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A visit to Temptation Mountain in heels!

This is my last post of 2017! Can’t believe it’s over already! It’s been quite an emotional ride; filled with great and not so great moments, but I know that I am coming stronger out of this one and I cannot wait to take on 208 by the horns. 2017 brought me closer to the love of my life but tore me a little bit away from home. Emotional I tell ya! Anyway, what a better way to end the year than with a huge outfit bang! This is a little bit of a tiny DIY, a very simple one; a super simple one that you can easily do with anything bling-y you have! I was simply too tired of wearing my black culottes all the time, and I didn’t want to buy new ones, so I just pimped them up real good. I had a few knicks and knacks around and so I used them to turn my plain old black culottes into a cultural piece.

Hubbs has been telling me about Temptation Mountain for a while and has been wanting to take me there for a little walk around, but we never got a chance until today. Temptation Mountain is like 5km out of Jericho and it is said to be the mountain where Jesus resided while the devil tempted him during his 40-day fast. There’s a beautiful monastery there and there’s loads of pilgrims from all over the world that pass by this monastery during their prayer and redemption journey. I met a few and it is quite interesting to see them so dedicate to renew their faith. The church is high and isolated and I am sure it is the perfect place to be in when you are in search of finding yourself and in search of inner peace. So, what better way to end the year than in a place of solitude and reflection to get the chance to reflect on your past actions and work on the future to better yourself as a citizen of the world.



This outfit I wore seems so fitting to the fact that it bring culture and history all together. I know I am wearing heels and all, but it really wasn’t bad to walk in them!

I decided to bedazzle my culottes with Palestinian embroidered pieces I had lying around and add some gold coins for extra oomph.



SHIRT: Zara (thrifted) ♥ Pants: Zara ♥ SUNNIES: Claire’s ♥ SHOES: Charles & Keith Sandals ♥ JACKET: Vero Moda Trench ♥ EARRINGS: Aldo


I wanted to take time to wish you all the happiest of holidays and to have a wonderful new year!!! May 2018 be filled with amazing opportunities, endless happy memories and loads of peace and love!


A little bit of sparkle: Flower girl dresses!

My sisters and I started shopping wedding a few months ago and like I said in a previous post…we realized that it was so damn expensive. The simplest bridesmaid and flower-girl dress was around the 500$ mark (minimum). We shopped online and in stores and couldn’t find what we wanted. The color palette I choose was not the easiest to work with, but I stuck by it! I promise that I wasn’t a ‘bridezilla’ but I wanted my photo to be really nice and that when I looked at it 20 years from now, I would say, damn we were babes! Then we I saw that it started being difficult and dreary, I told my sisters that they could wear a blush toned pink or beige…whatever they wanted as long as they were happy. Color palette didn’t matter for me anymore…it’s not about the set-up, or the bouquet or the dresses, it’s about the people I party with and my family and friends mean the world to me.

So to get on with the point of this blog, we walk around St-Hubert Street in Montréal and found Anais Designs, my sisters didn’t the perfect burgundy shade to go with my shoe…but the dresses made them look like princesses and I was extremely happy to see them happy.

As for the little girlies of the party, there was no way I would ever let my sisters put 300-400$ for a dress that will be worn once. Since the wedding is abroad, there are priorities and I knew that plane tickets and fares were much more necessary to save for rather than pay for a one time deal. So I decided to make my nieces their dresses with the original fabric I wanted to make my dress in. On top of that, I added my hubby’s nieces in the mix…so in total, I ended up working on 6 dresses (2 of which are still in production mode).

I had so much fun making them! Creating, designing, sewing…is something I strive for and miss at times and this project gave me a good boost. Creating something from scratch always made me feel so emotional, as if I put out a baby into the world. Children of labour!! Huge labour!

So here they are:



I would say I worked on them a total of probably 3 weeks….all together (not counting the 2 left to assemble). With the first sample, the fittings, the cut and everything..I would say that’s a pretty good job. The flowers though…that took me forever, I would say! It’s always the tiniest details that that the most time to finish. The meticulous work and the finishing add hours to the bank. But I always say it’s worth it! Every time!

I am beyond excited for this new chapter and I am pretty sure it is going to be a hell of a ride. I am so ready for this change and super proud to be my partner’s half. He gets on my nerves at times (I’m sure he feels the same), he definitely makes me a better woman and a stronger one! We super complete each other!

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The jean embellishment DIY

I’ve seen these gorgeous embellished jeans everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. Adorned in pearls, crystals and lace appliqués; the embellished jean trend is hitting up the stores like a storm. But I feel like the prices are a little too ridiculous, especially for a pair of trend denim that will end up going out of style (for those who care to follow trend). I find that you should never pay big bucks and invest in trend items because there’s always a constant shift.

Some of these jeans run for 500$ a pair and I am not willing to spend any money actually for these things but I still want to own a pair…but luckily since I am a crafty little monster, I have all the items I need to embellish a pair of old jeans I own. So today I am DIY-ing and showing you how I turned a bland pair of jeans into a must-have item.  That’s when thrifting comes in handy as well…if you know the basic of sewing; you can turn any old item into a new hip steal!


I have had these random Forever 21 thrifted jeans for a year now, I wear them…but not too too often, so I wanted to use them for this particular project because they fit exactly the style I wanted to go for. Since I am a designer and seamstress, I have loads of beads and fabric and items I can use without breaking the bank. I knew I wanted texture, because this is what I usually love. I wanted to add some pearls too….

…and here’s how it came out:


I was super happy with how they came out. I felt super proud showing them off and I had loads of compliments. Everyone loved them! They even thought they were luxurious and expensive…but they’re like not more than 50$ tops!

What I wore

LONG CARDIGAN: Winners ₪ STRIPED SHIRT: Centerpoint ₪ PANTS: Thrifted Forever 21 (Embellished by moi) ₪ SHOES: Topshop


I hope this post inspires you to be more daring and adventurous in your fashion choices and take a risk to make/create something original!  It doesn’t need a huge budget or a big talent…just a needle and a thread!


Fashion Style Vintage

The Vintage DIY Overhaul Edit

I purchased this dress a few week ago, while searching for new vintage pieces for my Etsy shop…it was in a pretty bad shape. The fit was horrible because the top was way too big for the bottom. It was literally falling apart but I still knew I could do something cool with it. Besides it was so glamorous…pictures don’t do it justice. It was a beautiful silk dress with delicate beading all around the bottom of the skirt with beads, crystals and sequins. It reminded me of a 50s Dior creation with its exceptional workmanship. Obviously, this piece has been around for a while, because it was starting to fall apart. I knew I needed to save it, overhaul it and turn in into a nicer, more useful piece.

Sooooo, here’s how I decided to disassemble this dress: I undid all the seams, then I separated the top from the bottom to turn in into a midi skirt. I then gently removed the beads at the bottom and sequins to be able to cut the hem to the proper length. I used the top to make a waistband. I removed the pink pink crystals from the hem and added them again all over the front of the skirt.

Annnd, I added pockets, because pockets are everything in a skirt!

After working on it and fixing it…this is how if came out:

I totes loved how it came out. I made a super cute skirt, that you can wear to any party or event. It has the right amount of glamour and the right amount of sexiness and feminism. I am absolutely in love with the fit, it’s just perfect and the pleats are awesome. The beads give it va va voom and allows it to shine in the most delicate way. It’s a skirt that you can dress up or dress down. I decided to wear it with a slight edge, because why not? I always prefer to make my outfits a little more badass!


What I wore:

-Danier leather jeacket.
-Vintage skirt (made by moi!).
-Entreprenueur Bitch tee.
-Zara heels.
-Colorful thirfted sunglasses.
-Antique metal clutch bag.

This has to be one of my favorite looks, simply because it’s super me. It’s a mix of lady, a mix of confidence and a mix of badass. It’s a mix of vintage, of thrift and of modern. It’s how I like it. Vintage always allows you to express yourself in uniqueness because you will not find 2 of the same piece…and that’s how I always want it to be. I kinda get annoyed when I am in a room with someone else wearing the same piece as me. Not being a queen B, but I just like to feel a little more unique and special.

So, if you find a vintage or thrifted piece you like, allow yourself to work on it and make it your own! Don’t be shy, let your creative juices flow.