The 90s: a do-over

We were going out for a little BBQ party today and I figured what a perfect opportunity to dress up all 90s and wear a vintage number in this hot sun. Today’s look is fully inspired by the 90s, more so Liv Tyler and her wonderful effortless style that was always bang on. The movie Heavy was pretty iconic when it came to who Liv Tyler was and what she represented and I truly love the evolution of her looks. The movie was filled with wonderful inspiring looks; from her faded blue denims, to the cutest cardigans, to the layered floral printed slip dresses over the top of fitted tees…they were all outfits that spoke to me deeply.


This 90s vintage dress gives me Liv Tyler vibes and so inspiring it with a little cardigan was a super obvious choice. In true Liv style, the pièce de résistance would be a pair of Dr. Martens lace-up boots; which would totes add a touch of toughness to the look. But since it’s like 99 degrees outside, I just went for simple oxford slip-ons.

To complete the 90s vibes, I wore a crochet bag and it was super fitting for the event we were going to. Spending the day in the park was great as it was still nature and food! There was a lake and bench and a path to walk in through a small forest and that beautiful. Although it was quite hot, I enjoyed a walk with my sissy and that felt really good.


CARDIGAN: Zara (thrifted) ◊ DRESS: D.B.Y (Vintage-posted on my ETSY) ◊ SHOES: Charles & Keith ◊ SUNNIES: Brigitte Bardot (Vintage) ◊ BAG: Vintage (unbranded)


It’s a little nice change, since I have been quite stuck in the 70s…doesn’t mean I am done exploring the wide options of the 1970s…I am just giving it a rest to seek other things.


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What I wore: Palestine 2016

I took it upon myself to document what I wore everyday throughout my vacation. I wore everything I packed, which was pleasantly surprising…kinda means I am an efficient packer…



What I wore: Thrifted bodysuit – Beaded maxi skirt (purchased from a random store while vacationing in the Middle East) – Zara shoes – Calvin Klein bag – Betsey Johnson sunglasses – Vintage necklace from Jerusalem.

♣ ♣ ♣

What I wore: Topshop graphic printed top – Rachel Zoe skinnies – David Jones bag – Thrifted sandals – Aldo sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣



What I wore: Miss Me beaded top – Rachel Zoe skinnies – Thrifted sandals – David Jones bag – Aldo sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Forever 21 top – Rachel Zoe Jeans – Calvin Klein bag – Studded Italian slippers – Aldo sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣

What I wore: Forever 21 floral top – True Religion skinnies – Italian slippers – Calvin Klein bag – Bulgari sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Long striped top (purchased for a local shop in Jordan) – True Religion skinnies – Charles and Keith sandals – Calvin Klein bag – Betsey Johnson sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Forever 21 top – Thrifted skinnies – Gifted slippers – Antique necklace from Jerusalem – Claire’s sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Zara checkered shirt – Thrifted skinnies – Italian studded slippers – Betsey Johnson sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: VS Pink burnout top – Forever 21 jeans – Thrifted sandals – Calvin Klein bag – Betsey Johnson sunglasses – Antique necklace.

♣ ♣ ♣



What I wore: Forever 21 top – Zara culottes – Squid shoes – Betsey Johnson sunglasses – Calvin Klein bag – Vintage necklace from Jerusalem.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Thrifted graphic print top – Forever 21 jeans – Thrifted sandals – Calvin Klein bag – Antique necklace.

♣ ♣ ♣

So which outfit is your fave?




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The perfect summer dress!


I found the perfect summer dress while thrifting with my sister a few days ago. This is so reminiscent of the 90s and those maxi dresses I would love to wear going to school. It’s like a cross between She’s all that  and Never Been Kissed. This dress totes reminds me of skipping class and sitting by the bleachers or going to the mall at lunch break. Carefree, innocent, youthful times….AHH, youth!!! “Nobody feels the youth pass, but everyone feels when it’s gone”. LOL! I am totes being dramatic. PS: that’s a famous Seneca quote. So, I wouldn’t want to go back to high school, not that my days were bad, they were actually really really really good, but I just prefer life now as an adult. I mean how can I live without paying bills and taxes, huh?!! Adulthood rocks!!!

Anyway, what I am saying is this dress is a beautiful little number that takes me way back to the carefree days (can’t you see how much I want to twirl in this?). This is such a versatile piece because it can be worn in some many different ways and this is exactly why I love it. It’s so girly, delicate, summery, feminine, sexy and just so so unique. PPS: it cost me only 14$CAD…such a bargain and plus I shopped green…so it’s a win win win win situation and everyone is happy. Also, what I like about shopping at that particular thrift store is that some of the proceeds of the sales go to help Montreal’s Diabetes Center.

So without further ado, here’s how I decided to wear this baby…



What I wore:
-Thrifted Sunflower dress
-Shelly’s London straw shoes.
-Gap acid wash denim jacket.
-Betsey Johnson sunglasses.
-Kate Spade heart-shaped bag.


So let me know what you guys think of this outfit in a comment below!

Have a wonderful sunny day xx




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White denims worn in 4 different ways.

I wanted to share with you four different ways I like to wear my favorite pair of white boyfriend jeans. I have had these for about 3 summers and they’re still going strong. I purchased them from Joe Fresh when I was randomly shopping for groceries…

One way to keep super clean white denims is to obviously be careful where you sit and what you do when wearing them. To keep them clean, I wash them separately in cold water with a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin (like Tide or something of the sort). I also spot clean if there’s any damage done with shout. It works great!

Anyway on to the post, since it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to get your favorite white pants/denims out for a few spins. Here are 4 different ways I decided to wear mine this summer (I’ll still keep wearing them though).




What I wore: Thrifted black top – Joe Fresh Jeans – Maxi Forever 21 vest – Vintage necklace – Vintage sequin clutch bag – Forever 21 shoes – Simmons sunglasses.




What I wore: Zara burgundy top – Joe fresh jeans – Thrifted leather bag – Ash sandals – Vintage necklace and rings.




What I wore: Thrifted denim shirt – Joe fresh jeans – Charles & Keith shoes – Simmons sunglasses.




What I wore: Koton striped dress shirt – Joe fresh jeans – Charles & Keith sandals – Kate Spade sunglasses.

These are the looks I came up with..but there’s of course a ton of other ways you can wear white denims. They’re easy to style, super trendy and super versatile. You can dress them up or down depending on how you accessorize it.

There’s plenty of room for imagination and there are no limits when it comes to fashion. Be unique, be you and rock it!

Enjoy the beautiful weather peeps and until next time!

Cheers x


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Eye of the Leopard

I had this thrifted skirt for a while and probably only wore it twice…I guess because the print is kinda dark or maybe because I am not as in love with it as when I purchased it. The outfit I wore today was a little somber but it just went well with the chilly weather we’ve been having. I wanted to give this skirt another shot and this is what I came up with. A pretty dark leopardy look for spring…but simple nonetheless. Obviously, I am wearing my favourite shoes at the moment. I am so so so obsessed with these shoes; they’re definitely coming with me on vacation this summer. I can’t get over how stylish they are and they’re the most comfortable flats I ever owned. It doesn’t even feel like I have shoes on.


Since it was raining out, I ended up taking the pictures inside…perhaps this is why I seemed uninspired. The weather has been so grey..makes me feel tired all the time.
So anyway this is the look:






What I wore:
-Shirt is 80s vintage.
-Skirt-thrifted, unlabeled.
-Shoes: Qupid.
-Necklace: DCK

So while you enjoy these awkward photos…I will go take a nap. But before I do so, I want to take a moment a say..OMGGG, my skin looks great! Thank you Sunday Riley. I will do a post soon about the Good Genes treatment.

So adieu for now and until next time.


Cheers xo

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Feeling the 90s

I was super excited when I received my Stan Smith Originals. I was even more excited when I got them in Croc leather…which give ’em the edgiest coolest look. I used to wear the black/white Adidas Originals everywhere when I was a kid and I could not get over them.  They cost me about 180$ CAD only because I decided to customize them to my liking. The go for about 110$ for the simple original design. I was willing to spend that much knowing that I love my kicks and that I would get a lot of wear out of them like my other famous Adidas trainers that you constantly see in my other posts.


Anyway, this is the look I wore today, kept is super chill and relaxed…Was totes feeling the 90s’ with my Biggie Smalls & Tupac tee and acid wash jeans & jacket.

This was the final look:


**And here’s a close up of my silly silly face X)
I want to take a moment to thank my beautiful sister for being patient with me and taking all my photos. She’s the bomb! Love her to death. **

This is what I wore:
-Biggie Smalls/Tupac muscle tee from Forever 21.
-Forever 21 acid wash biker jeans.
-90s acid wash jacket.
-Adidas Originals.
-Thrifted bucket bag.
-DCK bracelets.
-Caterpillar men’s watch.

Hope y’all liked this look and if any of you are thinking of buying the Stan Smith Originals; then you totes should! They’re super comfy and totally rad!

Until next time!


Cheers xo



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OOTD with my bunkers

I fell in love with these shoes the moment I saw them and I knew I have to have them in my endlessly growing shoe collection (shoe addict right here!!!). Not that I need another shoe..I mean I don’t even have space for them and I know that 60 pairs is already too much…but for me shoes are the essential part of any outfit. It’s like the period at the end of a the cherry on top of the cake!!! It’s essential to have pretty shoes at all time…Anyway these beautiful dusty rosey silvery fringed oxford are so cute and sooo comfortable, I never want to take them off.

That’s pretty much me….with my shoes!

So moving on, I found these beautiful Bunkers on sale in a warehouse sale for only 40$ (220$-original price). The reason why I feel in love with them is because of their uniqueness. I have never seen anything like this before. The soft leather take your foot’s shape and gives you ultimate comfort and the soft sole protects your foot and cushions it. The pretty girly color mixed with the manly cut and shape give it an extra oomph. You can definitely dress this shoe up or down. You can wear it with jeans or with a dress and the result will come out awesome either way.

Here’s what I wore today to make these babies shine…


What do you guys think of them…are they yay or nay?? Let me know in a comment below!

Cheers xo

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Strolling through the city…

I wanted to share with you 2 of my recent outfits…which are my favorite. I can sincerely wear these pieces to death due to the style their offer and the super comfort. Sometimes I am I get distracted and forget to photograph the outfits I am proud of…I was able to save 2. The weather in Montreal is on and off and sometimes it’s still chilly here…so I have to wear a jacket. And in weathers like this, I tend to abuse my leather jackets to the max because I feel super badass in them.

Here are the results!!

Cheers xo




Let me know what you guys like in a comment below!


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A look into my work week: The fashion

Since the temperature started to get a little warmer, I was excited to get the lighter layers out…and mix and match patterns and textures. Putting outfits by mixing vintage and modern clothes give me such a satisfaction. I get super proud when someone compliments me on my pieces and I get to say “It’s vintage!”. For anyone who loves vintage as much as I do, you’ll understand that glistening feeling!!

So without further ado here’s a look into my week’s outfits.


What I wore: 
– Forest green “Miss Me” shirt.
– Danier leather pencil skirt.
-Le Château magenta heels.



What I wore:
– Pink Tartan Coat.
– H&M white shirt.
– 80s pleated floral skit.
– Zara heels.


What I wore:
– 90s Jacob red top.
– Zara madras printed culottes.
– 80s Jean Paul Fortin heels.


What I wore:
– Vintage striped silk shirt.
– Zara black culottes.
– Adidas shoes.


Mixing the old with the new is just so me!! Makes me happy and that’s when I feel at my best <3 What I love most about vintage is the fact that you can definitely have unique items and make them your own. Add you own touch and voila!!!

Let me know what item or outfit you own makes you feel at your best?















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Weekend outfits

The sun was out this weekend and I was super excited to go out and dress up. I am sharing with you today 3 outfits I wore for my outings around town. Hope hope you like them!!!

Look #1

What I wore:
– Pink Tartan Coat.
– Long Zara top with high side slits.
– House of Harlow pants.
– Charles & Keith shoes.
– DCK necklace.
– Aldo sunglasses.

Look #2

What I wore:
– Only leather bomber jacket.
– White Forver 21 top.
– Guess overalls.
– Thrifted tartan shirt.
– Adidas sneakers.
-Aldo sunglasses.

Look #3

What I wore:
– Red Zara Coat.
– Reitmans sweater.
– Tommy Hilfiger Skinnies.
– Aldo heels.
-Simmons sunglasses.
– Calvin Klein bag.

I had so much fun dressing up this weekend…the sun definitely gave me the push I needed to be active and go out with family and friends.

Let me know in a comment below which look you liked best!


Cheers xo