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Handmade: Tuesday outfit

At the risk of sounding pompous..I am self-promoting today! I am finally wearing something I made; an item that is very dear to my heart because of its background story. Not to make this intro too long, I launched a collection inspired by my heritage and I truly wanted to share that with my audience and followers. I wanted to make a collection that represented who I am. A bicultural girl! A little Arabic and a little Canadian. I wanted people to see what I was made of; a little traditional, a little eccentric and a little modest! With a lot of heart and ambition <3 Let’s not forget about that!

What was most exciting about this particular collection (entitled Eastern Pearl) is the fact that the embroidery on my pieces was done with the gracious and wonderful help of amazing individuals; underprivileged women in Jordan that stay in a refugee camp. They’re basically in a shelter that promotes gender equality and that stands up for women to stay strong, powerful and be heard. These women work hard to earn an honest living and that to me was extremely humbling and inspiring. Because I had 20 pieces or so..I couldn’t do the work all by myself, so I mainly focused on pattern making and sewing and left the rest to the genius embroidery fairies. The work was obviously a little more expensive, but knowing that the money  went to a good cause made me feel proud.

I sold a big part of this collection but kept some pieces because they were too beautiful to let go. This one in particular was the first one made and I needed to kept it for memory. And this is how I styled my favorite handmade embroidered jacket…

It’s a long straight cut jacket that is loose enough but fitted enough to be worn as an A-line dress too (if you close the zipper all the way up). It’s super pretty over dresses and even worn with jeans and killer heels. For today, I decided to wear it over a black jumpsuit. This outfit is definitely dressy, elegant and feminine. If styled with glamorous pieces, you can most definitely wear this out for a special event!

I added a little belt to cinch it up and put the emphasis on my waist. And finished the whole look up with my favorite clutch ever. This is another long story…but it’s a piece I bought in a little antique shop in Jerusalem. So many beautiful memories come with this precious piece. Ugh, screw you nostalgia!


What I wore in details:

-Forever 21 jumpsuit.
-Palestinian embroidered jacket handmade by moi!
-Thrifted belt.
-Vince Camuto booties.
-Antique clutch.
-Michael Kors sunnies.


I was never able to wear something I made, because I always felt like I was maybe showing off…but as I got older, I realized that it wasn’t true, it was just an idea I had put in my head because I wasn’t confident enough in myself. But now I know that we are all different and we all have something to offer. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better or it’s worse, it just means we all have something to put out there that will somehow make a difference in someone’s life. So if you take the time to make a garment or make an accessory or make a piece of art, don’t be shy to show it off, because it’s worth it! It’s worth it to show the world what you’re made of!

Always be true to who you are!



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Party outfits

‘Tis party season again!!!  The best time of the year; you dress up, you eat, you hang with friends and make memories. Even though I technically do not celebrate Christmas, it’s a time I appreciate, because I see others happy and super festive. I absolutely love getting into the holiday spirit as well. My friends and co-workers all celebrate, so that gives me reason to dress up fancy. I mean who doesn’t love a good sequin!!! I can do sequin all year round…but you know gotta keep it on the low low sometimes. So in the post, I would like to share with you 3 holiday outfits that could work for whatever event you are planning or going to.

I went for 2 fancy looks and 1 a little more on the fun side:


Look #1
The perfect cookie cutter

I love this look because it is all vintage! Well, minus the scarf and the heels. It’s super fancy and festive and you have all that jingles right there. The colors of this vest are so Christmasssy, it’s perfect! I found this beauty in a vintage warehouse in Toronto and I have it now listed on my Etsy shop…for those interested to buy it (of course I’ll be sad to let it go…but it needs a new home). I paired it with a vintage midi skirt and added a super cool gold Zara flower belt and red Zara heels. This is the epitome of mother Christmas!! It’s like the ugly sweater without the ugly! It’s 80s on a whole new level.


Vintage sequin jacket – vintage skirt – Zara heels – Zara belt.

Look #2
The modern rocker

This one is my absolute favorite for the pure fact that I am wearing sequin pants!!! SEQUIN pants! Like I get the shine and the oomph but I am still comfy and covered up from the cold. Plus this top! It’s so feminine and classy. The color combination too is a plus for me. Plus I added a pop of color on my ear with this beautiful blue H&M flower earring.


Topshop white blouse – Forever 21 sequin pants – Brown shiny heels – H&M earrings.

Look #3
The festive cracker ball

I gotta say this look is fab because of the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are all the rage now and you can get away wearing them for any occasion. I got this bad boy from Forever 21 and I love it! The back is super sexyyyy. Jumpsuits are like a touch of masculine in a sea of feminine and that’s how I like my outfits. I added a cute girly blouse with bell sleeves and turban-ed it up with my favorite Zara scarf. This scarf is so colorful and vivacious; it like literally sums me up.

Forever 21 jumpsuit – Shein top – Zara booties – Zara scarf – Forever 21 black choker – Vintage crystal choker – H&M earrings.

What I like about parties, in general, is the opportunity to play dress-up without judgment. I mean you can dress-up anytime, really, but parties are just so much more fun. Everything with a crowd is more fun (sometimes).

There are no rules in fashion, for me anyway, and if there are, screw ‘em and break ‘em. You do you x


I want to take the time to wish y’all the happiest of holidays…good times with family and friends and may the new year bring you all peace, peace and more peace, love and health!