What I have been up to…and also FLASH SALE!

Happy June and summertimes! Can’t believe we’re June already! WHAT?? HOW?? It has been a while since I have written on here. I have been so out of it, especially with quarantine, things seem so surreal. I feel like I have gotten the hang of it and now I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and relax even though I am at home. First of all, the kiddo is with me 24-7, which is great at times and stressful at times; I have been loving catching up with her and I am loving seeing her grow right before my eyes. I cannot believe that she will be two years old soon…like where the heck does the time go?? I am not going to lie, I have been paranoid with this whole COVID thing when it started, but then I realized, what’s meant to happen will happen. So I have decided not to live in fear and simply just have a great time with my daughter while simply being cautious. We go out on walks around the neighborhood, go to the park to run around like crazies, and we let our freak fly. We do all sorts of silly things just to stay happy and entertain our monster.

So, I have been busy juggling work and mom life and sometimes the struggle is real and I think I suck at this….but other times, I have got it in the bag..over the net, slam dunk style. I have my contract to complete, don’t know when it’ll end really, and I have my online shop and my kiddo…oh and the husband to help out at school. Plate full you say…oh no!! Add on more, please! I can’t seem to understand the concept of taking it easy or relaxing, but then again, that was never my forte. I love to keep busy!

What else…OH! I have gotten back into sewing, which I am enjoying fully and I am contemplating creating a small collection with vintage fabrics. like a capsule collection…in the works, we’ll see what happens. I made a couple of cute dresses for the little one and she loves them as well. A few masks here and there, for the family of course and not for sale. I feel like quarantine is allowing me to get creative again, which is pretty cool. I am also enjoying refurbishing furniture. I have an old vintage dresser that looked quite sad, so I decided to give it some love and freshness, still in the works, will update you guys on it soon. It is taking foreverrrrrrr but it’s looking nice!

Um, what else, let’s see, um, oh! I have been doing quite well with my shop. When the pandemic started to hit hard, it’s like people had a revelation or something that shopping local and helping small businesses are important, so I am grateful for every person that has shopped with me and supported me on my journey. As thanks, I am inviting you all to shop my flash sale!!! Dresses are currently 15$ CAD only for a couple of days. Go check it out fast as sales won’t last long. Items are going like crazy. Also, shipping is free in Canada and USA. Since I have been blessed, I am lucky to say that I am giving back to charity and that makes my heart happy.


I haven’t posted any outfits in the past couple of weeks as I have been living in PJs but I am getting out of this rut and I will be posting soon.

Happy humpday!

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Little People, Big Dreams!

Growing up, I loved reading books! We spent our weekends at the library for as long as I can remember. Our mama dearest taught us that books are your best friend; not only because they enrich you, but they give you the chance to explore your imagination and the possibilities that come with it. Books allow you to immerse yourself into a different world, a world that you can create and live in. Books have the power to teach you about yourself, about others and life in general. Since I grew up with this concept, I figured that the least I can do is share that passion with my daughter. I don’t read as much as I use to but when I have the time, I’ll enjoy a good read.

I started reading to my daughter since she was born and I loved sharing that time with her even though she didn’t care much, but I knew she listened. She was always so fascinated with colors and shapes and I made sure to ignite that interest in her at an early age. True to this! My daughter, now, impatiently waits on me to read her favorite books at bedtime. If God forbid for some reason I don’t do that, then she goes mad! She’s so funny, all I say is “let’s go read a story” and she’d be in bed already under the covers. She’s such a sweet monster. I read her all kinds of books but she seems to enjoy these more. I discovered them after I purchased a Cinderella book from a museum that had fashion illustrations. And she was instantly grasped by it and since I saw the interest, I decided to get more. As I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I stumbled upon the Little People, Big Dreams series and I purchased one out of curiosity. The first one I bought was Mother Teresa and my God does my daughter love her!

Basically, these books are mini-biographies of prominent people who changed the world. They are an empowering and educational series of books to send inspiring messages to children of all ages and they are written in a simple but beautiful way. That’s why I fell in love with them. I bought her a few, but her favorite remains Mother Teresa and wins the race every time. They’re informative books and they are super smartly illustrated, in a way that captures the children’s attention. My little girl loves them as much as I do and we can’t seem to read anything else now. I got her an all women’s collection but they also have stories about men who made a difference in the world like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and more. The collection is quite vast, but I treat her with these once in a while as it can get a bit pricey. But as long as my daughter finds inspiration and strength, then money has no value.

So, I thought I’d share with you guys what my daughter loves reading and perhaps inspire you guys to check these books out. They make for perfect gifts!!! Even my 12-year-old niece loves reading them to my daughter!

Happy Humpday x

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Runway looks for less; Take 2!

In another edition of what I love about SS 2020 trends, I am highlighting the fact that maximalist prints are still going strong. Seen or runway shows from Marc Jacobs to Dries Van Noten to Libertine. All the colors and all the clash are giving me butterflies in my tummy. I love me a good color clash, especially when prints are bold and colorful. I mean, how can you not be happy?? Fashion is a way to lift your mood up and this season, there is lots of inspiration that you can use daily to shift your gears and get out of a gloomy wardrobe. Power prints and puffed sleeves are back in a huge way this summer and giant florals, oversized polka dots and the bunch are all the rave. So be brave and creative; do not be afraid to try something new this summer.

I obviously am very happy that bold prints will forever be a thing and even though I don’t buy many trendy pieces, I know I own way too many prints to be out of style at some point. Plus, vintage is big on that! Look for 60s and 70s pieces to get that look. There is always something in the thrift shop with bold prints. Even 80s shirts and skirts have cool prints. Look around your local shop and you’re surely find something cute, well-made and inexpensive. Shameless plug: go to my shop to find some of these pieces.
The puff sleeves, on the other hand, are coming in subtly but gorgeously; Zimmerman hit that one on the head this season on the runway! The puff is either focused on the shoulders or is done gradually down the sleeves. But puffed sleeves, when done right, add a sense of femininity to an outfit and give you a romantic feel. I always opt for puffed sleeves whenever I want to feel girly and feminine.

Although I didn’t go crazy with the print clashing today, I did add a little bit of both elements in my outfit. I opted for some colors and puffed sleeves. I love this blouse so much and bought it a few weeks back to go with a turquoise satin skirt I have for an event and I love that it’s satin, floral and pink. I rarely go for pink but the print on this blouse makes me want to wear it daily. I love how it’s puffed at the top and get a little tighter at the bottom, the cuff adds a badass feel; which I am all about. I paired it with a checkered blazer I got from Tristan in the fall. A little on the expensive side, but as an investment, it’s a good purchase. I know I’ll have it for years and years to come. Adding the blue/purple pants pulled the outfit together. The shoes were my little sneaky print clash and that’s how it all came out!


I love fashion and styling and again, I love the runway. So, here is another look into the spring/summer trends. A way for you to get inspired and do runway looks for less.
Hope you liked this edition and see you in the next one!!


To booger or not to booger!

Are you the type of person who would tell a stranger that they have a booger up their nose, so big that it can be seen from outer space?? Or are you the type of person who doesn’t really care what others look like? Or simply you’re not bothered by being kind enough to let someone know that they gotta clean up?? Or when someone’s fly is down…so you just keep staring or do you tell them to close up shop?
I for a fact, always find myself in embarrassing situations, like having my mascara run and end up looking like a sad sad panda or have my period leak through my pants….or have freaking spinach stuck in between my teeth. It always happens to me! Always! Especially the period part. And what bugs me most is that working with women, you’d think they’d come up to you to tell you that you gotta change, instead they let you walk around the office parading your huge red spot!!! Like where’s the decency people?!?!?!? Aren’t we supposed to be compadres or something? Isn’t there like a sisterhood code that is crucial to abide by? Anyway, I know this is a touchy subject but what type of person are you?? I am super curious to know!!
Annnd, this brings me to this morning! While commuting on the train, I noticed a guy with a hugeeeee booger; so big his nostril was white! I felt so bad about it, I kept staring at him with compassion…all I kept thinking was, he has to know before getting into work, because I know for a fact, that no one would tell him! I was kinda worried and scared, to be honest, to go up to him and offer him Kleenex, but my gut feeling wouldn’t take a rest. I was trying to find a proper way to tell him this, but when we got to the central station…I walked up to him as I didn’t want to make a scene and embarrass him even further and all I said was…. “excuse me, the human in me is telling you to clean your nose before you get to the office” and then I offered him a tissue to clean his nose. His reaction though was funny, I mean I get it, it’s a touchy subject, but I know for a fact that I don’t want to be walking around with boogers and I would want someone to point it out….instead, this guy was sort of defensive and didn’t take my offer, he was like “it’s okay, I’m fine” and walked away.
I guess, what I am trying to get at really is to get to a consensus and perhaps understand, is it right to go up to people and tell them that they need to fix something? Or do you go with the masses and pretend that you didn’t see anything? Is it like complimenting someone when they are pretty? I am that type of person who always compliments others randomly when walking down the streets; because we only live once and if you can make someone feel better about themselves, then why not?! How do you handle these sensitive situations when it comes to strangers? To tell or not to tell…that is the question!

To booger or not to booger? A bit of a funny one this morning, but let me know in the comments below and happy Friday xx

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Runway look for less…

Have you guys seen the S/S 2020 fashion shows? I am an avid follower but only to rinse my eyes with beautiful things. Watching fashion shows, being transported into another dimension and parallel of the unimaginable– seeing pretty, sophisticated garments on the runway is quite the experience. I have been to a few fashion shows and love the thrill of it. What you see backstage and what you see on the runway is two completely different things and that’s what I love about fashion; the amount of work that goes into creating a collection, creating a piece of art is tremendous and the result is even more tremendous! The whole experience is exhilarating. Although fashion history repeats itself, this season was still quite exciting because big couture names bring out pieces that are special and unique; some worked interictally, some simply and some imaginatively. The show that spoke to me the most is the Armani Privé show because of the teal and blue hues, the beading, the details; everything about that show was beautiful. The one look that struck me the most is this one:


I love the transparency and the details on the cape. There is something ethereal yet edgy about the whole look. I can definitely see myself wearing this to a party and make quite the dramatic entrance. I noticed that the element of transparency is still a big thing on the runway this season. I guess I get a lot more excited than the average person because I know the amount of work that goes into making a piece of clothing; especially ones that are filled with beads and embroidery and bedazzles. The hours that go into making something are rigorous.

In today’s post, I thought it would be interesting to take this look from the runway and recreate it for less with pieces that I own in my wardrobe. Again, it’s an inspiration to recreate the overall look and not to produce the exact thing. Teal is also big on the runway; it was present in many shows like Marni and Gucci. You’ll find something teal in stores for sure….especially at Zara if you are dying to do the runway for less.
Here is my attempt at recreating the Armani look for less:

I went with my Zara colorful, sequined sweater that I’ve had for ages. You can go with a beaded 80s jacket if you want and you’ll easily find them at any thrift shop. Obviously, I am overdressed but who cares! Overdressed is always better than underdressed. I already had some teal pants which I purchased also a while back from Zara. I haven’t been for a while, but I am sure that they still have some available. The runway look was finished up with blue heels, but I decided to go for a contrasting pair of shoes instead and went with my favorite of all-time wedding shoes. The burgundy picks up the tones in the top and finishes the look perfectly. And the embellishment of the shoe adds a little more class and makes it more special.

My attempt today with this look goes to show that you don’t really need to own expensive designer things. You can simply be inspired by what is on the runway and find pieces in your wardrobe that work. Besides, as I said, history repeats itself and so you’ll always find something in the vintage shops.




Hope you enjoyed the look! If you’re an avid fashion show follower, which was your favorite show so far from the runway and why? Would like to hear your thoughts x

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How to get out of a winter style rut!

Do you feel like you are stuck in a style rut as of late? I definitely do!! Especially when I am on a no-buy train (have been for a couple of weeks now). I have been forcing myself to dig into my wardrobe and use all the pieces I own equally. It has been hard not to go out in jogging pants lately with the cold and the grim weather, but efforts must be made. I have hit a downer in the wardrobe department, and I am starting to stick to the same sweater and pants lately—so not good! To get out of this said rut, I decide to share with you some tips on how I pick myself up and get re-inspired to dress nicely to combat the winter blues without having to purchase anything new.

The first tip I’d share with you is to take a look at your wardrobe and focus on getting out the pieces that speak to you most, you know those pieces that give you butterfly feelings inside…yeah! Those ones! Get them out and start working around them. Ultimately, you still want to wear pieces that make you happy and bring you joy. Focusing on the pieces that make you feel good about yourself is important and owning said garments is equally important. Find them to not only bring you joy but to also help boost your confidence. It could be a beautiful skirt, a tailored blazer or even colorful shoes. Whatever it is, find it and build around that! Today I chose this skirt and this skirt does bring me all kinds of feelings; the fabric is luxurious, the fit is impeccable, and the print is delicious, what more do I need?? I got this pleated midi skirt a few months back to add to my wardrobe as I was lacking some animal print. When I found this one, I knew that it would be a classic, granted it was expensive, but it is well worth it! I already wore it a million times and I rarely get bored with it. Creating new outfit combinations with neglected pieces in your wardrobe can give you some fuel to reinvent outfits and get the rut out of your life.


The second thing I would tell you to do is to layer; definitely key for the colder months and also a smart way to get use out of your summer items. This is a good way to making the most of your existing pieces and putting them to use all year round. I love to use summer pieces and transition them into the winter; makes for an interesting outfit! You can easily use summer dresses and put sweaters over them, or cardigans and you’d be good to go. An excellent way to add color, textures, and layers; depth! This goes the same for skirts, tees, and thinner shirts. Just find a good way to make layering work for you and mix and match your garments to make cool outfit combinations.

The third tip would be to add color! If you are faint of heart and prefer to stick to neutrals all winter long, no problem, just accessorize with colorful pieces. Like jewelry or shoes. I say shoes are a definite thing to invest in because it is the fundamental element that ends your outfit. It’s like the point that makes a sentence complete. Use shoes or bags to make your outfits pop. I wasn’t afraid to do use both in this outfit. I went for my trusted yellow leather L’Intervalle booties and a vintage Michael Kors bag that I borrowed from mum. Note that borrowing is also an excellent way to refresh your wardrobe without having to buy anything. I tend to do that a lot with my sisters and mum. Makes for cool combos and also a super excellent way to combatting the itch to purchase something new to freshen up your wardrobe.


Last but certainly not least, find inspiration! If you are having a total block in your senses and cannot make anything work for you, find inspiration; whether it is a person’s style, the runway, a good song or even a simple quote. Find what inspires you and use it as fuel. I find this a really good way to bring the downer up. Find your “feel-good” and use it. Don’t be shy googling outfit ideas, it doesn’t mean you’re copying… just looking through photos can bring your mood up and push you to get out of your confront zone and try something different and new. There is no shame whatsoever!

This is how I deal with a style rut! Let me know what you think and what is it that you do to get out of a winter style rut. Share your thoughts, I’d like to hear them!


How friendships change with age.

A few days ago, I was talking to my sister about this mutual acquaintance we have and how she’s constantly telling her (or me) that we’re in a bad mood, grumpy or pissed off (whenever we were quiet). Sometimes, and don’t get me wrong, I feel like people force themselves into your lives and it just isn’t right. I am a very introverted person and make lots of effort to be socially active and I try not to be awkward about it. It’s hard as it is and I do admit that I always come off as a queen B, but those who know me, know that I am so not like that. Takes time for people to get in the “circle of trust”. I am content just being quiet and invisible in my corner. I know, how ironic that is, seeing that I do talks and fashion events. But, it honestly gets me frustrated….it’s like, “NO! I am not grumpy; I just don’t have the energy to be super friends with you”. You’re not a bad person, I just choose not to be friends, that’s all. Is it just me or do you feel like, with age, your friendship standards have changed? I feel as I am getting older and more aware of who I am and what I want in life, that my friendships and my priorities in life have changed. Not necessarily in a bad way, but they just did.


Growing up, I always had the biggest number of friends in our household; part of the popular clique at school, know whatam sayin’. I always thought that friendships, especially female friendship, were important as they make or break you. Even though I am super close to my sisters, I felt like I needed exterior female relationships. It makes a difference! I promise. I am lucky to have three really good female friends that know me, have my back and love me for me. They are not afraid to be blunt, to be honest, and to pull me back to planet earth when I am way up high in the milky way. Relationship is mutual and respectful in every sense of the word. Now that I think about it, perhaps that’s the reason why I had such trouble fitting in Palestine…is because all the women I met never wanted to befriend me. It always felt like a competition. Soooo tiring!

♥ ♥ ♥

You know, some studies prove that the older you get, the fewer friends you have. I do attest to that theory and agree 100%. Towards the end of my 20s, I realized that I had an unnecessary number of “friends” in my life and that I had way too much going on. Some of those people are barely present, but you still call friends just for the sake of it. I realized that some of them were dragging me down and making me feel shitty about myself in unforgivable ways. I, now, decided to prioritize whom I want to hang out with and whom I want to connect with on a deeper level.


With age, I realized that it’s not about the number of friends you have but about the quality of those friends. The people that lift you and make you feel special, that’s who you want as friends. Now, more so than ever, as my priorities change (with being a mom and a wife), I still do make time for friends, but for those who mean something to me. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what adult friendships are all about. There a huge difference between family bonds and friendship bonds. With friendship bonds, you have the upper hand to decided who to keep in your circle and that’s why friendships are unique because you get to choose them. When you choose who you click with, the bond is stronger. That’s how it is with my current friends; with age, friendships improve and as priorities change, your friendships change. Childhood friendships and adulthood friendships evolve with age because I feel like they become more complex and meaningful. Come to think of it, I don’t talk to anyone from my childhood, although we keep in touch through social media, the friendships I harvested are those from university. Those girls stuck with me through it all and they are just like sisters. Even though we go months without seeing each other, once we meet, it’s like we never left that last meetup. That’s the privilege I like!

With age, friendships change, and I truly find that they improve. Connections get real! Friendships truly do help with loneliness and they improve your mental health. When you are down, you’re easily lifted. You have to surround yourself with likeminded people and when you feel your absolute worst, that’s when friendships are tested. Friends, as we get older, should help boost your self-confidence when in doubt and improve your wellbeing. Friendship is a relationship with no strings attached except the ones you choose to tie, one that’s just about being there, as best as you can. Ture and deep friendships, ultimately, can be therapeutic for the heart and soul. Quality time spent with wonderful eggs helps you create amazing and longlasting memories. So make time for those that matter to you and don’t be shy to put an end to relationships that suck the energy out of you. We live once, so it’s best to live it healthily.



“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom”

On this beautiful sunny Friday morning, I woke up grateful! For the things I went through in the past three years that helped me get to where I am at this very moment. I can honestly say that a big part of 2018 and 2019 was hard for me as I finally hit rock-bottom. But, as crazy as it sounds, when you hit rock-bottom, I find that quite liberating, because then you realize you have nothing else to lose… knowing you can’t go down further, is a good place to be in because there is still a chance for you to get back up and that’s when will comes into play. The power and will to be better are all on you. Nothing can get you out of that hole you put yourself into except you. Yes, there are resources, but it’s all from within. As you dug yourself in, you have the capacity and the capability of digging yourself out and that said process can be quite exhilarating if you do take the time to finally feel better and be better. 

Patton Posters and Graphics

I was always on such high, thinking that I had my shit together; good pay, single, happy, carefree to do everything I wanted and more. Perfect life! Alas, then adulthood happened, and I realized, shit I am not as good at life as I thought I was. But when I hit the very bottom of what bottom was, I decided to move forward and it felt liberating and rejuvenating—as if I was re-born. Showing resilience in the face of adversity is what makes you successful. I truly believe that we are born with these instincts and it just takes practice and with will, impossible is nothing. You have the chance to shape your life as you wish and have brighter possibilities and opportunities. I also always believed that success doesn’t have to be a constant, high, uphill. Success is measured by accomplishments, achievements, and steps. Success is about being open to the idea and the very scary concept of failure.

To me, nothing in life is worthwhile without taking risks and risks involve failure. I know some people who have a deep, like very deep, fear of failure. Like my husband. He will go above and beyond to excel at everything and exhausts himself just so he doesn’t fail. I let him be, because I was like that and then I realized how exhausting that was, then I slowly changed. You end up missing out on life and in business, you have to expect failure, and this is why I needed to change my ways.

And this is why, today, I wanted to share with you this wonderful quote from George S. Patton: “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom”. Sometimes, when you look at all these success stories, you wonder how they made it, is it luck or is it hard work? Then you read their stories and realize the inevitable happened; failure. To be successful is to rationalize your inactions and process them, accept them and turn them to your advantage. This is what I realized and try to apply it day in and day out. Never be hard on yourself and when the time comes, do pat yourself on the back. However small it may seem; every step forward is a success. And as Nelson Mandela said so eloquently: “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of“.

Self-improvement people! Sel-improvement!!!

May this weekend bring you brightness, epiphanies, and clarities to make amazing opportunities happen!


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What’s the big deal anyway?! It’s just a headscarf!

With all the political drama that’s been happening around here in Quebec, I can’t help but feel sad for where humanity is headed. I mean, politicians are so darn smart; preoccupying people with matters like religious symbols and turning the state into a completely atheist place (which is fine by me-but why do they need to implement laws on banning religious symbols) rather than focusing on important matters such as infrastructure, health and education. I am a free woman despite what the law says. I have been brought up in a Muslim family and my dad may have strong opinions on culture and religion, but we were never oppressed at home. I mean, look at me and look at how I dress! Colorful, hippie queen right here!! Religion (Islam) does not force women to be completely void of voice and opinion and this misconception that some hold is driving me insane. Us, Muslims women, we’re not oppressed!!! And we don’t need the white man to free us! Or any man for that matter. We need to be respected for who we are and if we want to cover our hair, so be it. As long as we keep it to ourselves, then what’s the big problem?

I am so not enforcing my religion on anyone; I have friends from all over the world (mainly Christian) and we each have our views and ideas of how we want to deal with our beliefs. This does not however stop us from being the best to each other. I am talking about the veil because I am Muslim…but I feel very strongly about all religions. You do you! And as humans, we need to respect each other and that’s what matters. I am afraid that this is easier said than done because we are so headed in the wrong direction. I would imagine, if I ever was a politician, I would choose to unite my people and make them strong as a whole (i.e.: New Zealand), rather than pushing each group into a category and creating segregation and fear. It’s bloody sad how we choose to focus on how one decides to dress instead of spending time to know the person deep within. I am not saying all of us Muslims are amazing and perfect, no one is, but those of us who have real faith know that Islam is based on peace and tolerance. I choose to keep my religion in my heart and choose to practice it the way I see fit between myself and God. I don’t go around trying to sell anyone anything. But if anyone is interested to learn, I am open to questions. So, why is it that this politician feels the need to implement a law that will destroy the lives of many people? Muslim girls, Sikh men, Jewish men, Jewish women and Christian and Orthodox followers. You have your religion and I have mine—a verse from the Quran to clearly indicate to do whatever is it you see fit for YOU.

The problem with the general population these days (Arabs included) is that they are so focused on survival that they do not seem to take the time to learn about other people who are foreign to their own culture. And I get that, I really do. But for a city so big like Montreal, we can’t derail our attention from obvious problems to focus solely on religion symbols! Seriously??!! I grew up here and this my home and I, yet, still feel like my life can stop at any moment and politicians do not seem to think about that. What about those little girls who dream to be cops, RCMP officers or teachers one day? But can’t anymore because of some idiotic law who now forces them to pursue another career that they aren’t passionate about. I think about my smart, talented, little niece, who dreams to be an art teacher one day (she doesn’t have the veil now but maybe one day she will, who knows?!), but can’t be that anymore because of this said law….she then moves to a different country, but then that country will implement another law and another and we keep turning in circles. Vicious, deadly circle!

Alas humanity, we have failed you miserably! I feel so sorry for what’s to come and if I keep thinking about it, I might get sick; the true Montreal I know is a melting pot of amazing different races, religions and even sexuality. I believe that we are all free to live our lives the way we want (peacefully!!) and for politicians to take that away from us is a true shame. Montreal will forever be my home and I hope that it stays the way it is for my little girl to grow in and to also get to enjoy its true beauty. Being bi-cultural is nothing short of difficult, it is a blessing and a curse, but because so many of us (in Montreal) are in it together, then it makes the ride so much smoother and calmer. I really hope that it doesn’t change….

May your weekend be bright and beautiful x


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La La Land!

I finally took the time to watch La La Land this weekend. Thought I’d finally see what all the hype was about back when it came out and I must admit that I feel back into classical and jazz music all over again and all I want to do now is learn how to play the piano. The story line isn’t so innovative but my love for Emma Stone is past the crush stage and has evolved to deep deep love! She is such a breeze and her character is exciting and inspiring and overall moving. Ryan Gosling is also quite adorable and his passion for jazz is very infectious and it makes you see and enjoy music in such a different way. You actually take the time to listen to each note and you get to enjoy it profoundly. I am having such a moment right now listen to the soundtrack on repeat, especially the epilogue. I think I may have broken the reply button. Every time I listen to the soundtrack, I just feel like prancing around and dancing my away to work rather than just walking.

It’s not a life changing movie, quite honestly, but it has somewhat made me feel like I need to take piano classes and dance classes and just be happy overall. I like the fact that they both finally pursued their dreams and even though the ending was nothing short than a typical Hollywood happy one, I still enjoyed it. What I loved mostly about this movie is how hard Gosling pushed Stone to pursue her dream even though the response might be negative. He helped her get out of the rut she was stuck in and pushed her to follow her dreams. That’s kind of man I like, the one that pushes his woman to go hard and to hustle rather than pulling her down. Very inspiring indeed.

I know I am a little late to catch the bandwagon but I wasn’t interested to go to the cinema to watch it but when I found it on Netflix, I finally took the time. Overall, this movie gives feelings of nostalgia and melancholy but in a good way. If that makes sense. I think if you didn’t take the time to see, you should, it very touching and endearing and will definitely make you fall in love with music in the best way possible.