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Too much color? Or not enough color?

As the remains of winter keep dragging us down an endless dreary spiral, I am still seeking the help of color to keep myself motivated and energetic. Seems like the cold days are lingering a little bit more this year. Or I feel like maybe because I live in a hot country for a year, I almost forgot what spring feels like in Canada. I don’t mind the cold, it’s just the sun I am missing because the blues are starting to hit. This somehow pushed me to get a few new pieces into my wardrobe for the coming months. I am so excited to wear more colors and play with different layers and texture over the summer. I feel like right now, dressing up is the only motivation I’ve got, and I am not sorry at all because it keeps me happy and entertained. I am even playing dress-up with little monster, except she doesn’t have a choice but to go with what I dress her with and I am fully taking advantage of that because one day, shell have her own opinion when it comes to clothes and I won’t get a say. Babies are so darn cute even though they’re a lot of work.

Anyway, I felt compelled to wear an animal printed pleated skirt I got from Winners with a sequined sweater from Zara. When I paired them together, I was ecstatic; the outfit as a whole is me. What I like about it is the over-sized sweater covering a bit of the skirt, which made it seem like a dress with ruffles. I have been having a little bit of an issue with my body lately. Don’t know if its post-partum depression that is hitting me quite late or I am just not content with my shape. I was super okay with everything until someone pointed out how huge my hips have gotten—Kind of an asshole comment if you ask me, but I just pushed it aside until one of my pants ripped and now I am always self-conscious and want to hide my hips with anything over-sized without compromising style and color. This outfit gave the confidence boost I needed, and I can’t help but share it with pride.


SWEATER: Zara ● SKIRT: Imelda ● SHOES: Zara ● SUNNIES: Ray-Ban ● BAG: Vintage

outfit 3 (2)

I know that a lot of us North Americans suffers from the blues and the struggles is real, especially when the sun is teasing us and only showing up for an hour or two. I hope that the weeks to come will be brighter and happier for all of us!

Happy Monday xx

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Grown-up or cool kid? Which do you prefer?

As much as I love going downtown, every day, for work purposes, I feel like it’s a little depressive still. I always had this romanticized idea in my head of what it would feel like working in downtown Montreal in one of those beautiful shiny skyscrapers but its just so not what I expected. People are so focused on themselves and don’t see past their phones. they dress so dreary and never smile. Gosh, is this where we’re headed, really?! Anyway, I choose to dress the way I want to dress because it’s my way of motivating myself (in the morning to leave) the house and leave baby girl behind. Sincerely though, I do get weird looks in the AM because I dress to colorful and they’re not looks of admiration, they’re those looks you get when you’re too out there for the world. Am I just supposed to follow those grown-up and dress in boring black suits for the remainder of my contract? Or do I brushoff those complex ideologies of standard dressing to wear pretty, colorful things and clash colors and make a statement, purely for my own creative hunger? I am seeking attention whatsoever and on the contrary, I am not as outgoing as I seem to be in my photos. I love my comfort zone and I love being safe, but I use garments, fashion and style to live outside the norms I have set for myself and work on my anxiety levels. Therefore, I choose to be the cool kid, the one that takes risks and makes statements and pushes the boundaries. The little kid who is not afraid to be different!

Although I have days where I want to wear paper bags and potato couch through the passing hours…I still try to make efforts to dress well to be in a happier mood. Today was no different. I put out my shiny pants and dressed like a cast member of the Pirates of the Caribbean. My sister claims that I wear too much bling, but I say, who cares, wear the shine, because YOLO!



SWEATER: H&M ● PANTS: Zara ● BOOTS: Nine West ● BELT: Vintage ● SCARF: Zara

Yes, more culottes please. Don’t know why my husband hates them because I love them and find them incredibly flattering for my petite frame. Since it was leaning towards the colder side today, I did a chunky sweater to keep myself warm and snugly. This technically is a dress but tucking it in the front of my pants and cinching it in with a belt worked perfectly. Adding those knee-high boots underneath made me feel powerfully feminine.

So even though I didn’t spend too much time thinking about my outfit—I still felt pretty amazing and I do prefer feeling that way than being a ‘‘grown-up’’ or a prisoner in my own wardrobe dreadfulness. I do acknowledge the fact that certain companies have a dress code but that doesn’t not call for wearing boring black or grey clothes all winter. We lack vitamin D people, so why not feel some joy through the art of dressing. Be a cool kid too!


Human Piñata

As I am starting a new week filled with emotional challenges, I have vowed to myself to keep my positivity no matter what and I am somewhat glad that I am only looking at January’s back because that means we’re close to spring, and spring is always a good boost for all of us. Although I don’t mind winter, I am starting to get annoyed carrying the extra layers on my body, I am excited to wear lightweight dresses and overall garments to celebrate the beautiful weather. I really do love layering, don’t get me wrong, because I feel like we get to be more experimental when it comes to different patterns and textures…but commuting on the train daily has got me pooped. I have since then started to wear less layers and today’s outfit, although simple, is all sorts of crazy with the colorful aspects of it. I feel in love with this sweater I got from Zara for the whole texture part of it and my tactile senses are beyond happy. I don’t wear it much because carrying a baby while having this one would be such a shame because not only am I gonna ruin it with milk spit-up and stains, but little monster loves to pick on things lately and she would for sure start pulling at the sequins till they fall of.


It takes guts to wear this sweater, not going to lie and wearing in public is a little bit overwhelming as people’s attention would automatically be on you. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone today and went all out and since I am grabbing people’s attention, why not continue with flashy fuchsia pink trousers and yellow boots? If you gonna go all out, then do it right I say! Colors clashing is a bit of a game for me lately and I have been enjoying mixing and matching different patterns and testing out possibilities is giving me a thrill. Fashion is beyond amazing and even though it might seem mundane to some, to me, it brings me joy and happiness. Fashion and style are positive when done in moderation and excessive can be very disturbing and this is why I no longer shop as much as I used to. You can do many great things with second hand and vintage items, but this idea is not too appealing to many. Anyway, to get back to this sweater, I don’t really care if I am overdressed nowadays when I got out, because I really do it for myself and not anyone else.


SWEATER: Zara ● PANTS: River Island (Topshop) ● SHOES: L’Intervalle ● BAG: Core Life ● WATCH: Marc Jacobs ● BRACELET: Damas (Gold)


I was walking with my sister when we went to shoot these photos and I realized that I was one of a very few people that wore color. Why is it that we automatically associate winter with dreary, dull, grey or black clothes? Why is it that we cant wear bright, bold colors to make our days happier?

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Friday attire!

Getting back into the swing of thing finally and I am feeling a little more energetic and a little less lethargic. Sometimes I ask myself if I can get a little vacation from being a mom, but then decide that I don’t need said vacation because I love baby too freaking much. She is growing and is turning into an amazing child, I can already tell that she will the conquer the world with her infectious smile. She truly is an angel; sometimes a monster and sometimes a pest, but an angle nonetheless. I recently took over a temporary contract to be able to get out there in the real world, with real people and have been using the public transport a lot more and although I can’t always be in heels. I try as much as possible to make it happen as I have too many shoes that are dear to my heart. Today I decided, you know what, gotta make a sacrifice and suffer a little to look a bit more polished and put together. I wore colors and happy ones at that, since the winter seems to be dragging a little bit. Freezing rain isn’t really helping much, but we can’t stop living. Right?!

The day I chose myself…

How much is too much when you give in a relationship? Doesn’t matter if it’s with your partner, sister, brother, co-worker, best friend or even your neighbor. Sometimes I feel like no matter how much you give, it’s never enough. People these days seem to want more. Or is it just me feeling that way? I can’t help but feel emotionally shut down whenever I am searching for validation. Maybe not validation. That’s not the word. Appreciation? Don’t know how to put it into words, really…I guess, us humans get comfortable sometimes around those we love and because we are comfortable and sure that they won’t leave, we tend to stop valuing their presence. Their true worth becomes less and less important and what bugs me is that we allow ourselves, sometimes, to become less valuable because of comfort. We are afraid to let go of things or people that no longer hold a place in our heart. We sometimes end up in toxic relationships because of that said fear. I mean, I know that some relationships don’t have to last forever…but those that you really invest in should and if they don’t…well the best thing to do for yourself is to move forward, shoulders back and head high because self worth is far more important than any relationship you’ll ever be in. Loving and valuing yourself is far more important than waiting for that one person to give you what you’re looking for. Validation or whatever it may be.



JACKET: Sam Edelman • TOP: Zara • PANTS: Level 99 • SHOES: L’Intervalle • BAG: Winners • SUNNIES: Kate Spade • BELT: Forever 21


In a technology driven world, relationships seems to have been shaken to their very core and human connectivity seem to have taken a bit of a break. Or so I think. Not trying to be a sourpuss. I mean, don’t get me wrong, technology has helped us humans explore possibilities we never thought we could reach and we have progressed in ways we never thought we would. However, I believe that we all have something to offer and we all need to be valued and not taken for granted. No matter the relationship we find ourselves in, if you ever feel like you’re not valued, then you deserve better and today, I say I do deserve better and that’s how I decide to choose myself. I may not be perfect and I have many flaws and I admit them openly but I deserve to be valuable and valued. Women, and sometimes some men, tend to let ourselves go down a sour spiral where we think that there’s no way out…but there is. We just have to be brave and move forward. Courage is my crown and I will forever wear it. Today, I say, I deserve more!

We all face those little bumps from time to time, in all walks of life and in all kinds of ways but it’s what we do to overcome them that’s important. And today the sun was shining and so was I! Because whenever you feel the best you, don’t be afraid to share it with the world and with the people that truly appreciate your presence!

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Punching life in the face with a colorful outfit!

Happy 2019 y’all! May anything you dream of happens and comes to life and flourishes to take you place you’ve never been to before. Day 4 of the New Year and I can’t help but feel quite stressed out and worried already; adulating is hard! Sometimes I wish I was little again and had all my problems taken care of or just go back to the times where finding an outfit was the biggest problem I’ll ever face in life! Sigh……
Despite that, here I am out and about trying to carve my way into this thing called life. I was quite sure and focused about my goals 4 years ago and I knew exactly how to get there, my plans were devised and I was working my way up to my dreams. Things happen, unexpectedly, and life takes you to roads you aren’t quite sure how to handle. I guess I may have put my career on hold and through all these hardships I have been through, I am happy to say that right now, where I am in life, I am content because I found something much more meaningful and fulfilling; love and family. Yes, my job is cut-out for me at this point but I feel more focused and I’m more confident in what I want and don’t want anymore. Cutting out people that bring negativity and drama into my life is much easier and it brings me inner peace and mental health. Using fashion and dressing up is always a way for me to bring my mood up and have a jolly spirit and today’s outfit gave me exactly that! It’s badass, it’s cheerful, it’s wonderful and it makes me happy because it’s a combination of vintage and modern pieces and that’s always the way I want to go.


I got these wonderful boots from Nova (thrift shop) a couple of weeks ago and they were only 5$! I fell in love right away when my eye caught them. They’re giving me super Lenny Kravitz circa the 70s vibes!!! They’re so freaking beautiful! I can’t!!! And I know they’re not everyone’s cuppa tea but, man, are they special. The heel itself brings me so much joy…even the stretchy faux leather gives me thrills! I feel like whenever you’d have a dull outfit, you’d pull these bad boys out and voila! Boom! Clap! Your outfit would be made!


JACKET: Sam Edelman ◊ SWEATER: Forever 21 ◊ JEANS: Tommy Hilfiger ◊ BOOTS: Vintage ◊ BAG: Vintage ◊ SUNGLASSES: Aldo ◊ BELT: Forever 21

Even though the boots are loud enough, I couldn’t help but add even more color and wear a rainbow sweater! Yes, rainbow yet again, because why not? And how can I forget this amazing green vintage ostrich bag. So cute!

I think it is important for us to know our weaknesses and our issues and say them outlook to ourselves but it is even more important to push through them and prevail to arrive to a better version of ourselves. So, yes, adulating is quite hard for me these days but despite it all, I am where I am meant to be.


Fashion Style

Follow the rainbow!

While pinks and tartans are gracing the catwalk lately, the rainbow trend is making a huge statement and popping up all over the catwalks. Many designers are paying tribute to the LGBTQ community while others are just tired to conform to the bland of the high fashion world and are using the rainbow to make happier collections. I have always loved the rainbow trend…I remember having some rainbow pieces in college and one of them was a scarf and I loved it! You could spot me miles away with that thing; sucks because I don’t know what happened to it. I remember impatiently waiting for winter to arrive so I could wear it proudly. Seeing all those beautiful rainbow inspired pieces in stores brings back so many good memories. I guess yes to inclusivity! I have to say that of all the pieces that walked the runway, my favourite was Christopher Bailey maxi coat for Burberry; it’s an absolute dream! I would wear this as a robe at home while sipping tea all day, every day!


So here’s my version of the rainbow trend, I must admit though that it takes courage to sport such bright pieces and that I had to work on a little bit…


I spotted these wonderful trousers at Forever 21 a while ago while still being massively pregnant and I grabbed them off the rack and didn’t even think about it then; without trying without checking the size, I just knew they would be perfect. And here I am today, proudly wearing them the way I see fit and I couldn’t be happier. They’re a little tight around the butt/hip area, however, I know that they still look great and most importantly, I feel freaking fabulous in them!

I paired this gorgeous trouser with none other than my current favourite sweater and they worked so perfectly together. Match made in fashion heaven.


Since I was out and about with dear little monster of mine, I couldn’t do heels and what better way to finish the outfit than with my white leather Converse. Maybe because I am exhausted and I lack sleep, but it takes a lot these days for me to feel good about myself, however, today I have to admit that I felt fresh and invigorated.


PS…for those of you who’d like to try this trend out but don’t have the guts…well you can! There are many different options available to your own liking…like these awesome joggers:



Style Vintage

Sweater Obsessed: Orange IS the new Black!

It’s sweater season again and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I love fall and my favourite season…if it could be one season all year, I would forever choose fall. The colors of the changing leaves give me hope for new beginnings and I totes need that now after giving birth and not having time to even shower properly. I have had the chance to walk around the mall a few times with the little bug and I noticed how big of a place sweaters are taking in stores, even more so than before. Sweaters are my obsession and I love fall and winter purely for that because you can look good while being snuggly and warm. There are the ugly acrylic sweaters that loose shape right away and the wool ones that itch so much…I think trying to find the perfect sweater is an art and collecting them is an even bigger art. I have collected a few sweaters throughout the years; some new, some vintage, some thrifted…but overall my collection is one I am proud of.


This sweater caught my eye immediately because the color is glorious! I never wore something completely orange as this sweater and what I love about it is that it’s oversized which means more room for snuggle-iness. I think orange might be my new favorite color, move over burgundy, you’ve got a strong contender! So, I decided to pair this sweater with a vintage skirt I bought a few months ago when I was hugely pregnant but couldn’t wear it, so now is the appropriate moment to take it out into the light. I find that midi skirts are super flattering especially that I am on the petite’s side. I don’t have to worry about it being too long or too short; it’s just the perfect length. Since being a new mum, there’s rarely an opportunity right now to wear heels (unless I go on a date-but le hubs isn’t here), which means I am now stuck on flats for the next while and so my trustee Converse trainers are my go-to at the moment. They’re white and so they can easily be worn with any outfit and besides I love them so much, I think I might invest in another pair; perhaps black or maybe a crazy colourful one.


This outfit is the epitome of fall for me and even thought the colors are bright, they are still muted in a way (not that you can’t wear bright colors in fall or winter…you can do whatever you want really!). I am seriously in love with this skirt, if I could wear it as my daily uniform I would, but that would just be sad.



JACKET: Danier Leather ∞ SWEATER: H&M ∞ SKIRT: Vintage ∞ SHOES: Converse ∞ BAG: Karl Lagerfeld ∞ SUNNIES: Aldo


I am glad to have a little more time to wear proper clothes now other than sweats and hoodies. Smelling of milk has got me feeling blue and so I needed to refresh and get out of the little rut I was in. This is perhaps the start of new colourful fashion adventures and I am so happy that I get to share them with you…



Style Vintage

A melting pot of colors and patterns

Today, I got inspired by this vintage silk striped shirt that belonged to my dad ages ago; it’s a shirt that I have only probably seen him wear in photos. It’s so unique in color and yes, I know it’s a men’s shirt but ain’t no one stopping me from wearing it…besides, I find men’s clothing sometimes much more appealing than women’s…especially in the accessories and the watches department. The blue and black tones are vibrant despite it being a dark shirt; it seriously inspired me to mix and match it with other colors and textures. Although this shirt was given to my brother in law, I ended up acquiring it and will keep it in my wardrobe for the future and plus it’s lined!!!! Extra points! I can just see how easily you can tuck it in a pencil skirt and look super smart or just loose with jeans and a tee…super badass rocker mom!

Here’s how I decided to style it today:




I felt like the perfect way to style this shirt is to mix it with an even bolder print and it’s nice to be creative and take risks once in a while. Although the shirt was a little too snug, I liked how it came out together. I fell in love with these pants the minute I saw them on the Zara website; the pants come in a co-ord set with a matching top…which they were out of stock and it sucks because I could totes do them together. The pants are currently on sale for 20$ CAD and so, if you like them, I suggest you get them now because stock is running low!

To pull the outfit as a whole, I added the earrings and the red bag. Orange and blue is just so hype and chic…I love these colors together. I don’t always mix colors this way, but I figured taking a little risk won’t hurt.


Mixing vintage with newer items from your wardrobe in a modern way is always a good idea; it gives you a chance to explore bigger fashion grounds and expand your creativity. But also, you’ll always stand out from the crowd because vintage is not repetitive-unique and one of a kind pieces.



The festive “pregnancy” dress edit!

This is the last wedding I attended before finally heading home to Montreal for the next couple of months and I am so glad it was the last because I started running out of clothes that fit me. I know that I can buy, but my plan of no buying maternity wear has gone pretty well and I am so proud that I haven’t had to spend crazy amounts of money to look fabulous. I was able to scavenge my way through mom’s closet and also through the clothes I own. I got this dress during my engagement period from my travels to Jordan and I absolutely fell in love with how detailed it is. Therefore, technically speaking, this dress isn’t maternity at all and I am so glad it still fit me perfectly even with the bump in the way. From the embroiderey to the colors to the Swarovski stones…everything about this dress makes me so happy. It’s so festive without being too much. I wore it to a little party my sisters threw me before leaving Montreal last year and haven’t worn it after that, this event was prefect for an encore.


Since the dress is very colourful and out there, I kept the styling pretty simple; by adding plain black heels and clutch. I felt like a total princess in it; flowy, airy and just prefect in every way.

I also kept my makeup pretty simple since I didn’t want to look to clowny. Glowy and highlighted skin was pretty much was I went for.


I am finally starting to get the hang of pregnancy. Going in my second week of my sixth month of pregnancy, it finally hit me that I am carrying a little soul inside. My belly has been super prominent unless I ate something that made me bloat. But, today, my belly is pretty much out there. However, in this dress, I didn’t feel as fat as I usually do…and it isn’t bad, but it’s just different.


Nonetheless, so glad this is the last big event and yet so sad to leave my hubs behind.