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#Travel Tuesday: Morocco

We all have those moments, that moment where you just want to give up on everything, that moment where you feel lost and confused, that moment where you think your life is meaningless….A bit dramatic..I know but anyway I felt that way when I turned 24. Fresh out of fashion school with an assistant design job, I felt as though, I was useless… I though, gosh, is this what life means…Existential question? Maybe, but for me it felt as though my life was over! That’s when I kicked my dramatic self in the behind and decided to go to Morocco and take up sewing. I did 3 months in fashion school to better my swing abilities and learn about different cultural fashion scenes. For 3 months straight, I studied the beautiful art of Caftan making. In between school and my internships, I was lucky enough to travel a little around Morocco and explore its culture, eat awesome food and meet amazing people.
For the most part of my trip, I stayed in Rabat; Rabat is the capital and administrative region of Morocco. Although it wasn’t my favorite city, there are a few things to do there; there are loads of cafes by the sea, summer festivals and performances by the old souks.
What I enjoyed most was Mawazine. This is an event that usually takes place in the May (annually) and it’s a world music festival featuring Arab, African and international music. I was lucky to attend this event for free and got to see LMFAO and The Scorpions. It was crowded, loud, sweaty and just nostalgic..everyone was dancing  passionately. I’m usually not too good with crowds, but I managed to have a blast!
The second city I got to visit was Kenitra. I met with some friends for a day and although I didn’t have much time there, I found it to be really beautiful. Nature <3 <3 Mehdia Beach just stole my heart. There were plenty of little restaurants and cafes by the beach. People could go surfing, camel riding and could even rent quads. Even laying in the sun and listening to the waves is enough for you to feel the true Moroccan air.   
I then had the chance to spend a few days in Casablanca. This is the largest and most important cities in Africa, both economically and demographically. Plus, there is so much to do there. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time but with the few days I had, I was able to see the beautiful Ain Diab beach, Morocco Mall (which has the biggest aquarium ever!! And you can even go for a dive with baby sharks!), Anfa place (good restaurants and great shopping area), and last but not least the Old Medina. The old medina is the place I loved the most because you get to experience the real genuine feel of cultural heritage. The old souks are great for picking up a few souvenirs.
The last city I had the chance to visit was Marrakech and let me tell you that by far this is the nicest city I have been to. I had great adventures with amazing friends. I was able to experience a lot of things I never thought I would. The most memorable experience I had in Marrakech was visiting Le Château d’Hakim; a beautiful private estate where you can rest and enjoy loads of spectacles and great food. The food was to die for and the shows too. There were horsemen, camels, belly dancers, folklore music and dances. It was so memorable; I still talk about it to this day! Other places I was lucky to see in Marrakesh were El Baladi Palace (very impressive ruins of the palace with impressive walls and architecture detailing) and the Koutoubia Mosque and Minaret (a place where we can see an ancient mosque with beautiful architecture on the minaret and exterior walls. The gardens are exquisite, peaceful and worthy of a stroll around. The architectural aspects of the mosque ruins super interesting.
The trip changed me dramatically in every sense. I became more socially conscious and aware, I became emotionally stronger and spiritually happier. The people I met changed my life and made me realize how we must always cherish life with those we care about. This trip gave me the necessary push to follow my dreams and get out of my comfort zone. I am free to try new things and experience everything I can.
So till next time..with a new travel story <3
Cheers xo 
Fashion Inspiration

Out and about: weekend outfits.

I wanted to share with you my weekend looks….and what you will notice throughout my blog posts is my deep love of leather jackets. I have said it before and I will say it again, I am definitely a leather kinda girl. The fit, the feel, the smell!!! And let’s not forget the fact that it make me feel like a bad-ass..more precisely like Alice in Resident Evil!

I was out and about this weekend running errands and shopping for gifts. So i opted for outfits that were comfortable yet stylish. I wore some of my favorite vintage items and thrifted pieces. Looking good, on trend and stylish doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg.




What I wore: Danier leather jacket, thrifted plaid shirt, Forever 21 navy top, Forever 21 skinnies, Coach bag, Vince Camuto booties and Betsey Johnson sunnies.

This was the perfect for my running around town. I was able to be proactive and productive yet I felt stylish and very fashionable in my own way.



What I wore: Zara leather jacket, Nygard floral top, thrifted high waisted flared jeans, Ferragamo vintage purse, Zara flats and thirfted glasses.

It is still a little chilly out, so this jacket gave me both style and warmth. I wanted to feel super comfortable while being out in town again to take my niece to the salon for a hair cut. I am super in love with this 80s Ferragamo purse: its forest green color makes it cooler than black and more special yet can be very easy to mix and match in any outfit.

Hope y’all like these looks! Let me know if a comment below what you liked and if you would like to maybe see more makeup details in future posts.

Some of these items are on sale in my online shop. Go to and search LEDRESSINGDEMOON!

Cheers xo


Fashion Inspiration Vintage

I’m calling spring!

It’s been kind of a long winter for me this year…and I have been feeling super blah! So this week I just told myself: enough is enough! And since I have been having loads of fun with my outfits, I wanted to share some pics with you guys. What I love about the fashion industry, more than design, is styling. Why? Because I feel free and uber creative. Styling gives me the freedom to express myself fully and unapologetically. To mix and match colors and patterns..just ugh!! Happy camper right here!!!

Outfit #1
In this outfit, the main focus is obviously my Topshop coral jacket. I decided to add my favorite vintage striped silk shirt and add these slim fit Forever 21 pants. I definitely have to add that these pants are the bombbbb. The fit is just ummm…Amazing! I wore my Vince Camuto booties and to bring it all together, I added a floral veil and a turquoise blue necklace.

Outfit #2

These pants! I gotta say, the fabric is the softest fabric I ever touched and I touched plenty. I bought these pants when I was on a vacation in the Middle East. I just kept them in the closet and never got the chance to wear them. So to break away from the winter blues, I brought them out for a ride and matched them with my Dynamite top and my favorite vintage necklace. I then added a simple white veil to bring the whole outfit together.


Outfit #3
I recently went shopping with a friend, and when we noticed a shop carrying European brands having major discounts, we just went crazy. Everything in that shop was just perfection. Every piece was unique and special. This skirt is exactly that and more…the fabric, the fit, the pattern….everything about this skirt is beautiful, especially the way it makes you feel like a princess while wearing it. Since the skirt is the focal point in this outfit, I decided to keep the rest of the color/pattern combo simple.


I added a red veil to bring a pop of color around my face and a gold necklace to recall the gold touches in this brocade skirt.

These are some of the outfits I wore this week. Styling for me is like a game and I have developed a deep love and passion for it since I was young. I always say that over dressing is a privilege and don’t be afraid to do so, because it is what makes you you.

Leave me a comment below and let me know which outfit you like best.

Cheers <3



#WCW: Pauline Ranjbar

We all have them….girl crushes. I know I have a few..ok ok maybe like a lot of crushes. I have a girl crush on Emma Stone, Zooey Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, Kathleen Lights (the cutest youtuber out there!!) and the list goes on. Today I want to share with you my girl crush on my friend Pauline Ranjbar. I met her while working at Groupe Dynamite in the Fit & Spec department 3 years ago. We made an instant connection because we share the same work ethics and values. She’s always been a star. She’s hard working, tenacious and knows what she wants. She has goals, ambitions and definitely fights for them. She moved to LA to follow her dreams of becoming an actress and I believe that one day she will get to do everything she wants to do and more. You go girl!!
So here some questions I asked her about her experience so far in LA.
1- Why LA?
I have chosen LA for many reasons. I have always wanted to be in the United States and explore a whole new life here. I chose LA because I came here to pursue my dreams in the Entertainment industry, and what better place to be. Not only are there endless opportunities here, but the weather is unbeatable. I came here about 7 years ago for a visit and ever since then I dreamt of living here and made that dream a reality 3 years ago.
2-How does it feel to be in LA
LA is incredible, it has definitely been one of the most challenging journeys I’ve got myself into, but I do not feel an inch of regret coming here. It takes a lot of guts to leave your family and friends and start your life from the ground up, but it had to be done. It feels amazing to know that I have stood on my own two feet here. This town is not as glamorous as it appears on TV. It is fast pace, it is exhausting, you are consistently on the grind, you deal with a lot of fake and superficial people….but even with all that, I wouldn’t change anything about it. I have learned so much and grown immensely and that’s why it feels so amazing to be in LA. Every day is a new challenge…there is no such thing as a simple routine here…there is always something different going on.
3-what advice do you have for people wanting to move there:
The amount of messages I have gotten from people who have wanted to move is incredible. First thing I tell them is to do research because many think it’s easy to just pack and leave and don’t realize that you need your working papers to be in the US and it’s not that simple to get. I also tell people to really save their money and focus truly on their game plan and what they want to get out of this experience. This town is full of sharks so I always say, solidify your back bone, sharpen your tongue and get ready for the battle. You need to know how to protect yourself and be smart; once you have all that set up…you’re ready!
4-where to now and where do you see yourself in a few years?
Right now it’s pretty incredible to say that I have finally settled down comfortably after 3 years of hard work and struggles. I have my blueprint now that I can grow now. I have gone through hell and back in the last 3 years but now I look back and realize that many would have quit and went back home if they dealt with the things that I had to deal with. I am now so happy with where I am at, I have a full time job at the most prestigious private chartered jet company , I go to my auditions, I work on sets, I am modeling….but I’m not where I want to be yet.

Now the question of where do I see myself in a few years…well I cannot answer that question, because I don’t know where I will be. It’s just like the quote says ” the plans I make for myself, God laughs at”…so what I can say is this… in a few years from now, I want to be wiser, more knowledgeable, I want to be able to look back and say WOW I DID ALL THAT…I want to grow as a person and be exactly where I am meant to be.
I want to thank Pauline for her time and insight and wish her all the best! You should all go check out her instagram @paulineranjbar16 to follow along her adventure.
Follow your dreams peeps
Cheers xo

Inspiration Tuesday: Julie Beun

In light of International Women’s day..I wanted to share my admiration for this wonderful and extremely fierce woman I met whilst presenting my first collection at OTTAWA FASHION WEEK. She’s a kind, creative, funny and super adorable woman <3 A mother, a journalist, a storm (in a massively good way), an inspiration, Julie Beun is a force to be reckoned with. I asked her to give me some of her time and answer a few questions so that we all have the chance to get to know her more and pick at her brains!!

Beun_4585 By Michelle Valberg websize

1-What inspires you in life?

Life inspires me. Strong, determined people who have faced setbacks inspire me. I am inspired by people who are good, kind and generous to their fellow humans no matter what, but who stand firm on what they believe in and what they value. I am inspired by my children, who despite the mistakes I’ve made, are astonishingly bright, creative and dazzling creatures. I am deeply inspired by women, particularly minority women who overcome massive obstacles. Women like Maya Angelou make my heart sing. I don’t know if this is all because I was abandoned at birth (and adopted into a wonderfully inclusive, multiracial family), but I particularly value those who generate positive energy, regardless of what colour skin is or what man-made beliefs they hold. I always tell my kids to seek out those with a different vibration than themselves, people from different cultures, races and spiritual inheritances. If we seek only those who resemble us and reflect us, we are but one note. If we seek out other vibrations, we live amidst a symphony.
2- You’re a busy bee…how do you manage being a kick ass mum and an awesome writer all at once?

It’s about living in the moment, constantly. I try to plan forward and be organized, but I do better by the seat of my pants. My assistant wishes it was otherwise, but….As a result, my approach to parenting is ‘maximum impact, minimal harm.’ I yell at my kids, I swear like a trucker, but I love them fiercely and they know it. I am not very good about making them do their chores, but I insist they know who to cook, how to keep themselves clean and how to ask questions. Aside from that, the adults in their lives—me, my hubby and my ex—are all ‘big idea’ people, so we’re constantly challenging them, discussing life and asking questions. Fortunately, my kids have responded to that. Unfortunately, they also talk as much as I do. And they’re smarter. So.
3- We’re all human…when the blues kick in, how do you manage to get back on track and push yourself to move forward?

I never compare myself or my life to anyone or anyone’s life. So I don’t envy anyone, because I’ve seen firsthand that the poorest have rich lives and the richest have shockingly shallow ones—not all, but enough to know that comparing yourself or envying anyone is a foolish pastime. The other thing is that I only do thing that are fun. By fun I mean engaging, challenging, interesting TO ME. Keeps it real.
 Also, I have had a challenging life and if I were to go into it, you might say, ‘Oh, wow, how did you manage to be so positive and upbeat after so much loss and violence?’. Truth is, we all have shit in our lives. My life had some spectacularly cataclysmic moments, but I can’t say someone who lives a saner life suffered any less, because their frame of reference is just different. How can we compare? In science, you must compare like with like in clinical trials, but in real life, who is the ‘control’ and who is the ‘subject’? Impossible and ridiculous to think that’s a thing. Plus, I’m an aggressively curious person and always wondering about the next story, the next cool thing. I think life is full of wonder and stories. As a journalist, I’ve made my career out of telling them all, the good and the really really scary and awful. I think they’re all part of the human tapestry, so I relish them all.
4- Your motto: ‘‘Accuracy, integrity and a little bit of attitude’’ tell us more about that:

When I first started at People magazine back in the early 90s, accuracy and integrity were the two key ethical values we cherished. We had a rigorous fact checking department, an absolutely rigorous editing process and an environment of mutual criticism that was very healthy and more than a little terrifying at times. Leave your ego at the door, mate. We believed in accuracy and integrity as the hallmarks of good journalism. It was a Time Inc thing. I’d already been a professional journalist for years before I started with Time Inc, but the years I spent there were the most formative of my career. I refer to those years still, although they were taxing, anti-family (I often worked 24-hours covering breaking news) and at times, utterly disemboweling if you had an ego, even a shade of one. You had to be absolutely confident in your skills as a journalist, yet absolutely willing to have your work put through the shredder, because you knew you were going to learn something invaluable. I loved it all, especially the other warriors who felt as I did about what we were doing, telling stories about the ordinary people doing extraordinary things and the ordinary details of extraordinary lives, as we put it. So, that’s where my motto came from. Accuracy, integrity and me—a little bit (or a lot) of attitude. Because you can’t go through that sort of ‘blow torch to the underbelly’ as we called it, without developing a healthy attitude!
5- Finally, what advice would you give to girls struggling with finding themselves and their career path and how can they remain true to themselves whilst hustling:

Ha. This is an entire book on its own, but number one? Shut up. Open your eyes. Listen. Learn. Don’t pretend or think you know everything because you were brought up with the internet at your fingertips. Life is happening around you, and the internet and the content therein is only someone else’s interpretation of what’s going on. Go out there, figure it out for yourself. Travel widely. Learn two languages. Study art and history. Listen to tons of music and find out what inspired those songs. Be confident in what you know, but be willing to learn at all times. I’m 50 and still find myself wandering into the weeds. Surround yourself with people smarter and kinder than you, then absorb all you can from them. Listen to people a bit older than you, they know more than you think and will provide invaluable context for how to go forward in the world. Don’t distain the friendship of older people either—I surround myself with hot young minds so that I may be influenced by them and they may learn from me. I want them to be the architects of a better world, so they need to know what has come before them. Finally, love wildly, deeply and passionately but never to the extent that you lose yourself. I have done that, too, and it took years to reclaim who I was.

I wanted to ask many more questions, but this post would have been 10 pages long. Julie is not only a wonderful woman, but she is a kind, raw and genuine human being and I absolutely admire her vivaciousness. She’s very energetic and you can definitely see that in meeting her and in her work.

Hope y’all took a little something out of this and don’t forget to stay true to yourself and shine!

Cheers xo