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Too much color? Or not enough color?

As the remains of winter keep dragging us down an endless dreary spiral, I am still seeking the help of color to keep myself motivated and energetic. Seems like the cold days are lingering a little bit more this year. Or I feel like maybe because I live in a hot country for a year, I almost forgot what spring feels like in Canada. I don’t mind the cold, it’s just the sun I am missing because the blues are starting to hit. This somehow pushed me to get a few new pieces into my wardrobe for the coming months. I am so excited to wear more colors and play with different layers and texture over the summer. I feel like right now, dressing up is the only motivation I’ve got, and I am not sorry at all because it keeps me happy and entertained. I am even playing dress-up with little monster, except she doesn’t have a choice but to go with what I dress her with and I am fully taking advantage of that because one day, shell have her own opinion when it comes to clothes and I won’t get a say. Babies are so darn cute even though they’re a lot of work.

Anyway, I felt compelled to wear an animal printed pleated skirt I got from Winners with a sequined sweater from Zara. When I paired them together, I was ecstatic; the outfit as a whole is me. What I like about it is the over-sized sweater covering a bit of the skirt, which made it seem like a dress with ruffles. I have been having a little bit of an issue with my body lately. Don’t know if its post-partum depression that is hitting me quite late or I am just not content with my shape. I was super okay with everything until someone pointed out how huge my hips have gotten—Kind of an asshole comment if you ask me, but I just pushed it aside until one of my pants ripped and now I am always self-conscious and want to hide my hips with anything over-sized without compromising style and color. This outfit gave the confidence boost I needed, and I can’t help but share it with pride.


SWEATER: Zara ● SKIRT: Imelda ● SHOES: Zara ● SUNNIES: Ray-Ban ● BAG: Vintage

outfit 3 (2)

I know that a lot of us North Americans suffers from the blues and the struggles is real, especially when the sun is teasing us and only showing up for an hour or two. I hope that the weeks to come will be brighter and happier for all of us!

Happy Monday xx


Human Piñata

As I am starting a new week filled with emotional challenges, I have vowed to myself to keep my positivity no matter what and I am somewhat glad that I am only looking at January’s back because that means we’re close to spring, and spring is always a good boost for all of us. Although I don’t mind winter, I am starting to get annoyed carrying the extra layers on my body, I am excited to wear lightweight dresses and overall garments to celebrate the beautiful weather. I really do love layering, don’t get me wrong, because I feel like we get to be more experimental when it comes to different patterns and textures…but commuting on the train daily has got me pooped. I have since then started to wear less layers and today’s outfit, although simple, is all sorts of crazy with the colorful aspects of it. I feel in love with this sweater I got from Zara for the whole texture part of it and my tactile senses are beyond happy. I don’t wear it much because carrying a baby while having this one would be such a shame because not only am I gonna ruin it with milk spit-up and stains, but little monster loves to pick on things lately and she would for sure start pulling at the sequins till they fall of.


It takes guts to wear this sweater, not going to lie and wearing in public is a little bit overwhelming as people’s attention would automatically be on you. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone today and went all out and since I am grabbing people’s attention, why not continue with flashy fuchsia pink trousers and yellow boots? If you gonna go all out, then do it right I say! Colors clashing is a bit of a game for me lately and I have been enjoying mixing and matching different patterns and testing out possibilities is giving me a thrill. Fashion is beyond amazing and even though it might seem mundane to some, to me, it brings me joy and happiness. Fashion and style are positive when done in moderation and excessive can be very disturbing and this is why I no longer shop as much as I used to. You can do many great things with second hand and vintage items, but this idea is not too appealing to many. Anyway, to get back to this sweater, I don’t really care if I am overdressed nowadays when I got out, because I really do it for myself and not anyone else.


SWEATER: Zara ● PANTS: River Island (Topshop) ● SHOES: L’Intervalle ● BAG: Core Life ● WATCH: Marc Jacobs ● BRACELET: Damas (Gold)


I was walking with my sister when we went to shoot these photos and I realized that I was one of a very few people that wore color. Why is it that we automatically associate winter with dreary, dull, grey or black clothes? Why is it that we cant wear bright, bold colors to make our days happier?


How to style a satin slip dress modestly

This is another one of those trendy things that has been big for the past year…wearing lingerie out on the streets has become such a normality. When does a slip dress become appropriate to wear publicly and how do you not make it look skimpy…I am have been feeling very experimental lately and I figured now’s the time to try out the satin slip dress and see how I make it work out in the real world. I didn’t want to have anything too out there nor did I want anything floral-y or lace-y. I wanted something I can work with as a start and build an outfit around it. This mustard dress from Zara was the perfect middle for a slip dress and mustard is one of my favourite colors anyway. So here’s how I attempted this trend!


The dress to be quite honest was not such a great quality and for the price, especially at Zara, you want to have something well made….but then again, their production system is so quick that quality is no longer the main concern. I wore this dress with a few different ideas in mind but this was one of my favourite because I still maintained my modesty. Adding heels was an option that I kept open but I felt like I was too exposed to the world and so, putting on boots seemed quite fitting and appropriate and the result was interesting.

I also got the argyle sweater from Zara and although it’s very thick and well-made, I didn’t appreciate how cropped it is. Why is everything so cropped lately? I mean, not because I am Muslim or anything, but no one needs to be wearing a cropped sweater in -14C ̊weather. I combined it with the dress because the colors went so well together and having the dress under it meant more warmth.


Along with sweaters and all things winter, boots are my thing and I wish I could wear boots all year long (not that anyone is stopping me) but it would be just too much!

Although I had fun styling this dress, it just wasn’t me and I ended up returning it because it makes no sense just having it there hanging in my wardrobe. How do you guys feel about the slip dress?! Is it a yay or a nay?!