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That green angora sweater <3

I have had this 80s agora  mix sweater for ages…I never had the guts to wear it because, well, it’s green. I just don’t really know it this color suits me all that much. Green, yellow and purple are colors I never usually gravitates towards because I feel like they make my complexion even darker than it already is. But today, I put my big girl pants on and got some courage to wear it. It’s so freaking soft too!!!

Hubs and I were walking around town and just went for a small stroll into the woods before we hung out with family. The weather was beautiful and it was good enough for me to just get away with wearing a  sweater without a jacket. October has been a good month so far and we’ve been super lucky. Hubs has enjoyed every moment he got here so far because it wasn’t too too cold (as it usually is in October).

So here’s how my outfit turned out…I guess you can say I kept it pretty simple because the green was a little overwhelming for me.


SWEATER: Vintage (80s) Rino Rossi  (posted for sale on ETSY)♦ JEANS: Buffalo (thrifted) ♦ BOOTS: Aldo ♦ SUNNGLASSES: Forver 21 ♦ BELT: Calvin Klein

In person, I guess I felt a little awkward wearing such a powerful color…but looking at myself through these photographs, I realize that I may be a little too harsh on myself and that green actually suits me and that my complexion is fine. We sometimes just put limitations and boundaries from ourselves to ourselves (if ya gys know what I mean). We need to be kind to ourselves once in a while…we tend to forget we’re human.


Wearing green actually made me happy as I fit in with nature and mt surroundings…or whatever green left there is in my surrounding. Taking some time off these past few weeks has made me realize that life needs to be enjoyed fully…make every moment worth it and last. Sometimes, we run to catch up with life and then we forget about the true core values of our lives such as family and health. It is necessary to taste what’s around us with our senses and our hearts.


As mother Teresa said: “Be happy in the moment, that’s enough, Each moment is all we need, not more.”



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A trip to Haskell

My husband has been nagging over and over (for months!) on me to go to Stanstead (Quebec) so we can see the Haskell library as part of our honeymoon. We took the time to do so today! I was super glad to see my husband exploring and discovering the little town and the library. This library was founded in 1901 and is located on the US/Canadian border. So technically you’re like both in the US and in Canada at the same time. There’s loads of visitors that come in the library from both sides of the border. It’s quite fascinating. What I find so wonderful is that it’s like traveling to a different country but without really having to cross the border. We met an American family that never left the US, took a plane or traveled except to come see the Haskell library. They drove 6 hours to be able to just take 1 simple picture. People’s enthusiasm to discover this little jewel is adorable!

Inside the library, there’s a black tape on the floor to show the border’s division and we ended up abusing it and we snapped endless pictures in every angle possible.

We then spent the time to walk around and discover Stanstead a little better. It was pretty much an empty spot…we didn’t see many humans walking we took loads of picture and we looked a little crazy.





We also visited the Stanstead Stone Circle , it’s basically a sanctuary and a place of reflection. All you can hear is the clear sound of nature helping you find inner peace. This place is special for in many ways and it was designed to honor many things…such as the Equinox, the close and peaceful relationships between Canada and the USA, and the English  and French cultures that together share and live in this unusual and symbolic community.



So….how can I not document this day?! My husband’s been dreaming about this day for ages! So I took the advantage to also document my outfit as I was feeling it (so much).



JACKET: Danier leather ♥ TOP: Zara (thrifted) ♥ PANTS: Free People ♥ BOOTS: Aldo ♥ Turban: Silk scarf from Turkey ♥ BAG: Diesel ♥ EARRINGS: Vintage


Can you tell I’m obsessing over this Danier leather jacket?!!!



The outfit was super not over thought…I just threw on some jeans and my favorite jacket….I have been getting a lot of wear out of this jacket and I can’t get enough…Also, I am super proud to be back to my vintage/thrifting affair. Everything is always much more interesting when you get unique items.

If you guys are ever around the Derby or Stanstead  region, this library is a must see. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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A little bit of Moroccan Flare!

Here’s another self promoting post…so shameless! I have had these done a little over 3 years ago when I launched my first collection inspired by Morocco. I went there in early 2013 at the young age of 25. I had a huge ‘mid-life’ crisis and needed to cope. I need to find myself and find my purpose. Morocco was exactly what I needed and when I came back home, I needed to create and make a collection in honor of/thank the country that helped shape me.


With that collection, I was able to reinvent myself and reinvent the way I see fashion. I sold most of that collection but still kept 4 or 5 pieces as a little souvenir…just because it was my first and I feel like such a proud mama. One of the few pieces I kept is this lovely handmade belt with satin threads and Swarovski crystals. I obviously had the help of wonderful craftsmen to make this baby but embellished it later on to my own liking.



Since corsets are now a thing…and this belt is a corset-ish looking thing…I figured I’d take it out from the dark depths of my closet and bring it into the light. This is how I decided to wear it….

I decided to go for a feminine/masculine look….kinda warrior-ish; a little bit of Xena and a little bit of Quintana from Mortal Combat. I wanted to feel and look pretty but not make the effort to wear heels. So I turned this look into a more dressy/casual one. I wanted to keep things simple and clean to make the belt shine.


What I wore: 

DRESS: Turkish design dress purchased from Palestine ♣ BELT: Handmade ♣ BOOTIES: Aldo shoes ♣ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade


These belts are meant to be worn with caftans in Morocco but I feel like they’re appropriate and badass enough to wear and combine them with modern clothes. I will attempt another look with this belt later on this week…it’s kinda exciting and a little challenging!

Will keep you guys posted!

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Just another rainy day…

I woke up and it was gloomy out. That’s my kinda weather! I am pluviophile! Yes, I enjoy the grey clouds, the sound of rain on the windows and the smell in the air. Walking in the rain is so relaxing and peaceful. So today, I sort of didn’t make that much effort in the fashion department. I wanted to be comfy and loosey goosey; kinda translate the weather into my wardrobe.

So I own this really cute 90s vintage Smart Set dress with a massive slit in the bottom center front. It is the softest thing ever. In a very delicate cotton fabric. It kind has a Laney Boggs vibe in She’s all that  and that makes it even more cool and interesting.

I didn’t want the dress to just give me a square shape, so I added a belt to cinch it up at the waist to give myself a little more shape and curves. A little bit of curves don’t hurt anyone! Besides, curves are there for us to celebrate them. Hello hips!

Since I super wasn’t going to make an effort and be in heels all day, I wore my favorite Aldo booties. They’re so battered, it’s not even funny! I have used them so much and then some. I had a bad experience with Aldo once a like over 10 years ago and I never wanted to invest in their shoes anymore. But I was searching for the perfect flat booties that can work in both a dressy way and a casual way. So I found these booties last November and I have worn them countless times with dresses and they give me style and comfort. Yay for finding what you need!

I then added my favorite boxy shirt from Topshop which I got last summer. It has high slits and it’s striped! Ughhh! The obsession is so real guys…I’m incorrigible. I just love me some stripes. That along with sweaters shoes and fries…I’m hooked.  I seriously adore Topshop. Their sizes are perfect. They have beautiful and super creative garments to offer and the quality is definitely there. They’re a little bit expensive but it’s worth shopping there, especially if you’re looking for good quality wardrobe basics.

– What I wore –
SHIRT: Topshop ♦ DRESS: 90s Smart Set ♦ BELT: Thrifted ♦ BOOTIES: Aldo


This absolutely was one laid back outfit and I am happy I felt free all day…not constrained whatsoever. However, I’ve got this super existential question, should I put this dress up for sale or keep it? I love it so so much…but I can’t keep all these vintage items in my closet just for myself!

What do you guys think? Keep or sell?



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Mixing more patterns…round 2

So obviously, as you have noticed in my previous posts, I have a fond love for mixing patterns, textures and motifs together often in a lot of my outfits. I feel like this is the perfect way to express myself without boundaries and plus it’s an awesome all-round creative process. Sometimes I feel like my outfits are a hit and sometimes I feel like they’re a miss. Today’s was pretty awesome; super proud of it! Plus I felt all covered up in the right places. I am having some body issues at the moment because of too much hot yoga..I feel like I have Pelé thighs or something. Too much muscle…I’m a little self-conscious about that part, so covering it up is always a good idea. Especially when I am sporting skinnies.

So this is how I decided to mix my stripes and checkers together. It was a little cold, and the combination of shirt & sweater was perfect.

And of course you guys have seen these booties many times in many posts because I have been wearing them to death since I got them.


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊
What I wore in details:

-Zara checkered shirt.
-Garage striped shirt.
-Forever 21 skinnies.
-Aldo booties.
◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Cozy, warm and stylish outfits in the most boyish, relaxed way…are the outfits I love the most.

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Street Style with a twist

It’s been a hot minute since I did a turban style with success. I usually have to struggle to get it right. But, since I have been practicing, I’m getting the hang of it and it’s actually turning out cooler than I expected. I am super happy that it stays in place and I don’t have to keep pulling at it to make it work. Today’s outfit consisted of that…a turban hijab!!!


Picture courtesy of Google

I have had this “keffiyeh” for a few years now. My papa gave it to me when I was younger. As Palestinians, we have pride wearing it as it represents revolution, nationalism and peace.

Nowadays, it’s more of a fashionable statement. You find this scarf anywhere and everywhere.  Anyhow, I came across my scarf as I was doing a major closet cleaning and was super inspired to wear it as a turban scarf and style it in a cool, street-chic kinda way. This is how it turned out!

I wore my favorite jeans ever! Combined them with a burgundy Zara top and acid washed Gap denim jacket. I added my favorite H&M earrings of all time! Of alllll time!! I am so not an earring kinda gal, but for these!!!  I am a convert.



What I wore in details:

-Gap acid wash denim jacket
-Zara turtle neck top
-Rachel Zoe black jeans
-Aldo boots
-H&M earrings
-Forever 21 sunglasses


This has got to be my favorite street style look so far and I would for sure wear it again!

I feel like it’s the perfect combination of feminine and masculine. This is how I love my outfits to be. Fashion and style shouldn’t have limits and I am so blessed to be able to explore all the possibilities!


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A little bit of edge…just because!

What I love about style and fashion in general is that there are no rules to follow (something I am amazing at!!!). So I take the no rule rule and do whatever I want. I dress how I feel. Rachel Zoe is absolutely right:”Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.  You should always dress how you feel! Never be sorry for mixing and matching piece the way you want to or the way you feel like. Dress in a way that you are not afraid to be completely who you are. Fashion is the perfect and perhaps the easiest way to express yourself silently yet loudly. Patterns, prints, colors and cuts-are at your disposition to let your inner self shine through.

So…today I felt a little bit bad-ass and decided to wear something edgy but girly at the same time. This is what I came up with. A little bit of modern and a little bit of vintage; because that’s how I like it.


⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕

What I wore in details:

– Vintage Lee Cooper leopard print dress. (Find similar cool ones here).
-Gap washed out denim jacket. (Find similar denim jackets here).
-Thrifted spiked leather bracelet (Find similar choices here).
-Caterpillar watch….(I stole from my dad…because it costs like 4000$ :s lol!)
-Aldo leather booties (Find them here).

So here’s to being ourselves and expressing ourselves through fashion! Never be afraid to wear whatever it is your little heart desires.

Cheers x