A visit to Temptation Mountain in heels!

This is my last post of 2017! Can’t believe it’s over already! It’s been quite an emotional ride; filled with great and not so great moments, but I know that I am coming stronger out of this one and I cannot wait to take on 208 by the horns. 2017 brought me closer to the love of my life but tore me a little bit away from home. Emotional I tell ya! Anyway, what a better way to end the year than with a huge outfit bang! This is a little bit of a tiny DIY, a very simple one; a super simple one that you can easily do with anything bling-y you have! I was simply too tired of wearing my black culottes all the time, and I didn’t want to buy new ones, so I just pimped them up real good. I had a few knicks and knacks around and so I used them to turn my plain old black culottes into a cultural piece.

Hubbs has been telling me about Temptation Mountain for a while and has been wanting to take me there for a little walk around, but we never got a chance until today. Temptation Mountain is like 5km out of Jericho and it is said to be the mountain where Jesus resided while the devil tempted him during his 40-day fast. There’s a beautiful monastery there and there’s loads of pilgrims from all over the world that pass by this monastery during their prayer and redemption journey. I met a few and it is quite interesting to see them so dedicate to renew their faith. The church is high and isolated and I am sure it is the perfect place to be in when you are in search of finding yourself and in search of inner peace. So, what better way to end the year than in a place of solitude and reflection to get the chance to reflect on your past actions and work on the future to better yourself as a citizen of the world.



This outfit I wore seems so fitting to the fact that it bring culture and history all together. I know I am wearing heels and all, but it really wasn’t bad to walk in them!

I decided to bedazzle my culottes with Palestinian embroidered pieces I had lying around and add some gold coins for extra oomph.



SHIRT: Zara (thrifted) ♥ Pants: Zara ♥ SUNNIES: Claire’s ♥ SHOES: Charles & Keith Sandals ♥ JACKET: Vero Moda Trench ♥ EARRINGS: Aldo


I wanted to take time to wish you all the happiest of holidays and to have a wonderful new year!!! May 2018 be filled with amazing opportunities, endless happy memories and loads of peace and love!

Wardrobe: My most worn items!

In today’s post, I am sharing with you my most loved and most worn items at the moment. These are the items in my closet that I reach for the most lately and here’s why I love them so much:

I got this bag a few months ago while visiting dad in Jordan. There’s a little boutique I always shop at whenever I am there, because I know that their products are quality and I know that their work ethic is there. The shop owners always partner with women’s shelters to have their embroidery and sewing done, and this is something I respect very much. These unprivileged women get the chance to showcase their talents in many ways and they get paid for it! So, knowing that the money you spend goes to the right place is gratifying and rewarding. This is a bag that I will cherish forever! I wear it almost daily and if I change, I end up going back to it. First of all, it’s handmade; second of all, it is very big and fits everything, including your kitchen sink! I pair it with everything and in almost every outfit; I use it as a statement piece.


Ever since my mom handed me those jeans, I have been entrapped into an endless love affair. I cannot seem to go back to my skinnies and I feel the jealousy in the air! These Buffalo thrifted jeans are my world currently and I love them too damn much; I am sure you have noticed how much I wear them. They’re a current staple in my wardrobe and I wear them almost daily. The straight leg cut make them much more comfortable than my skinnies and they give me room to sit, move and dance freely.

Now I have a huge love-hate relationship with this particular item, purely because I cannot understand the wideness of the collar. I got this Adidas sweater 3 years ago and I loved it then…then I put it in the deepest corner of my wardrobe because I hated it. Then recently, I changed my mind, and now we’re back on track. I love it! I love the shape of it and I appreciate the asymmetrical design that Adidas went with. It’s enigmatic and I love how everyone thinks I’m wearing it all wrong…and everyone thinks it has Campbell soup cans print all over!! LOLZ! Except the print reads: “rundmc”; a 80s American hip-hop group from Queens. Adidas has always been and always will be my favourite sportswear brand. This has been my go-to sweater for the past 2 months.


I have spoken about them in a previous post, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but these Adidas trainers has been with me everywhere lately. I wore them so much, that I can see the wear in them. They’re the perfect stylish, lazy girl shoe and they’re versatile and go with everything from dresses to smart pants. I am trying to preserve them as much as I can and keep them alive as much as I can…so I washed them out and now they’re currently hiding in my closet just for a seasonal break. I am sure they will be back full force once spring is back!


This necklace is the one I reach for the most from my jewellery collection’ maybe for sentimental reasons, however, it seriously does give any outfit life. This antique sterling silver necklace was a gift from my sister’s father-in-law for my wedding and I am touched that he even thought of me. It’s precious and I will forever treasure it in my heart and on my neck! I wear it will almost everything!


This faux leather jacket I got from a sample sale at Dynamite has been the only jacket I have been wearing for the past 2 months to the point where it started shedding. No joke! I like that it’s edgy and that it’s fitted but not too much where you can’t breathe. It gives shape with a touch of badass attitude and the color is feminine and classy. Besides, I went on and on about the merits and importance of a leather jacket in many previous posts. Leather jackets are a great versatile piece that can do from day to night and they even can be eloquent enough to wear to soirees.


For the moment, these are the items I have been reaching for…for the past couple of weeks and I’m sure they’ll continue to be staples in my day to day wardrobe.



Styling the oldest piece I own in my closet!

Today’s outfit features the oldest item I own in my wardrobe (er, one of the oldest). This piece is one I purchased in my college days back in 2004 from a Canadian brand store called Dynamite. That summer, bohemian style was big and I knew I needed to add a piece in my wardrobe that screamed just that! I’m a gypsy for life! I always had a penchant for anything bohemian; flowy peasant blouses, wide leg pants, layered maxi skirts and all the beautiful colors that come with these things. This blue color block skirt was my best friend that summer; I wanted to wear it everywhere and boy I did! Back at 16, this was a huge investment for me, paying it full price (I think it was probably around the 50$ mark) was a stepping stone, heck it was a rite of passage! I had a measly job back then and could only afford college and books…so shopping was a little forbidden for me back then, but I couldn’t resist. So for today’s outfit, I thought it would be interesting to wear this skirt again and style it differently, way differently from back then. I went a little rogue today and was carless in terms of fit and proportions. I wanted to experiment with the oversized style that I see so much of on Instagram, which I totally love by the way!


I have been a little too obsessed with anything gray at the moment, so much so that I even bought gray pillows for our living room. Yikes! This was the perfect opportunity for me to put gray into the mix and wear this oversized sweater I stole from my husband’s closet. No I am not giving it back if that’s what you’re asking. I wore it to death since I stole it from him!!!!


I wanted to add color somewhere and I didn’t want it to be too subtle nor too out there and mixing orange the palette was a good option; I find that it compliments blue so well. Since my neckline felt so bare, I added this antique necklace to go with the gray/blue theme going, but for some reason I still felt bare and so I figured why not also add a vintage colourful scarf to make things even crazier?


To be completely honest, when I was going through this outfit in my mind, it looked absolutely ridiculous, but seeing it live makes me happy; I actually like the end result. It’s chic in a super laid back way.



NECK SCARF: Stefano Guidi (vintage) ♥ NECKLACE: Antique (gift) ♥ SWEATER: Unbranded ♥ SKIRT: Dynamite ♥ SUNNIES: Rayban ♥ BAG: Danier leather


I find that having more free time, lately, is giving me a little bit more game and freedom to piece together the weirdest things. It is a new side of me that I like; scary is good.


I let my husband dress me for the day!

I thought it would be interesting to have my husband choose my outfit today since he seems to have an opinion about everything I wear; I though why the heck not let him dress me for the day! I didn’t help him or guide him or tell him anything about what I like and what I don’t like. I gave him full liberty to go through my closet and choose the whole outfit; from head to toe! He didn’t seem to mind, in fact, I think he pretty much enjoyed it. I love seeing him so interested in fashion; save me the job to teach him it. He, himself, has an excellent wardrobe selection when it comes to work wear; he dressed in smart and tailored suits all week and he looks damn good (the perks of marrying a lawyer)! He suffers however from a rut on the weekend and dressed kindda meh, if you know what I mean. He doesn’t even invest in weekend wear, which sucks, but I don’t fuss much as I like to leave him to his own comfort (sweats from head toe for him all weekend). Therefore, I thought it would be really cool to see what my husband would see me in today and this is what he came up with:


I was actually quite impressed with the fact that he mixed and matched pieces from my wardrobe so confidently and so efficiently. He told me that these tartan pants were the main focus of this look because he loves them so much on me and he finds that I don’t wear them much and it would be a perfect opportunity to wear them today. He automatically wanted to lighten up the pants by paring it with a white shirt…but since the outfit was boring he did not hesitate to add this Monsoon statement jacket overtop even though the pants are patterned. He maintained the gold theme going in the outfit by also accessorising with a gold veil, clutch and necklace. He kept insisting that the white shirt showing through the middle is too much of a blank canvas and that we needed to tone the color down with a necklace and so I showed him what I have and this is what he chose. He’s so freaking edible!


What I loved most is how he went missing in search of the perfect shoe to go with this outfit and then came back with a big sparkling smile…that smile that says success.



JACKET: Monsoon ◊ BLOUSE: Topshop ◊ PANTS: WDG (gift from a while ago) ◊ SHOES: Expression ◊ NECKLACE: Gold (from a local shop in Palestine) ◊ BAG: Aldo ◊ SUNNIES: Forever 21

He said and I quote: “I know how to give an unloved piece some attention and make it special again”. He’s so adorbs with his savant attitude about fashion. I love that he was not afraid to mix and match patterns and texture and I can appreciate the outcome of this outfit very much. I would even say that he styled these pants much better than I did! I never want to wear these pants because I guess I always get a little blocked on styling ideas to go with the purple color in the print. It’s interesting that he combined both feminine and masculine pieces to make this outfit work for me. It gave me pirate vibes all over and I love how he told me to make my white shirt pop through the sleeves; his attention to detail is staggering. I knew I married his for a reason! Haha!


***On a total random side note…scenery isn’t the biggest oomph in Palestine and so, I decided from now on, not to keep looking for the perfect spot to do my photographs, but rather to embrace what Palestine truly is at the moment and what you see is what you get. Besides, the contrast between the not so beautiful scenery with the eloquent fashion make a great statement. ***


Side note aside, this was a super successful experiment and I cannot wait to try it again! Perhaps with evening attire??? What do you guys think?








Shades of gray

I wanted to dress fancy today and for no reason other than to make myself happy. I sometimes overdress and overdo it and it seems to bother some, but I don’t really care much for what people think. So, I went monochrome (ish), I went all shades of gray or so. I am currently obsessing over this color. I maybe be overdoing it, but who cares, just dress how you feel, right?! I am wearing all over vintage; items I have purchased back in October from the Nova shop in Hudson. I know I talk about this shop all the freaking time, but they sincerely do have awesome finds. If you happen to pass by that area, go check it out, you won’t regret it! I found a beautiful silk shirt and I have been wanting to wear it for a while but I was afraid to ruin it. You know when you buy something precious and you want to wear it, but don’t at the same time, because it’s too precious and you do want to use it because you want to keep it forever? Yeah, I always have those guilt feelings about new items I purchase. Today, I decided to take it out to see the light and what perfect way to pair it with another vintage grey skirt, also from Nova. It’s a silk skirt too and it’s soooo hard to iron sometimes as it easily wrinkles, so I tend to only keep it for special occasion, well up until today. I paired the two items together and was happy with the result, but since it was a little toooo gray, I added a little bit of gold for some royal oomph. Because why not Kate Middleton my way through the day!!!

I really do love this skirt, but I feel like it’s giving me puffy Michelin man vibes; there are loads of pleats around the waist and I feel like maybe I’m overly voluptuous. I think that this particular skirt would look amazing on a taller person because then the weights and proportions work.


PS: I kinda like the contrast between my chic outfit and the graffiti wall, isn’t is so artistic?


To tone down the insane amounts of gray, I added a pop of burgundy in there with the shoes; my engagement shoes! I have had them for close to 5 years now and they’re holding strong. I think I paid a hefty amount of 50$ for them at The Bay store. They’re super comfy and super fashionable; I mean come on, velvet!



SHIRT: Bogies Thai Silk (vintage) ♠ SKIRT: New York Jones (vintage) ♠ SHOES: Expression ♠ BAG: Nine West Clutch ♠ BELT: Zara ♠ SUNNIES: Unbranded from a Jeircho local shop


I know I have worn this clutch bag already in the previous outfit post, but I don’t give a hoot because it’s a gift from my sister and I love it so much. I guess it could be considered newer vintage, since I have already had it for a good 10 years and it still looks pretty new.


I’m quite content with this look. I would wear it to parties or on a regular day (like today!) and I feel like you can never go wrong with gray, it complements every skin tone perfectly. It’s a neutral color, so it goes with everything. I know that that I will get a lot of wear out of this shirt, because it’s smart, so you can easily dress it up or down and make it work to any event you are going to attend. And for 10$ I say I pretty much got a great deal. Worth every buck!






The girl in the green pants!

Today’s outfit of the day is mainly focusing on these beautifully sexy 50s cigarette pants I got while vintage shopping a couple of weeks ago. They’re honestly one of the most precious vintage items I own. I am aware that they’re green but that didn’t stop me from purchasing them. These cost a whopping 10$ at the Nova boutique in Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue. These pants are giving me Holly vibes, you know Breakfast at Tiffany’s, that scene where she’s wearing royal blue cigarette pants on the balcony signing Moon River…those kinds vibes. I was super inspired to style them as they were in that scene, however, I wanted to put my own touch and that meant adding textures and colors to the outfit. Depth is always necessary in my own fashion book. Since I never really wear green, I decided to be quite daring with the color choice that went into this outfit. Since it is starting to get a little bit colder here in Jericho, I knew I needed a jacket to cover up.

And so, without further ado, here’s how it came out and to be frank, I am a little proud of the outcome:


Unfortunately, the label was washed out and so I couldn’t really tell the brand of these pants…but the obvious cut was clear to me that they were super 50s. The super high waist, the cigarette cut, the fit, everything about it screamed that. They are fantastic in fit! They hug the body in the right places and they actually might be classified as overly sexy, depending on what you wear them with. I wanted to keep the modest factor in and so I added the trench coat to avoid the butt/hip enhancement issue. I mean it’s not really an issue, I embrace my big hips….but I am not too comfortable flaunting them.



SHIRT: Topshop ◊ PANTS: 50s Vintage (unlabeled) ◊ SHOES: Badgley & Mischka ◊ TRENCH COAT: Vero Moda ◊ NECKLACE: Gift*Antique Silver ◊ EARRINGS: Crystal Couture Bridal ◊ SUNGLASSES: Vintage*Brigitte Bardot ◊ BAG: Nine West

I was contemplating on wearing a basic white shirt, but then again, that would be too obvious and too boring. So instead, I opted for my favourite boho navy Topshop blouse and it just made sense.


These shoes are my most precious possession. I mean they were my wedding shoes…and the only thing that remains from the wedding. My wedding dress got stolen, le sigh! Anyway, so I hold on to these shoes for dear life and I try not to wear them out too much. But today felt special and I needed to pair them with the green pants. They were super fitting and without overthinking it, I knew these shoes would work out perfectly. They’re a deep burgundy and complement the green in the most fashionably daring way possible.

I felt very fashion forward in this outfit and super lady-like. Although these color seem a little bit weird, I feel like they marry well together and the turban scarf pull everything together.


So, although I may not have been a green girl before, I can safely say that now I am a convert and I should give every color of the rainbow a chance and try it before hating it. Next color to try could be either purple or orange. Slightly frightened, not gonna lie, but I am up for the challenge!


























Top 6: Favorite items in my shoe wardrobe!

When I was younger I had a massive shoe obsession and I might even have considered going to Anonyms Groups to get rid of that addiction. I remember when I was in university, I would always make time to venture into Holt Renfrew to go up to the third floor and simply look at the beautiful designer shoes on display. I may have purchased a few back then. Any regrets you say? No, because I got to try it all! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Holt, well then, get acquainted, because it is the mecca for luxury retail. I don’t really shop there anymore, but I still like to have a look-see once in a while, because browsing is free! Anyway, I am now much better in terms of buying and collecting shoes, I am more responsible and I also take into consideration (very much so) the comfort element.


If I were to live with only 6 pairs of shoes; they would be it and I will tell you why!

⊕ ⊕ ⊕

#1 The Passe-PartoutIMG_9936

These white leather Chuck Taylor Converse shoes are the epitome of street fashion. They pretty much go with anything from dresses to skirts to jeans to dress smart pants. I love how versatile they are and the white make them even more cool. I know that black usually goes with everything, but I have managed to were these babies out with many outfits. They’re a little difficult to keep clean, but there’s nothing a magic eraser can’t fix! I have had his for a little bit less than a year but to be honest, I took them everywhere with me from Jordan to Canada to Palestine. Super comfortable and super worth the investment. It’s like the perfect badass girl item that gives you a little bit of attitude with a little bit of sass.

#2 The Fashion Forward MuleIMG_9938
I, for the life of me, cannot explain the weird fascination I have with wooden heel mules. Since I was little, I have always wanted to own them…and I remember at 8 years old arguing with my mum as to why she didn’t want to buy me a pair. She was exasperated and probably wished I was a boy. LOLZ. She kept telling me that little girls don’t wear wooden heels for unexplained reasons. Still puzzled here. Well, now, I did my younger self a huge favor and bought these Jessica Simpson mules and have had them in my wardrobe for about 2 years. I know that people usually buy them as trend pieces, but for me they’re timeless because, well, I don’t really care much about following trends. Just freaking dress the way you want ladies! Period! I couldn’t possibly live without these in my shoe wardrobe and I got a lot of wear out of them…even to fancy dinners and with dresses! The fact that they’re black also helps to mix them and match them to every outfit I own. To buy a similar one, find it here.

#3 The Special Occasion Heel IMG_9939

Whenever I need to wear heels to a special occasion, I always get these ones out. Purely because they’ve definitely got that wow factor and they add oomph to any outfit you end up wearing. I know that pink is a touchy colour when it comes to special evenings/outings and can pass off a little too Paris Hilton, but it seriously adds a risqué, avant-garde element to your outfit. I am so glad I got them for Topshop, they’re comfortable and affordable. You can find a similar pair here and here. Why wear boring black heels, when you can wear hot pink ones!

#4 The Go-To TrainersIMG_9941

Much like the Converse trainers, these Adidas ones are pretty much my best friend when it comes to comfort and style. You can just see how knackered they are! I got them well over 4 years ago and if I had to track my cost per wear, I would say I pretty much got my money’s worth and then some. Versatile is not even a word, they look cool with every-freaking-thing you wear. They’re not like the Stan Smith ones that are a little too rigid on the feet, these ones are like air! Literally! I have been trying to find them in another color, but couldn’t, for the life of me, find them anywhere! And it kindddda sucks! Le booo!

#5 The Smart ShoeIMG_9942
It is quite sad to say that my favorite Charles & Keith oxblood oxford shoes are almost coming to an end. They don’t look that bad in the photo (hello lighting and editing), but they’re completely beat! I don’t even think oxblood is happening anymore. Haha! Whenever I want to wear a classic, flat, smart shoe with a smart outfit, I always reach for these one, hence the signs of wear. I bought these a little over 2 years ago and will continue to wear them till they’re literally dead. I feel like the narrow, pointy front of the shoe make them even more classy and dressy. They’re not just boring, old oxfords, they’ve got pizzazz and swag. They’re a little reflective, which means in some lights, it can pass as a black shoe, but when you look closely, it isn’t. Ha! Got you fooled! I feel like they’re a must in my shoe collection, because they’re the perfect alternative to smart high heels. Find similar ones here.

6- The Quintessential BootieIMG_9945
I would say that 85% of my shoe collection has round toe caps and 60% of that same collection has block heels. This is how I’ve always liked my heels to be. I feel seriously funny whenever I wear one of those skinny heels, I feel like I’m a can-can dancer or something. Bock heels never die (in my opinion of course), and they’re sturdy.  I absolutely can marathon in these bad boys right here. Although they are a new addition to my wardrobe, I have worn them a ton already and I am truly honest when I say, it feel like wearing nothing. I know that these booties will last me a wile, because they go with everything from skirts to jeans to dresses, plus they’re black, so here are some extra points. There are days where I just need to wear high heels to feel like I own the world and with these I definitely feel that. The give me the confidence to strut and feel contagiously happy. if ever I find them in an outrageous color, I would invest in them as a statement finishing piece. Black booties are a classic and you can’t go wrong wearing them. So if there’s a type of shoe you should invest in, I would say go for a black bootie. Find similar one with a small twist here.