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The lion tamer…..

This was another purchase from the Nova boutique in Hudson a couple of weeks ago. My sissy showed it to me and it was just hanging there so beautifully. I knew I needed this dress in my life just because it’s such a special piece. I had tried it over my clothes when I was at the boutique and it fitted fine…it’s unfortunately just a tad bit big for me (not in a dramatic kinda way…but big enough that it doesn’t accentuate my waist).   It’s a wool wrap dress from BICCI By Florine Wachter. A dress all the way from the 80s! EEEEE! It’s probably my second favorite era after the 50s.


Ohhh, vintage, why got me so in love with you? Or am I just born in the wrong time? Nonetheless, I still get to enjoy these items and put a modern twist to them. Since this dress is pretty much very in your face with the color, I kept the styling pretty simple…and here’s how I work it:

It sort of has this lion tamer costume-ish look to it, which I kinda am in love with. For some odd reason, I am in love with this! It is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and you need to have guts to wear this much red. I was a little unsure of myself, but did it anyway. Life’s short…so meh! I am still unsure in fact, because I feel like also, the fit wasn’t the greatest. Wearing heels gave me a little bit of a push to go for it and all I was missing was my whip!


And this is why I don’t think I will be keeping this piece, because I didn’t like the fit on me particularly. It’s a medium…so I am sure there will be a better home for it out there.


But the 80s do it right every time!

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What I wore: Palestine 2016

I took it upon myself to document what I wore everyday throughout my vacation. I wore everything I packed, which was pleasantly surprising…kinda means I am an efficient packer…



What I wore: Thrifted bodysuit – Beaded maxi skirt (purchased from a random store while vacationing in the Middle East) – Zara shoes – Calvin Klein bag – Betsey Johnson sunglasses – Vintage necklace from Jerusalem.

♣ ♣ ♣

What I wore: Topshop graphic printed top – Rachel Zoe skinnies – David Jones bag – Thrifted sandals – Aldo sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣



What I wore: Miss Me beaded top – Rachel Zoe skinnies – Thrifted sandals – David Jones bag – Aldo sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Forever 21 top – Rachel Zoe Jeans – Calvin Klein bag – Studded Italian slippers – Aldo sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣

What I wore: Forever 21 floral top – True Religion skinnies – Italian slippers – Calvin Klein bag – Bulgari sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Long striped top (purchased for a local shop in Jordan) – True Religion skinnies – Charles and Keith sandals – Calvin Klein bag – Betsey Johnson sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Forever 21 top – Thrifted skinnies – Gifted slippers – Antique necklace from Jerusalem – Claire’s sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Zara checkered shirt – Thrifted skinnies – Italian studded slippers – Betsey Johnson sunglasses.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: VS Pink burnout top – Forever 21 jeans – Thrifted sandals – Calvin Klein bag – Betsey Johnson sunglasses – Antique necklace.

♣ ♣ ♣



What I wore: Forever 21 top – Zara culottes – Squid shoes – Betsey Johnson sunglasses – Calvin Klein bag – Vintage necklace from Jerusalem.

♣ ♣ ♣


What I wore: Thrifted graphic print top – Forever 21 jeans – Thrifted sandals – Calvin Klein bag – Antique necklace.

♣ ♣ ♣

So which outfit is your fave?




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White denims worn in 4 different ways.

I wanted to share with you four different ways I like to wear my favorite pair of white boyfriend jeans. I have had these for about 3 summers and they’re still going strong. I purchased them from Joe Fresh when I was randomly shopping for groceries…

One way to keep super clean white denims is to obviously be careful where you sit and what you do when wearing them. To keep them clean, I wash them separately in cold water with a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin (like Tide or something of the sort). I also spot clean if there’s any damage done with shout. It works great!

Anyway on to the post, since it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to get your favorite white pants/denims out for a few spins. Here are 4 different ways I decided to wear mine this summer (I’ll still keep wearing them though).




What I wore: Thrifted black top – Joe Fresh Jeans – Maxi Forever 21 vest – Vintage necklace – Vintage sequin clutch bag – Forever 21 shoes – Simmons sunglasses.




What I wore: Zara burgundy top – Joe fresh jeans – Thrifted leather bag – Ash sandals – Vintage necklace and rings.




What I wore: Thrifted denim shirt – Joe fresh jeans – Charles & Keith shoes – Simmons sunglasses.




What I wore: Koton striped dress shirt – Joe fresh jeans – Charles & Keith sandals – Kate Spade sunglasses.

These are the looks I came up with..but there’s of course a ton of other ways you can wear white denims. They’re easy to style, super trendy and super versatile. You can dress them up or down depending on how you accessorize it.

There’s plenty of room for imagination and there are no limits when it comes to fashion. Be unique, be you and rock it!

Enjoy the beautiful weather peeps and until next time!

Cheers x


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Into the basics…The perfect black pump.

One shoe, two outfits!! Here’s a look into my closet…well ish! A little fragment of it. So I am currently obsessing over my black heels from Aldo (they’re currently on sale) and I have been wearing them a ton. They’re comfortable and versatile. Easy to match to anything due to its black color, duh!! Also, the sun has been giving me an extra oomph to want to dress up all the time. Thank you sun <3.

This is what I call an investment piece, it’s a good leather black shoe that can last years in your closet (obviously if you look after them and maintain them in good shape). You don’t have to spend loads of money on designer heels…this is a basic piece that can be worn in many different ways.

So these are the outfits I came up with this time around. Hope you like them!!!


What I wore: 
-Forever 21 coral dress..I purchased like 2 years ago.
-Forever 21 denim jeans.
-Vince Camuto studded leather belt.
-Aldo heels (the whole purpose of this post!!).
-Betsey Johnson sunglasses.





What I wore: 
-Lucky Brand large sweater.
-80s vintage Equimeent floral silk shirt.
-Joe Fresh boyfriend jeans.
-Aldo heels.
-Betsey Johnson sunglasses.


Fashion doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can absolutely work with basics and go from there. Vintage is great way to diversify your closet, help nature and look freaking awesome and unique.

Have a great sunny and healthy week ahead.

Cheers x



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Ready, set, style!




I felt like getting into my summer vacation and sport a boho-chic style. I purchased these pants from a local vendor in Jordan last summer and they were dirt cheap. They’re so comfy and airy, it’s unreal! I am so in love with the pattern and the colors. The mix of orange and blue…just pretty! I will definitely and shamelessly wear them tons this summer. I feel like with these pants, I can easily style them in many different ways because of the style and the print. I can even dress them up or down depending on the accessories used. I really truly love styling; I find it so liberating and exciting all at once. What’s even more exciting is when you use vintage to style with. There’s a certain satisfaction I get knowing I took an unwanted piece and I gave it life…Knowing I was able to take something old and make it ‘‘new’’ all over again is success in itself. Vintage clothing is an easy way for you to do your part on being green, reducing waste and helping keep our planet healthy. Besides, you can find some many unique pieces, it’s ridiculously awesome!!!

Anyway, getting back to the outfit, I styled my favorite pants with a simple black top and a 80s vintage vest. I brought the outfit all together by wearing an orange veil. I could sport this look loads. It’s simple but happy. Generally, colors make me super super happy. I do love the occasional black…but colors, ehhh, they just do it for me.

So hope you enjoyed this look. Remember to always dress nice, be yourself, follow your dreams, conquer the world and be kind to nature and your fellow citizens!!!

Until next time!


Cheers xo

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Eye of the Leopard

I had this thrifted skirt for a while and probably only wore it twice…I guess because the print is kinda dark or maybe because I am not as in love with it as when I purchased it. The outfit I wore today was a little somber but it just went well with the chilly weather we’ve been having. I wanted to give this skirt another shot and this is what I came up with. A pretty dark leopardy look for spring…but simple nonetheless. Obviously, I am wearing my favourite shoes at the moment. I am so so so obsessed with these shoes; they’re definitely coming with me on vacation this summer. I can’t get over how stylish they are and they’re the most comfortable flats I ever owned. It doesn’t even feel like I have shoes on.


Since it was raining out, I ended up taking the pictures inside…perhaps this is why I seemed uninspired. The weather has been so grey..makes me feel tired all the time.
So anyway this is the look:






What I wore:
-Shirt is 80s vintage.
-Skirt-thrifted, unlabeled.
-Shoes: Qupid.
-Necklace: DCK

So while you enjoy these awkward photos…I will go take a nap. But before I do so, I want to take a moment a say..OMGGG, my skin looks great! Thank you Sunday Riley. I will do a post soon about the Good Genes treatment.

So adieu for now and until next time.


Cheers xo

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3 ways to wear the iconic Originals Stan Smith

I grew up wearing Adidas originals for the longest time, although I didn’t have the  white/green Adidas originals, I remember having the classic black & white 3 stripe Superstar Originals and I wore them with everything…it was inexplicable love and I wore them to death…like literally…they died on my feet. So I decided to repurchase them a few months ago and it’s rekindled love. I invested in designing my own Originals Stan Smith on the Adidas website and since I received them, I am wearing them pretty much all the time. If you decide to design your own style, obviously you’ll pay more.


Since I know I will wear them a lot, I was willing to invest in them and ended up paying close to 200$ CAD. These trainers go pretty much with anything and everything..from pants, to jeans to skirts….like anything!!! Depends on how you choose to style them really…what I love about fashion, is that there are no rules to follow, you just pretty much dress as you please. No regrets!

So this is how I have been taking these babies out on strolls and rides…



What I wore: Forever 21 top – Zara culottes – Aldo sunglasses – DCK necklaces.




What I wore: Forever 21 bodysuit – Gap denim overalls – 80s vintage blazer – Betsey Johnson glasses







What I wore: Thrifted denim shirt – 80s Vintage skirt – Vintage pearl necklace


I totes channeled my inner teenager wearing these beauties again. As you can see in my last look, I was totes carried away into my Grease mode, which was my favorite look out of all 3. I’m so glad I rediscovered these babies; I might invest in another pair and get the Superstars…

Which one was you favorite look? And If you have a pair…how do you like them?

Until next time!

Cheers xo


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Les rêves bohémiens

It’s Friday and it’s time to dress super carefree..the day where you don’t really care what you wear as long as you’re comfortable..well obviously you can still dress pretty!!! Duh!!!

Okay so since it’s been hot and sticky for a few days, I wanted to be airy, light and free. So I opted for a linen dress with an 80s tie dye dip dye cardigan. We all know that summer and linen are besties and go way back! I was totes feeling this dress because it’s striped and I secretly have an obsession with anything with stripes…but then I wore it and I felt like maybe it extenuated my curves a little more than I am used to. I have a super hourglass shape and honestly it intimidates me…having curves is a beautiful thing and we should all celebrate them.. Women of any shape, size or form should be happy, proud and humbled with what she has; as long as we’re healthy and can live happily, then that’s all that matter. I guess the issue is that I still haven’t grown into the hips I actually have, I feel shy to show of them off too too often. Anyway, that’s not the point of the blog..but I guess I wanted to really share how I felt about wearing this number. It’s a dress I bought from Winners as I needed a maxi dress for my trip to the Middle East this summer.

Soooo, let’s get to the good part and see them pictures xxxxx

What I wore:

-Dress: Just living the dream.
-Cardigan: vintage.
-Shoes: Qupid.
-Belt: thrifted from like ages ago.
-Sunglasses: my one and only favorite Kate Spade Bayleighs.

Hope y’all like this look..let me know what you think.

Cheers xo


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Cake by the sidewalk…

I bought this lipstick a while ago and didn’t use it much since I felt like it washed me out…it’s far too pale from what I am used to. Anyway, since I got the chance to catch a little bit of sun, my skin has tanned a little and I actually kinda like the color now. Cake by Colourpop is a bright peachy coraly lipstick with a satin finish. For the moment, it’s no longer in stock…but I guess they might bring it back soon….


SO! This is what I wore and I was totally inspired by this lippie stix. Hope you like it!!!



What I wore: 

– Forever 21 leopard print top.
-Zara textured pants.
-80s Italian vintage beige vest.
-Coach “Bea” silky suede/rabbit fur heels.
-Betsey Johnson sunglasses.
-Borrow bag from my friend Kiki (love ya!)


So what do you guys think of this color? Have you guys tried anything from Colourpop?? Let me know in a comment below!!

Cheers xo



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How to wear floral prints

I was excited to get some of my vintage pieces out of the closet and into the light…but if you live in Montreal, then you know that snow decided to pay us one last visit. To beat the not so winter more like spring blues…I decided to wear some floral prints to get into the spring/summer vibes a little early.

Here are 2 looks styled with vintage pieces I owned. I mixed them in a modern way for 2 completely different looks.

Flower Child

What I wore:
-80s lavender/blue A-line dress
-Forever 21 floral kimono
-Studded Vince Camuto leather belt
-Ebay purchased knee-high boots

Street Chic

What I wore:
– Pink  burnout top
– Forever 21 skinnies
– 80s floral blazer
– Industry booties
– Vintage layered necklace

I love wearing prints. But to be completely honest, sometimes floral prints are scary..because if not worn/styled correctly, it could end up looking like a hot granny mess. The second look is definitely my favorite and I felt a lot more confident in my own skin.

Hope you enjoyed the looks. Let me know in a comment below which look you like best.

Cheers xo