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A look into my work week: The fashion

Since the temperature started to get a little warmer, I was excited to get the lighter layers out…and mix and match patterns and textures. Putting outfits by mixing vintage and modern clothes give me such a satisfaction. I get super proud when someone compliments me on my pieces and I get to say “It’s vintage!”. For anyone who loves vintage as much as I do, you’ll understand that glistening feeling!!

So without further ado here’s a look into my week’s outfits.


What I wore: 
– Forest green “Miss Me” shirt.
– Danier leather pencil skirt.
-Le Château magenta heels.



What I wore:
– Pink Tartan Coat.
– H&M white shirt.
– 80s pleated floral skit.
– Zara heels.


What I wore:
– 90s Jacob red top.
– Zara madras printed culottes.
– 80s Jean Paul Fortin heels.


What I wore:
– Vintage striped silk shirt.
– Zara black culottes.
– Adidas shoes.


Mixing the old with the new is just so me!! Makes me happy and that’s when I feel at my best <3 What I love most about vintage is the fact that you can definitely have unique items and make them your own. Add you own touch and voila!!!

Let me know what item or outfit you own makes you feel at your best?















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Weekend outfits

The sun was out this weekend and I was super excited to go out and dress up. I am sharing with you today 3 outfits I wore for my outings around town. Hope hope you like them!!!

Look #1

What I wore:
– Pink Tartan Coat.
– Long Zara top with high side slits.
– House of Harlow pants.
– Charles & Keith shoes.
– DCK necklace.
– Aldo sunglasses.

Look #2

What I wore:
– Only leather bomber jacket.
– White Forver 21 top.
– Guess overalls.
– Thrifted tartan shirt.
– Adidas sneakers.
-Aldo sunglasses.

Look #3

What I wore:
– Red Zara Coat.
– Reitmans sweater.
– Tommy Hilfiger Skinnies.
– Aldo heels.
-Simmons sunglasses.
– Calvin Klein bag.

I had so much fun dressing up this weekend…the sun definitely gave me the push I needed to be active and go out with family and friends.

Let me know in a comment below which look you liked best!


Cheers xo



Fashion Inspiration Vintage

Weekend outfits

Last weekend I took advantage of the nice sunny days to dress up for some outings in town and since I was feeling pretty confident and super happy with what I wore, I wanted to document it. For the most part of the weekend, I had to run errands and then had a dinner in a restaurant and this is what I wore:



What I wore:

– Retro dress
-Vintage vest
-DCK necklace
-Vince Camuto booties
-Simmons sunnies





What I wore:

-Thirfted jean shirt
-Reitmans sweater
-Calvin Klein marble jeans
-Vintage pearl necklace
-Vince Camuto booties
-Kate Spade sunnies
-Forever 21 Jacket

I hope you like when I share my random photos with you, it’s something I really enjoy doing and I feel like it’s a great way to share my outfits with all of you all over the world. Maybe it will inspire you to include and welcome vintage in your wardrobes.


Cheers xo


Fashion Inspiration Vintage

I’m calling spring!

It’s been kind of a long winter for me this year…and I have been feeling super blah! So this week I just told myself: enough is enough! And since I have been having loads of fun with my outfits, I wanted to share some pics with you guys. What I love about the fashion industry, more than design, is styling. Why? Because I feel free and uber creative. Styling gives me the freedom to express myself fully and unapologetically. To mix and match colors and patterns..just ugh!! Happy camper right here!!!

Outfit #1
In this outfit, the main focus is obviously my Topshop coral jacket. I decided to add my favorite vintage striped silk shirt and add these slim fit Forever 21 pants. I definitely have to add that these pants are the bombbbb. The fit is just ummm…Amazing! I wore my Vince Camuto booties and to bring it all together, I added a floral veil and a turquoise blue necklace.

Outfit #2

These pants! I gotta say, the fabric is the softest fabric I ever touched and I touched plenty. I bought these pants when I was on a vacation in the Middle East. I just kept them in the closet and never got the chance to wear them. So to break away from the winter blues, I brought them out for a ride and matched them with my Dynamite top and my favorite vintage necklace. I then added a simple white veil to bring the whole outfit together.


Outfit #3
I recently went shopping with a friend, and when we noticed a shop carrying European brands having major discounts, we just went crazy. Everything in that shop was just perfection. Every piece was unique and special. This skirt is exactly that and more…the fabric, the fit, the pattern….everything about this skirt is beautiful, especially the way it makes you feel like a princess while wearing it. Since the skirt is the focal point in this outfit, I decided to keep the rest of the color/pattern combo simple.


I added a red veil to bring a pop of color around my face and a gold necklace to recall the gold touches in this brocade skirt.

These are some of the outfits I wore this week. Styling for me is like a game and I have developed a deep love and passion for it since I was young. I always say that over dressing is a privilege and don’t be afraid to do so, because it is what makes you you.

Leave me a comment below and let me know which outfit you like best.

Cheers <3


Fashion Vintage

1 culotte and 5 different looks

Culottes seem scary to some…but!!!! when styled properly and imaginatively, they are a chic alternative to classic tailoring and work just as easily by day and by night. Culottes were very big in 2015 and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Women’s culottes came about in the Victorian era, as women of the time started to become much more active by participating in  various physical activities such as horseback riding, tennis and bicycling. Since skirts were not so so practical, the bifurcated skirts of the Victorian era were created to give women the illusion of wearing a long skirt while allowing them to be active.

The French word “culottes” was borrowed and used to refer to these new women’s pants. Women enjoyed a new-found freedom in the Victorian version of culottes and did not need to endure much social backlash, because this garment looked enough like a skirt.

To give life to one of the biggest trends of the past, I have come up with 5 different looks using 1 pair of culottes….From super-dressy to wildly-rocker chic. So check bellow for inspiration…

1-The super feminine delicate look:
I paired these Zara checkered culottes with a loose pleated vintage top and necklace..Then I added pops of color with my electric blue scarf and red Zara block heels.

2- The laid back-no hassle-too cool for school look:
I paired the same culottes with a simple vintage mustard sweater and paired it with pops of red in the scarf and the necklace. I then added leather knee high boot with gold touches to tie in with the mustard top.

3- The free spirit-pattern loving girl look:
I paired the same checkered Zara culottes with a striped vintage shirt and a Reitmans sweater. To add color to this monochromatic look, I added suede blue Jessica Simpson heels and a flower statement necklace. This is one of my favorite looks because you have freedom to mix and match patterns. Taking risks in fashion is something I definitely love to do!

4- The super fashionista look:
This look is where there are endless possibilities to add colors, textures and little details without boundaries. I paired the culotte with a texture Reitmans sweater and added pops of color with an orange scarf and a red heart-shaped Kate Spade bag. I then added some sparkles on my feet with these beige/black Forever 21 sandals. I then tied this all up with a mirrored necklace which has reflections of blue, orange and red.

5- The rocker chic bad-ass look:
This is probably my favorite look of all time, because I can live in a leather jacket and die in one and be the happiest girl in town. I always was and always will be a leather jacket kindda girl. I paired the culottes with a Danier leather jacket, a Tupac/Notorious B.I.G. top, Vince Camuto booties and tied it all together with a brown veil.

Even though these culottes were checkered, I still felt freedom in styling them as I want. Like any piece of clothing in your wardrobe, you must understand it, love it and feel it!! With that one piece, you have endless and countless opportunities to style it as you wish to express yourself freely and without boundaries. It is necessary to not be afraid to mix and match. This is exactly what gives you the chance to leave your own mark in the world and to define your own style. So be unique, but most importantly be you!!

Cheers xo

Fashion Vintage

Why vintage…because it rocks!!!


IMG_1718.JPGIn the past decade or so, vintage clothing has become very popular. It certainly has made its way up there and into mainstream fashion. We can even see some celebrities wearing vintage clothing & accessories. This phenomenon has given the market a serious boost. The reason why I decided to get into vintage hunting/selling was because buying vintage makes you stand out from the crowd. Vintage pieces can be worn in a very modern way and this is the perfect opportunity to secure an individual look. Vintage…that’s special! Why?? Simply because every vintage piece has a story to tell and it carries history. You can take any piece and make it your own; styling it in accordance to your lifestyle and your taste. With a little bit of oomph and a little bit of attitude, vintage pieces can give you the power to be raw, real and super genuine. I also love the idea of upcycling and recycling…being a little more green doesn’t hurt anyone!

Besides, there will always be people who like individual and interesting pieces. Many consumers are discovering that vintage is not only adaptable to current trends, but that it’s also timeless. Some pieces are classics and can even become wardrobe staples. And what I find super interesting in working with vintage, is that you notice the quality…obviously when the items are maintained with caution and care! So for anyone looking for an edge and some spice in their wardrobe, choosing to buy vintage gives you the chance to own a one-of-a-kind item. This allows every individual to always wear their own eclectic style.



The thrill I get in hunting vintage treasures is the liberty I have in being creative on a limited budget. And when you see that one piece in the thrift store and you hold it in your hands, and when your brain starts running a million miles an hour imagining outfit combinations…’s glorious and exciting and amazing and just so fulfilling. To know that I can take an old piece, revive it and make it my own, gives me satisfaction like no tomorrow. I sometimes feel more creative working with vintage as opposed to designing a dress from scratch. It’s just a feeling of pure joy!  I even remember being younger, my sister and I always had a big love for collecting vintage. We used to fight to get some of our mother’s vintage items. I still own a lot of those pieces and I am very proud to wear them out because they offer me originality and this is the key to being stylish. Finally, wearing vintage is a means of individual expression for those trying to achieve a fashion statement…to fitting in whilst standing out.

PS…Some of the pieces in the pictures attached are listed in my Etsy  go take a look!

Design Fashion Vintage

Hello..It’s me

3_Katia Pershin_IMG_3755
Katia Pershin Photography

OKAYYY So…As my first Blog post, I will take the time to introduce myself. I am a fashion designer/vintage curator by profession. I am absolutely in love with fashion <3<3 Everyone who personally knows me, will point that out too. I love colors, textures and patterns. The reason why I decided to go into fashion was because I fell in love with Elie Saab and secretly (not so secret anymore) dreamt that I was his successor. Fashion, to me, is home. It is truly where I most find myself. As I always say, it is a cruel yet beautiful world, where perfectly imperfect beauty is celebrate. It is a place where you can find a place to yourself and where you can express yourself freely without boundaries or limits.

The photo above will describe me accurately. I am a middle eastern girl who grew up in Canada. Being bi-cultural is by no means easy. It has it’s ups and downs. But for the most part, I find myself happier than I ever thought I would be. I am culturally aware and I am absolutely in love with that idea!!! I am an African at heart, I am a German avid fan, I speak Italian and Spanish, I admire the Chinese culture, I die for Soca music, I am a Canadian girl and a proud Arab…the list goes on. What I am trying to say is, culture is definitely a source of inspiration, and this is obvious in most of my work. I am very passionate about traveling and this is the perfect way for me to learn about other cultures and find ideas for my designs.

I participated in many fashion shows and charity events (a big part of who I am). I have my own fashion line, but I mostly custom make evening gowns to women who desire to stand out from the crowd. I struggled to combine my love for nature and earth with creating fashion. I was offered production contracts but deep down I knew this wasn’t who I am. My respect for others, nature and my values did not lead me to continue down the mass production path. This is how I started my vintage shop. Being a vintage hunter and curator is much more exciting and satisfying than anything I have ever done. I not only bring back to life unique vintage pieces, I also up-cycle and recycle. Through my Etsy shop, I decided to make my love for helping others come to life. With that, every sale made, I give a percentage to random acts of kindness.



So I invite you and welcome you to come along with me on a journey filled with exciting fashion bits, beauty tips, travel trips and much more. Cheers to all of you lovely people of the WWW.