Top 10: favorite lipsticks of all time!

In today’s post, I wanted to share with you my go-to, most used, most cherished, most loved lipsticks in my collection (for all of eternity). These are lipsticks I have collected over the years and continue to use all the time, all year round. I may be a lipstick hoarder. I mean it’s justifiable, since I am not a foundation, blusher, eye shadow kinda gal. I sometimes go out bare-faced, but end up so rocking a bold lip, like a really sexy orangey-red. I remember there was one season where I would not stop using Cruella (obviously it’s on this list, duh!)…and I had to buy another one because I had used it all up. Anyway, not to make this intro too too long, here are my 10 favourite lipstick of all time and why I love them so much……


1- Bobbi Brown: Brownie

This is my go-to every day color. I use this on a daily basis whenever I am going for a natural bare nude lip. It’s a very beautiful nude, your lips but better, color and it is suitable for daily use. It’s got a pinkish brown undertone and I find that it matches skin tone perfectly. What I like about this one in particular is that it has a slight sheen to it. It doesn’t dry matte or anything, it’s just got a very juicy, plumpy, yummy finish to it and this one is always in my bag. I received it in a sample bag from a Sephora purchase a few months ago and I have been using it like crazy and I still have loads left. Plus!!! The lips stay hydrated the whole time you have it on (hello Vitamin C & E). This is definitely a brand to look into and to invest into. Bobbi brown has got it all down when it comes to natural makeup.

2- Kat Von D: Cathedral

Much like the Bobbie Brown color, this is a brown based nude. It is similar in color, however, the finish is different and Cathedral dries down completely matte which emphasizes the brown a lot more and this is exactly what I love about this lipstick. The brown is not a yucky 1990s brown but rather a very complementing one; it works with my skin tone and it gives me a natural yet dressed up look (if you know what I mean). It is absolutely freaking gorgeous and the neutral base in this lipstick helps it match with any eye color you wish to do. It’s kind of a bold color but in a subtle way. It’s very long lasting and honestly, I don’t think about replying it all that much. And hello, can we also talk about how freaking cool the packaging is?? I like how she matched to the product name; studded! I remember being addicted to Kat Von D since spotting her on that TV show; LA Ink, gosh, she was always so badass yet gracious in her work…so I’m super glad she got into makeup because she’s doing it well!

3- Marc Jacobs: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


This one is an oldie (in my collection) but a goodie. I remember wanting to invest in a good quality pinky, nude lip a little over 2 years ago and then came across this one at Sephora. I was so excited that I had found Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It’s the perfect pink based nude, unlike the two previous lipsticks. I remember misplacing it and going crazy, so I repurchased another one, so now I have 2 (found it..haha)! It dries matte but it is very comfortable on the lips, it’s not drying and it doesn’t settles into the dry lines. It applies very smoothly and glides with perfection; very much like the name says, it’s creamy. The packaging is to die for, it’s sleek and heavy; super luxurious. I feel like a bond girl, whenever I get it out in public to reapply..hahahahaha! March Jacobs will forever be my #1 when it comes to luxury makeup, because I know that I will get my buck’s worth.

4- ELF: Hot Commodity

This is one of the most affordable lipsticks in the bunch and I’m super happy that I can count this as one of my faves. The color payoff is fantastic and the longevity is great. I was looking for a coral lipstick last summer to go well with my blue liner and my olive tan…then I stumbled onto this lipstick from ELF at the drugstore. I can almost compare it the Marc Jacobs lipsticks in application. It dries down semi-matte, it has a slight sheen to it and it doesn’t leave your lips parched and dry. The only negative thing I would say about this color is that it will emphasize the dry patches on your lips if they’re not properly hydrated and exfoliated beforehand. However, tbh, this always happens to me whenever I use light coloured lipstick…I find that soooo weird. Usually, people have patchy issues with darker ones, but I get that with lighter colors. I wear Hot Commodity mostly in the summer because I find that coral suits my tanned skin more than my regular days. Plus, for 7$ you can’t really go wrong! So if you’re looking to purchase lipstick but no break the budget, I definitely suggest your looking into ELF.

5- Bite Beauty: Honeycomb

I know that beige nude is a little scary to wear, but this one from Bite Beauty is amazing, I usually pat it onto my lips rather than gliding it, I find that the color payoff is much better and exactly how I want it to be. This beige nude is just basically my lips but with a little bit of an oomph. There’s a slight sheen to it and I keep this very close to me and sometimes, I just use is a lip balm because it’s not too too out there in color. Plus, I am super proud that Bite Beauty is not only Canadian, but they make their products from food-grade ingredients. The Amuse Bouche lipsticks are super hydrating and they feel like nothing on the lips! Super worth the investment!!!

PS: Another plus side to this, it smells amazing, super citrusy, unlike those super high end lipsticks that smell like my grannie’s antique perfume.

6- Charlotte Tilbury: Electric Poppy

This is my first Charlotte Tilbury purchase and I am glad I invested in one of her lipsticks. I was on the hunt for a bright, almost fuchsia, pink lipstick to go with my golden summer tan and after endless hours of research, I took a chance on this one. Worth it! I was afraid that this color would make me look darker than I already am, but on the contrary, it brightens my face in the most feminine, delicate way possible. The color payoff is rich and the longevity is great. You only need to apply one and honestly, this is one of the few lipsticks that doesn’t end up in my teeth (this is a huge problem for me…all my lipsticks end up on my teeth). It dries matte but still keeps your lips hydrated and plump. It’s rich, it’s luxurious and it’s fantastic. It works! Plus the packaging is the bomb (yes, I am a sucker like that).

7- Milk: Name Drop

This one a new addition to the lipstick fam I own. I always thought orange-red lipstick was killer on others and I never dared to try it. However, recently, I figured I ain’t losing nothing if I try one for kicks. I went off to the Sephora website and looked in every brand out there, then this one from Milk caught my eye. Yes, I did! I bought a color online, based on the photo and I do not regret it as the color came out even better than I expected. This color suits me so well and the orange pigment is bright enough to notice but not too much that it will make me look gloomy and dark. Very much like the Marc Jacobs lipsticks, this glides on with perfect, it’s creamy, hydrating, and comfortable…and yet still dries down demi-matte. I have a thing with matte lipsticks. I don’t like the sheeny ones unless it’s a nude sheen like the Bobbi Brown color above. It’s also infused with mazing ingredients such as Shea butter and Coconut oil <3  What I love about this Milk lipstick is that it comes in crayon form, so it’s easy to apply and you don’t need a liner. Sometimes, applying a bold color without liner comes out catastrophic, however, this is applies perfectly. I am glad I got  ahold of this bad boy…it gives me Rihanna sort of vibes and I love it!

8- Nars: Cruella

This Nars lipstick doesn’t need much introduction as it is a cult favourite amongst many Youtubers and Bloggers. This is basically a universal red that pretty much works with everyone; I feel like it suits every skin tone. This pencil is obviously super easy to apply and it gives incredible pigments, rich and infused with Vitamin E. The finish is velvety matte but the color stays vivid and deep and this is what I love about this lipstick, the color is long-lasting and it doesn’t budge and it stays on my lips-not on my teeth. I went through a whole one and I am going on my second pencil now and I think this will be my staple, go-to red color for a long time. Unlike other red lipsticks, this doesn’t emphasize the dryness of my lips or the creases, so yay to Cruella!

9- The Face Shop: Moroccan Rose

I bought this two years ago and it is still going strong. I got it to wear to my engagement but ended up going with the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang instead. This Face Shop lipstick is beyond anything I have used and I have used and tried plenty of lipsticks. This one in particular is infused with anti-aging ingredients and gives the lip the boost they need to stay plump and young. Moroccan Rose is the prefect shy girl pink, you can build the color up to the intensity you want. I sometimes just dap it lightly in the center of my lips to get the fresh bitten look, or glide it on my lips to get the deep mauvey-pink color. I even use this particular lipstick as blusher sometimes and it works perfectly. It has a light sheen and when you warm it in your hands and apply it to your skin, it gives you the most beautiful, natural flush ever. This is my lazy go-to all around lipstick and I am so sad that I am almost running out of it. I feel like the Face Shop brand doesn’t get loads of hype, but the products are super worth looking into! Annndd, they’re not super expensive either! So win-win.

10- Colourpop: Poppin’

Last but not least, this color has got me feeling all sexy! Whenever I feel like I need a boost to slay, this is the color I choose to put on. Give me superpowers to conquer the world! I love anything Colourpop because everything they do is quality yet super freaking affordable. The matte-X formula is my favourite because it not just matte, it’s ultra-matte and it works perfectly for vibrant colours such as this one. It’s the perfect summer fuchsia pink and I love it, it’s a tad bit richer in pink pigment than the Charlotte Tilbury one. This lip color is so va va voom; filled with attitude and pizzazz. It’s surprisingly comfortable to wear even though it’s extremely matte and it doesn’t settle into the lines very much. I sometimes just add a little bit of lip balm before putting this color because I want it to last longer and it does; it doesn’t transfer and it doesn’t budge. I also love that it reapplies well, whenever you need a touch up. For those looking into crazy colourful, yet affordable lipsticks, I suggest looking into the Colourpop ones!

So there you have it, my top 10, ride or die, rock my sock lipsticks and I feel like they range from affordable to expensive (ish); there are suggestions for everyone and some are even budgets friendly.

Fashion Style

Feeling girly

This Betsey Johanson dress makes me want to twirl all day long. I was kindda iffy about the print because it’s darker than what I am usually drawn to, but I bought it anyway and I am so happy I did. It’s such a lightweight dress that is super super comfortable to wear on hot summer days. I decided to wear it as a top since it is a little bit short. This is how I decided to give this baby a go.


ANDDD also, I wore my favorite Charles & Keith sandals…ahhh!! So in love ˂3 I have been looking for these sandals for a little while now and when I finally found them on the Charles & Keith website, I didn’t hesitate and bought them right away…And they’re officially now on sale.


Excuse the creasing…sitting doesn’t help the fabric too too mcuh but I am in love regardless…

Also, I wanted to quickly mention that I love my skin at the moment, I have no foundation on and it’s super glowy..I decided to invest in the Sunday Riley’s Good Genes treatment..totes worth it…but that’s another blogpost…


What I wore:
-Bestsey Johnson dress.
-Betsey Johnson sunglasses.
-Forever 21 Jeans.
-Charles & Keith sandals.
-Thrifted bucket bag.
-On my lips: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs.


Until next time!

Cheers xo




My lippie stash!

lippie (1)
lipproducts (2)
lipproducts (4)
lipproducts (5)
lipproducts (6)
lipproducts (8)
lipproducts (9) I have to admit that I am a hoarder when it comes to lip products. Because I am quite limited in my eye makeup use (due to contact dermatitis), I can be a little more excessive when it comes to lipsticks. What I usually gravitates towards at the moment is obviously long lasting liquid lipstick or lip creams.

I try to give each and every baby I own a chance to see the light…but sometimes it’s so hard to even let on go to try on the next one. I will not spend loads of time talking about my lip balms. Even though, anyone who is close to me knows how obsessed I am with hydrating my lips…I literally have a lip balm everywhere: in my car, in my office, in my bag, on my nightstand, in my literally EVERYWHERE!!! But my top 3 favorite are: Bite’s Agave lipmask, Burt’s Bees’ peppermint lip balm and Blistex’s lip medex. They help soothe damaged dry lips and deeply hydrate them.

As far as lipsticks go, I have a ton I am in love with. However, out of everything I own at the moment…the honorable mentions go to the following:

Marc Jacobs by far my favorite makeup line ever, whether it is the mascara or eyeliner or lipsticks, Marc Jacobs does it right every time. I know it’s an expensive range, but it is super worth the price!! My go-to lippie for the past few month has been KISS KISS BANG BANG for the lip creme range. It’s a beautiful mauvey-pinky everyday nude, like your lips but better color. It sits on the lips so perfectly, doesn’t dry out and it’s buildable to your liking.

A second favorite will definitely have to be Colourpop’s lippie stix in Lumiere. I would have to say that this is a perfect dupe for Marc Jacob’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It’s a cute mauvey nude that suits anyone’s skin tone. This lippie stix is a collaboration with KathleenLights the youtube star. Long lasting and matte; it’s a really nice formula!

One that I have been wearing to death this winter was Nars’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. Okay okay, so first of all this is in a pencil; like super duper easy to apply. Second, this color is magical and suits my skin color perfectly; it’s a beautiful red that has slight goldish undertone…make my teeth look extra white. Lastly, it’s a fun color that you can wear anytime, it LASTS all day and does not dry out the lips. I love it <3 I even finished one and repurchased another!! Which is so rare for me when it comes to lipsticks!!!

NYX’s Matte Lipstick in Bloody Mary. It’s a rich formula that is super pigmented. It kinda slides off for me during the day when I am not careful, but for the price and formula, I will definitely repurchase from this range. It’s creamy and doesn’t dry out despite the matte finish.

Mac’s Lipstick in Faux is a wonderful  shade to use on a daily basis for those who want something more subtle. This is a buildable color sitting between Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lumiere. It’s a muted mauvey-pink with a tiny bit of shimmer to obviously stand up to its satin finish claim.

Another one I reach out for very often is the cheapest lipstick I own. I bought it in search of the perfect coral shade when I was at Shoppers Drug Mart. Essence’s Long Lasting Lipstick in Coral Calling is the perfect coral shade. The application is easy, the color is opaque and it last for a good amount of time. For the huge 3$ I spent on this baby, I am seriously amazed on the lasting power…now I am not saying it stays on for days and you never have to reapply…but for the price, I am quite happy!

Last but definitely not least, I cannot end this post without mentioning this beautiful terracotta color by Ofra. Miami Fever is part of their long lasting liquid lipstick collaboration with KathleenLights. I love love love this color because it gives me a certain glow and emphasizes my olive skin tone. The formula is nice and it does last for a long time. Sometimes, when my lips are irritated, I cannot stand it on my lips because it dries them out even more, but when you hydrate them before, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Ouufff, okay, I could go on and on about how much I love each and every lipstick I own, but this blog post would be endless.

So, what are you favorite lip products from your collection and what do you grab more on a daily basis?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and until next time!

Cheers xo












Beauty Fashion Inspiration

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

One of my favorite lipsticks ever in the whole wide world of makeup is Marc Jacob’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This #216 lip color is part of his Le Marc lip creme lipstick. It’s a beautiful subtle color that is easily buildable (your lips but better-which can go from light to dark depending on application). This is my most worn color (as you can see in the picture…totally abused it). This sexy baked pinky-mauvy color is very rich, velvety and ultra-hydrating. It’s a lipstick that delivers a dramatic punch of vivid pigment and endless hours of luxurious wear. It sincerely stays on all day and I rarely reapply it. It’s a beautiful everyday shade which suits any skin color.


Did I mention the packaging?!! I am a total sucker for that..I sometimes purely only buy item based on packaging.  I am super in love with it <3. So sleek and elegant with a glossy black finish with the designer’s name embossed in silver. It has silver button which is just for show and it is also has a magnetic closing system, which is great when you throw this into your purse.


So today, because I didn’t want to spend so much effort dressing up…I opted for the Canadian suit look. The denim on denim look. I wore my favorite Gap items. A black jean jumper paired with an acid wash jean denim jacket. This look is super casual and comfortable. It’s very playful and you can definitely either dress it up or dress it down. I wouldn’t mind wearing this daily.


These Marc Jacobs Lip Creams are most definitely my favorite lipsticks ever and I have a couple of colors and although they are pricey (38$ CAD), they are worth every penny.

Have you guys tried these and what do you think of them? What are your favorite colors from this range?

Cheers xo

Fashion Inspiration Style Vintage

How to wear floral prints

I was excited to get some of my vintage pieces out of the closet and into the light…but if you live in Montreal, then you know that snow decided to pay us one last visit. To beat the not so winter more like spring blues…I decided to wear some floral prints to get into the spring/summer vibes a little early.

Here are 2 looks styled with vintage pieces I owned. I mixed them in a modern way for 2 completely different looks.

Flower Child

What I wore:
-80s lavender/blue A-line dress
-Forever 21 floral kimono
-Studded Vince Camuto leather belt
-Ebay purchased knee-high boots

Street Chic

What I wore:
– Pink  burnout top
– Forever 21 skinnies
– 80s floral blazer
– Industry booties
– Vintage layered necklace

I love wearing prints. But to be completely honest, sometimes floral prints are scary..because if not worn/styled correctly, it could end up looking like a hot granny mess. The second look is definitely my favorite and I felt a lot more confident in my own skin.

Hope you enjoyed the looks. Let me know in a comment below which look you like best.

Cheers xo