Styling the oldest piece I own in my closet!

Today’s outfit features the oldest item I own in my wardrobe (er, one of the oldest). This piece is one I purchased in my college days back in 2004 from a Canadian brand store called Dynamite. That summer, bohemian style was big and I knew I needed to add a piece in my wardrobe that screamed just that! I’m a gypsy for life! I always had a penchant for anything bohemian; flowy peasant blouses, wide leg pants, layered maxi skirts and all the beautiful colors that come with these things. This blue color block skirt was my best friend that summer; I wanted to wear it everywhere and boy I did! Back at 16, this was a huge investment for me, paying it full price (I think it was probably around the 50$ mark) was a stepping stone, heck it was a rite of passage! I had a measly job back then and could only afford college and books…so shopping was a little forbidden for me back then, but I couldn’t resist. So for today’s outfit, I thought it would be interesting to wear this skirt again and style it differently, way differently from back then. I went a little rogue today and was carless in terms of fit and proportions. I wanted to experiment with the oversized style that I see so much of on Instagram, which I totally love by the way!


I have been a little too obsessed with anything gray at the moment, so much so that I even bought gray pillows for our living room. Yikes! This was the perfect opportunity for me to put gray into the mix and wear this oversized sweater I stole from my husband’s closet. No I am not giving it back if that’s what you’re asking. I wore it to death since I stole it from him!!!!


I wanted to add color somewhere and I didn’t want it to be too subtle nor too out there and mixing orange the palette was a good option; I find that it compliments blue so well. Since my neckline felt so bare, I added this antique necklace to go with the gray/blue theme going, but for some reason I still felt bare and so I figured why not also add a vintage colourful scarf to make things even crazier?


To be completely honest, when I was going through this outfit in my mind, it looked absolutely ridiculous, but seeing it live makes me happy; I actually like the end result. It’s chic in a super laid back way.



NECK SCARF: Stefano Guidi (vintage) ♥ NECKLACE: Antique (gift) ♥ SWEATER: Unbranded ♥ SKIRT: Dynamite ♥ SUNNIES: Rayban ♥ BAG: Danier leather


I find that having more free time, lately, is giving me a little bit more game and freedom to piece together the weirdest things. It is a new side of me that I like; scary is good.


Shades of gray

I wanted to dress fancy today and for no reason other than to make myself happy. I sometimes overdress and overdo it and it seems to bother some, but I don’t really care much for what people think. So, I went monochrome (ish), I went all shades of gray or so. I am currently obsessing over this color. I maybe be overdoing it, but who cares, just dress how you feel, right?! I am wearing all over vintage; items I have purchased back in October from the Nova shop in Hudson. I know I talk about this shop all the freaking time, but they sincerely do have awesome finds. If you happen to pass by that area, go check it out, you won’t regret it! I found a beautiful silk shirt and I have been wanting to wear it for a while but I was afraid to ruin it. You know when you buy something precious and you want to wear it, but don’t at the same time, because it’s too precious and you do want to use it because you want to keep it forever? Yeah, I always have those guilt feelings about new items I purchase. Today, I decided to take it out to see the light and what perfect way to pair it with another vintage grey skirt, also from Nova. It’s a silk skirt too and it’s soooo hard to iron sometimes as it easily wrinkles, so I tend to only keep it for special occasion, well up until today. I paired the two items together and was happy with the result, but since it was a little toooo gray, I added a little bit of gold for some royal oomph. Because why not Kate Middleton my way through the day!!!

I really do love this skirt, but I feel like it’s giving me puffy Michelin man vibes; there are loads of pleats around the waist and I feel like maybe I’m overly voluptuous. I think that this particular skirt would look amazing on a taller person because then the weights and proportions work.


PS: I kinda like the contrast between my chic outfit and the graffiti wall, isn’t is so artistic?


To tone down the insane amounts of gray, I added a pop of burgundy in there with the shoes; my engagement shoes! I have had them for close to 5 years now and they’re holding strong. I think I paid a hefty amount of 50$ for them at The Bay store. They’re super comfy and super fashionable; I mean come on, velvet!



SHIRT: Bogies Thai Silk (vintage) ♠ SKIRT: New York Jones (vintage) ♠ SHOES: Expression ♠ BAG: Nine West Clutch ♠ BELT: Zara ♠ SUNNIES: Unbranded from a Jeircho local shop


I know I have worn this clutch bag already in the previous outfit post, but I don’t give a hoot because it’s a gift from my sister and I love it so much. I guess it could be considered newer vintage, since I have already had it for a good 10 years and it still looks pretty new.


I’m quite content with this look. I would wear it to parties or on a regular day (like today!) and I feel like you can never go wrong with gray, it complements every skin tone perfectly. It’s a neutral color, so it goes with everything. I know that that I will get a lot of wear out of this shirt, because it’s smart, so you can easily dress it up or down and make it work to any event you are going to attend. And for 10$ I say I pretty much got a great deal. Worth every buck!






The girl in the green pants!

Today’s outfit of the day is mainly focusing on these beautifully sexy 50s cigarette pants I got while vintage shopping a couple of weeks ago. They’re honestly one of the most precious vintage items I own. I am aware that they’re green but that didn’t stop me from purchasing them. These cost a whopping 10$ at the Nova boutique in Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue. These pants are giving me Holly vibes, you know Breakfast at Tiffany’s, that scene where she’s wearing royal blue cigarette pants on the balcony signing Moon River…those kinds vibes. I was super inspired to style them as they were in that scene, however, I wanted to put my own touch and that meant adding textures and colors to the outfit. Depth is always necessary in my own fashion book. Since I never really wear green, I decided to be quite daring with the color choice that went into this outfit. Since it is starting to get a little bit colder here in Jericho, I knew I needed a jacket to cover up.

And so, without further ado, here’s how it came out and to be frank, I am a little proud of the outcome:


Unfortunately, the label was washed out and so I couldn’t really tell the brand of these pants…but the obvious cut was clear to me that they were super 50s. The super high waist, the cigarette cut, the fit, everything about it screamed that. They are fantastic in fit! They hug the body in the right places and they actually might be classified as overly sexy, depending on what you wear them with. I wanted to keep the modest factor in and so I added the trench coat to avoid the butt/hip enhancement issue. I mean it’s not really an issue, I embrace my big hips….but I am not too comfortable flaunting them.



SHIRT: Topshop ◊ PANTS: 50s Vintage (unlabeled) ◊ SHOES: Badgley & Mischka ◊ TRENCH COAT: Vero Moda ◊ NECKLACE: Gift*Antique Silver ◊ EARRINGS: Crystal Couture Bridal ◊ SUNGLASSES: Vintage*Brigitte Bardot ◊ BAG: Nine West

I was contemplating on wearing a basic white shirt, but then again, that would be too obvious and too boring. So instead, I opted for my favourite boho navy Topshop blouse and it just made sense.


These shoes are my most precious possession. I mean they were my wedding shoes…and the only thing that remains from the wedding. My wedding dress got stolen, le sigh! Anyway, so I hold on to these shoes for dear life and I try not to wear them out too much. But today felt special and I needed to pair them with the green pants. They were super fitting and without overthinking it, I knew these shoes would work out perfectly. They’re a deep burgundy and complement the green in the most fashionably daring way possible.

I felt very fashion forward in this outfit and super lady-like. Although these color seem a little bit weird, I feel like they marry well together and the turban scarf pull everything together.


So, although I may not have been a green girl before, I can safely say that now I am a convert and I should give every color of the rainbow a chance and try it before hating it. Next color to try could be either purple or orange. Slightly frightened, not gonna lie, but I am up for the challenge!


























That floral vintage dress…

For today’s post, I am sharing with you my outfit I wore to a family lunch. This dress I am wearing is just beyond anything I have seen!! I got it from that Hudson thrift shop that I keep talking about. They always have the nicest clothes and everyone working there is a volunteer and all the proceeds go to charity, which is super awesome. That’s what I call shopping for a good cause! Price are decent, staff is wonderful and items are special! I mean it’s a no-brainer and shopping there just makes sense.

So, whilst shopping I spotted a 90s April Cornell‘s dress….I mean you know an April dress without even looking at the tag. Her work and style is so distinctive and this is what attracted me to the brand since a young age. There were a lot of April Cornell shops around Montreal a few years ago and I remember going into them with my sister and wanting to buy everything…but alas I was super broke then and didn’t have a job…but when I got older…then I found out that loads of stores shut down and it was a big heartbreak for me. Her dresses and accessories are so colorful, detailed and ethnically inspired, which is something right up my alley. I don’t really get people that get offended if a designer gets inspired by a certain culture. I mean I am a designer and I get inspired by other people’s cultures all the time. I find it to be the perfect way for me to learn about others and also the perfect way to honour them. Anyway….to get on with my blog, this is jus a cute piece and it’s super flattering on me!


It’s simple, it’s feminine, it’s delicate, it’s just overall the perfect summer/fall dress that you can wear even in the winter…paired with pretty booties and cute coat.


JACKET: Dynamite ♥ DRESS: April Cornell ♥ SHOES: Coach ♥ BAG: Jordan (handmade) ♥ SUNNIES: Aldo

I decided to wear a contrasting bag…just for kicks and I felt like this one made the whole look so much better. I got this bag whilst shopping in Jordan a few months ago for a small shop…where they sell handmade items by underprivileged women and I am so proud to wear it.

Also, ps,  I cannot wait to wear this dress a lot more and I have a few more outfit ideas for it. I was looking for a florally dress for a while now…one that wasn’t overwhelming to wear, since I am petite, and when I stumbled onto this, I was like..yes!!! Momma’s super happy now!


That green angora sweater <3

I have had this 80s agora  mix sweater for ages…I never had the guts to wear it because, well, it’s green. I just don’t really know it this color suits me all that much. Green, yellow and purple are colors I never usually gravitates towards because I feel like they make my complexion even darker than it already is. But today, I put my big girl pants on and got some courage to wear it. It’s so freaking soft too!!!

Hubs and I were walking around town and just went for a small stroll into the woods before we hung out with family. The weather was beautiful and it was good enough for me to just get away with wearing a  sweater without a jacket. October has been a good month so far and we’ve been super lucky. Hubs has enjoyed every moment he got here so far because it wasn’t too too cold (as it usually is in October).

So here’s how my outfit turned out…I guess you can say I kept it pretty simple because the green was a little overwhelming for me.


SWEATER: Vintage (80s) Rino Rossi  (posted for sale on ETSY)♦ JEANS: Buffalo (thrifted) ♦ BOOTS: Aldo ♦ SUNNGLASSES: Forver 21 ♦ BELT: Calvin Klein

In person, I guess I felt a little awkward wearing such a powerful color…but looking at myself through these photographs, I realize that I may be a little too harsh on myself and that green actually suits me and that my complexion is fine. We sometimes just put limitations and boundaries from ourselves to ourselves (if ya gys know what I mean). We need to be kind to ourselves once in a while…we tend to forget we’re human.


Wearing green actually made me happy as I fit in with nature and mt surroundings…or whatever green left there is in my surrounding. Taking some time off these past few weeks has made me realize that life needs to be enjoyed fully…make every moment worth it and last. Sometimes, we run to catch up with life and then we forget about the true core values of our lives such as family and health. It is necessary to taste what’s around us with our senses and our hearts.


As mother Teresa said: “Be happy in the moment, that’s enough, Each moment is all we need, not more.”



That 80s sweater….

We visited Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue today and it was the perfect weather to walk along the river…it wasn’t too cold nor too hot. Hubs and I walked around the city and enjoyed the local market area where there was a bazaar supporting local farmers and small businesses . We ate some handmade gelato and it was amazing! The sun was bright and shining and the bees and butterflies were out to play.



The foliage was remarkable and there still loads of green left in the scenery. The air smelt nice and the breeze was just super yummy! There were loads of people walking around and enjoying family time. There were even people taking advantage of the mild weather to ride their boats (perhaps) one last time before winter.

Hubs and I also took the time to go to Nova (the vintage/thrift shop) in Sainte-Anne…and I ended up buying a few items and I cannot wait to share them soon..EEEKK!!!


Can’t make this post without also sharing my outfit of the day…and I wore vintage! I got this sweater a few winters’s a beautiful hand knit sweater made in Hong Kong. It’s honestly very heavy and you can see that it is worked meticulously. It’s a rare and wonderful piece to own. I have posted it for sale for the moment on my Etsy page (for those interested).


TOP: Vintage Nannell sweater ♦ PANTS: Thrifted Buffolo (straight leg cut) ♦ BELT: Calvin Klein ♦ SHOES: Converse ♦ BAG: Cole Haan ♦ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21

I’ve been enjoying wearing straight leg jeans/looser jeans…they’re much more comfortable and I feel like I have abused the skinnies a little bit too much. The ones I am wearing in this blog are thrifted…and they were longer and so I cut them and let the bottom hem frayed. DIYing is a super easy way to give the illusion of having loads of items in your closet…but you’re just really pimping what you got. I have been into this at the moment..I haven’t really actually shopped in real store or malls in a while..I would say a good 5 months. Thrifting has been taking a lot of my time lately and revamping my clothes even more. Why not make your things unique and leave your own touch. It really doesn’t cost much.


I will share some of my DIY items that I worked on lately in up coming posts…right now I am loving documenting about our travels and discoveries.


I have been pimping loads of my denim items and some items I have had for ages…so I figured why not make them new again. You’ll see them soon!!!

No Denim challenge: Day 7 (OOTD)

As the final day of the no denim challenge hits, momma decided to hit full throttle and go full out and dress as though she going to dinner with Tom Hanks (hints of exaggeration right here…but that’s pretty fancy for where I was going). I wanted to have my last outfit be cool and chic and complex yet simple. So, I thought about layering in volumes; airy and breezy. I also wanted the whole look to be monochrome (sorta) but with a pop of red on my lips. I haven’t worn red lips in a while and was in the mood for them. Red lips, for some reason, always give me an extra added power and confidence.



TOP: Ipekzade (from Turkey) ♠ PANTS: Zara ♠ SHOES: Aldo ♠ BELT: Vintage ♠ BAG: Nine West ♠ EARRINGS: Etsy

I love how the top when cinched in with the bet created a similar kind of waves as the pants and this is exactly how I envisioned the outfit to be. I didn’t want to stray off too far away from the colors I was wearing and so I added this faux snake leather clutch from Nine West. I could potentially consider this as a vintage piece because I own it since 2005. My sister got it for me as a gift when I was in university and looking for special pieces to build my “adult/party” wardrobe with. Love you sissy! She always knows what I love and gets me the coolest pieces.

Although this challenge was pretty awesome and wearing no denim forced me to be completely creative and a little out of my lazy comfort zone, it feels great to end it as well. I miss my jeans and I am ready to go back to them for a little bit now.

Dressing up always adds a little something special in my gives me confidence and a boost to face the world and follow my dreams.