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The pink of the ball…

Is wedding season already?? Can’t believe we’re spring and it’s like almost April?? Where does the time go? Been a little bit absent from blogging these past few days; I was busy with life and prepping for my upcoming trip to Montreal and trying to spend as much time as possible with LE HUBS. So wedding season isn’t really a season here in Jericho, I mean there’s like wedding around my house almost every weekend and it’s so amusing to see what people do and what great lengths they go through to have the biggest wedding ever. To be honest, I was a total sucker for weddings and wanted to attend as many as I could, but lately, I’m just turned off by the crazy amount of money that people willingly spend on one day. I am not judging, my husband forced into having a big wedding myself, but like we could use that money for traveling and exploring the world. Anyway, I haven’t properly gone out for a while or at least hadn’t dressed up like a decent human for a couple of weeks. I am super casual these days and sometimes super sporty, tracksuits are my current best friend. So, of course I had to jump at the opportunity to go to a wedding and dress up and wear heels and makeup and all…

Since many of my current dresses don’t fit my belly well and make me uncomfortable, I decided to go with this:


As funny as it sounds, I felt super chic with my little belly, for the first time since I started this whole pregnancy adventure. There were many days, I’m not gonna lie, where I felt like a total shlump, but since passing the 16 weeks mark, I have regained a bit more energy and feel like I can conquer the world again. This pushed me to finally get out there, spruce up, dress up and have fun. I couldn’t be any happier with the result. I obviously went for a minimal makeup and had the main focus be the pink of my lips and my sweater; this color always make me seem more tanned than I actually am, which is always a plus!

I bought this sweater for the sole purpose of being comfortable with my pregnancy when I was in Jordan a couple of weeks ago. And no, I did not get that one from the maternity section. There’s this huge department/chain store (across the Middle East) called Max that has a ton of clothes for women, men and children…a little bit like Forever 21. Since moving to Palestine, I haven’t shopped for a long long time and I figured, since I am growing a belly here, I needed a few pieces that will carry me throughout the pregnancy and perhaps even after the pregnancy. I didn’t want anything too expensive, nor too cheap. I figure this store was a good start. I bought a couple of items and I want instantly happy with them because I knew I would keep using them after the baby is born. This pink sweater in particular caught my attention mainly for the color but also for the bright contrast embroidered on the sleeves. I rarely wear pink, so I thought this could be a very good re-introduction. I bought this from the regular department but got it in a size UK16. It would just be an oversized sweater once I pop the baby and I could just imagine this with a midi leather skirt or high waisted denims and sky high heels.


The skirt is also a Max purchase. It’s a very simple maxi black jersey skirt…perfect till the end of my pregnancy…it stretches and stretches and stretches for days and it would be perfect for the summer Montreal heat. Very light and airy. Always a win!


TOP: Max ◊ SKIRT: Max ◊ SHOES: Charles & Keith ◊ BELT: Vintage ◊ CLUTCH: Max


Since I didn’t want to be completely shapeless, I cinched up my waist with my favorite, which you have seen a million times already, vintage elephant belt. This piece is a define collectible, a keeper and perhaps even a family heirloom…will pass it down to my daughter and she will pass it to her daughter…To me, this is the epitome of timeless elegance; this belt always adds a je ne sais quoi to every outfit I wear. It’s super bam in your face but it doesn’t overpower the look. I found the perfect dupe for it and it’s another vintage belt and I wish I could buy it, but I can’t justify paying 576.51$ for it…even though it’s a CARTIER!!!!! I could just die!! But nope, I am very content with my 10$ vintage unbranded find.

As for the clutch, well this stole my heart the minute I saw it at the store. I knew immediately that I wanted to pair it with this sweater. The detailing on this little bad boy just makes my fingers happy…all that texture in one little clutch!!!! The colors are bomb. The shape is perfectly small to fit into your hand. The design is to die for. What more could a girl ask for???

All in all, I truly felt like a stylish lady at the wedding. Yes, I probably wasn’t the most overdressed (if you’re Arabic, you know how much glitter and shine you gotta for), but I was very pleased and very comfortable in my own skin.


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A day at the Dead Sea

This weekend, we decided to go out in nature and spend the day soaking up the sun! We ended up just going for breakfast (more like brunch) at the Dead Sea. Since there’s still a little bit of wind and cold air, we couldn’t really swim. I mean there are those who do, but I didn’t want to get sick on top of being nauseous. So anyway, for those who don’t know what the Dead Sea is, here’s a little bit of an intro…basically it is a hyper-salty lake that is located between Jordan, West Bank and Israel and is the lowest place on earth. Due to its high concentration of salt, there are no living organisms or aquatic life present, hence the name! Don’t go in there with cuts or wounds, because it’s going to burn like hell!!! And try not to get the water in your eyes! It’s so salty it’s blinding. However, even though it sometimes stings, it is beneficial and therapeutic to swim in the Dead Sea because of its high level of mineral concentration; I can attest to that! After a few swims, my eczema healed! By swimming, I mean just sitting there and enjoying the view, because you basically just float. The high levels of salt make it close to impossible for your drown in the Dead Sea because the water is denser than the human body.




Not to get into too much political ramble, or any for that matter! Although the sea borders the West Bank, there isn’t really a place/resort available for Palestinians, it is all owned by Israelis and so we ended up going to the Neve Midbar Beach to spend the day (it is usually where we always end up going). It’s a nice little place and it has a restaurant, pools, shopping and souvenir area and a large seating area for families. You can even BBQ and shisha there. It’s a nice family friendly spot, but to be completely honest, I very much prefer the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea. I find it cleaner and the water much nicer. Nonetheless, you end up having heaps of fun at both sides! We ended up just having hummus dip with pita bread and fruits. We stayed there for a good 4 hours and we spend the most of our time walking around and enjoying the sun.


Because I knew we weren’t going to swim of walk around in the sand, I wanted to dress a little fancier than a normal beach day outfit. Went for the smart look but still made sure I was comfortable. So here’s what I wore and I am sure you guys have seen this shirt a million times on my blog. But it is sincerely a very good spring/summer shirt. It’s light, it’s colourful and it’s stylish…and extra bonus, it’s vintage!



SHIRT: Vintage (unbranded) ♠ PANTS: WDG (gifted) ♠ SHOES: Charles & Keith ♠ TIE: Vintage (unbranded) ♠ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21


I don’t like wearing this shirt without a belt, I like to further accentuate the peplum part, however, because my belly is growing slowly, belts now bother me and I can’t stand them so much. I decided to take one of my husband’s ties and put it around my waist and I really like the effect and color combo. It was a random selection, but I think it worked to my advantage. It was super easy for me to play around with it and tighten or loosen it to my own liking.

For being 14 weeks pregnant, I am quite lucky to still fit into my old clothes. I am not planning on buying any maternity wear and so I am super milking it! Or until the belly decided to properly pop. Right now, I am at that awkward phase where it just looks like I had too many burritos. But I think I might just add extensions to my pants and bottoms, rather than buying maternity wear.


I was happy I got to spend a good day with the hubs. I will be delivering in Canada…well going back there for a long while until he joins me. Although it will be very difficult for us to separate again (it took us 2 years to finally be together), but I know that what we’re doing is for the best. So having less than 3 months with him, I have to decided to enjoy every moment and argue less and just love him till he can’t deal with me anymore. We do have our moments and difficulties (marriage is not a breeze), but we are very happy together; we joke a lot, we laugh at each other a lot and we share everything together. Lucky and blessed are not big enough words to describe my relationship with my husband, but I guess they will be enough for now until I find the right descriptive words.







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A visit to Temptation Mountain in heels!

This is my last post of 2017! Can’t believe it’s over already! It’s been quite an emotional ride; filled with great and not so great moments, but I know that I am coming stronger out of this one and I cannot wait to take on 208 by the horns. 2017 brought me closer to the love of my life but tore me a little bit away from home. Emotional I tell ya! Anyway, what a better way to end the year than with a huge outfit bang! This is a little bit of a tiny DIY, a very simple one; a super simple one that you can easily do with anything bling-y you have! I was simply too tired of wearing my black culottes all the time, and I didn’t want to buy new ones, so I just pimped them up real good. I had a few knicks and knacks around and so I used them to turn my plain old black culottes into a cultural piece.

Hubbs has been telling me about Temptation Mountain for a while and has been wanting to take me there for a little walk around, but we never got a chance until today. Temptation Mountain is like 5km out of Jericho and it is said to be the mountain where Jesus resided while the devil tempted him during his 40-day fast. There’s a beautiful monastery there and there’s loads of pilgrims from all over the world that pass by this monastery during their prayer and redemption journey. I met a few and it is quite interesting to see them so dedicate to renew their faith. The church is high and isolated and I am sure it is the perfect place to be in when you are in search of finding yourself and in search of inner peace. So, what better way to end the year than in a place of solitude and reflection to get the chance to reflect on your past actions and work on the future to better yourself as a citizen of the world.



This outfit I wore seems so fitting to the fact that it bring culture and history all together. I know I am wearing heels and all, but it really wasn’t bad to walk in them!

I decided to bedazzle my culottes with Palestinian embroidered pieces I had lying around and add some gold coins for extra oomph.



SHIRT: Zara (thrifted) ♥ Pants: Zara ♥ SUNNIES: Claire’s ♥ SHOES: Charles & Keith Sandals ♥ JACKET: Vero Moda Trench ♥ EARRINGS: Aldo


I wanted to take time to wish you all the happiest of holidays and to have a wonderful new year!!! May 2018 be filled with amazing opportunities, endless happy memories and loads of peace and love!

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Figuring out life…and a little OOTD

Moving to Jericho wasn’t exactly one of my greatest hits as I still trying to sort things out. And whilst being on this never ending new self-discovery journey, I have hit a few low moments and this week wasn’t the best one. It is absolutely a culture shock for me…funny you say? Well, I know that I am Arabic and all and my roots are forever Middle Eastern but I was raised in Canada and it’s totes not the same mind set. Don’t get me wrong, I mean this is a wonderful place but I feel like is so not as fast paced as I would like it to be. I mean I know I just have to sit down with myself and figure out exactly what it is  I truly want. It was always clear to me in Montreal…being a business owner was my calling and even though it still is….I just need to re-work my grounds and figure out how to being. Fashion has always been my true home. The colors, the texture, the beautiful and endless lines and structures and just everything about it keeps me alive inside. I know that this is where I need to be…fixing garments, curating vintage and styling that is my calling! There are still a few gapped spaces that I need to fill out as it comes to fashion here in Palestine. Some things are not as “fashionable” as I “thought” they were. I mean, I will never follow rules, ever! Because that’s just who I am…but it turns out apparently that if you go to a public and social outing, you’re not to repeat the outfit you wore there any where else….because people already saw you in it. I am one who recycle outfits quite a lot…especially if I truly love the pieces I have. And I love pretty much everything I own. Oh and apparently, vintage isn’t a thing either…..who knew?!

Anyway…I know I am super ramble-y but I just needed to vent out a bit and writing does help me set things into perspective and help me see the bigger picture. I always had a diary that I wore in religiously…up until my sister found it and put her nose in it…le boo! As I was stuck in a big funk, I wasn’t super inspired to dress up in anyway or blog either. Today, I woke up and found my strength again. I find the human mind so fascinating and even though the will and power does come from us, sometimes I can’t help but feel so hopeless and helpless. So today, instead of sitting here and whining and feeling sorry for myself…I decided to get dressed so casually and go out for a little chill time with the sissy in law and her kids. She’s always so positive and I love her for keeping me that way too.

Along with my little chit chatty ramble…I wanted to share with you my little it was super perfect for a hot hot 40 degree summer day…without further ado, here it is:


SHIRT: Thrifted ◊ SKIRT: Stradivarius ◊ SUNNIES: Aldo ◊ SHOES: Charles & Keith

This skirt is super light and airy and feels so comfy on a hot day and shoes too!! I mean did you see the the holes in the shoes. Look how happy I look;


All in all I would say this was a pretty chill and relaxing day. A happy one and hopefully this is the start to a new high where I find myself again and enjoy life’s precious moments.

So my dear internet friends, if you are in a funk or hitting rock bottom, fear not as you are not lone. We all have those moments and take your time to feel every feeling that come through you…but the most important thing that you must keep in mind is to keep going and to keep fighting for yourself and for your dreams. It is not about the fame or the money to the final destination, it is about those little moments and those little challenges you pick up along the way of your journey. Savor them and enjoy them as they are but faint memories that only you can remember.

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Marsala queen…

This dress caught my eye the minute I saw it on the rack. The usual color was super attractive. I never go for Marsala because I feel like maybe sometimes it doesn’t suit me (for some weird reason). But when I tried it on, I just fell in love with the richness of the color. It reminds me of earth’s sophisticated roots. Also, the cut! It’s so Romy & Michele! Anyway, This is how I decided to style my dress and I hope you like this look, because I do <3


To complete my look, I wore the heaviest necklace I own. I bought this baby when I went shopping in Jerusalem in a small antique shop. It’s beautiful but so omg heavy!!! I literally hurts the neck after wearing it for a long time. (I couldn’t last the day and ended up taking it off ^^).

I also wore my new adorable Coach purse, which is not only super sweet but super versatile and spacious for its small size. To be able to last the whole day, I wore my favorite Charles & Keith pointed oxfords for a preppy look.


What I wore: 
-Pink Rose marsala colored a-line knit dress.
-Coach burgundy small purse.
-Charles & Keith oxfords.
-Aldo sunglasses.

I love this dress so much, I will try to get my hands on different colors.

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Feeling girly

This Betsey Johanson dress makes me want to twirl all day long. I was kindda iffy about the print because it’s darker than what I am usually drawn to, but I bought it anyway and I am so happy I did. It’s such a lightweight dress that is super super comfortable to wear on hot summer days. I decided to wear it as a top since it is a little bit short. This is how I decided to give this baby a go.


ANDDD also, I wore my favorite Charles & Keith sandals…ahhh!! So in love ˂3 I have been looking for these sandals for a little while now and when I finally found them on the Charles & Keith website, I didn’t hesitate and bought them right away…And they’re officially now on sale.


Excuse the creasing…sitting doesn’t help the fabric too too mcuh but I am in love regardless…

Also, I wanted to quickly mention that I love my skin at the moment, I have no foundation on and it’s super glowy..I decided to invest in the Sunday Riley’s Good Genes treatment..totes worth it…but that’s another blogpost…


What I wore:
-Bestsey Johnson dress.
-Betsey Johnson sunglasses.
-Forever 21 Jeans.
-Charles & Keith sandals.
-Thrifted bucket bag.
-On my lips: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs.


Until next time!

Cheers xo