To booger or not to booger!

Are you the type of person who would tell a stranger that they have a booger up their nose, so big that it can be seen from outer space?? Or are you the type of person who doesn’t really care what others look like? Or simply you’re not bothered by being kind enough to let someone know that they gotta clean up?? Or when someone’s fly is down…so you just keep staring or do you tell them to close up shop?
I for a fact, always find myself in embarrassing situations, like having my mascara run and end up looking like a sad sad panda or have my period leak through my pants….or have freaking spinach stuck in between my teeth. It always happens to me! Always! Especially the period part. And what bugs me most is that working with women, you’d think they’d come up to you to tell you that you gotta change, instead they let you walk around the office parading your huge red spot!!! Like where’s the decency people?!?!?!? Aren’t we supposed to be compadres or something? Isn’t there like a sisterhood code that is crucial to abide by? Anyway, I know this is a touchy subject but what type of person are you?? I am super curious to know!!
Annnd, this brings me to this morning! While commuting on the train, I noticed a guy with a hugeeeee booger; so big his nostril was white! I felt so bad about it, I kept staring at him with compassion…all I kept thinking was, he has to know before getting into work, because I know for a fact, that no one would tell him! I was kinda worried and scared, to be honest, to go up to him and offer him Kleenex, but my gut feeling wouldn’t take a rest. I was trying to find a proper way to tell him this, but when we got to the central station…I walked up to him as I didn’t want to make a scene and embarrass him even further and all I said was…. “excuse me, the human in me is telling you to clean your nose before you get to the office” and then I offered him a tissue to clean his nose. His reaction though was funny, I mean I get it, it’s a touchy subject, but I know for a fact that I don’t want to be walking around with boogers and I would want someone to point it out….instead, this guy was sort of defensive and didn’t take my offer, he was like “it’s okay, I’m fine” and walked away.
I guess, what I am trying to get at really is to get to a consensus and perhaps understand, is it right to go up to people and tell them that they need to fix something? Or do you go with the masses and pretend that you didn’t see anything? Is it like complimenting someone when they are pretty? I am that type of person who always compliments others randomly when walking down the streets; because we only live once and if you can make someone feel better about themselves, then why not?! How do you handle these sensitive situations when it comes to strangers? To tell or not to tell…that is the question!

To booger or not to booger? A bit of a funny one this morning, but let me know in the comments below and happy Friday xx