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My 10-year-old niece dressed me: Take 2!

My niece has been super obsessed with dressing me for the day that now, once she gets back from school…she runs to come see me to choose my outfit of the day. She’s so adorable! She is getting a lot more into fashion and has been having fun playing with different styles herself and seeing that makes me feel like a proud aunt. So, without making this too long; here how’s the outfit came out:


She wanted something a little more casual for me to wear as I have been wearing way too many trousers lately. She went for cropped jeans instead and added a little fun slogan sweater to finish it. To avoid the outfit being too too bland, she added interest by playing with layers, hence the shirt under the sweater. Although I felt a little self-conscious wearing this sweater again, I still made efforts to go for it with little niece’s decision. Troublemaker isn’t exactly what I am these days, all I want to do is sleep early and lounge on the couch. Adulthood’s brighter side! Anyway, back to the outfit, I found this beautiful coat at Vallue Village a while ago and couldn’t resist getting it. The color is so bloody cheerful and makes for an amazing spring coat. Perfect for transition period, plus the color is so unique and special–reminds me of a raspberry sorbet!


JACKET: Vintage ♥ SWEATER: Karsen ♥ PANTS: Calvin Klein ♥ SHIRT: Thrifted ♥ SHOES: New Balance ♥ BAG: Core Life ♥ EARRINGS: Forever 21


I think I am liking having a personal stylist, haha! Makes for so much fun and you never know what you’ll end up wearing. Having not to think about clothes is quite nice for a change. I’m thinking the niece is on the good track with her attire selection/styling talent.

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The little rebel I am

Sometimes I feel super blessed to be bi-cultural because of how much horizon I can see and cover. I feel like I can understand other cultures so much better. But most of the time, I find it difficult and hard to deal with, especially with the fact that I cannot seem to find a true place in which I fit in. I mean, in my heart I am African, in my dreams I am Mexican, I speak Spanish and Italian, I am an avid German fan and I die for Chinese food…I feel like the whole world is my home (except when I am with my hubby, then that truly is home). The point of this post is that today I woke up feeling quite rebellious (a huge trait I have), and felt like my Canadian, North American side needed to come out. My inner Louise was itching to come out. And so, this is how I decided to dress this morning…a mix of Louise, with a little bit of badass, a little bit of attitude, and a little bit of hate for love.

This is how my look/style turned out….featuring my new favorite vintage BB sunglasses from mum:


What I wore:

SHRUG: Lucky Brand ♣ TOP: Girl Boss tee from Simmons ♣ JEANS: High rise Gap denim ♣ SHOES: Topshop ♣ SUNGLASSES: Vintage ♣ RINGS: Vintage

I haven’t been able to wear any other shoe lately, I love these ones too damn much…and although my shoe wardrobe is quite big, this Topshop heel is the one i reach out for the most.  I find that those shoes add more va va voom to any outfit because the heel is quite high and it’s velvet.

These rings were purchased by mum…from a cute little antique shop in Montréal. They’re amazing and they add the perfect gypsy/bohemian to any outfit.

I was feeling very me in this outfit. I will most of the time prefer jeans over anything else…although sometimes I itch to dress ‘decent’ and ‘appropriate’ or ‘lady-like’ if you will….but today was one of those days where I gave no importance to anything else but comfort and freedom. I know it might sound weird, but dressing up to your own liking is liberating and freeing as you can easily express yourself without too much effort. This is why fashion and style is so important to me, because I speak way too  many languages, I get lost and can’t find my words…I just choose to dress a certain way and voila the trick is done!

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Humpday Outfit

Been on a vintage roll for the whole month of January, I’ve got loads of pieces in my wardrobe that I wanted to take out for a spin. I have been absolutely enjoying using my vintage pieces in my daily outfits. Being able to mix them and match them to modern pieces I own is a total win. So far so good! Yay for vintage. Keep the environment happy and it keeps my pockets happy. Win-win! Or almost..haha! There’s always room for more shoes in your closet, right girls?!

So today’s piece is super special; it’s yet another vintage suit! From Tristan, again! An 80s tailored vintage suit in a beautiful crepe. Annndd, it’s very lightly lined with goldish stripes. Super cute! This time around, I decided to wear the blazer only, as I wanted to be in jeans. I have been doing trousers way too much, I almost forgot I owned jeans! It’s a bigger size and it fit me like a boyfriend cut. That was exactly the look I was going for today.


These jeans are fairly new. I needed a new pair of good high waist denim that hugged my curvaceous bum and hips without gaping at the waist. Hourglass shape problems! Anyway, I always heard that Free People denims were worth the price. They’re kinda expensive, but I was willing to invest in a good pair of skinnies that were high-waisted. And I found the one! Literally just ordered them online based on my usual size…and they fit like a glove! So perfect and so light. They hug all the right places and keep everything tucked in and in check. I love that they’re up the bellybutton and don’t hurt the waist or crotch when you sit. The Payton high rise skinnies were on sale for 79$ and I’m pretty happy with them…and right now, they went down to 65$. Even better!

This is how I style the Tristan blazer…



Since the jeans were pretty tight, I wanted to balance out the top part of my outfit and make it a little looser. I do not like to wear tight all over, unless it’s a sexy hourglass dress/gown of course! However, I didn’t want the outfit to be too overwhelmingly too loose and unproportional, I tied up the front part of my top and I liked how it came out. It’s totes not everyone’s taste, but it made my day and I was pretty content with today’s outfit.

Perhaps my next outfit will feature the pants!

‘Till next time x