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How to get out of a winter style rut!

Do you feel like you are stuck in a style rut as of late? I definitely do!! Especially when I am on a no-buy train (have been for a couple of weeks now). I have been forcing myself to dig into my wardrobe and use all the pieces I own equally. It has been hard not to go out in jogging pants lately with the cold and the grim weather, but efforts must be made. I have hit a downer in the wardrobe department, and I am starting to stick to the same sweater and pants lately—so not good! To get out of this said rut, I decide to share with you some tips on how I pick myself up and get re-inspired to dress nicely to combat the winter blues without having to purchase anything new.

The first tip I’d share with you is to take a look at your wardrobe and focus on getting out the pieces that speak to you most, you know those pieces that give you butterfly feelings inside…yeah! Those ones! Get them out and start working around them. Ultimately, you still want to wear pieces that make you happy and bring you joy. Focusing on the pieces that make you feel good about yourself is important and owning said garments is equally important. Find them to not only bring you joy but to also help boost your confidence. It could be a beautiful skirt, a tailored blazer or even colorful shoes. Whatever it is, find it and build around that! Today I chose this skirt and this skirt does bring me all kinds of feelings; the fabric is luxurious, the fit is impeccable, and the print is delicious, what more do I need?? I got this pleated midi skirt a few months back to add to my wardrobe as I was lacking some animal print. When I found this one, I knew that it would be a classic, granted it was expensive, but it is well worth it! I already wore it a million times and I rarely get bored with it. Creating new outfit combinations with neglected pieces in your wardrobe can give you some fuel to reinvent outfits and get the rut out of your life.


The second thing I would tell you to do is to layer; definitely key for the colder months and also a smart way to get use out of your summer items. This is a good way to making the most of your existing pieces and putting them to use all year round. I love to use summer pieces and transition them into the winter; makes for an interesting outfit! You can easily use summer dresses and put sweaters over them, or cardigans and you’d be good to go. An excellent way to add color, textures, and layers; depth! This goes the same for skirts, tees, and thinner shirts. Just find a good way to make layering work for you and mix and match your garments to make cool outfit combinations.

The third tip would be to add color! If you are faint of heart and prefer to stick to neutrals all winter long, no problem, just accessorize with colorful pieces. Like jewelry or shoes. I say shoes are a definite thing to invest in because it is the fundamental element that ends your outfit. It’s like the point that makes a sentence complete. Use shoes or bags to make your outfits pop. I wasn’t afraid to do use both in this outfit. I went for my trusted yellow leather L’Intervalle booties and a vintage Michael Kors bag that I borrowed from mum. Note that borrowing is also an excellent way to refresh your wardrobe without having to buy anything. I tend to do that a lot with my sisters and mum. Makes for cool combos and also a super excellent way to combatting the itch to purchase something new to freshen up your wardrobe.


Last but certainly not least, find inspiration! If you are having a total block in your senses and cannot make anything work for you, find inspiration; whether it is a person’s style, the runway, a good song or even a simple quote. Find what inspires you and use it as fuel. I find this a really good way to bring the downer up. Find your “feel-good” and use it. Don’t be shy googling outfit ideas, it doesn’t mean you’re copying… just looking through photos can bring your mood up and push you to get out of your confront zone and try something different and new. There is no shame whatsoever!

This is how I deal with a style rut! Let me know what you think and what is it that you do to get out of a winter style rut. Share your thoughts, I’d like to hear them!