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Fresh summer bronzy look with just 6 products!

It’s the summertime and it’s the perfect time to glow to the heavens. I do already have that pregnancy glow that everyone envies…but I feel like since I am getting closer to due date, my dark circles are deepening as I am getting more tired, which doesn’t bother me much anyway. But just so I don’t look like a zombie for the rest of my pregnancy I am making efforts to put on a little bit of makeup. I don’t like to put a ton of it because it feels gross with the extreme heat we’ve been getting here in Montreal. This is why I usually like to use cream products during the summer because they blend nicer and stay put on the skin and blend as one rather than sitting on top. I also usually love to tan quite a bit in the summer; I like to spend a lot of time under the sun because being a golden goddess is the best way to go! Since I don’t want to end up with the “pregnancy mask”, I am more vigilant in being out in the sun and I make sure to put sunscreen and reapply whenever I need it, I have now converted to using a little bit of help with the glow/bronze department and I am actually enjoy it.

You don’t need a huge amount of products to look good….you can do it on a budget and what’s amazing in the beauty world is that many products have multi-purposes. You can, for example, use a lipstick as blush and eye shadow too…depending on the color obviously.


So, with only 6 products, I have created an everyday simple, fresh summer look…with extra glow and extra bronze. This is for the woman on the go who wants to look good, without spending too much money or time…again, it’s not everybody’s cut of tea…but it works great for my current lifestyle.

1) L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer

This pretty much is the central focus of the entire look. I don’t usually wear foundation because I don’t like the texture of the look on my skin…I like to go natural most of the time and I try to rely on good skin as a canvas. This Glotion adds just the right about of glow and coverage because it is slightly darker than my skin tone; so it makes me look extra bronzy, which is why I love it. I don’t go crazy with it, but I put a pea size amount and mix it in my sunscreen and spread it all over my face and neck evenly. The slight tint in it makes my skin even and we can barley see the unevenness in my skin anymore and I am quite happy with that. I am starting to get a little darker around my mouth because of the hormones but nothing too crazy…but with this Glotion…I can get the evenness I am looking for. It’s a drugstore product and so it isn’t super expensive and a little bit goes a long way.

2) Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

As soon as my base is done and I am satisfied, it’s straightforward from there, I either go out like this or add more color if I am feeling adventurous. Most of the time, I go out barefaced because it’s just simple. On the days I want to look extra put together I work on adding more bronze by using a bronzer. I have mentioned the Bobbi Brown bronzing powder before in a previous post and I am still an avid fan; it’s a good color and it blends well and for me it double as an eye shadow; it’s 2 in 1. When you can save up on using multiple products, then why not?! I use it on my eyelids to add more depth and sometimes on my lower lash line, depends if I’m feeling rebellious that day. You don’t necessarily have to use this bronzer in particular, you can stick to using your favorite…just working up the bronzer in a 3 shape around the forehead, cheeks and jawline…you’re good to go!


3) MAC Powder Blush (PINK SWOON)

After bronzer….the color starts to come in. Adding blush is optional but, again, I don’t want to look dead or 1 dimensional, so adding blush is crucial at this point. I like to go for something either nude-y or something a little more pink…sometime coral but very rare. My current favorite is the MAC Pink Swoon blush…Mac blushes never seem to hit pan! I have had this for almost 2 years and it’s still going strong. Adding blush not to close to your nose will make you look much healthier and more defined. I like to add it a little closer to the ears and a blend it in closely with the bronzer so that it is all seamless.

4) Sephora All Access Glam Gold and Silver Eye and Face Palette

That’s when the fun starts!!! Extra highlight! I am always up for more highlight…expect I keep dropping mine and shattering them on the floor…so I always run out; every freaking time! Since I haven’t been out shopping for new highlights at the moment. I am trying to use up this palette so it doesn’t go to waste and so the highlighter has been the main focus…it’s not crazy bright but you can easily build it up. You, however, need to be careful so it doesn’t look chalky or powdery on the skin. I simply add this bad boy on my cheekbones, on my brow bones, some on the bridge of my nose and sometimes on my temples (sometimes). It adds a je ne sais quoi without being too in your face and that’s what I like. I don’t want to look like I spent 20 hours doing a simple makeup look.

5) Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara

This step is a no brainer and well the most important of them all…MASACARA!! I seem to have lost the oomph on my lashes and I don’t know if that has to do with the pregnancy or just ageing in general; they just seem sad all the time…le boo!!! I have discovered this mascara because I heard so may people talk about it and I figured I tried so many mascaras, I have nothing to lose in trying a new one. So I went off to Sephora and bought it and I can instantly say that it is a love affair. This mascara transformed my lashes from non-existent to full on in your face. And the most wonderful part about it is that you can build it up…add more layers without having spidery lashes! Volume, curl and definition; all in one. This mascara is a total win for me.


6) Lumière Lippie Stix lipstick ColourPop

Last but not least, adding lipstick just make you go from a 5 to a complete 10. Orange is usually my go to summer color, but lately I have been feeling the nude. This Lumiere Colourpop lippie stix is perfect, it’s easy to add on the go…no mirror needed. It’s like your lips but better. I am currently suffering from blueish/purpley lips due to the lack of oxygen getting there…lol 8 months pregnant here, my lungs are quite restricted. Adding this by either tapping it in or simply directly from the tube makes my lips better and gives me a much healthier look. I don’t like to fuss around with color much on my lips these days because I am constantly nibbling something; I don’t want to worry about reapplying too too much and this is a great option.

So there you have it boys and girls, this is my current summer makeup look using only 6 products….my current favorite 6 products. It’s quick, simple and easy and also perfect for the lazy gal or the gal on a budget. Remember, you don’t need to spend a huge sum to look like a million dollars…you just need a few products to enhance your natural beauty and you’re good to go!


Red Lip: my top picks <3

A classic red lip is always a good idea to finish up a glamorous outfit! I always had a super special place in my heart for a red lip. It’s the effortless way to make any look extra polished. It’s always a good idea to opt for a cool Parisian vibe. 2 minutes and voila, you head out the door looking like the hottest woman in town. I always like to opt for a matte lip color, because I find it suits me better.


But how, oh, how do you find the perfect shade for you??? I know red lipstick can be tricky and some people might think that it doesn’t work for them..but that’s wrong. You can find the perfect shade for you depending on your skin tone. The undertone of your skin is important when choosing lip colors, especially darker colors. You are either a cool (pink), neutral or warm (yellow) undertone . Eventually, you will discover through trial and error what your undertone is. Or, you could always ask for assistance at any beauty counter.

A good and simple way to know if the red color works for you…you just smile and see if the lip color emphasizes the whiteness/yellowness of your teeth. If your teeth appear whiter, then you know that the color you picked is perfect for you.

As you all know, obviously, the red lipstick has been an iconic beauty staple since Ancient Egypt…So, here are my picks:

The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are honestly the best of the best lipsticks out there. one major reason why I love these so much is that they’re in pencil form, which means that you don’t need a lip liner. For anyone who’s lazy, like me, will love this. The formula is amazing! It’s outstanding even!  These pencils offer a matte lip, but they are infused with Vitamin E and that offers a ton of moisture. You don’t have that icky cracky feeling. They’re so velvety as the name suggests; they glide on like butter when applied. My go-to Nars red lip color is Cruella. I love this color because it’s a cherry red and it works perfect with my skin tone. It’s matte, it’s pigmented and it stays on for hours. This is a total win-win product!


I know I was kinda bashing the Stila mascara in my last post, but this product is amaaaazing! The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is seriously no joke. OMG!! This is seriously a long lasting lipstick…like all day and the day after even. I put it on, ate, took my shower, came out and it was still there….beautifully intact. Beso is a beautiful true red color. I believe it would suits loads of skin tone. It’s super bright and super red. These lipsticks are creamy and are super full-coverage. It’s also matte, yayy!!! The texture is comfortable and it feels lightweight on lips. So far, this red color is aces!!! I cannot stop loving this. Bonus: It is enriched with vitamin E and avocado oil…so there, your lips will for sure be happy.

Colourpop…ugh! Such a good brand and super affordable! This yet another beautiful matte red color I go for on a daily basis. Bossy is a blue red, which suits warmer skin tones better. It’s a gorgeous matte formula that doesn’t dry out the lips. For it’s huge 5$ US price tag, it delivers what it promises…giving you luscious matte red lips’ lips that aren’t cracked or dry. The only down-side to this is the fact that you need to reapply a lot for often than the other 2 brands I mentioned above. But, honestly, for the price.. I can’t complain.


Last, but definitely not least, the Marc Jacobs  Le Marc Lip Crème Lipsticks are to die for! If I had to choose one makeup brand to use for the rest of my life, it would totes be Marc Jacobs. Goddess is a bright red, almost with a gold undertone. It’s the very definition of a yummy luxurious lipstick. Marc is my man! He’s got the formulas all done; from lipstick to eye shadows to eyeliners…Goddess is a creamy lipstick that delivers indulgent color that lasts all day long. The pgmentation is insane! Anddd the formula is triple-milled and is enriched with hydrating ingredients. Helllooo moisture! My favorite part about this range is obviously the packaging; it’s super sleek, sexy and it’s magnetic (no fear of it opening randomly in your bag).


If any of you are looking for a statement, signature red lipstick…then definitely check these out! They’re super worth it for one and they’re the perfect way to make any outfit and any makeup look punchier.



Fashion Style Vintage

Les rêves bohémiens

It’s Friday and it’s time to dress super carefree..the day where you don’t really care what you wear as long as you’re comfortable..well obviously you can still dress pretty!!! Duh!!!

Okay so since it’s been hot and sticky for a few days, I wanted to be airy, light and free. So I opted for a linen dress with an 80s tie dye dip dye cardigan. We all know that summer and linen are besties and go way back! I was totes feeling this dress because it’s striped and I secretly have an obsession with anything with stripes…but then I wore it and I felt like maybe it extenuated my curves a little more than I am used to. I have a super hourglass shape and honestly it intimidates me…having curves is a beautiful thing and we should all celebrate them.. Women of any shape, size or form should be happy, proud and humbled with what she has; as long as we’re healthy and can live happily, then that’s all that matter. I guess the issue is that I still haven’t grown into the hips I actually have, I feel shy to show of them off too too often. Anyway, that’s not the point of the blog..but I guess I wanted to really share how I felt about wearing this number. It’s a dress I bought from Winners as I needed a maxi dress for my trip to the Middle East this summer.

Soooo, let’s get to the good part and see them pictures xxxxx

What I wore:

-Dress: Just living the dream.
-Cardigan: vintage.
-Shoes: Qupid.
-Belt: thrifted from like ages ago.
-Sunglasses: my one and only favorite Kate Spade Bayleighs.

Hope y’all like this look..let me know what you think.

Cheers xo


Beauty Fashion Style Vintage

Cake by the sidewalk…

I bought this lipstick a while ago and didn’t use it much since I felt like it washed me out…it’s far too pale from what I am used to. Anyway, since I got the chance to catch a little bit of sun, my skin has tanned a little and I actually kinda like the color now. Cake by Colourpop is a bright peachy coraly lipstick with a satin finish. For the moment, it’s no longer in stock…but I guess they might bring it back soon….


SO! This is what I wore and I was totally inspired by this lippie stix. Hope you like it!!!



What I wore: 

– Forever 21 leopard print top.
-Zara textured pants.
-80s Italian vintage beige vest.
-Coach “Bea” silky suede/rabbit fur heels.
-Betsey Johnson sunglasses.
-Borrow bag from my friend Kiki (love ya!)


So what do you guys think of this color? Have you guys tried anything from Colourpop?? Let me know in a comment below!!

Cheers xo




My lippie stash!

lippie (1)
lipproducts (2)
lipproducts (4)
lipproducts (5)
lipproducts (6)
lipproducts (8)
lipproducts (9) I have to admit that I am a hoarder when it comes to lip products. Because I am quite limited in my eye makeup use (due to contact dermatitis), I can be a little more excessive when it comes to lipsticks. What I usually gravitates towards at the moment is obviously long lasting liquid lipstick or lip creams.

I try to give each and every baby I own a chance to see the light…but sometimes it’s so hard to even let on go to try on the next one. I will not spend loads of time talking about my lip balms. Even though, anyone who is close to me knows how obsessed I am with hydrating my lips…I literally have a lip balm everywhere: in my car, in my office, in my bag, on my nightstand, in my literally EVERYWHERE!!! But my top 3 favorite are: Bite’s Agave lipmask, Burt’s Bees’ peppermint lip balm and Blistex’s lip medex. They help soothe damaged dry lips and deeply hydrate them.

As far as lipsticks go, I have a ton I am in love with. However, out of everything I own at the moment…the honorable mentions go to the following:

Marc Jacobs by far my favorite makeup line ever, whether it is the mascara or eyeliner or lipsticks, Marc Jacobs does it right every time. I know it’s an expensive range, but it is super worth the price!! My go-to lippie for the past few month has been KISS KISS BANG BANG for the lip creme range. It’s a beautiful mauvey-pinky everyday nude, like your lips but better color. It sits on the lips so perfectly, doesn’t dry out and it’s buildable to your liking.

A second favorite will definitely have to be Colourpop’s lippie stix in Lumiere. I would have to say that this is a perfect dupe for Marc Jacob’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It’s a cute mauvey nude that suits anyone’s skin tone. This lippie stix is a collaboration with KathleenLights the youtube star. Long lasting and matte; it’s a really nice formula!

One that I have been wearing to death this winter was Nars’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. Okay okay, so first of all this is in a pencil; like super duper easy to apply. Second, this color is magical and suits my skin color perfectly; it’s a beautiful red that has slight goldish undertone…make my teeth look extra white. Lastly, it’s a fun color that you can wear anytime, it LASTS all day and does not dry out the lips. I love it <3 I even finished one and repurchased another!! Which is so rare for me when it comes to lipsticks!!!

NYX’s Matte Lipstick in Bloody Mary. It’s a rich formula that is super pigmented. It kinda slides off for me during the day when I am not careful, but for the price and formula, I will definitely repurchase from this range. It’s creamy and doesn’t dry out despite the matte finish.

Mac’s Lipstick in Faux is a wonderful  shade to use on a daily basis for those who want something more subtle. This is a buildable color sitting between Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lumiere. It’s a muted mauvey-pink with a tiny bit of shimmer to obviously stand up to its satin finish claim.

Another one I reach out for very often is the cheapest lipstick I own. I bought it in search of the perfect coral shade when I was at Shoppers Drug Mart. Essence’s Long Lasting Lipstick in Coral Calling is the perfect coral shade. The application is easy, the color is opaque and it last for a good amount of time. For the huge 3$ I spent on this baby, I am seriously amazed on the lasting power…now I am not saying it stays on for days and you never have to reapply…but for the price, I am quite happy!

Last but definitely not least, I cannot end this post without mentioning this beautiful terracotta color by Ofra. Miami Fever is part of their long lasting liquid lipstick collaboration with KathleenLights. I love love love this color because it gives me a certain glow and emphasizes my olive skin tone. The formula is nice and it does last for a long time. Sometimes, when my lips are irritated, I cannot stand it on my lips because it dries them out even more, but when you hydrate them before, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Ouufff, okay, I could go on and on about how much I love each and every lipstick I own, but this blog post would be endless.

So, what are you favorite lip products from your collection and what do you grab more on a daily basis?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and until next time!

Cheers xo