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Too much color? Or not enough color?

As the remains of winter keep dragging us down an endless dreary spiral, I am still seeking the help of color to keep myself motivated and energetic. Seems like the cold days are lingering a little bit more this year. Or I feel like maybe because I live in a hot country for a year, I almost forgot what spring feels like in Canada. I don’t mind the cold, it’s just the sun I am missing because the blues are starting to hit. This somehow pushed me to get a few new pieces into my wardrobe for the coming months. I am so excited to wear more colors and play with different layers and texture over the summer. I feel like right now, dressing up is the only motivation I’ve got, and I am not sorry at all because it keeps me happy and entertained. I am even playing dress-up with little monster, except she doesn’t have a choice but to go with what I dress her with and I am fully taking advantage of that because one day, shell have her own opinion when it comes to clothes and I won’t get a say. Babies are so darn cute even though they’re a lot of work.

Anyway, I felt compelled to wear an animal printed pleated skirt I got from Winners with a sequined sweater from Zara. When I paired them together, I was ecstatic; the outfit as a whole is me. What I like about it is the over-sized sweater covering a bit of the skirt, which made it seem like a dress with ruffles. I have been having a little bit of an issue with my body lately. Don’t know if its post-partum depression that is hitting me quite late or I am just not content with my shape. I was super okay with everything until someone pointed out how huge my hips have gotten—Kind of an asshole comment if you ask me, but I just pushed it aside until one of my pants ripped and now I am always self-conscious and want to hide my hips with anything over-sized without compromising style and color. This outfit gave the confidence boost I needed, and I can’t help but share it with pride.


SWEATER: Zara ● SKIRT: Imelda ● SHOES: Zara ● SUNNIES: Ray-Ban ● BAG: Vintage

outfit 3 (2)

I know that a lot of us North Americans suffers from the blues and the struggles is real, especially when the sun is teasing us and only showing up for an hour or two. I hope that the weeks to come will be brighter and happier for all of us!

Happy Monday xx

Style Vintage

The all start edit!

This is the first day in forever that the weather is to die for in Montréal; winter has been quite long and spring was a little too gloomy. So I took the opportunity to bring out the white shoes! Hello spring/summer; since it was very sunny. The white Converse is doing a huge comeback…as they are a cult favorite! And today I took mine out for the day…and I own the Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Low leather trainers. They’re not only super comfy but decidedly, they go with everything! And I mean everything! From dresses, to jeans, to skirts….you name it!


Today, I went for more of a street-wear tomboy look…and I wore my favorite 80s leather jacket to go with the shoes…a little bit of hood!

….Here’s what I wore:

I kinda felt proud of this one; the look is pretty minimalistic considering my other outfits. Super casual and chill. I just wore my favorite slim fit black denims with a leopard print shirt from Topshop. I love that place for blouses and tops, especially when everything is on sale. The quality is there and the fit is there too.

What I wore:

JACKET: Leather-80s vintage ♦ SHIRT: Topshop ♦ PANTS: Rachel Zoe ♦ SHOES: Chuck Taylor All Start Ox trainers ♦ BELT: Vintage ♦ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade


I can wait for brighter and sunnier weather; these bad boys will be so worn out….way before the summer even ends!