Eid OUTFIT – Take #3

Okay…okay this one is a little out of my comfort zone, but I had to try it. The chapeau and hijab combo look is a little intimidating I have to say but I kind of felt like Rose DeWitt Bukater Sawson Calvert from Titanic. I must say I felt extra fancy, but I couldn’t do it for too too long. Felt silly and out of context, LOL, prancing around the house, while my neighbor looked at me puzzled as to why I was dressed like I was going on a cruise. 

I recently went away to Val Des Monts (Québec) for a little vacation with the little one as she loves the water and because I had an Oxygen facial done and couldn’t stay in the sun directly, I decided to buy this lovely hat to put on while we were out on the lake. So, I couldn’t put it aside for the next time we took a vacation without taking it out for one more spin before summer ended, so I decided why not wear it for Eid? Besides, there are lots of girls who wear hats with their hijabs and look insanely cool. So here is my attempt at looking cool—not! Haha! I was quite surprised that it gave me a little oomph and a little va va voom feel. It is super true when they say that clothes do change your perception of yourself. It can either be positively or negatively. Wearing the hat gave me a push where I felt extra feminine and extra fancy. It almost made me want to stand super tall and walk with purpose. Saying that coz I always hinge my back. Bad posture, I know! Definitely need to work on it. 

This look isn’t vintage, by all means, and I had bought it specifically for Eid as a little gift to myself for not shopping for months. Since lockdown started, I saved so much money and was super ecofriendly, recycling, and reusing. The last thing I bought was a beautiful orange – terracotta suit from Mango, which I haven’t worn much since we’re all stuck at home. I have been into wearing maxi dresses a lot lately, even at home, I find that I am more productive when I look and feel cute. Maxi, long sleeves dresses are easy in the summer as you don’t need to layer a ton. You just put your hijab and shoes and voila, you’re done and fabulous! I have a few from Zara that I wear all the time, but I needed something a little more special for Eid. When the mall opened last month, I decided to have a peek at H&M. I initially went there to buy headbands for my daughter as I couldn’t find I was looking for on Etsy and I try as much as possible not to shop in big chain stores anymore. But I had to do what I had to do. However, when I walked past the sales section, this dress caught my eye and I wanted to have it in my wardrobe. Again, staple, will keep it for a long time. Love that it is long sleeves, modest and has a silk – satin feel. Plus, the print is extra cool, and it is a special color, a little minty but a little teal. Funky and fun! 

I ended it up pairing the dress with my trusted DKNY leather bag and Zara leather heels which I’ve had for ages too. And that’s how I completed look #3. 

How do you guys like this one? Please do let me know!

Happy Humpday!


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Little People, Big Dreams!

Growing up, I loved reading books! We spent our weekends at the library for as long as I can remember. Our mama dearest taught us that books are your best friend; not only because they enrich you, but they give you the chance to explore your imagination and the possibilities that come with it. Books allow you to immerse yourself into a different world, a world that you can create and live in. Books have the power to teach you about yourself, about others and life in general. Since I grew up with this concept, I figured that the least I can do is share that passion with my daughter. I don’t read as much as I use to but when I have the time, I’ll enjoy a good read.

I started reading to my daughter since she was born and I loved sharing that time with her even though she didn’t care much, but I knew she listened. She was always so fascinated with colors and shapes and I made sure to ignite that interest in her at an early age. True to this! My daughter, now, impatiently waits on me to read her favorite books at bedtime. If God forbid for some reason I don’t do that, then she goes mad! She’s so funny, all I say is “let’s go read a story” and she’d be in bed already under the covers. She’s such a sweet monster. I read her all kinds of books but she seems to enjoy these more. I discovered them after I purchased a Cinderella book from a museum that had fashion illustrations. And she was instantly grasped by it and since I saw the interest, I decided to get more. As I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I stumbled upon the Little People, Big Dreams series and I purchased one out of curiosity. The first one I bought was Mother Teresa and my God does my daughter love her!

Basically, these books are mini-biographies of prominent people who changed the world. They are an empowering and educational series of books to send inspiring messages to children of all ages and they are written in a simple but beautiful way. That’s why I fell in love with them. I bought her a few, but her favorite remains Mother Teresa and wins the race every time. They’re informative books and they are super smartly illustrated, in a way that captures the children’s attention. My little girl loves them as much as I do and we can’t seem to read anything else now. I got her an all women’s collection but they also have stories about men who made a difference in the world like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and more. The collection is quite vast, but I treat her with these once in a while as it can get a bit pricey. But as long as my daughter finds inspiration and strength, then money has no value.

So, I thought I’d share with you guys what my daughter loves reading and perhaps inspire you guys to check these books out. They make for perfect gifts!!! Even my 12-year-old niece loves reading them to my daughter!

Happy Humpday x

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Runway looks for less; Take 2!

In another edition of what I love about SS 2020 trends, I am highlighting the fact that maximalist prints are still going strong. Seen or runway shows from Marc Jacobs to Dries Van Noten to Libertine. All the colors and all the clash are giving me butterflies in my tummy. I love me a good color clash, especially when prints are bold and colorful. I mean, how can you not be happy?? Fashion is a way to lift your mood up and this season, there is lots of inspiration that you can use daily to shift your gears and get out of a gloomy wardrobe. Power prints and puffed sleeves are back in a huge way this summer and giant florals, oversized polka dots and the bunch are all the rave. So be brave and creative; do not be afraid to try something new this summer.

I obviously am very happy that bold prints will forever be a thing and even though I don’t buy many trendy pieces, I know I own way too many prints to be out of style at some point. Plus, vintage is big on that! Look for 60s and 70s pieces to get that look. There is always something in the thrift shop with bold prints. Even 80s shirts and skirts have cool prints. Look around your local shop and you’re surely find something cute, well-made and inexpensive. Shameless plug: go to my shop to find some of these pieces.
The puff sleeves, on the other hand, are coming in subtly but gorgeously; Zimmerman hit that one on the head this season on the runway! The puff is either focused on the shoulders or is done gradually down the sleeves. But puffed sleeves, when done right, add a sense of femininity to an outfit and give you a romantic feel. I always opt for puffed sleeves whenever I want to feel girly and feminine.

Although I didn’t go crazy with the print clashing today, I did add a little bit of both elements in my outfit. I opted for some colors and puffed sleeves. I love this blouse so much and bought it a few weeks back to go with a turquoise satin skirt I have for an event and I love that it’s satin, floral and pink. I rarely go for pink but the print on this blouse makes me want to wear it daily. I love how it’s puffed at the top and get a little tighter at the bottom, the cuff adds a badass feel; which I am all about. I paired it with a checkered blazer I got from Tristan in the fall. A little on the expensive side, but as an investment, it’s a good purchase. I know I’ll have it for years and years to come. Adding the blue/purple pants pulled the outfit together. The shoes were my little sneaky print clash and that’s how it all came out!


I love fashion and styling and again, I love the runway. So, here is another look into the spring/summer trends. A way for you to get inspired and do runway looks for less.
Hope you liked this edition and see you in the next one!!


I am back!!

It’s been almost a year since I posted here. I don’t know what happened and why I ever stopped writing, but I know that I have missed it terribly. All I know is that I was not feeling my best. I was uninspired and down for some reason, although I had everything in my reach, a beautiful daughter, a wonderful husband, and a health (curious) body. I needed time to heel and feel happy in my thoughts and skin and with this much needed mental break, I am now back and more refreshed than ever. There is no magic formula to feeling better about yourself, you just must work hard and remember that every day you have is a blessing and go from there. I took the time to connect with my daughter better, work on my anger and anxiety and refocus on my business. It wasn’t easy, but I knew that I had the support of the right people. I don’t know where I am going with this, but all I know is that at this moment in time, I am a happy kid. My life may not be where I want it to be, I am having an amazing time with my journey and I am grateful for all I have in my life. A lot has happened in the time I was gone and I still have a long way to go in feeling 100% myself, but for now, I am very content.

I have lots of things to update you on and since we’re only 17 days in the new year, I feel like it’s still okay to recap and look back on 2019.
I will be posting (hopefully) 3 times a week again starting next week but for now, hello and happy 2020!!

Iman x

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The how to of a vintage blazer!

Another clashing print outfit but it’s not that outrageous I would say. The color palette is within the same family so it’s still pretty safe. I am gagging at the fact that I can’t wear jeans to the new place I am working for and it sucks because all I want to do is wear jeans. However, this pushes me out of my current style rut and forces me to wear anything that is not within the denim family. Therefore, trousers have been my very best friend lately and I am revisiting old items in my wardrobe that I have kept on the side when I was pregnant. Rediscovering certain of these items has been very interesting and even though I have put on a little bit of weight, I am so happy that they still fit (somewhat nicely). Seeing said items after months of not using them usually gives me different ideas on how to wear and style them. This in itself is such a game changer, because I am not spending on buying new things and I’m being super eco-friendly. If I am bored of certain items (usually that’s what I do), I put them away for a while and decide to revisit in a couple of months. That’s how it usually works with any great piece of art, doesn’t it?! Leave it on the side and work on it when you’re inspired.

Today’s pièce de résistance is a pair of printed culottes I got from Zara 3 years ago while on a trip in Jordan. They were on sale for like 10 bucks and I couldn’t resist the beautiful color. My husband hates them and whenever I wear culottes he never gets it, but nonetheless, I love them! He always thinks that there’s no point to culottes, if pants are going to be cropped then wear shorts instead…men!




I even almost forgot I still had them, but I got super excited to see that I had kept them and luckily, they’re still in wonderful condition. Seeing that I didn’t want to wear another boring black top with it. I added a printed vintage blazer that I have had in my shop for a while and was debating of selling or not. I mean it’s a boyfriend fit, clearly, but the quality of it is beautiful. I put it on sale then removed it because I wanted to keep it.


JACKET: Vintage ◊ SHIRT: Vero Moda ◊ PANTS: Zara ◊ SHOES: Doc Martens ◊ WATCH: Marc Jacobs ◊ JEWELRY: Damas (Gold)


An outfit like this one is still wearable because the colors are muted even though they somewhat clash. But lately, I have been having such a huge interest in clashing prints…perhaps it’s the simplest way I can find to express what’s currently going in my mind. Don’t know if it works for everyone, but for me it does!


Happiness chaser!

Seven months later, I can almost safely say that I am settling into my new life away from home. It has been a drastic change and I have had my ups and downs. Right now, at this moment, I am good; I feel like I finally have reached a comfortable middle. I have had a lot of anxiety issues with this move and sometimes it’s difficult for me to even leave the house, but that’s another story. Today, however, I wanted to share with you the three things that have been making me happy.

1- Drake & Christmas carols


Yes, I said it; Drake has been making me ecstatic this month. I have been obsessing over his latest Views album; it has been keeping me company in the kitchen, in the car, in the shower, anywhere, really. He’s got a few songs that just hit it home…not to mention that he’s my homie! Hello Canada! Haha! His cover to Jackson Browne’s These Days is epic! It seriously just gives me life. It’s so poetic and wonderful and listening to acoustic Drake makes him sound so vulnerable and relatable. I have been digging this kinda Drake. I mean I always thought he was bomb, but now, he’s on a whole other level of amazing. I have always turned to music for therapy. I feel like certain songs and lyrics help me get out of any funk state I am in. apart from Coldplay and Ellie Goulding, I wouldn’t say I am an avid musical group lover; I just love music in general. I listen to music depending on my mood. Some days I will listen to an hour long trip hop mix and other days I will listen to Erik Satie….just depends on how I feel. I remember, when I had my mid-life crisis at 25, I was constantly listening to Eminem and I feel like he got me out of a very deep dark phase I was in…that and faith. Anyhow, at the moment, I have also been very much enjoying the Christmas carols. Yes, I know I am Muslim, but that doesn’t change anything, we each have our religions and beliefs, but I grew up in Canada and I grew up in a multicultural and multi-religious environment and I really do appreciate Christmas time. Can you tell I miss the snow and Canada? I mean, its’ December here in Jericho too, but where the heck is the snow people. Where the heck is the 40cm snow storm and electricity shortage…can someone take me there asap!

2- Cooking


Um, I have been experimenting a lot in the kitchen and making things works and other things not so much. The overall process of cooking is truly enjoyable. I never thought in a million years that I would say that. I hated being in the kitchen and I hated making anything other than sandwiches and salads. However, at this moment, I am happy cooking. Experimenting has been my thing, I most of the time do not follow recipes; I just go with my gut and wait to see how it comes out. I also have been making loads of cakes and I think I have found a way to make the best chocolate cake ever! And from scratch! EEEEEeekkKK! Happy dance! I bought a bunch of spices and my spice rack is sort of super epic right now, but it’s perfect, because then I know what works with what. The whole culinary experience is very therapeutic, even the shopping bit too. Finding your ingredients and preparing the meal in your head, it’s exciting and frightening and just emotionally fulfilling. I am not Jamie Oliver by any means, but I manage things pretty well in the kitchen area.

3- Children


No, I am not pregnant and I am not planning on it anytime soon. I just love to hang out with children at the moment. They have this perspective about life that make you fall in love with it all over again. We adults tend to forget the importance of living due to many responsibilities we have on our plates. If we take the time to see the brighter side of things, life becomes brighter and happier. My husband’s nieces and nephews have been hanging out with me loads lately and they’re adorable (sometimes annoying) and just full of excitement. Despite the hardships that many Palestinians live on a daily basis, I find that they find the time to make themselves happy…especially children. I feel like they’re very mature for their age and they tend to be too philosophical sometimes and it’s touching. These little monsters have been showing me the key to life and I am humble and amazed to be a part of their journey. It makes me nostalgic to hang out with them, because I miss my nieces and nephews a whole damn lot, but I always keep them with me in my heart. They truly helped me a lot this month in finding myself again and in highlighting what’s important in life. They have challenged me again and again to keep going and to be happy for that I am forever grateful.


So there you have it, these are some of the important things that have been keeping me chipper this month.

To my readers, wherever you are in your life, may you find happiness, always!



…and then Halifax!



The last stop in our little honeymoon road trip was Halifax. We were a little sad..more like I was sad that it was our last stop, but I made sure I enjoyed every moment…I had pre-booked a guided tour with Mr. McNeil and damn it was worth every penny. We got a little lost on our way to the Pier to meet our group that morning we arrived…so we ran like hell to catch up and we got there like 10 minutes later than scheduled. I felt so annoyed and sad and was hoping not to miss the tour, but then when I lost all hope, my husband found Paul McNeil! Our tour guide was so freaking amazing, I found him on Tripadvisor and for anyone going to Halifax, I recommend you guys going on a tour with him because he’s super passionate and sincere. We stayed with him for like almost 6 hours and we only paid like 160$ for the both of us.


Arriving to Halifax that day we were lucky to have a beautiful weather; 22 degrees and loads of sun. We started our tour around Halifax where Paul explained to us the history and the architecture in depth. He told us about the big explosion and took us to every place that was significant to this incident. That explosion happened in 1917 when a French willed with explosives and ship collided with a Norwegian ship and caused the biggest maritime disaster in Halifax history. It was super interesting to learn about this because I have never heard of it before and it just made it easier for us to understand the general history of Halifax and enjoy seeing and discovering everything.

We were able to visit the cemeteries where many victims of the explosion were buried. Paul also took us to the Halifax public Gardens and let us loose. We walked around for a good half hour and we enjoyed the view and took loads of pictures. We even had the time to socialize with the other couples in the van. Paul has a small Ford van and we were a total of 4 couples and so the tour was intimate and packed with juicy historical information.

After our walk we went back to our tour and visited the Citadel Hill where we were able to see and witness the ceremonial firing of the noon gun. It was quite interesting and entertaining and it’s super lovely that Halifax still maintains this tradition.


We also learned that the Titanic had a big presence in the Halifax history and that many victims have been buried there and it was really cool to learn about the depth of these historical events and the truths behind the Titanic. It was honestly super interesting and seeing the tombstones with the victims’ names and sometimes only their description was left behind. It’s a little gloomy and weird to see that and going back in time, it’s almost like you’re living it…quite chilling.

We then headed off to Fisherman’s cove…a cute, small, little village where many shops were open selling a variety of food, pastries, cafés and souvenirs. This is where we met the lovely Lynnie…a wonderful baker and a beautiful soul. She was so cute and was mesmerized by hubs and I. She was so kind and welcoming and she makes the yummiest date cakes! Seastheday was her shop and I am so glad I went in, because I got a chance to meet her.


We had another half hour at Fisherman’s cove and so hubs and I walked around and took loads of pictures and enjoyed the fresh smell of the sea in the air. That saltym fishy smell…ahhh!! Good times!

…Paul was then kind enough to take us on a last stop to see the view of the whole of Halifax from Dartmouth and the view was phenomenal. Paul, honestly and sincerely, did an epic job at showing us around the city…he made us fall in love with Halifax (a lot more than we thought we were). If he was advertising…we would have bought right then and there.

Out of all the cities we stopped at and visited…Halifax is by far our favorite and we are thinking that perhaps, one day, we would move there. Road tripping and honeymooning across Canada was a good option and I am so glad we waited and saved up to see more of Canada. I know that it is not a top hot spot honeymoon destination…but for me it meant the world. I got to see more of my home, meet new wonderful people and discover new corners. Visiting Atlantic Canada made me realize and see how much Canadians are truly proud of their heritage and that made me feel somewhat patriotic.



Honeymooning in Canada

I’m back in Montreal and it feels super good. I needed this and this was the right moment for hubs and I to take the time to honeymoon across Atlantic Canada. Since hubby isn’t Canadian, I had to work on sponsoring him and we got the papers in time..and since the wedding was a little too costly for us, we decided to wait and save up before we went to honeymoon anywhere. I found that it was super perfect to honeymoon across Atlantic Canada…I know that it’s not like a top hot spot destination….especially for a honeymoon….but for us, it’s meaningful. I wanted to show my husband where I came from and have him take the time to see my world and open up his horizons to different ideas and views. He was excited and was ready to see a whole new world. Since we only have 3 weeks to see loads of places…we decided to start with Montreal first. We spent the time to walk around downtown and shop a little….and since I haven’t worn vintage in a while, I thought, now was the perfect time to do so…layering is a must, especially that it’s a little more chilly for me now since moving to Jericho.

I was super happy with my outfit and here’s how it came out:



JACKET: Danier leather Ξ TOP: Zara (thrifted) Ξ SKIRT: 80s vintage Ξ BOOTS: Call it Spring Ξ BAG: thrifted Ξ SUNNIES: Gucci Ξ EARRINGS: Vintage Ξ NECKLACE: Antique






I was super excited when I saw mom stocking up some vintage items for me…the minute I landed and got home, she was thrilled to show me what she got and those were some of the items she has purchased over the past weeks. I love that I share this passion with mom…I know I was a little difficult when I was younger and always wanted brand new clothes…but since growing up and working in the fashion industry, I came to realize that older things have more value and that thrifted items are just as cool as brand new items depending on how you decided to style them. Thrifting has become a huge hobby for me…I truly do enjoy it…the process is sometimes annoying for me, but the end result is awesome!



This skirt is a dream! Too bad it’s a little too big for me and I am selling it on my Etsy store soon…but it’s the perfect transitional skirt…it’s midi length and so, you still have that summer feel but it’s lined which gives you the warmth you need. I haven’t worn a leather jacket in a while and I completely forgot how much of a badass I feel in one! UGHHHHH, leather gives me all kinds of feels!


This is my first outfit since I’m back home and I cannot wait to share more fall outfits and also more details of my honeymoon.

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No Denim challenge: Day 6 (OOTD)

There was a slight hiatus in my documentation of no denim outfit simply because I feel ill and had my birthday and Eid and we ended up going to Jordan for a while (a little break from life) and the sorts…oh and food poisoning (ugh! the worst thing ever!!). Soo, I took a  break from everything until I got fully better and here’s what I decided to wear. It was my birthday, which basically meant I could get away with pretty much anything…therefore, it was the perfect timing for me to get onto the PJ trend and sport it outside the limits of my bedroom and house. I bought this gorgeous PJ set from Victoria’s Secret a little while ago and fell in love with it purely for the print! It’s so freaking pretty and comfortable. Sooooo, I thought, why not give it a go and see how things turn out and I must admit it looks kinda badass and I liked it! Ok, I would maybe not repeat it any time soon, but I would wear it again some other time in this lifetime.


and here’s how this no denim outfit turned out:


I didn’t feel weird wearing PJs out…I mean I rarely go out with legging or anything remotely close to loungewear…but for some reason I didn’t feel like this particular set felt too homey. The print is happy and exciting and the fabric is silky and soft. Victoria’s Secret has the nicest pyjamas and lingerie, but I would never pay full price and when I saw this set on sale, I took advantage!


PJ Set: Victoria’s Secret ◊ SUNNIES: Aldo ◊ BAG: Aldo ◊ SHOES: Charles & Keith ◊ VEIL: Voile Chic ◊ MUSCLE TEE: Forever 21

I feel like so many companies are getting these PJ inspired pants and shirts out that I can get away with wearing these out more often separately (especially the pants…have you seen how freaking awesome the print is???).

I feel what made this look a little less prancy and out there is the fact that I added a printed tee under the shirt. It just made everything super laid back and chill but still super badass with the heels. Besides, adding a little 2pac is always a plus!



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The sunscreen that saved my life…

Preparing and protecting my skin for the wedding was a must for me and keeping it safe from the sun was my #1 priority. Since doing a chemical peel at the dermatologist a little over 4 years ago, my skin has become very sensitive to sun exposure and the general weather elements, which is kinda annoying as hell because I always have to be aware. Being in the cold too much will dry out my skin till it cracks and being in the sun too much will burn my skin till it’s tight and extremely dry. Either way, I’m screwed. Since I wanted to avoid having skin issues on my wedding day, I decided to invest in a proper skincare regimen a few month prior to that and that required research and making sure that I would not end up having a reaction to the products I used.

Having the right SPF was such a struggle for me because I break out easily to them and for the longest time I did not use them…but since the skin regenerates better when protected from the sun, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and find myself something fantastic. After loads of reading and researching, I came across the Shiseido Future Solution LX SPF 50+ and this has rocked my world. I do not go a day without it! The price is very very steep, at a huge 115$ cad, it comes in as a very high end/expensive product. Since knowing that I could try product at Sephora before committing and having a flexible exchange/return policy, I took the dive and bought it.


I bought it since April and have been using it on a daily basis including days where there wasn’t much sun peaking through and I have to say that since using it, I have seen improvement in my skin and it’s healing process. Hyper-pigmentation is not much of an issue for me because I protect my skin well. I didn’t want to go for a chemical sunscreen because I prefer physical ones. I feel like my skin doesn’t break out to those. This Shiseido sunscreen is prefect because it is a mix of both. Physicals sunscreens have a mix of both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Therefore, physicals blockers are mineral and they protect the skin from the sun by blocking the sun’s rays. Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the sun’s rays.


The consistency of this cream is good, I feel like it somehow hydrate my skin. It’s not too thick and it doesn’t leave a white cast after application or have flashback in photos. The skin absorbs this product well and it doesn’t feel greasy at all!

For the price, I would say it’s worth every penny…50ML is a good amount and there’s still so much product left in the tube. Overall, after 4 months of use, I can safely say that is a holy grail product for me and I will definitely repurchase…living in the Middle East requires SPF on a daily basis and this will help my skin stay youthful and happy 🙂 There was no dryness of cracking this summer, so I am totes a happy camper!