The print jacket edit!

The heat doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon and so the fewer layers I wear, the better! I opted for a minimal look today, nothing to crazy but still quite girly, fun and feminine. The shirt I am wearing is yet another Zara purchase and it was perfect to wear on this hot day because despite the volume, it is still very light and airy. As I am approaching my due date, I am feeling slightly nervous and incapacitated but I try to keep it positive and clothes help me feel just that. I tend to overthink sometimes and stress for no reason and being a mum is going to be super new for me and I don’t know what to expect. But here I am, ready for a challenge and putting aside my fears, I wanted to share another outfit with you and also document it because I was happy with it.


I was eyeing this top for a while and I wanted to get the whole co-ord set but they no longer had the pants available which sucks!! But the shirt will do! I like how deep the colors are and that you can easily transition this piece from summer to winter without issues. The floral print is there but not too in your face which makes it subtle but feminine in the best way possible. I love the tie around the waist so you can choose to wear it as a jacket, open, or you can simply cinch it up to your own liking.


SHIRT: Zara ♠ PANTS: Maternity (thrifted) ♠ SHOES: Expressions (The Bay) ♠ BAG: Ugg (thrifted) ♠ SUNNIES: Unbranded (Local shop in Jericho)


I honestly don’t know how celebs do it, looking all glam all the time with their heels at 9 months into their pregnancies. I like barely manage to walk in them sometimes not being pregnant…haha! So it is quite the challenge to do so with a big belly. Luckily my heels aren’t too uncomfortable so walking is the easy part, it’s the putting them on and off that’s tiring. So I paired it off with my engagement velvet burgundy shoes for a pop of color and it added just a touch of pizzazz.

I will find it so weird when I start my fashion blog post-baby…I kindda gotten used to the big belly and it will feel weird without it for a while I think. Anyway I am enjoying all the fashion at the moment because who knows when I’ll have time after baby comes.


Two piece outfit: the co-ords edit!

Finally! I got myself to wear a co-ord, been wanting to do that for a while and Zara came to the rescue yet again. Well sort of! There’s nothing more satisfying than a matching set and it is easy to feel fabulous in them. The matching sets have been storming the fashion world recently and I love that you can create endless combos with just 2 pieces of clothing and you can either go pattern crazy with our bold prints or go with simple colors; either way you’ll for sure turn heads. What I love about cro-ord sets is that they are more versatile than the tailored office dress, more functional than jumpsuits and less corporate than a trouser suit.

Here’s my issue with Zara lately, I find that their prints are fantastic and the next collection seems bomb but I hate shopping there; it’s so confusing to walk through their stores and search through the endless piles of clothes thrown everywhere; so disturbing how much clothes are produced and how many new styles drop in stores on the daily! But sometimes, I fancy something new and when I do, I go to Zara…but lately, I much prefer to shop there online, it’s much easier. Also, can we all talk about how much their size range sucks!!!! It’s so not inclusive, which sucks, because some of us start to feel self-conscious; like I no longer fit in small at Zara and I know that it’s just a number and it’s not a big deal but honestly, what’s with the fashion industry?


Anyway, since I am pregnant, I ended up buying the co-ord set in a size large and it fit just right and actually the pants were a little snug…so I was contemplating whether I should keep the whole thing or not. Styling these sets is pretty easy because you just wear the pieces together and voila, you’re all set.


TOP: Zara ♣ PANTS: Zara ♣ SHOES: Charles & Keith ♣ EARRINGS: H&M ♣ SUNNIES: Brigitte Bardot Vintage ♣ PURSE: Vintage


I would have loved to wear heels with this one, but since I am wobbly, I decided to just pair the outfit with these old oxfords I had in my closet and they were just fitting.


My sister got this vintage 1940s purse from a garage sale a few weeks ago and it was just the perfect finishing touch to wear with this outfit. I felt so lady-like; I figured why not complete it and be a Kennedy!





A little bit of Schiaparelli in my step…

I don’t know why but I feel like this shirt I recently purchased from Zara really reminds me of Elsa Schiaparelli’s designs. Something about it just takes me back in time and I feel like she too was big on stripes and the fact that they are asymmetrical is even more synonymous with her work. Elsa was a true fashion pioneer; she created the most gorgeous (in a shocking way) designs with ground-breaking textiles and exaggerated silhouettes. Was made Elsa stand out with her works amongst her peers is that fact that she always regarded couture as art…never as a profession; so she was always free to create whatever she wanted and she never restricted herself to the rules that applied. Her influences came from the Islamic and Arabic world was apparent in her work…due to her father being a scholar and her uncle being an astronomer.

In fashion school, fashion history was my favourite class, so much so that I got a 99 final grade! My teacher always told me that I was meant to be in fashion and that I should forever fight to follow my dreams, she was a great push that I needed when I was told I was too veiled to be in the industry. I guess, although the comments made me cry, I kept going and I am still going, because even though the fashion world is shallow (ultimately), it is still accepting of things that are weird and it is a refuge for many bizarre children like me. When we spoke about Schiaparelli in history class, I was so fascinated by her story that I wanted to learn more and more. Her designs, for her time, were quite controversial as she was told (and believed it herself) that she was ugly. This is how I decided that I wanted to simply follow my guts and designs things I loved and for the collections I put out, I didn’t follow any trend but my heart and perhaps there were mixed reviews, but I wouldn’t change anything because at the end of the day, we only live once!

Back to the outfit! I can get so carried away sometimes, it’s so funny, but I feel like fashion truly is my passion (CHEESSYYY)! So this shirt inspired me today to let in inner Schiaparelli out and dress happy. Here’s how the outfit came out:



Technically speaking, this is a dress and not a shirt, but I don’t mind wearing it either way and so this time around I wore it a shirt, but I am sure that when the baby belly is gone, cinching it up with a wide belt and adding knee-high boots, this will look bomb! It’s in a size medium and currently it fits just perfect.

Wearing heels is a little challenging to be honest, but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to get her pictures done! Unfortunately I am super struggling to fit in my current shoes and I am so gutted and I hope that my shoe size doesn’t change and comes back to normal because I am not quite ready to part with my collection. The struggle is real people!!! And the cankles are even more real!!!


DRESS: Zara ◊ PANTS: H&M Maternity ◊ SHOES: Jessica Simpson ◊ SUNNIES: Kate Spade ◊ BAG: Vintage (unbranded) ◊ EARRINGS: Vintage ◊ NECKLACE: DCK Collection


This vintage purse belongs to my sister and I stole it because it made sense with this whole look. It’s like ugly but pretty at the same time. I feel like this is a piece you either love or hate…maybe because the shape is odd, or maybe because it’s too beaded; don’t know, but I find it adorable with this whole look.


A melting pot of colors and patterns

Today, I got inspired by this vintage silk striped shirt that belonged to my dad ages ago; it’s a shirt that I have only probably seen him wear in photos. It’s so unique in color and yes, I know it’s a men’s shirt but ain’t no one stopping me from wearing it…besides, I find men’s clothing sometimes much more appealing than women’s…especially in the accessories and the watches department. The blue and black tones are vibrant despite it being a dark shirt; it seriously inspired me to mix and match it with other colors and textures. Although this shirt was given to my brother in law, I ended up acquiring it and will keep it in my wardrobe for the future and plus it’s lined!!!! Extra points! I can just see how easily you can tuck it in a pencil skirt and look super smart or just loose with jeans and a tee…super badass rocker mom!

Here’s how I decided to style it today:




I felt like the perfect way to style this shirt is to mix it with an even bolder print and it’s nice to be creative and take risks once in a while. Although the shirt was a little too snug, I liked how it came out together. I fell in love with these pants the minute I saw them on the Zara website; the pants come in a co-ord set with a matching top…which they were out of stock and it sucks because I could totes do them together. The pants are currently on sale for 20$ CAD and so, if you like them, I suggest you get them now because stock is running low!

To pull the outfit as a whole, I added the earrings and the red bag. Orange and blue is just so hype and chic…I love these colors together. I don’t always mix colors this way, but I figured taking a little risk won’t hurt.


Mixing vintage with newer items from your wardrobe in a modern way is always a good idea; it gives you a chance to explore bigger fashion grounds and expand your creativity. But also, you’ll always stand out from the crowd because vintage is not repetitive-unique and one of a kind pieces.


1970s: Back to Nature!

Obviously I am still on that train; predictable, maybe but I feel like the 1970s just lift my spirits in the best way possible. I have been quite sad these days, being away from Le hubs and going to doctor appointments on my way has taken a little toll on me…and the worst is all the doctors asking where he is and then realizing that his reason for being away is a little stupid. Anyway, nonetheless, I have decided to seek into fashion to stay inspired and happy despite all the circumstances I am going through. The rebellious vibes, the magic and the spirit of the 70s always put a smile on my face. Yay Woodstock! I am pretty sure I was just born in the wrong time. So today’s outfit is also inspired by the 70s: “BACK TO NATURE” which was a popularized slogan at the time which renewed the ideology of fashion. Inspiration from other cultures became a huge part of the industry and India and Morocco became the number one spots to vacation amongst wealthy hippies. I wish I could just go back for that part…it is a huge dream of mine to go to India and roam along the endless yards of colourful fabrics and touch all the textures and beadings…ugh!!! So gutted! The fashion in the 70s became a way for many to escape the Western way of life and connect with nature on a deeper level.

Here’s how I got inspired and connected with nature on a deeper level. It has been my refuge lately and walking along the trees has renewed my hope a little. Sounds dramatic I know, but sometimes, hormones kick in and I get really emotional…haha! The perks of being a preggo! I went with yet another floral item which I really fell in love with the minute I saw it hanging there at Winners; it was in the larger section, but that didn’t stop me. I still took a chance and got it and even though it will be a little too big once the baby is out, it’s still a pretty piece.


Since the shirt was pretty out there, I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple, although in the back depth of my mind, I wanted to go full floral from head to toe…but I know that would have been blinding. I got these pants as a gift from my sissy in law back in Jericho and didn’t wear them much because I felt like they didn’t go with much…but the jersey material and cut of them made me instantly think 70s. Since there are quite long on me, wearing heels was the prefect opportunity. I am 8 months now and walking in heels for a long period of time is not only exhausting but dangerous; never thought in a million years that balance would be an issue in pregnancy. Clog heels are super 70s and I am so glad I own a pair and for today’s outfit they were super fitting.

For another pop of color, I decided to add these H&M blue earrings which I have had for ages and I still love them deeply; they’re the prefect finishing touch to a lot of my outfits and if I would find another pair in a different color, I would get them in a heartbeat.


SHIRT: JACHS Girlfriend ♠ PANTS: AGI Dynamic ♠ SHOES: Jessica Simpson ♠ SUNNIES: Kate Spade ♠ EARRINGS: H&M ♠ BAG: Ebay


So, this is today’s look…probs one of my favourite. The “peasant” feel and the ethnic vibes have always been focal points from which I got inspired both in my designs and in the way I dress. I find that drawing inspiration from different cultures brings us closer to each as humans and there is nothing wrong with that.



70s babe a la Ossie Clark & Celia Birtwell!

As I am getting closer to my due date, I am getting a little more tired but I am also making a lot of efforts to stay put and running. I was advised to take care of my health by my midwife and nutritionist and so it is crucial for me to stay active and to always be out and about. What keeps me motivated at this moment other than the sun is obviously dressing up pretty; there’s always room to dress up and look pretty. Since I have been on a 70s train, I got inspired to be all floral and bright and this outfit has got me all kinds of blissful. TBH, sometimes I feel like just being a couch potato and wearing nothing but my little knickers, however, I feel like if I give up now, I might stay stuck in a rut and it will stay that way after I deliver and I vowed to myself that I won’t be a bum-mum and that I would take care of myself for my own sake and for the sake of my little family.

So back to the main focus of this blog, the 70s is my second favourite era, right after the 50s. I love the disco fashion, the flares, the folkloric inspirations, the patterns, the prints and colors, the gypsy looks, the jumpsuits and the unisex fashion. Everything about the 70s is free and lively; you were allowed to be who you want to be without judgement. I took inspiration from those little elements to put together this outfit and I was really happy with the outcome.


These 70s inspired trousers are amazeballs and what drew me to them is definitely the mustard color. I have a very deep love for mustard, not a common kinda love, but a great one. The flowers also caught my attention and styling them was no issue to me, I felt like I could go a million different direction. Also, the mustard is a common characteristic of the 1970s…the era was typified by sober neutral palette of white, black, beiges and olives, earth tones were the mark of the day, set off by mustard, brick red, and dark orange. The light bottom flare is also super typical of that time. These trousers also remind me of a Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell design; this duo was famous for their bold prints, romantic designs and feminine cuts. If you ever have the time to google some of their work, I totes suggest you do, because it is well worth it!!! Colors are to die for!


BLAZER: Zara ♠ TANK: Thyme Maternity ♠ PANTS: Jules & Leopold ♠ SHOES: Topshop ♠ SUNNIES: Local shop in Jericho ♠ NECKLACE: Antique from Egypt ♠ BAG: Cole Haan

Since I wanted to be a little risky and was hoping to mix another type of pattern along with the pants, but couldn’t find anything in my wardrobe that could compliments the delightfulness of the trousers, I went with a pink blazer instead and I quite liked the combo; it was still bright and still give me the 70s vibes I was aiming for.


To keep things clean and bring the whole look together, I went with a simple white Cole Haan bag and Topshop pink sandals. I think I am still stuck on the 70s train and I don’t think I’ll get off any time soon! àààààà


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Since being diagnosed as a diabetic preggo, it has become a mission of mine to constantly walk to reduce my glucose levels…and not just anywhere, I need to walk in nature where there are trees and flowers and birds and happy moments. Spending those happy moments with family is keeping me quite content and occupied; I no longer feel the need to count down to due date. I either spend my time working on perfecting my online shop, shipping out orders and finding new items to post. I am actually quite excited to share in an upcoming post some of the beautiful things I purchased to stock up my online store; some dresses are to die for!!! If I wasn’t pregnant, I think I would spend my entire summer changing up outfits and trying on dresses till I drop. There’s something just so exhilarating in trying on dresses from different eras, it’s like you almost feel the true essence of it through the clothes. Currently, I am dreaming of the 70s; Cher’s epic and bold style, Joni Mitchell’s exotic flare, Charo’s top bun and Barbra Streisand’s boobilicious body…uh, I can just stay there forever. I am craving to be creative but sometimes my little belly limits me from dressing up super fashion. So, here’s how I got inspired in my own way by the 70s…

I wore high waisted blackish/silver metallic culottes. They’re my regular non-maternity trousers, so since they were giving me a bit of a funny crotch situations, I had to hide it with a loose fitting top and this one is stolen from my sister’s wardrobe; that’s the true beauty of having siblings, you just get to steal their clothes without and, ifs or buts.

Since my shoe wardrobe department is quite limited these days, I opted for slides and that works out perfectly to easily slip in and out of them.



To maintain that 70s vibe, I threw on my veil as a little headscarf; super free-spirited and wild of me, I know!


Overall, nature, lately, has been my refuge and I am quite happy with just needing that at the moment to stay positive and refreshed. I feel like the more I spend time outside, the less I stress about giving birth…so here’s to another 2 months of walking in parks and enjoying the sunshine!