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Runway looks for less; Take 2!

In another edition of what I love about SS 2020 trends, I am highlighting the fact that maximalist prints are still going strong. Seen or runway shows from Marc Jacobs to Dries Van Noten to Libertine. All the colors and all the clash are giving me butterflies in my tummy. I love me a good color clash, especially when prints are bold and colorful. I mean, how can you not be happy?? Fashion is a way to lift your mood up and this season, there is lots of inspiration that you can use daily to shift your gears and get out of a gloomy wardrobe. Power prints and puffed sleeves are back in a huge way this summer and giant florals, oversized polka dots and the bunch are all the rave. So be brave and creative; do not be afraid to try something new this summer.

I obviously am very happy that bold prints will forever be a thing and even though I don’t buy many trendy pieces, I know I own way too many prints to be out of style at some point. Plus, vintage is big on that! Look for 60s and 70s pieces to get that look. There is always something in the thrift shop with bold prints. Even 80s shirts and skirts have cool prints. Look around your local shop and you’re surely find something cute, well-made and inexpensive. Shameless plug: go to my shop to find some of these pieces.
The puff sleeves, on the other hand, are coming in subtly but gorgeously; Zimmerman hit that one on the head this season on the runway! The puff is either focused on the shoulders or is done gradually down the sleeves. But puffed sleeves, when done right, add a sense of femininity to an outfit and give you a romantic feel. I always opt for puffed sleeves whenever I want to feel girly and feminine.

Although I didn’t go crazy with the print clashing today, I did add a little bit of both elements in my outfit. I opted for some colors and puffed sleeves. I love this blouse so much and bought it a few weeks back to go with a turquoise satin skirt I have for an event and I love that it’s satin, floral and pink. I rarely go for pink but the print on this blouse makes me want to wear it daily. I love how it’s puffed at the top and get a little tighter at the bottom, the cuff adds a badass feel; which I am all about. I paired it with a checkered blazer I got from Tristan in the fall. A little on the expensive side, but as an investment, it’s a good purchase. I know I’ll have it for years and years to come. Adding the blue/purple pants pulled the outfit together. The shoes were my little sneaky print clash and that’s how it all came out!


I love fashion and styling and again, I love the runway. So, here is another look into the spring/summer trends. A way for you to get inspired and do runway looks for less.
Hope you liked this edition and see you in the next one!!

Travel Vintage

That 80s sweater….

We visited Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue today and it was the perfect weather to walk along the river…it wasn’t too cold nor too hot. Hubs and I walked around the city and enjoyed the local market area where there was a bazaar supporting local farmers and small businesses . We ate some handmade gelato and it was amazing! The sun was bright and shining and the bees and butterflies were out to play.



The foliage was remarkable and there still loads of green left in the scenery. The air smelt nice and the breeze was just super yummy! There were loads of people walking around and enjoying family time. There were even people taking advantage of the mild weather to ride their boats (perhaps) one last time before winter.

Hubs and I also took the time to go to Nova (the vintage/thrift shop) in Sainte-Anne…and I ended up buying a few items and I cannot wait to share them soon..EEEKK!!!


Can’t make this post without also sharing my outfit of the day…and I wore vintage! I got this sweater a few winters’s a beautiful hand knit sweater made in Hong Kong. It’s honestly very heavy and you can see that it is worked meticulously. It’s a rare and wonderful piece to own. I have posted it for sale for the moment on my Etsy page (for those interested).


TOP: Vintage Nannell sweater ♦ PANTS: Thrifted Buffolo (straight leg cut) ♦ BELT: Calvin Klein ♦ SHOES: Converse ♦ BAG: Cole Haan ♦ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21

I’ve been enjoying wearing straight leg jeans/looser jeans…they’re much more comfortable and I feel like I have abused the skinnies a little bit too much. The ones I am wearing in this blog are thrifted…and they were longer and so I cut them and let the bottom hem frayed. DIYing is a super easy way to give the illusion of having loads of items in your closet…but you’re just really pimping what you got. I have been into this at the moment..I haven’t really actually shopped in real store or malls in a while..I would say a good 5 months. Thrifting has been taking a lot of my time lately and revamping my clothes even more. Why not make your things unique and leave your own touch. It really doesn’t cost much.


I will share some of my DIY items that I worked on lately in up coming posts…right now I am loving documenting about our travels and discoveries.


I have been pimping loads of my denim items and some items I have had for ages…so I figured why not make them new again. You’ll see them soon!!!

Fashion Inspiration Vintage

I’m calling spring!

It’s been kind of a long winter for me this year…and I have been feeling super blah! So this week I just told myself: enough is enough! And since I have been having loads of fun with my outfits, I wanted to share some pics with you guys. What I love about the fashion industry, more than design, is styling. Why? Because I feel free and uber creative. Styling gives me the freedom to express myself fully and unapologetically. To mix and match colors and patterns..just ugh!! Happy camper right here!!!

Outfit #1
In this outfit, the main focus is obviously my Topshop coral jacket. I decided to add my favorite vintage striped silk shirt and add these slim fit Forever 21 pants. I definitely have to add that these pants are the bombbbb. The fit is just ummm…Amazing! I wore my Vince Camuto booties and to bring it all together, I added a floral veil and a turquoise blue necklace.

Outfit #2

These pants! I gotta say, the fabric is the softest fabric I ever touched and I touched plenty. I bought these pants when I was on a vacation in the Middle East. I just kept them in the closet and never got the chance to wear them. So to break away from the winter blues, I brought them out for a ride and matched them with my Dynamite top and my favorite vintage necklace. I then added a simple white veil to bring the whole outfit together.


Outfit #3
I recently went shopping with a friend, and when we noticed a shop carrying European brands having major discounts, we just went crazy. Everything in that shop was just perfection. Every piece was unique and special. This skirt is exactly that and more…the fabric, the fit, the pattern….everything about this skirt is beautiful, especially the way it makes you feel like a princess while wearing it. Since the skirt is the focal point in this outfit, I decided to keep the rest of the color/pattern combo simple.


I added a red veil to bring a pop of color around my face and a gold necklace to recall the gold touches in this brocade skirt.

These are some of the outfits I wore this week. Styling for me is like a game and I have developed a deep love and passion for it since I was young. I always say that over dressing is a privilege and don’t be afraid to do so, because it is what makes you you.

Leave me a comment below and let me know which outfit you like best.

Cheers <3