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Little People, Big Dreams!

Growing up, I loved reading books! We spent our weekends at the library for as long as I can remember. Our mama dearest taught us that books are your best friend; not only because they enrich you, but they give you the chance to explore your imagination and the possibilities that come with it. Books allow you to immerse yourself into a different world, a world that you can create and live in. Books have the power to teach you about yourself, about others and life in general. Since I grew up with this concept, I figured that the least I can do is share that passion with my daughter. I don’t read as much as I use to but when I have the time, I’ll enjoy a good read.

I started reading to my daughter since she was born and I loved sharing that time with her even though she didn’t care much, but I knew she listened. She was always so fascinated with colors and shapes and I made sure to ignite that interest in her at an early age. True to this! My daughter, now, impatiently waits on me to read her favorite books at bedtime. If God forbid for some reason I don’t do that, then she goes mad! She’s so funny, all I say is “let’s go read a story” and she’d be in bed already under the covers. She’s such a sweet monster. I read her all kinds of books but she seems to enjoy these more. I discovered them after I purchased a Cinderella book from a museum that had fashion illustrations. And she was instantly grasped by it and since I saw the interest, I decided to get more. As I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I stumbled upon the Little People, Big Dreams series and I purchased one out of curiosity. The first one I bought was Mother Teresa and my God does my daughter love her!

Basically, these books are mini-biographies of prominent people who changed the world. They are an empowering and educational series of books to send inspiring messages to children of all ages and they are written in a simple but beautiful way. That’s why I fell in love with them. I bought her a few, but her favorite remains Mother Teresa and wins the race every time. They’re informative books and they are super smartly illustrated, in a way that captures the children’s attention. My little girl loves them as much as I do and we can’t seem to read anything else now. I got her an all women’s collection but they also have stories about men who made a difference in the world like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and more. The collection is quite vast, but I treat her with these once in a while as it can get a bit pricey. But as long as my daughter finds inspiration and strength, then money has no value.

So, I thought I’d share with you guys what my daughter loves reading and perhaps inspire you guys to check these books out. They make for perfect gifts!!! Even my 12-year-old niece loves reading them to my daughter!

Happy Humpday x