Eid OUTFIT – Take #3

Okay…okay this one is a little out of my comfort zone, but I had to try it. The chapeau and hijab combo look is a little intimidating I have to say but I kind of felt like Rose DeWitt Bukater Sawson Calvert from Titanic. I must say I felt extra fancy, but I couldn’t do it for too too long. Felt silly and out of context, LOL, prancing around the house, while my neighbor looked at me puzzled as to why I was dressed like I was going on a cruise. 

I recently went away to Val Des Monts (Québec) for a little vacation with the little one as she loves the water and because I had an Oxygen facial done and couldn’t stay in the sun directly, I decided to buy this lovely hat to put on while we were out on the lake. So, I couldn’t put it aside for the next time we took a vacation without taking it out for one more spin before summer ended, so I decided why not wear it for Eid? Besides, there are lots of girls who wear hats with their hijabs and look insanely cool. So here is my attempt at looking cool—not! Haha! I was quite surprised that it gave me a little oomph and a little va va voom feel. It is super true when they say that clothes do change your perception of yourself. It can either be positively or negatively. Wearing the hat gave me a push where I felt extra feminine and extra fancy. It almost made me want to stand super tall and walk with purpose. Saying that coz I always hinge my back. Bad posture, I know! Definitely need to work on it. 

This look isn’t vintage, by all means, and I had bought it specifically for Eid as a little gift to myself for not shopping for months. Since lockdown started, I saved so much money and was super ecofriendly, recycling, and reusing. The last thing I bought was a beautiful orange – terracotta suit from Mango, which I haven’t worn much since we’re all stuck at home. I have been into wearing maxi dresses a lot lately, even at home, I find that I am more productive when I look and feel cute. Maxi, long sleeves dresses are easy in the summer as you don’t need to layer a ton. You just put your hijab and shoes and voila, you’re done and fabulous! I have a few from Zara that I wear all the time, but I needed something a little more special for Eid. When the mall opened last month, I decided to have a peek at H&M. I initially went there to buy headbands for my daughter as I couldn’t find I was looking for on Etsy and I try as much as possible not to shop in big chain stores anymore. But I had to do what I had to do. However, when I walked past the sales section, this dress caught my eye and I wanted to have it in my wardrobe. Again, staple, will keep it for a long time. Love that it is long sleeves, modest and has a silk – satin feel. Plus, the print is extra cool, and it is a special color, a little minty but a little teal. Funky and fun! 

I ended it up pairing the dress with my trusted DKNY leather bag and Zara leather heels which I’ve had for ages too. And that’s how I completed look #3. 

How do you guys like this one? Please do let me know!

Happy Humpday!


Fashion Vintage

Finding myself…and not just as a mother

Motherhood has been such a whirlwind and even though I like little monster, I feel like I am in dire need of a break. I mean, she’s such an amazing girl and is quite interactive and alert….but I feel like it is a constant entertainment hub and it’s only been a little over three months. How do other women do it? I mean, I am very lucky that I work part-time and work from home, but all those mothers that go out and hustle from 9 to 5 then get back to cooking and cleaning and keeping the kids….how??? I rarely do go out without her anyway because of separation anxiety which I am slowly getting over, but I’m hoping that that guilt thing does go away or at least dissipate a bit so I can find a little bit of myself again. I guess as a little New Year resolution (I have never had made any), I want to get back to yoga because that made me quite happy. In the meantime, I am enjoying little one in random shopping outings and running errands…aka buying diapers and wipes! Haha! The thrill! Since recently, Nova has a massive sale, I was able to buy a few pieces for myself to get out of the sweatpants and back into the groove of things and styling and fashion. Fashion really does save me and give me a push to keep going and so do pretty outfits. Today’s outfit is also vintage; I have been loving doing vintage on vintage a lot lately. I did take a risk and bought these pieces without even trying them in hopes that they fit. I guess I lost perspective as to how my body feels or looks like after birth. I wouldn’t say it bothers me, but it isn’t the same. My booty isn’t as tight and my belly is mushy and flappy but YOLO and here’s how my outfit came out. I am not complaining at all, I am just at a loss about my body and how I feel in it and most of my days I wear oversized clothes thinking I am an XL while I am not. I guess what I am trying to say is, I am still confused with my body and lost and I am slowly trying to find who I am as a person and not just as a mother.


It’s a total mishmash of colors and patterns but I was very pleased with the result. The skirt is from Danier leather and it was only 4$ and I was so happy I found such a unique piece. Printed leather doesn’t always look good but this one is amazing. The houndstooth print is phenomenal and even though it’s bold, I feel like it can easily be styled. I got this shirt from a friend (she’s like 80 years old)…it was hers when she was younger and it’s still in perfect condition…I was trying it out with another outfit but then looking at the skirt and the shirt together, it made sense and this is how the whole outfit happened.

These booties were given to me by a family friend and although I could sell them, I decided to keep them because of the square toe, it’s quite special and I feel like with wide leg pants, they would look bomb.


There’s a bit of 70s-80s mix in this outfit, between the cut, the shape and the colors of it- it’s eclectic and happy!



Purple Rain

It’s officially party season and there’s no better time to get your sequins and loud clothes out. It is also the time of the years where budget get quite the kick in the rear and the wallet suffers massively but dressing up for parties doesn’t have to break anything because there are a million and one ways to look pretty, feel sexy and dress to the nines without spending thousands of dollars. Vintage and thrifting could be an excellent option and when you’re looking to stand out from the crowd because you’d be sure that no one else will have a similar look to yours. In today’s post, I’m sharing how I’d show up to a party (if I was invited to one). Plus, I am kind of having such a purple moment, I don’t know why but I actually love this color and I am having such fun playing with different colors lately. Although and very contradictorily, I do love my mom uniform most days, which consists of sweatpants and hoodies.

I found this beautiful 80s purple chiffon jumpsuit at the Nova boutique in Pointe Claire when there was a 50% sale storewide. I ended up paying a whopping 4$ and it was the best 4$ I spent so far. I had an outing in mind when I bought this one and I am looking forward to it as it will be my official first date without baby. Wearing this jumpsuit with this faux-fur jacket is giving me Rihanna, bad girl, boss girl vibes.

I found these heels a while back when I was still massively pregnant and I wasn’t sure that they would fit me. Also vintage, I couldn’t not buy them!!! They’re so special and what caught my eye immediately was the color, I haven’t seen anything quite like it and although the shoe itself is simple, the design is special. The combination of gold, purple and emerald green is giving me life and I am feeling very ostentatious. The faux-fur jacket is so cute!!! I wasn’t planning to go that road, but when I saw this little Sam Edelman jacket hanging all alone in a closing sale, I knew I had to get it! It was just so unique and I love how there’s a two-tone purple which adds dimension and texture. I feel like it also adds more styling options, like it can go with many different coloured outfits.


JACKET: Sam Edleman (faux-fur) ♠ JUMPSUIT: Diana A la Vid (vintage) ♠ SHOES:  Abaete (vintage) ♠ SUNNIES: Brigitte Bardot (vintage) ♠ BELT: Zara ♠ BAG: Aldo clutch

On the lips: Charlotte Tilbury Electric Poppy


So, Christmas and new year parties don’t need to break the bank, you can look good without spending a ton. Shop smarter! This look is not exclusive to the holidays and so you can sport it to dates and different occasions.




Style Vintage

Two piece outfit: the co-ords edit!

Finally! I got myself to wear a co-ord, been wanting to do that for a while and Zara came to the rescue yet again. Well sort of! There’s nothing more satisfying than a matching set and it is easy to feel fabulous in them. The matching sets have been storming the fashion world recently and I love that you can create endless combos with just 2 pieces of clothing and you can either go pattern crazy with our bold prints or go with simple colors; either way you’ll for sure turn heads. What I love about cro-ord sets is that they are more versatile than the tailored office dress, more functional than jumpsuits and less corporate than a trouser suit.

Here’s my issue with Zara lately, I find that their prints are fantastic and the next collection seems bomb but I hate shopping there; it’s so confusing to walk through their stores and search through the endless piles of clothes thrown everywhere; so disturbing how much clothes are produced and how many new styles drop in stores on the daily! But sometimes, I fancy something new and when I do, I go to Zara…but lately, I much prefer to shop there online, it’s much easier. Also, can we all talk about how much their size range sucks!!!! It’s so not inclusive, which sucks, because some of us start to feel self-conscious; like I no longer fit in small at Zara and I know that it’s just a number and it’s not a big deal but honestly, what’s with the fashion industry?


Anyway, since I am pregnant, I ended up buying the co-ord set in a size large and it fit just right and actually the pants were a little snug…so I was contemplating whether I should keep the whole thing or not. Styling these sets is pretty easy because you just wear the pieces together and voila, you’re all set.


TOP: Zara ♣ PANTS: Zara ♣ SHOES: Charles & Keith ♣ EARRINGS: H&M ♣ SUNNIES: Brigitte Bardot Vintage ♣ PURSE: Vintage


I would have loved to wear heels with this one, but since I am wobbly, I decided to just pair the outfit with these old oxfords I had in my closet and they were just fitting.


My sister got this vintage 1940s purse from a garage sale a few weeks ago and it was just the perfect finishing touch to wear with this outfit. I felt so lady-like; I figured why not complete it and be a Kennedy!






Jungle Fever

Weather’s been crazy these days, either chilly, either too hot…and it’s a bit confusing on what to wear in Jericho. There were a few rainy days and they were awesome, feels nice to see something else than sun; makes me kinda miss living in a 4 seasons (almost) country. We had a few errands to run and a little visit to hubs’ uncle today and since it was blooming hot, I figured a dress would be perfect; airy, comfortable and light. Since I have had this little number for a good 3ish years now, I figured it was time to wear it (I think I probably only wore it once). I know it ain’t everyone’s cuppa tea, but I love it! The main reason why I bought this dress is for the fact that obviously it is striped! Yes you got it! But also because it’s so unique with the embroidery on it!! I got it on a little visit in Egypt for a little tiny nameless boutique that my mates took me to. I knew that I wanted to have this piece in my wardrobe because of its one of a kind element. In fact, it was the only piece in the shop and it was a size medium, it might be slightly too big for me, but I am okay with it and I bought it anyway. A collector’s item, I would say! Besides, I find that it works well with my 21 weeks growing belly. How time flies! I remember only yesterday puking my life away at only 6 weeks.


I honestly get mixed reviews when wearing it and I know it’s a love/hate piece. You either love it or hate it and I am okay with that, because you only dress to impress yourself. I have had a few questionable looks, but I really didn’t care, because this dress makes me feel all kinds of special. It’s bohemian, it’s rebellious, it’s glorious, and it’s girly. No need to say more!



Since this dress is overwhelmingly detailed (for some), I didn’t need to accessorize much, I just went for a simple black clog heel and a red veil to tie the whole look together. I wanted to sport a turban, but I felt too lazy to spend the time to wrap it up nice.


These are the kinds of pieces I like to invest in and keep for a long time because they are so special. Even though it’s very colourful, I find that it works for a lot of different occasion! Besides, this is all me in a dress! Crazy, spirited and colourful.


Style Vintage

How to mix different prints: pregnancy edit!

Needed to play with some textures and patterns on this one and I love the way my outfit came out. So effortless! I feel like when I spend so much time working out and planning an outfit, it turns out just meh but when I am spontaneous, my outfit is va va voom. I haven’t worn this skirt in a while and I missed it, so I made an effort today to put it together in a somewhat of a decent outfit. Since the skirt doesn’t zip up all the way anymore, I needed to wear a longer shirt to cover up that up and what perfect way to pair it with a black and white striped shirt. You guys have this shirt a million and one times on my blog, it’s a staple piece for me and as long as it’s still in good condition, I will keep it and wear it proudly. When you love your pieces in your wardrobe, you feel so much more confident and that how I feel when I wear this shirt.


Since the outfit was a little loose all over, I knew I needed to cinch up my waist somehow to bring back some shape into my life. Then I remembered I have this vintage belt that’s super comfortable and adjusts to whatever width or length you want it to be, which is prefect for my belly! I need all the space to breathe!


Since I was still all out with my prints and patterns, I figured I could just go all the way and finish up my outfit with leopard print shoes and massive colourful earring. Because why not!?! I know that it make seem like a lot of print in one outfit, but I actually really loved how it came out and it really does feel effortless.


SHIRT: Mango ◊ SKIRT: Zara ◊ BELT: Unbranded (vintage) ◊ SHOES: Lord & Taylor ◊ EARRINGS: Aldo ◊ BAG: Aldo ◊ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade



We were going out to a coffee shop for drinks and so it’s a dressy yet casual outfit and it was perfect for patio seating. The outfit gave me room to wiggle and be completely comfortable. It’s breathable and airy. What more could a pregnant lady ask for?


We have a couple of wedding to go to the next couple of weeks and so I feel like I could sport this look to one of these events. Perhaps change up the bag and go for a simple clutch or even the shoes to add even more length. That’s the beauty of fashion and dressing up; you can take the same clothes and recreate multiple different outfits depending on your mood!

So basically, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix different patterns together, as long as you are liking the end result! My look is a little bit more subtle because the patterns are in the same hues and tones, but I like the idea and would like to mix some more prints in the near future.



Style Vintage

Party look: pregnancy edit!

I am definitely starting to feel preggo…I am getting a little heavier and my movement is a little slower. Plus, my joints having been hurting me like crazy…that sort of joint pain you feel sometimes when it’s super super humid out, yeah that pain. It sometimes stops me from being energetic and even if I hit the 5 months mark, I still do feel extremely exhausted at time and a little bit nauseated; but it is honestly tolerable and I am okay to function. So today my husband pushed me to get dressed and go out with his to his friend’s engagement party, I mean yes I was all up for it, but at the same time I felt pretty sad because nothings fits me nicely in my closet at the moment. Since there was no time to borrow or shop for something, I dug really deep into my wardrobe and found these Topshop glittery trousers which I had bought a couple of months ago but never wore (tag was still on). I usually like my things to be looser on the bottom because I feel like I have huge hip…but really I don’t that much; I am just hourglass! Anyway, the pants were in a size 10UK, so I gave them a go and they fit me perfectly!!!! They even closed all the way and I didn’t need any extension, which felt pretty amazing! I mean, I really don’t care at this point if I end up with loads of stretch marks or how much weight I’ll gain, I am super not even thinking about it, but I feel a little sad that I don’t get to wear pretty things…I mean colors and fashion make me so much happier. I know I could compromise for the next 4 months that are left, but if I could sneak in a killer outfit here and there, once in a while, then why not?


I went with an all grey theme today…seems like it’s a new color I am loving at the moment! To bring a pop of color into a totally bland color scheme, I added some mustard and some burgundy…two other colors I love. I am having such a mustard moment and I wish I could buy everything mustard, but that would just be completely insane. So here’s how my little outfit turned out:



I was happy that my shirt was a little looser on my tummy area because it hid my bump perfectly and it didn’t completely give away the fact that I am pregnant. Sometimes I feel like I get looked at and classified as a physically challenged person and I know it comes from a good place. But having people telling me to stop carrying grocery bags or stop working out or stop standing so much is a little annoying…I mean, we are women, we are made strong and I will certainly not use my pregnancy as a crutch to become a lazy bum. Although sometimes it’s nice to veg out, but I find that I get more tired if I do nothing. Anyway, I love this shirt, it’s vintage silk Thai shirt that I got a couple of months ago from the Nova store in Hudson. It’s a little bit big on me, but it works out perfectly for my current state.



SHIRT: BOGIES Thai Silk (Vintage) ♠ PANTS: Topshop ♠ BAG: Nine West ♠ SHOES: Badgley Mischka ♠ SUNGLASSES: Guess

Again with the same shoes, I know you guys have seen them about a million times already, but I love them and they’re so dear to me that I just want to wear them all the time and never take them off!


I find it so funny that in a little town of 30 000 people, there are engagement parties and wedding every week. It’s like where do all these people getting married come from, not complaining, just wondering. Anyway it always makes for a good excuse to dress up.




Steal her style: Princess Diana

Hubs and I were heading out for dinner today just because I didn’t feel like cooking, so I thought perfect opportunity to have a pretty outfit on! And since I have made this into my mission this year, I am going to do a steal her style post. For today’s steal her style, I am going with someone who obviously was a style icon and will still continue to be despite the fact that she’s no longer around with us. Princess Diana was the epitome of grace, style and natural beauty. One of the remarkable things about her style is that she wasn’t afraid to go out there and dress how she wanted. Some outfits were super simple and others were extravagant and that’s what I love…opposite extremes. One of the prominent details that kept popping up in her outfits was her love for polka dots…she wore them in every possible color; green, red, white, black…you name it! So for today’s outfit, I decided to go about my closet and dress like Princess Diana for a day and it was quite entertaining with my big belly being in the way (it’s not really that big…but I am still not use to it, sometimes I forget it’s there). I have been super into oversized clothing this year, even before getting pregnant…there’s just something so effortlessly cool about this look.

Here’s how my outfit turned out:


I always like to have my shirts in a size or two bigger than my actual size, just because they’re useful for when I wear tight skinnies or miniskirts. So in the tops department, I am currently very good and there ain’t no need for me to buy any maternity tops.


I stole this polka skirt from mom’s closet a couple of weeks ago because I knew I would use it with my belly growing and all. I’m hogging mom’s closet for clothes till this baby pops out or until further notice (kinda loving it)! It’s super handy, plus I get to wear trendy clothes and I don’t spend a ton of money. Since it was still a little too big on me, I pinned it from the back so that it stays in place, over my belly, and so that it could give me the midi skirt vibes.


TOP: Topshop ♥ SKIRT: Laura II ♥ SHOES: Aldo ♥ SUNGLASSES: Claire’s ♥ BAG: Kate Spade ♥ NECKLACE: Gold-Damas

There are many ways that you can get inspired by Princess Diana’s wardrobe; she the inspiration to many designers and influencers in the industry. It was easier for me to put my own twist to it and so having the opposite polka dot colors on the top and bottom made it easier for me to feel comfortable. Having more room to breathe in my clothes is crucial these days and it was the perfect outfit for me, I feel like I found balance and style all at once. Going with flats was a better option for me today, because I wanted to be able to walk long without feeling tired. It was a pretty monochromatic look and adding the red bag just tied the whole look together. Super thrilled!





Style Vintage

Shades of gray

I wanted to dress fancy today and for no reason other than to make myself happy. I sometimes overdress and overdo it and it seems to bother some, but I don’t really care much for what people think. So, I went monochrome (ish), I went all shades of gray or so. I am currently obsessing over this color. I maybe be overdoing it, but who cares, just dress how you feel, right?! I am wearing all over vintage; items I have purchased back in October from the Nova shop in Hudson. I know I talk about this shop all the freaking time, but they sincerely do have awesome finds. If you happen to pass by that area, go check it out, you won’t regret it! I found a beautiful silk shirt and I have been wanting to wear it for a while but I was afraid to ruin it. You know when you buy something precious and you want to wear it, but don’t at the same time, because it’s too precious and you do want to use it because you want to keep it forever? Yeah, I always have those guilt feelings about new items I purchase. Today, I decided to take it out to see the light and what perfect way to pair it with another vintage grey skirt, also from Nova. It’s a silk skirt too and it’s soooo hard to iron sometimes as it easily wrinkles, so I tend to only keep it for special occasion, well up until today. I paired the two items together and was happy with the result, but since it was a little toooo gray, I added a little bit of gold for some royal oomph. Because why not Kate Middleton my way through the day!!!

I really do love this skirt, but I feel like it’s giving me puffy Michelin man vibes; there are loads of pleats around the waist and I feel like maybe I’m overly voluptuous. I think that this particular skirt would look amazing on a taller person because then the weights and proportions work.


PS: I kinda like the contrast between my chic outfit and the graffiti wall, isn’t is so artistic?


To tone down the insane amounts of gray, I added a pop of burgundy in there with the shoes; my engagement shoes! I have had them for close to 5 years now and they’re holding strong. I think I paid a hefty amount of 50$ for them at The Bay store. They’re super comfy and super fashionable; I mean come on, velvet!



SHIRT: Bogies Thai Silk (vintage) ♠ SKIRT: New York Jones (vintage) ♠ SHOES: Expression ♠ BAG: Nine West Clutch ♠ BELT: Zara ♠ SUNNIES: Unbranded from a Jeircho local shop


I know I have worn this clutch bag already in the previous outfit post, but I don’t give a hoot because it’s a gift from my sister and I love it so much. I guess it could be considered newer vintage, since I have already had it for a good 10 years and it still looks pretty new.


I’m quite content with this look. I would wear it to parties or on a regular day (like today!) and I feel like you can never go wrong with gray, it complements every skin tone perfectly. It’s a neutral color, so it goes with everything. I know that that I will get a lot of wear out of this shirt, because it’s smart, so you can easily dress it up or down and make it work to any event you are going to attend. And for 10$ I say I pretty much got a great deal. Worth every buck!






Style Vintage

No Denim challenge: Day 7 (OOTD)

As the final day of the no denim challenge hits, momma decided to hit full throttle and go full out and dress as though she going to dinner with Tom Hanks (hints of exaggeration right here…but that’s pretty fancy for where I was going). I wanted to have my last outfit be cool and chic and complex yet simple. So, I thought about layering in volumes; airy and breezy. I also wanted the whole look to be monochrome (sorta) but with a pop of red on my lips. I haven’t worn red lips in a while and was in the mood for them. Red lips, for some reason, always give me an extra added power and confidence.



TOP: Ipekzade (from Turkey) ♠ PANTS: Zara ♠ SHOES: Aldo ♠ BELT: Vintage ♠ BAG: Nine West ♠ EARRINGS: Etsy

I love how the top when cinched in with the bet created a similar kind of waves as the pants and this is exactly how I envisioned the outfit to be. I didn’t want to stray off too far away from the colors I was wearing and so I added this faux snake leather clutch from Nine West. I could potentially consider this as a vintage piece because I own it since 2005. My sister got it for me as a gift when I was in university and looking for special pieces to build my “adult/party” wardrobe with. Love you sissy! She always knows what I love and gets me the coolest pieces.

Although this challenge was pretty awesome and wearing no denim forced me to be completely creative and a little out of my lazy comfort zone, it feels great to end it as well. I miss my jeans and I am ready to go back to them for a little bit now.

Dressing up always adds a little something special in my gives me confidence and a boost to face the world and follow my dreams.