with beads, crystals and sequins. It reminded me of a 50s Dior creation with its exceptional workmanship. Obviously, this piece has been around for a while, because it was starting to fall apart. I knew I needed to save it, overhaul it and turn in into a nicer, more useful piece.

Sooooo, here’s how I decided to disassemble this dress: I undid all the seams, then I separated the top from the bottom to turn in into a midi skirt. I then gently removed the beads at the bottom and sequins to be able to cut the hem to the proper length. I used the top to make a waistband. I removed the pink pink crystals from the hem and added them again all over the front of the skirt.

Annnd, I added pockets, because pockets are everything in a skirt!

After working on it and fixing it…this is how if came out:

I totes loved how it came out. I made a super cute skirt, that you can wear to any party or event. It has the right amount of glamour and the right amount of sexiness and feminism. I am absolutely in love with the fit, it’s just perfect and the pleats are awesome. The beads give it va va voom and allows it to shine in the most delicate way. It’s a skirt that you can dress up or dress down. I decided to wear it with a slight edge, because why not? I always prefer to make my outfits a little more badass!


What I wore:

-Danier leather jeacket.
-Vintage skirt (made by moi!).
-Entreprenueur Bitch tee.
-Zara heels.
-Colorful thirfted sunglasses.
-Antique metal clutch bag.

This has to be one of my favorite looks, simply because it’s super me. It’s a mix of lady, a mix of confidence and a mix of badass. It’s a mix of vintage, of thrift and of modern. It’s how I like it. Vintage always allows you to express yourself in uniqueness because you will not find 2 of the same piece…and that’s how I always want it to be. I kinda get annoyed when I am in a room with someone else wearing the same piece as me. Not being a queen B, but I just like to feel a little more unique and special.

So, if you find a vintage or thrifted piece you like, allow yourself to work on it and make it your own! Don’t be shy, let your creative juices flow.