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There are so many amazing restaurants in Montreal and my friends and I are always up for trying the new ones that pop up here and there. We also like to try different types of cuisines to refresh our taste buds. So this weekend, my friend Jazz and I decided to go Indian. I will share with you some photos to make you drool and let you know my thoughts. It’s so not a restaurant review by any means!!! And even though I’m no food expert, I sure do love to eat, so without further ado, here’s what we ate!

On Blvd. Saint-Laurent

I was never the type to take risks with food, I was super picky and downright annoying. But something changed and my curiosity got the better of me…and it has been a little over a year that I decided to eat out to try different things. I tried Ethiopian, Moroccan, Afghan, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Turkish and now Indian. I will not lie, I was a little hesitant due to the spiciness of Indian cuisine. I wasn’t sure how my tummy would react to this. Jazz had mentioned this restaurant to me and it totally peaked my curiosity when she mentioned we would be sitting on the floor. Then and there I knew I needed to try this restaurant out. Darbar is by far the best culinary experience I have had. You definitely get to experience a little part of authentic India…with the food, the seating, the music and the service.


First of all, I was ecstatic to try eating while sitting on the floor, it was something that intrigued me and I needed to get it out of my system.  I will not lie that the first few minutes were a little uncomfortable and annoying, but when I got the hang of it..MANN!! did I have fun 🙂

The service was amazing and everyone was so nice. The waiters were helpful and made sure I understood what I was eating. They were courteous and humble. I would most definitely give an A+ for service.

Jazz and I ate like pigs and enjoyed every minute of it. The food was delightful. Just delicious and overall yummyyyyy. The spices and dishes had my mouth party for hours!!!

Here are some pictures of what we ate…and believe me that these pictures don’t do the food any justice….OMGGG, I would eat there like everyday if I can…But I am sure my pants wouldn’t like that.


For starters, we opted for the samosas and the chicken tikka. They were both just brilliant and ugh!!! to die for. The samosas were a little on the spicy side, but they were served with cool yogurt to dip in. There were hints of coriander, cumin and curry…the combination of flavors was just an explosion in my mouth. The chicken tikka was equally delicious…although the texture of it bothered me a little…I would still eat it again. It was warm and appetizing. The chicken was cooked to perfection.

To cool down my mouth with the spiciness, I decided to drink up some mango lassi. It’s like a smoothies but less yogurty and thick. It was just the right amount of sweet..not to the extent of killing your eating vibes.

Since I was a beginner in the Indian food world..I decided to go for a dish that had a little bit of everything. Sort of like a small portion of 3 different dishes. It was called the meat Thali dish…which means it’s a selection of different dishes, usually served in small bowls on a round tray. The round tray was steel with multiple compartments.

The Thali dish had chikend Tandoori, BBQed chicken, veggies, rice, Nan, paperdhum and salad. I love love loveeedd the chicken…it was flavorful and exotic and just made me crave for more. It was well seasoned and cooked. The rice and salad were good..the nan..ugh…the NAN!! It was fresh, warm and just comforting. There was a little lentil mix that I wasn’t too too fond of..but other than that, the dish was just nom nomz all over.

Jazz decided to go with the chicken Balti.  This was curry cooked chicken pieces in a special wok (imported from India). Made with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes. I couldn’t taste it (I was saving place for dessert)…but she wouldn’t stop saying how delicious it was.

If I could describe the food in one word, I would have to go with fireworks. Literally!!! This restaurant is a major palate teaser. You have to be ready to be mind-blown by the mount of flavors in your mouth. I would for sure for sure go there brainer!!!


To finish off this culinary prostitution, we went with a Rasmalai. This dessert consists off rounded patties of fine milk curd that are cooked in syrup to create a unique texture (not the greatest texture in my mouth…but the taste made it better). The patties are then immersed in full cream milk and finished with a sprinkle of chopped pistachio nuts. This dessert was super light, refreshing and truly delicious. It was the perfect ending to the perfect dinner.

Overall, my experience with Darbar was more than pleasant. I am glad my friend Jazz convinced me to go there. The ambiance was exceptional and the experience was remarkable. I most definitely felt like I traveled to India. The staff was kind and the food was amazing..what more do I want.

If ever you’re in Montreal for a visit and looking to try out new food..well then do not hesitate to hit up Darbar. Trust me, you will not regret it!

I’ll leave you with a link to the restaurant info and menu:

Until next time!!

Cheers xo





Inspiration Travel

#Travel Tuesday: Morocco

We all have those moments, that moment where you just want to give up on everything, that moment where you feel lost and confused, that moment where you think your life is meaningless….A bit dramatic..I know but anyway I felt that way when I turned 24. Fresh out of fashion school with an assistant design job, I felt as though, I was useless… I though, gosh, is this what life means…Existential question? Maybe, but for me it felt as though my life was over! That’s when I kicked my dramatic self in the behind and decided to go to Morocco and take up sewing. I did 3 months in fashion school to better my swing abilities and learn about different cultural fashion scenes. For 3 months straight, I studied the beautiful art of Caftan making. In between school and my internships, I was lucky enough to travel a little around Morocco and explore its culture, eat awesome food and meet amazing people.
For the most part of my trip, I stayed in Rabat; Rabat is the capital and administrative region of Morocco. Although it wasn’t my favorite city, there are a few things to do there; there are loads of cafes by the sea, summer festivals and performances by the old souks.
What I enjoyed most was Mawazine. This is an event that usually takes place in the May (annually) and it’s a world music festival featuring Arab, African and international music. I was lucky to attend this event for free and got to see LMFAO and The Scorpions. It was crowded, loud, sweaty and just nostalgic..everyone was dancing  passionately. I’m usually not too good with crowds, but I managed to have a blast!
The second city I got to visit was Kenitra. I met with some friends for a day and although I didn’t have much time there, I found it to be really beautiful. Nature <3 <3 Mehdia Beach just stole my heart. There were plenty of little restaurants and cafes by the beach. People could go surfing, camel riding and could even rent quads. Even laying in the sun and listening to the waves is enough for you to feel the true Moroccan air.   
I then had the chance to spend a few days in Casablanca. This is the largest and most important cities in Africa, both economically and demographically. Plus, there is so much to do there. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time but with the few days I had, I was able to see the beautiful Ain Diab beach, Morocco Mall (which has the biggest aquarium ever!! And you can even go for a dive with baby sharks!), Anfa place (good restaurants and great shopping area), and last but not least the Old Medina. The old medina is the place I loved the most because you get to experience the real genuine feel of cultural heritage. The old souks are great for picking up a few souvenirs.
The last city I had the chance to visit was Marrakech and let me tell you that by far this is the nicest city I have been to. I had great adventures with amazing friends. I was able to experience a lot of things I never thought I would. The most memorable experience I had in Marrakech was visiting Le Château d’Hakim; a beautiful private estate where you can rest and enjoy loads of spectacles and great food. The food was to die for and the shows too. There were horsemen, camels, belly dancers, folklore music and dances. It was so memorable; I still talk about it to this day! Other places I was lucky to see in Marrakesh were El Baladi Palace (very impressive ruins of the palace with impressive walls and architecture detailing) and the Koutoubia Mosque and Minaret (a place where we can see an ancient mosque with beautiful architecture on the minaret and exterior walls. The gardens are exquisite, peaceful and worthy of a stroll around. The architectural aspects of the mosque ruins super interesting.
The trip changed me dramatically in every sense. I became more socially conscious and aware, I became emotionally stronger and spiritually happier. The people I met changed my life and made me realize how we must always cherish life with those we care about. This trip gave me the necessary push to follow my dreams and get out of my comfort zone. I am free to try new things and experience everything I can.
So till next time..with a new travel story <3
Cheers xo