Orange you glad it’s Friday

See what I did there!!! Yup, play on words, because today is finally Friday and I am wearing orange. Because orange is the color of life at the moment. Never even considered it, until I decided to get that H&M sweater months ago. I am very peculiar with what I decide to add to my wardrobe, but when I ponder deep and have more pros than cons, then I go for it. These days I am not big on shopping—everything is become a bore, repeat on repeat on repeat. There is nothing that is really catching my attention. Perhaps this is why vintage is my main squeeze, gets me excited to wear something preciously old because it has a story to tell. You can simply imagine the person previous to you wearing it and wonder if they walked in the same path as you and did the things you are doing in life. Or is that just me? Not a creep, just deep interest for the past.

Now, I don’t know if this is truly the image I give off, but I honestly wear color for myself and to feel motivated to get out of bed. But sometimes, people take it as me wanting attention but I SOOO don’t, I am super happy to disappear into the crowd; because it is not as much as attention-seeking as it is fulfilling my love for fashion. And anyway, I am very much known to be a dry person when I first meet someone new…I am always in my own bubble hiding behind my walls….I guess my choice of clothing project a totally different image than what I am. I am very selective when it comes to adding new people to my circle of friends because I guess I have come to a point where I no longer want to explain who I am to anyone. Less people, less trouble. Maybe it is a wrong ideology to have, but this is one I am very comfortable with. I try my hardest to be sociable, approachable and welcoming to everyone I meet, but I don’t necessarily allow them to come into my everyday life. What I’m trying to say is the way I dress is purely out of creativity and happiness and it is not to get a pat on the back for making efforts to put some color into my life.

Today is no different than any other day, I choose color and just because. No explanation needed. I have been dying to wear colored/checkered tartan pants for the longest time and so I did! Felt very proud of my outfit…sometimes I feel icky…but today was total win in my books! Plus, adding the leopard was a must to make the clashing prints tradition live on.


SWEATER: H&M ● PANTS: Simons ● SHOES: Lord & Taylor ● BAG: Core Life

Are you like me? Do you use fashion as medium to express your creativity? Or is it simply a way to cover yourself and be presentable in society?? I would love to hear your thought on this!

Fashion Style

Leather & Melted Fuchsia

I had this lippie color for a while and sometimes I am in need to wear an intense pink lip color. I have a love/hate relationship with this Too Faced Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Fuchsia.



The applicator is not the easiest to use and sometimes I get product on my skin, so I have to be extra careful applying it. The color is pigmented and super nice and you can play with the intensity of the color and transparency depending on your liking. I love the color and when I am tanned, it looks even more good as it emphasizes how glowy my skin gets. What I don’t like is the fact that I always get product on my teeth…especially with this color!!! “You have lipstick on your teeth” is a phrase that is constantly said to me…but with this one, omg!! Disaster! I have to be careful and extra cautious about checking myself in the mirror. Is it worth the headache. Maybe?! It’s 29$ CAD and for the money, I could prefer if I didn’t have to check my teeth always. Plus, I don’t find it super long lasting, it fades after a while and you definitely need to reapply.

Anyway, inspired by this lippie, this is what I wore today and I was pretty pleased and super comfortable with my outfit. Here are the deets:



Leather jacket: Zara
Top: Topshop
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Lord & Taylor
Sunglasses: Simmons
Bag: Aldo

The weather in Montreal is finally starting to warm up, so it is now easier to do without a jacket and heavy layers. I am in love with my Topshop blouse. The pattern is interesting, the shape is flattering and the fabric is super soft; so I was excited to be able to wear it today. I felt kinda excited to mix it with another print on my feet…with my favorite leopard print kitten heels <3

Hope you guys liked this look! Until next time pretties…

Cheers xo