Eid OUTFIT – Take #3

Okay…okay this one is a little out of my comfort zone, but I had to try it. The chapeau and hijab combo look is a little intimidating I have to say but I kind of felt like Rose DeWitt Bukater Sawson Calvert from Titanic. I must say I felt extra fancy, but I couldn’t do it for too too long. Felt silly and out of context, LOL, prancing around the house, while my neighbor looked at me puzzled as to why I was dressed like I was going on a cruise. 

I recently went away to Val Des Monts (Québec) for a little vacation with the little one as she loves the water and because I had an Oxygen facial done and couldn’t stay in the sun directly, I decided to buy this lovely hat to put on while we were out on the lake. So, I couldn’t put it aside for the next time we took a vacation without taking it out for one more spin before summer ended, so I decided why not wear it for Eid? Besides, there are lots of girls who wear hats with their hijabs and look insanely cool. So here is my attempt at looking cool—not! Haha! I was quite surprised that it gave me a little oomph and a little va va voom feel. It is super true when they say that clothes do change your perception of yourself. It can either be positively or negatively. Wearing the hat gave me a push where I felt extra feminine and extra fancy. It almost made me want to stand super tall and walk with purpose. Saying that coz I always hinge my back. Bad posture, I know! Definitely need to work on it. 

This look isn’t vintage, by all means, and I had bought it specifically for Eid as a little gift to myself for not shopping for months. Since lockdown started, I saved so much money and was super ecofriendly, recycling, and reusing. The last thing I bought was a beautiful orange – terracotta suit from Mango, which I haven’t worn much since we’re all stuck at home. I have been into wearing maxi dresses a lot lately, even at home, I find that I am more productive when I look and feel cute. Maxi, long sleeves dresses are easy in the summer as you don’t need to layer a ton. You just put your hijab and shoes and voila, you’re done and fabulous! I have a few from Zara that I wear all the time, but I needed something a little more special for Eid. When the mall opened last month, I decided to have a peek at H&M. I initially went there to buy headbands for my daughter as I couldn’t find I was looking for on Etsy and I try as much as possible not to shop in big chain stores anymore. But I had to do what I had to do. However, when I walked past the sales section, this dress caught my eye and I wanted to have it in my wardrobe. Again, staple, will keep it for a long time. Love that it is long sleeves, modest and has a silk – satin feel. Plus, the print is extra cool, and it is a special color, a little minty but a little teal. Funky and fun! 

I ended it up pairing the dress with my trusted DKNY leather bag and Zara leather heels which I’ve had for ages too. And that’s how I completed look #3. 

How do you guys like this one? Please do let me know!

Happy Humpday!



Pink Suit Galore

I was told by someone recently that I am like a chameleon and that my style is constantly evolving but I am always colorful despite the awful weather outside. This is absolutely true! Color is life! I don’t really like to stick to a particular style, I like to dress how I feel, and I guess you do what works best for you. There are days where I want to dress all black too; although I haven’t in ages. I think it important for every human to follow their heart (in life); whether it is in fashion, at work or at home…do you always! Today, even though I wasn’t sure I could do it, I wore a super hot fuchsia suit! It was freaking stressful, but I did it! I am so proud of myself for really stepping out of my comfort zone. Since moving back to Canada, I am slowly trying to get back to the fierce, bold, happy person that I was. And I know that sometimes change in a person is good but in me, it wasn’t. I became sadder and I guess for those who know me super well, it showed. I vowed to myself this year (and every year) to always make efforts to stay happy–and do so for me first to be a better wife, a better mom and a better human. I feel like us women, once we get married and have children, tend to put ourselves in the back burner but I don’t want that for myself. I know that happiness comes from within. However, sometimes we need different means/materials/people (whatever works for each individual) to helps us achieve that as well. Fashion; clothes, colors and textures work for me.


I was looking through different thrift shops to find a bold suit for a while now and couldn’t get my hands on anything. Whether printed or textured or even colorful…it didn’t matter as long as it had a nice fit to it. Since my search was a big flop, I went to Zara to get what I wanted. I got it last spring while pregnant and left it in my wardrobe till I gathered strength and power to wear it out as a complete set. I wore the blazer a few times with jeans but never with the matching trousers.

Since the suit was pretty bold in color, I didn’t want to wear heels so that I wouldn’t be too too out there. Therefore, I turned to my trusted trainers, my favorite on the shelf! My Adidas Gazelles. I like the clash between business chic and sporty—it gives the outfit a comfier approach and I guess I look less aggressive overall. I was still feeling myself; all kinds of fierce! Very much like Romy and Michele with their business suits.


SUIT: Zara ♣ SHOES: Adidas ♣ BAG: Guess ♣ SHIRT: Walmart


I definitely see myself keeping this suit for years to come as it is special, and it makes for different mixing and matching outfits. I will get my money’s worth for sure but if I manage to find a rarity in the thrift shop, I will for sure add it to my little collection.