I let my husband dress me for the day!

I thought it would be interesting to have my husband choose my outfit today since he seems to have an opinion about everything I wear; I though why the heck not let him dress me for the day! I didn’t help him or guide him or tell him anything about what I like and what I don’t like. I gave him full liberty to go through my closet and choose the whole outfit; from head to toe! He didn’t seem to mind, in fact, I think he pretty much enjoyed it. I love seeing him so interested in fashion; save me the job to teach him it. He, himself, has an excellent wardrobe selection when it comes to work wear; he dressed in smart and tailored suits all week and he looks damn good (the perks of marrying a lawyer)! He suffers however from a rut on the weekend and dressed kindda meh, if you know what I mean. He doesn’t even invest in weekend wear, which sucks, but I don’t fuss much as I like to leave him to his own comfort (sweats from head toe for him all weekend). Therefore, I thought it would be really cool to see what my husband would see me in today and this is what he came up with:


I was actually quite impressed with the fact that he mixed and matched pieces from my wardrobe so confidently and so efficiently. He told me that these tartan pants were the main focus of this look because he loves them so much on me and he finds that I don’t wear them much and it would be a perfect opportunity to wear them today. He automatically wanted to lighten up the pants by paring it with a white shirt…but since the outfit was boring he did not hesitate to add this Monsoon statement jacket overtop even though the pants are patterned. He maintained the gold theme going in the outfit by also accessorising with a gold veil, clutch and necklace. He kept insisting that the white shirt showing through the middle is too much of a blank canvas and that we needed to tone the color down with a necklace and so I showed him what I have and this is what he chose. He’s so freaking edible!


What I loved most is how he went missing in search of the perfect shoe to go with this outfit and then came back with a big sparkling smile…that smile that says success.



JACKET: Monsoon ◊ BLOUSE: Topshop ◊ PANTS: WDG (gift from a while ago) ◊ SHOES: Expression ◊ NECKLACE: Gold (from a local shop in Palestine) ◊ BAG: Aldo ◊ SUNNIES: Forever 21

He said and I quote: “I know how to give an unloved piece some attention and make it special again”. He’s so adorbs with his savant attitude about fashion. I love that he was not afraid to mix and match patterns and texture and I can appreciate the outcome of this outfit very much. I would even say that he styled these pants much better than I did! I never want to wear these pants because I guess I always get a little blocked on styling ideas to go with the purple color in the print. It’s interesting that he combined both feminine and masculine pieces to make this outfit work for me. It gave me pirate vibes all over and I love how he told me to make my white shirt pop through the sleeves; his attention to detail is staggering. I knew I married his for a reason! Haha!


***On a total random side note…scenery isn’t the biggest oomph in Palestine and so, I decided from now on, not to keep looking for the perfect spot to do my photographs, but rather to embrace what Palestine truly is at the moment and what you see is what you get. Besides, the contrast between the not so beautiful scenery with the eloquent fashion make a great statement. ***


Side note aside, this was a super successful experiment and I cannot wait to try it again! Perhaps with evening attire??? What do you guys think?








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Tartan Mania

I love me some tartan, especially when it’s vintage! I have been wanting a good, tailored tartan blazer for a while and couldn’d find anything I liked. So, when I recently went vintage hunting with mom and sissy, I found so many gorgeous items and this blazer was one of them. It’s tartan! yay! And it’s yellow/mustard; one of my favorite colors ever! I love all colors, but mustard for some reason has got my heart!

Since it’s still cold here in Montréal and winter is still lingering, I figured, this is the perfect opportunity to wear this blazer! It’s a Jones New York blazer…still in such a beautiful shape!

This is how I wore this bad mama:

I paired it over a think black shirt from Forever 21 and skinnies tucked in knee-high boots. My favorite boots ever! They’re so freaking amazingly comfortable and stylish! Love ’em!!!

What I wore:

BLAZER: Jones New York (vintage) ♥ SHIRT: Forever 21 ♥ JEANS: Forever 21 ♥ BOOTS: Nine West


This is a thicker wool blazer, so it is a perfect winter/spring transitional piece. It offers so much style but warmth at the same time. I am so happy I found the perfect tartan blazer. For some reason, I am into tartan printed anything….that and stripes…you got me down!

This time around, vintage hunting was a super success and I cannot wait to show you the rest of the items I got.


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It’s just another ghetto Monday…

I woke up quite nostalgic this morning…feeling a little overwhelmed, a little joyful, a little sad and a little excited. I guess knowing that new adventures are soon coming my way keeps me pretty occupied. The little hamster is always going in my head. He’s got to doing squats now! Okay, so I didn’t particularly feel like dressing up too too fancy, nor dress too slummy. I was meh, half way in between. So I decided to bust of some Lana Del Ray music and feel my feelings all the way to my deep deep core. Pretty poetic! And!!! I decided to dress like a teenage boy with heels.

Here’s how it went down, there was a mix of casual, of dressy and a hint of swag. I popped a hood, and there! Outfit down! Drop mic! Boom!

Enough blabbing, here’s today’s outfit:

Obviously I had to add some Snoop Dogg in there! I so made comfort and style work in this one. I did not want to compromise any of that today and I felt pretty successful because I achieved my goal. Mondays are kinda of a drag, so making efforts sometimes in the fashion department is so not required. And that’s why I love the trousers I am wearing, because they’re dressy but they’re one of the most comfortable items I own. Seriously! Forever 21 needs to bring them back. I got them 3-4 years ago and they still look brand new! The fit is fab and I always get complimented on them. They make my tush look super amazing, because they hug all the curves.

What I wore:

-Thirfted jean shirt.
-Forever 21 trousers.
-Forever 21 Snoop Dogg muscle tee.
-Zara red heels.
-Borrowed beanie.
-Borrowed brooch.
-Thrifted studded/spikey cuff.


This look reminded me of how much I like to be creative with my outfits…to try new things and to get out of my comfort zone. Even though, I am bound to hear some negative comments, I really do love experimenting! I always felt like a chameleon in fashion. I am never one particular style. Breaking the rules has always been my forte and fashion lets me be exactly who I am.

It is necessary to always get out of your comfort zones and let the creativity flow. Because as Neale Donald Walsch said: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone“!

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The Cher Horowitz edit!

This is the day I woke up and decided to dress like Cher Horowitz from Clueless. I grew up watching this movie and sometimes, even now at 30, I sit down and watch it whenever I need a pick me up. This movie totes shaped my life…like literally! It’s totes a 90s cult classic! I’m always quoting this movie!

Side note…can we take a moment and rave about how awesome Cher’s closet was?! I mean, hello! Not only was it organized by color, season and type of clothing, but it was also accompanied with a fancy computer program that helped her choose outfits. It was the biggest pivoting closet system I’ve ever seen. I was so envious of her closet…but now I have so much clothes, with what I do (selling vintage), I don’t even know how to organize it anymore! Well, I do! But it takes so much time, it hurts! So, I am not so envious anymore…but it would still be awesome to have a closet like that.

So today, I was inspired and wanted to dress like Cher and the layering was perfect because it was a little cold in the office. So here’s the outcome:


What I wore: Forever 21 cropped sweater vest – Thrifted long striped shirt dress – Forever 21 pleated faux – leather skirt – Nine West knee -high boots


The outfit combines everything I love! Leather, stripes and sweaters. Nothing better than to dress-up in a girly Cher inspired outfit to work without compromising the comfort and without suffering from the cold.


PS…another side note, as always, there will be someone in your surrounding hating on you. Anyway, point is, I got loads of nice comments on my outfit and a few bad ones and I sincerely couldn’t care less because I choose to dress for myself and not for others. What I am trying to say is, never dress to impress others, always do so for yourself and yourself alone. And If you are happy and confident with your outfit, then nothing else matters.


Until next time x












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Party outfits

‘Tis party season again!!!  The best time of the year; you dress up, you eat, you hang with friends and make memories. Even though I technically do not celebrate Christmas, it’s a time I appreciate, because I see others happy and super festive. I absolutely love getting into the holiday spirit as well. My friends and co-workers all celebrate, so that gives me reason to dress up fancy. I mean who doesn’t love a good sequin!!! I can do sequin all year round…but you know gotta keep it on the low low sometimes. So in the post, I would like to share with you 3 holiday outfits that could work for whatever event you are planning or going to.

I went for 2 fancy looks and 1 a little more on the fun side:


Look #1
The perfect cookie cutter

I love this look because it is all vintage! Well, minus the scarf and the heels. It’s super fancy and festive and you have all that jingles right there. The colors of this vest are so Christmasssy, it’s perfect! I found this beauty in a vintage warehouse in Toronto and I have it now listed on my Etsy shop…for those interested to buy it (of course I’ll be sad to let it go…but it needs a new home). I paired it with a vintage midi skirt and added a super cool gold Zara flower belt and red Zara heels. This is the epitome of mother Christmas!! It’s like the ugly sweater without the ugly! It’s 80s on a whole new level.


Vintage sequin jacket – vintage skirt – Zara heels – Zara belt.

Look #2
The modern rocker

This one is my absolute favorite for the pure fact that I am wearing sequin pants!!! SEQUIN pants! Like I get the shine and the oomph but I am still comfy and covered up from the cold. Plus this top! It’s so feminine and classy. The color combination too is a plus for me. Plus I added a pop of color on my ear with this beautiful blue H&M flower earring.


Topshop white blouse – Forever 21 sequin pants – Brown shiny heels – H&M earrings.

Look #3
The festive cracker ball

I gotta say this look is fab because of the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are all the rage now and you can get away wearing them for any occasion. I got this bad boy from Forever 21 and I love it! The back is super sexyyyy. Jumpsuits are like a touch of masculine in a sea of feminine and that’s how I like my outfits. I added a cute girly blouse with bell sleeves and turban-ed it up with my favorite Zara scarf. This scarf is so colorful and vivacious; it like literally sums me up.

Forever 21 jumpsuit – Shein top – Zara booties – Zara scarf – Forever 21 black choker – Vintage crystal choker – H&M earrings.

What I like about parties, in general, is the opportunity to play dress-up without judgment. I mean you can dress-up anytime, really, but parties are just so much more fun. Everything with a crowd is more fun (sometimes).

There are no rules in fashion, for me anyway, and if there are, screw ‘em and break ‘em. You do you x


I want to take the time to wish y’all the happiest of holidays…good times with family and friends and may the new year bring you all peace, peace and more peace, love and health!








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The sweatpants edit!

I never had the guts to wear my sweatpants out…other than places like the gym. Well, I woke up this morning and thought, WTHH?? What’s it called..YOLO? or whatever kids say these days…Why don’t I just wear them today. When I woke up, I knew I needed to stylish, presentable, professional yet super comfortable because I was scheduled for a 3 hour work meeting. So I figured, since a dress was so not on the table (didn’t feel like it), I opted for pants. But I obviously couldn’t do jeans! Soooo, I went for my sweats and damn!! Now I get why loads of people wear them out for the day. They’re fantastically and extremely comfortable. The only things is that if you decide to wear them, you need to make damn sure you bring fire. So, since it was a little cold and rainy, I knew I wanted to go for a full-on sweater on sweater look….but to add a little pizzazz, I added a smart shirt that slightly peeked through my top and some heels.

And this is how I made my sweats happen:

The heels I have been wearing non-stop all month long. I cannot explain how these Vince Camuto boots make me feel. They’re so cute and super super comfortable.


I am not going to lie, this look made me kinda feel ghetto. Like I feel so swag, it’s not even funny! Hence the poses X)



Can I say that not only was I warm, but I also felt super comfortable and at ease during my meeting…actually the whole day. Will I sport this look again…ummm, hell yeah!

◊ ◊ ◊

What I wore in details:

-Reitmans grey sweater
-Nygard floral shirt
-Forever 21 sweatpants
-Vince Camuto booties
-Vintage necklace (will soon be available for sale in my shop)

◊ ◊ ◊

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Street Style with a twist

It’s been a hot minute since I did a turban style with success. I usually have to struggle to get it right. But, since I have been practicing, I’m getting the hang of it and it’s actually turning out cooler than I expected. I am super happy that it stays in place and I don’t have to keep pulling at it to make it work. Today’s outfit consisted of that…a turban hijab!!!


Picture courtesy of Google

I have had this “keffiyeh” for a few years now. My papa gave it to me when I was younger. As Palestinians, we have pride wearing it as it represents revolution, nationalism and peace.

Nowadays, it’s more of a fashionable statement. You find this scarf anywhere and everywhere.  Anyhow, I came across my scarf as I was doing a major closet cleaning and was super inspired to wear it as a turban scarf and style it in a cool, street-chic kinda way. This is how it turned out!

I wore my favorite jeans ever! Combined them with a burgundy Zara top and acid washed Gap denim jacket. I added my favorite H&M earrings of all time! Of alllll time!! I am so not an earring kinda gal, but for these!!!  I am a convert.



What I wore in details:

-Gap acid wash denim jacket
-Zara turtle neck top
-Rachel Zoe black jeans
-Aldo boots
-H&M earrings
-Forever 21 sunglasses


This has got to be my favorite street style look so far and I would for sure wear it again!

I feel like it’s the perfect combination of feminine and masculine. This is how I love my outfits to be. Fashion and style shouldn’t have limits and I am so blessed to be able to explore all the possibilities!


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Sweater weather

It’s finally sweater weather! I know it sounds crazy, but I am so happy it’s finally cold enough to wear sweaters. ‘Tis the season to be warm and snugly <3 This sweater in particular holds a special place in my heart because it’s the perfect combination of girly, feminine and warm. I almost never wear pink, I am either stuck with black or blue. I will throw in crazy colors once in a while or always opt for lined anything…But once in a blue moon, I’ll go for pink. I don’t particularly love it, but I do not discriminate…all colors are welcome into my closet with arms wide open. Anyway, back to the real purpose of this post! This beautiful sweater!!! When I first laid my eyes on it on the Forever 21 website, I was smitten by its cut, its shape and, surprisingly, color!  The bell sleeves caught my heart and I knew I needed this in my life! So I took a plunge and made this baby mine. It is still currently available on the Forever 21 website and runs for 39.90$.

I was an avid pink wearer way back when pink was my national anthem…meaning high school. But since then, I grew out of it and turned best friends with black, or grey, sometimes white…and most of the time a combination of all 3 in a lined piece.

Here’s how I decided to style this mock neck sweater and I am pretty content with the whole look…so I thought, perfect, I can document this!


What I wore:
-Forever 21 mock neck sweater.
-Thrifted tartan pants.
-Aldo shoes.
-Antique necklace from Jerusalem.
-Vintage bag.




Sweaters are like the gateway to my hearts..that and fries..okay and shoes. Those 3 things make me the happiest girl in the whole wide world.

What are the things that make you most happy?


Hope you guys like this look!

Have a wonderful week peeps xx

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Neon light…


I’ve been carrying this bag for a little while now and I absolutly love it. It’s definitly a love or hate item. You either want to have it in your life…or you just walk past it. I purchased this baby like 2 years ago from Coach as it was hugely discounted. I knew I was taking a risk because the color is too different and it’s not everyone’s taste. I for sure hear loads of sarcastic comments about how bright it is and how much I stop traffic…but hey, that doesn’t stop me from wearing it! Anyway, here’s how I wore my baby.

I wore a long striped shirt…y’all know how I feel about them <3 I can be in striped everything from head-t0-toe…but I am making huge efforts not to look like a freak! So I paired my dress shirt with a denim pencil skirt and a black bodysuit. To tie in the look I wore a statement necklace to bring in all the colors together. It’s for sure a casual dressy look; it’s comfortable yet different and unique.


What I wore in detail:

Shirt dress from a local shop from my travels in Jordan. (find similar ones here:
Forever 21 black long sleeve bodysuit. (find similar one here:–24?site_refer=CSE_GGLPLA&gclid=Cj0KEQjwyozABRDtgPTM0taCrKsBEiQATk6xDljDC4CUcmWfZBE-yEF0yQWK3an7qYJ8pd6JBOfFYNMaAtv88P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds).
Forever 21 denim pencil skirt. (find similar ones here:
Black Aldo suede flats. (Find them here:
– Coach Neon Pink Bag. (It’s an older season bag..but you can find similar styles here:

Would you guys rock this bag? And what would you pair it with??? Share your comments below!

Cheers x




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I wanted to share with you my favorite go-to looks. The days when I don’t want to be dolled up and dress with heels and layers, I just go for something simple, boyish and super relaxed. This look is so me..added with a leather jacket. Um! So awesome 🙂 I always felt like I was meant to be on a Harley, but I just ended up behind a computer selling vintage and sewing dresses for a living (which is pretty awesome, don’t get me wrong!). This is the main reason why I super adore this shirt, because it represents what I truly believe in.: girls with power and confidence to follow their dreams and make shit happen! I’m a feminist but not to the point where I think men and women are made to be equal. We each have a part to play on earth and we each have our strengths and weaknesses and this is why I think we need each other, sort of like a puzzle…Anyway that’s so beyond the point of this blog. Nonetheless, I truly believe that girl power is about mental capacity and willpower. If you truly believe you can do anything and go for it, then this makes you a #girlboss. Going after what you love without hesitation or fear, then this makes you a #girlboss.

This is how I believe I feel the best as a girlboss. The look right here makes me feel powerful, confident and kickass.


What I wore: 

-Top from Rebel Sugar.
-Jeans from Forever 21.
-Boots bought on a recent trip to a little shop.
-Watch from Caterpillar.


What makes you feel like a #girlboss? Share it in a comment below!

Cheers, and stay awesome girls xx