Fashion VS. Style: What makes an outfit pleasurable?!

I have been asking myself these questions lately…. I mean, what are the elements that make your outfit pleasurable or satisfying??? What style quests are you trying to achieve? There is a big difference between fashion and style and I guess for many, it doesn’t really make a difference. But to those of us who love fashion, we know that the art of dressing up is far more important than just covering your body with fabric. There is something much deeper than that and for me style is a constant evolution of dressing up to your own desire. Style is personal to each individual and it is about expressing yourself freely without having to speak. I find it so interesting to watch and analyze people based on how they dress…but then again, we don’t judge a book by its cover. But, really though, what makes an outfit an outfit??? Should an outfit simply be utilitarian or should it be more style-focused? Sure, it all depends on social status, career requirements, environment and personal taste, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in what you put on your body.

These days, I have been having endless amount of fun experimenting with color and clashing print. I sometimes overwhelm myself because I’m super inspired. Crazy, I know. Well today was no different, sometimes I just want to wear all the pieces in my closet, all at once, all at the same time….haha! But I hold myself so I don’t end up looking like the pigeon lady from home alone. However today, I managed to keep my cool and I only got out my yellow pants amid a snowstorm, yes, the yellow pants! Did I get weird looks on my way to work, yes…but come on, where’s the problem with wearing yellow trousers in winter?? And I also paired them with a polka dot navy shirt and made an outfit happen.



SHIRT: FDC ● PANTS: Bianco ● BAG: Cole Haan ● SHOES: Nine West (knee-high boots)

Although, I was sure of the choice when I got up…during the day, I felt a bit out of proportions with the color choice but decided to keep on keeping on, because what choice do I have. Sometimes, we just gotta go with the flow and that’s what I ended up doing today. I guess, moral of the story is to always enjoy your outfit and be sure to feel good in it, because when you feel less confident, it shows, and you won’t be satisfied. There is a huge difference, at the end of the day, between what you are wearing and why you are wearing it. I tend to always think about why I would like to wear a certain piece and that, my friends, is what style is about. Defining yourself unapologetic-ally through your garments of choice.

What do you guys think?!


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Mom on the go…

When my sisters used to tell me that they literally never had time to finish their things because said time was dedicated to the children, I would always say…don’t be dramatic! Well, now that I am a mom, I realize that that’s very true. I wish I had an extra two minutes to wash my hair to perfection…but alas, those days are far behind, or taking a rest for a bit. Having a baby is so gratifying but most of time, I am so focused on baby that I forget to do me. However, with time, I have managed to be efficient and fast to finish things for myself and one of those things is getting ready in the morning. Since working full-time outside the house, I noticed that I am a little more pressed for time and juggling all parts of lie equally is giving me a bit of anxiety. I still push through and try my hardest to be a good mama and a good wife and a good woman to myself, first and foremost! So, dressing up is one of the things I enjoy doing for myself and that includes a little bit of makeup on my tired, sometimes dull face….so that makes me feel extra!

I have managed to gain a new skill over the past few weeks and that is getting ready and being out the door in 20 minutes and still managing to look humanly decent! Granted, I take some time at the end of my weekend to prepare mentally what I want to wear…but that isn’t set in stone, and sometimes I am up for something different. What I learned overtime is to dress how I feel and whenever I am tired, adding more color into my wardrobe gives me more energy to take on my days head-high, rather than feeling gloomy and negative. Today is no different, I decided to wear my pink blazer from my Zara suit and having a suit in my wardrobe is handy for layering and for creating different outfits. Mixing and matching becomes easier and having more options with certain pieces helps in spending less.

I went for my favorite ‘mom’ look, which by definition means sporting a blazer! Haha! Because that is the best possible way for me to look like a responsible, I know what I am doing in life, adult! Adulting, you say?? I am an expert!


I didn’t feel like I needed to purchase anything new to make this outfit work. These days, that’s how I feel anyway. I am super happy with where I am at with my wardrobe and I feel very creative in mixing and matching the pieces I already own. If I feel like I have something missing, I usually turn to thrifting and when I don’t find what I am looking for, then I hit the stores. However, hitting the stores lately has got me so overwhelmed on so many levels. Been having all these existential questions, lately, about consumerism, humanity and the overall retail world. How much shit we put on our poor little planet who is kind enough to receive us all—and unfortunately, we don’t respect it as we should. But then I tell myself, as long as I do my part, then that’s a step forward.

I have been dying to wear my vintage croco-leather booties for a while but they’re so delicate and I need to make sure that there’s no water or snow when I walk because they easily stain…They’re such a great purchase really. I had found them in a thrift shop over the summer and got them because they’re so statement. A good outfit finisher, topper, whatever you want to call it. They fit so nice and are super comfortable to walk in all day…feels like not wearing anything.



BLAZER: Zara ● SHIRT: Max (from Jordan) ● JEANS: Buffalo (thrifted) ● SHOES: Vintage ● BAG: SFW


To me, this is what mom attire looks like: you don’t really look like a mom! You just look fabulous and chic! Besides, you don’t have to give up dressing nice for having children. There’s a balance that needs to happen and I feel like I am starting to juggle things the right way. Hence my awesome sweater!!!!

To all the fabulous mamas out there, sending you endless positive vibes for the week ahead xxx

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Grown-up or cool kid? Which do you prefer?

As much as I love going downtown, every day, for work purposes, I feel like it’s a little depressive still. I always had this romanticized idea in my head of what it would feel like working in downtown Montreal in one of those beautiful shiny skyscrapers but its just so not what I expected. People are so focused on themselves and don’t see past their phones. they dress so dreary and never smile. Gosh, is this where we’re headed, really?! Anyway, I choose to dress the way I want to dress because it’s my way of motivating myself (in the morning to leave) the house and leave baby girl behind. Sincerely though, I do get weird looks in the AM because I dress to colorful and they’re not looks of admiration, they’re those looks you get when you’re too out there for the world. Am I just supposed to follow those grown-up and dress in boring black suits for the remainder of my contract? Or do I brushoff those complex ideologies of standard dressing to wear pretty, colorful things and clash colors and make a statement, purely for my own creative hunger? I am seeking attention whatsoever and on the contrary, I am not as outgoing as I seem to be in my photos. I love my comfort zone and I love being safe, but I use garments, fashion and style to live outside the norms I have set for myself and work on my anxiety levels. Therefore, I choose to be the cool kid, the one that takes risks and makes statements and pushes the boundaries. The little kid who is not afraid to be different!

Although I have days where I want to wear paper bags and potato couch through the passing hours…I still try to make efforts to dress well to be in a happier mood. Today was no different. I put out my shiny pants and dressed like a cast member of the Pirates of the Caribbean. My sister claims that I wear too much bling, but I say, who cares, wear the shine, because YOLO!



SWEATER: H&M ● PANTS: Zara ● BOOTS: Nine West ● BELT: Vintage ● SCARF: Zara

Yes, more culottes please. Don’t know why my husband hates them because I love them and find them incredibly flattering for my petite frame. Since it was leaning towards the colder side today, I did a chunky sweater to keep myself warm and snugly. This technically is a dress but tucking it in the front of my pants and cinching it in with a belt worked perfectly. Adding those knee-high boots underneath made me feel powerfully feminine.

So even though I didn’t spend too much time thinking about my outfit—I still felt pretty amazing and I do prefer feeling that way than being a ‘‘grown-up’’ or a prisoner in my own wardrobe dreadfulness. I do acknowledge the fact that certain companies have a dress code but that doesn’t not call for wearing boring black or grey clothes all winter. We lack vitamin D people, so why not feel some joy through the art of dressing. Be a cool kid too!

Style Vintage

Bloom Baby, Bloom!

Hope your day is as productive and positive as mine! I have been on quite a high lately and sort of on a “no f*cks given” mood and I couldn’t be happier. I tend to have my little moments of anxiety here and there, but once they’re sorted out, I feel bloody alive. I am enjoying being out and about—killing it at life if you will and although I have been having mom-guilt kick in hard, I am comforting myself with the fact that all I am doing currently is for little one and as long as she is smiling, happy and healthy, then I’m doing well. Being a parent is very difficult and not in the sense that you have to take care of another human but it’s due to the fact that you have to deal with emotions such as guilt, frustration and anxiousness. I feel like most days, I do my best and on others, well let’s not go there! Today, I felt very feminine and pretty and that’s because I dug in my endless pile of amazing 70s dresses. Oh the 70s; the patterns are joyous, the tailoring is impeccable and the designs are out of this world. I am totally hooked on the 70s lately and for good reasons; the 70s make me feel like a total babe. Even though my dress was simple today, it still made me feel special—its’ a gorgeous A-line floral dress that I own and have put up on sale in my shop. I wish that I could keep everything, but unfortunately space is limited and I am sure it will go to a better and loving home.


This 70s floral number is pretty straight-forward and there’s no need to actually hurt your brain trying to style it and even though I wanted to go all out in terms of styling it—I ended up keeping it to a bare minimum. And here’s how it came out:


DRESS: Vintage (70s) •SHOES: L’Intervalle • BAG: Kate Spade • SUNNIES: Ray-Ban

Spring seems to be on the horizon with the blues skies and mild weather but then the cold sneaks in to remind us that winter is still going strong. Oh spring, you tease! I don’t winter, but I think more sun would do all us of some good!

Style Vintage

The art of clashing prints.

Doesn’t really take a genius to mix and match different patterns because it mostly has to do with confidence to be daring and getting out of your comfort zone. There is something quite magical in having the ability to clash prints and to do it in a bold, stylish way is quite sexy. I have always loved colors but lately I am very into mixing different materials and patterns to express my creativity. Most of us women tend to own loads of different patterns in our wardrobes but are afraid to put them together because of them not matching. But it’s never about matching it’s about going together. There’s no secret formula to this, really, but there are a few simple steps that you can follow to get you started into the never-ending wonderful world of clashing prints. The idea of it seems daunting, but don’t be scared because there is something for everyone!

It’s simple, really, because all you gotta do is follow your gut instinct about mixing and matching different pieces in your wardrobe. Whenever I feel the need to clash print in a little bit of a muted way, I go with stripes. Stripes always win! If you’re team strips like me, then you’re going to love this tip. You can easily clash prints with stripes by adding pieces with different colors, widths and directions. This makes for an interesting combination which allows you to experiment with clashing prints without being too too out there or without feeling extra self-conscious. This one works well for me and I swear by it! Stripes are my everything! Like I mentioned in a previous post where I mixed florals with stripes…sticking to a similar color palette will allow you to be creative yet pulled together. Having one color that runs throughout the whole outfit is the perfect way to look sassy and extra stylish! It allows you to put yourself out there without saying a word but by letting your clothes do the talking. For the girls who want to get into the door of mixing prints while staying clean, classy and chic…simply go with monochromatic prints. You can mix stripes with houndstooth or geometrics with chevron or even graphic prints with tartans. Get creative and go wild! The possibilities are endless, and this strategy is very much foolproof, because the mixing is subtle yet impactful all at the same time. Last, but by no means least, you got my favorite prints…the animal prints! I love love love animal prints and I know they’re very big this season and so is clashing prints. Many designers like Parda or Saint Laurent are coming out with amazing ideas that you can easily get inspired from. So, this brings me to today’s outfit and I was very doubtful at first about making it work and frankly, I am happy I took a risk and went with it, because I felt very confidant and very me in it. Leopard print holds a special place in my heart and although I do not wear it often, I keep it in the back of my wardrobe for those times I feel like being loud.


I mixed leopard with plaid…yes! Plaid! I instantly felt alive because my outfit was playful and riotous. I even dared to wear and layer 2 shirts over each other. Crazy? Maybe…but I did it anyway! I paired a vintage shirt that I got given from my mom’s friend with a really old plaid shirt I have in my wardrobe. This shirt traveled with me pretty much everywhere and it’s the shirt that I met my husband in…I am really attached to it, yes, and I am intending on keep it for as long as I can. Then simply added leopard and there, outfit made! Did I overthink it?! Not really! I think the best things in life happen when you don’t overthink them! Just go with it and you’ll see that sometimes, the result is fascinating and rewarding.


SHIRT: Forever 21 (5 years ago) ● SHIRT: Vintage (gifted) ● PANTS: Zara ● SHOES: Charles & Keith ● WATCH: Marc Jacobs ● JEWLERY: Damas (Gold)

If you still struggle to figure out what goes with what and want to try this trend but don’t  know where to start…then I suggest to go with garments that are already made that way. Meaning, go to Zara or H&M to buy dresses or shirts or pants that are already sewn and made with multi-prints. That will get you started with ease and from there you can test your own limits and knowledge. (Show example). You can even play with the contrast of small and large prints. Like why not try wearing a micro polka dot top with a large polka dot printed skirt or trousers? Trying gets you places!




Pink Suit Galore

I was told by someone recently that I am like a chameleon and that my style is constantly evolving but I am always colorful despite the awful weather outside. This is absolutely true! Color is life! I don’t really like to stick to a particular style, I like to dress how I feel, and I guess you do what works best for you. There are days where I want to dress all black too; although I haven’t in ages. I think it important for every human to follow their heart (in life); whether it is in fashion, at work or at home…do you always! Today, even though I wasn’t sure I could do it, I wore a super hot fuchsia suit! It was freaking stressful, but I did it! I am so proud of myself for really stepping out of my comfort zone. Since moving back to Canada, I am slowly trying to get back to the fierce, bold, happy person that I was. And I know that sometimes change in a person is good but in me, it wasn’t. I became sadder and I guess for those who know me super well, it showed. I vowed to myself this year (and every year) to always make efforts to stay happy–and do so for me first to be a better wife, a better mom and a better human. I feel like us women, once we get married and have children, tend to put ourselves in the back burner but I don’t want that for myself. I know that happiness comes from within. However, sometimes we need different means/materials/people (whatever works for each individual) to helps us achieve that as well. Fashion; clothes, colors and textures work for me.


I was looking through different thrift shops to find a bold suit for a while now and couldn’t get my hands on anything. Whether printed or textured or even colorful…it didn’t matter as long as it had a nice fit to it. Since my search was a big flop, I went to Zara to get what I wanted. I got it last spring while pregnant and left it in my wardrobe till I gathered strength and power to wear it out as a complete set. I wore the blazer a few times with jeans but never with the matching trousers.

Since the suit was pretty bold in color, I didn’t want to wear heels so that I wouldn’t be too too out there. Therefore, I turned to my trusted trainers, my favorite on the shelf! My Adidas Gazelles. I like the clash between business chic and sporty—it gives the outfit a comfier approach and I guess I look less aggressive overall. I was still feeling myself; all kinds of fierce! Very much like Romy and Michele with their business suits.


SUIT: Zara ♣ SHOES: Adidas ♣ BAG: Guess ♣ SHIRT: Walmart


I definitely see myself keeping this suit for years to come as it is special, and it makes for different mixing and matching outfits. I will get my money’s worth for sure but if I manage to find a rarity in the thrift shop, I will for sure add it to my little collection.


Human Piñata

As I am starting a new week filled with emotional challenges, I have vowed to myself to keep my positivity no matter what and I am somewhat glad that I am only looking at January’s back because that means we’re close to spring, and spring is always a good boost for all of us. Although I don’t mind winter, I am starting to get annoyed carrying the extra layers on my body, I am excited to wear lightweight dresses and overall garments to celebrate the beautiful weather. I really do love layering, don’t get me wrong, because I feel like we get to be more experimental when it comes to different patterns and textures…but commuting on the train daily has got me pooped. I have since then started to wear less layers and today’s outfit, although simple, is all sorts of crazy with the colorful aspects of it. I feel in love with this sweater I got from Zara for the whole texture part of it and my tactile senses are beyond happy. I don’t wear it much because carrying a baby while having this one would be such a shame because not only am I gonna ruin it with milk spit-up and stains, but little monster loves to pick on things lately and she would for sure start pulling at the sequins till they fall of.


It takes guts to wear this sweater, not going to lie and wearing in public is a little bit overwhelming as people’s attention would automatically be on you. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone today and went all out and since I am grabbing people’s attention, why not continue with flashy fuchsia pink trousers and yellow boots? If you gonna go all out, then do it right I say! Colors clashing is a bit of a game for me lately and I have been enjoying mixing and matching different patterns and testing out possibilities is giving me a thrill. Fashion is beyond amazing and even though it might seem mundane to some, to me, it brings me joy and happiness. Fashion and style are positive when done in moderation and excessive can be very disturbing and this is why I no longer shop as much as I used to. You can do many great things with second hand and vintage items, but this idea is not too appealing to many. Anyway, to get back to this sweater, I don’t really care if I am overdressed nowadays when I got out, because I really do it for myself and not anyone else.


SWEATER: Zara ● PANTS: River Island (Topshop) ● SHOES: L’Intervalle ● BAG: Core Life ● WATCH: Marc Jacobs ● BRACELET: Damas (Gold)


I was walking with my sister when we went to shoot these photos and I realized that I was one of a very few people that wore color. Why is it that we automatically associate winter with dreary, dull, grey or black clothes? Why is it that we cant wear bright, bold colors to make our days happier?

Style Vintage

Friday attire!

Getting back into the swing of thing finally and I am feeling a little more energetic and a little less lethargic. Sometimes I ask myself if I can get a little vacation from being a mom, but then decide that I don’t need said vacation because I love baby too freaking much. She is growing and is turning into an amazing child, I can already tell that she will the conquer the world with her infectious smile. She truly is an angel; sometimes a monster and sometimes a pest, but an angle nonetheless. I recently took over a temporary contract to be able to get out there in the real world, with real people and have been using the public transport a lot more and although I can’t always be in heels. I try as much as possible to make it happen as I have too many shoes that are dear to my heart. Today I decided, you know what, gotta make a sacrifice and suffer a little to look a bit more polished and put together. I wore colors and happy ones at that, since the winter seems to be dragging a little bit. Freezing rain isn’t really helping much, but we can’t stop living. Right?!

The day I chose myself…

How much is too much when you give in a relationship? Doesn’t matter if it’s with your partner, sister, brother, co-worker, best friend or even your neighbor. Sometimes I feel like no matter how much you give, it’s never enough. People these days seem to want more. Or is it just me feeling that way? I can’t help but feel emotionally shut down whenever I am searching for validation. Maybe not validation. That’s not the word. Appreciation? Don’t know how to put it into words, really…I guess, us humans get comfortable sometimes around those we love and because we are comfortable and sure that they won’t leave, we tend to stop valuing their presence. Their true worth becomes less and less important and what bugs me is that we allow ourselves, sometimes, to become less valuable because of comfort. We are afraid to let go of things or people that no longer hold a place in our heart. We sometimes end up in toxic relationships because of that said fear. I mean, I know that some relationships don’t have to last forever…but those that you really invest in should and if they don’t…well the best thing to do for yourself is to move forward, shoulders back and head high because self worth is far more important than any relationship you’ll ever be in. Loving and valuing yourself is far more important than waiting for that one person to give you what you’re looking for. Validation or whatever it may be.



JACKET: Sam Edelman • TOP: Zara • PANTS: Level 99 • SHOES: L’Intervalle • BAG: Winners • SUNNIES: Kate Spade • BELT: Forever 21


In a technology driven world, relationships seems to have been shaken to their very core and human connectivity seem to have taken a bit of a break. Or so I think. Not trying to be a sourpuss. I mean, don’t get me wrong, technology has helped us humans explore possibilities we never thought we could reach and we have progressed in ways we never thought we would. However, I believe that we all have something to offer and we all need to be valued and not taken for granted. No matter the relationship we find ourselves in, if you ever feel like you’re not valued, then you deserve better and today, I say I do deserve better and that’s how I decide to choose myself. I may not be perfect and I have many flaws and I admit them openly but I deserve to be valuable and valued. Women, and sometimes some men, tend to let ourselves go down a sour spiral where we think that there’s no way out…but there is. We just have to be brave and move forward. Courage is my crown and I will forever wear it. Today, I say, I deserve more!

We all face those little bumps from time to time, in all walks of life and in all kinds of ways but it’s what we do to overcome them that’s important. And today the sun was shining and so was I! Because whenever you feel the best you, don’t be afraid to share it with the world and with the people that truly appreciate your presence!

Inspiration Style

The small things in life…

Right, January has finally left us! I am not one of those people that complains about time or weather because I feel like as long as you are protected from the elements, then YOLO! However, for some reason, I feel like January and the bloody snow want to stay forever and it’s starting to drag me down. So I use color to lift my mood and spirit and to get on with my days. I have big projects coming up and I am very excited to get February started. Le hubs and I are starting new plans for the future and although budgeting is not my forte, we are making thing work. I am super lucky, in the sense that my husband is not one of those men that forbids me to shop…as long as I shop in moderation, then he’s all for it. Now that January is finally gone and will only come back out to play in 11 months, I am feeling extremely inspired but most importantly thankful for those small things in life. And here I am sharing them with you!

♠ ♠ ♠

1- This is probably one of the things I am most grateful for lately and it’s getting my confidence back. Slowly but surely, I am getting to where I want to be. Having gone through hard time in the past couple of months, I am finally able to push back the bad thoughts and the negativity to welcome inner peace and happiness. Working on myself is a main priority and although I struggle to make time for myself, I still manage to push through. I enjoy being alone and not in a way that is pathetic; it’s therapeutic and enjoyable. Having even 5 small minutes in a day to simply put a mask on or doing my makeup makes me so happy and I cannot wait to give myself more of what I truly deserve.


2-Having my husband by my side again and seeing him work hard for us to be happier is something I will forever be grateful for. I am super lucky and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us. And although we sometimes struggle to understand each other and argue/fight often, we still manage to clear the slate at the end of the day and start fresh the next. Marriage is work, but it is something I am very dedicate to making it successful.

3-Clothing and more specifically vintage is giving me all kinds of awesome feels. Getting back out there and doing events and pop up shops and sharing my love for all things vintage is absolutely incredible. I am so in love with what I do and I am extremely joyful to be able to share that with many of you out there. And that fact that I am helping the planet a bit more and being eco-friendly in recycling and reusing people’s clothes is humbling. I am learning on a daily basis and I take my stand into being more sustainable and efficient to our planet and that in itself is a step in the right direction. Also, I have been loving experimenting with different colors and patterns and that, currently, is giving me life!


4-These things are in no particular order of importance but the most important of them all is baby Sofia. Her little smiles are everything! She’s my saving angel and although she is becoming more and more demanding, waking up to one of her infectious smiles heals my heart and hugs my soul. She is truly one hell of a gem and she makes me the happiest and richest human on the planet. She is beyond adorable and being able to see her grow and develop her personality on the daily is something I am extremely thankful for and words can never express my gratitude for having her in my life.



JACKET: Vero Moda ◊ SHIRT: Winners ◊ SKIRT: Vintage ◊ SHOES: New Balance ◊ BAG: Zara ◊ SUNNIES: Ray-Ban ◊ BELT: Vintage


5-Reading. I love reading but not having had lots of time to do it lately, I started to lose the habit of picking up a book and indulging in it. Since little monster is growing, she is quite occupied in exploring her surrounding, so I have a little bit more time to myself and reading is something I am getting back into, especially poetry. I love poetry!

♠ ♠ ♠

So here y’all have it! These are currently some of the little things in my life that are making me so happy right now. I’d love to hear if you can relate to feeling this type of gratitude to any number of the small things listed above in the comments below.