The perfect fall/winter boot for every budget…from 80$ to 700$

I have been falling back in love with boots lately since moving back to Canada and I cannot get enough of the new colourful boots out there; from animal prints to color block boots, there’s something for everyone. A few weeks ago, as I was walking in the mall, I noticed a beautiful pair of vegan leather yellow booties and I cannot get them out of my head and even though I know I don’t need them, I still want them in my life but I cannot justify paying over 400$ for a pair of shoes. I would have gladly spent that money a few years ago when I was less conscious about the inner works of the fashion industry. Plus, now I’m a mom, so I need to think practical, convenient and efficient! But that doesn’t stop me from drooling over pretty shoes online!!! And in today’s post I am sharing with you the coolest and nicest boots for the fall/winter season and where you can get your hands on them.

Just as your coat, you don’t want to be dull and I know living in Canada and having fancy winter boots is kind of difficult, but there are days where there isn’t snow or ice one the ground so you get to enjoy looking pretty fabulous in the cold. I have always had a couple of boots and booties in my wardrobe and some I still do have, and then I have that one ugly pair that I wear when it is super intense out. No one forced me to buy that ugly pair, I mean I could wear something practical and still nice…instead I opted out for something super practical but super ugly.

I say, warmth doesn’t mean ugly and so here are my top picks! For every budget too!


1- The animal print bootie

This bootie has been everywhere and it is massively trending. If you think you can get your money’s worth buying a bold printed bootie, then I suggest you get these from Zara because they always do shoes right! These sit at 99.90$ CAD. I owned a pair of glossy animal print shoe a while ago but I had to sell them since I couldn’t take everything with me in Jericho. Don’t be afraid of bold booties like these because despite the print, they’re easy to style with skirts, jeans and even dresses.


2- The colored knee-high boots

You don’t always need to have black on your feet…your feet too deserve to be happy with a colorful part of boots. Yes, I still do want those yellow booties but I won’t cave in…here’s what I think you can go with this season….

The options are endless but these are my top picks and they range between 70$ and 637$. The red ones from Zara would be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit you wear this winter and it would be easier to style since it is one solid color. You can wear it with little dresses or even over jeans and pants…yes, that’s still a look! I love the pointed toe because it helps lengthen the body more. The striped boots are to die for!!! I absolutely freaking love them and they are only at 70$ from amazon and I could imagine a million and one ways I can wear them. I always had one crazy pair of boots in my closet and although I do not one have currently (since selling a lot of my shoes recently), I feel like I could do with a similar pair as these. How can I not share these amazing Dorateymur color-blocked boots?! They’re seriously insane and bring that 70s look to life. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi with these boots in particular; they’re extremely bold but I love them! The multicolored patent leather, the ornate graphic design, the white accents; ugh! my heart!!! Again, even though these are super colorful, I feel like they can be style in many different ways. They’re pricey at 637$ but I feel like they would be worth every penny.

3- The practical boot

we all want to be warm, cosy and safe during the winter season but that doesn’t mean we have to wear ugly shoes. There are plenty of practical yet pretty shoes out there but the one I see myself wearing would be this one from Sorel. They’re pricer than many other boots on the market but Sorel is a trusted brand and investing in a pair from them is basically a smart move because you know you’ll get your money’s worth. Their shoes last for years (if you take care of them of course) and they keep you warm. These in particular are quite stylish and they go with every outfit. they’re waterproof and comfortable! SO, win-win!

2e6337307e597bc7b4e91b884093de8a_xlarge4- The fashion forward bootie

We all want that pair of booties that add oomph to any outfit and add a pep in our step. Here are some I am totes in love with and if I had space, I would have bought them all….but that would be a total waste of money and space. Opting for colorful accessories during the winter time is for sure going to lift up our mood and spirits and give you hope to get to spring happily.

These white detailed and red heeled Gloria Coelho pair are giving me life. I love a solid heel because I know it’ll be more comfortable than a pencil one and especially in the winter season, you want something more sturdy. These booties are bold but not too overwhelming and in a way that puts you out there without looking like a circus freak. The color combination is classic and easy to style and you can never go wrong with a black/white boot. However, I wouldn’t say the same about these freaking killer Studio Chofakian booties!!!! I cannot express enough how much I would want these on my feet right now. They’re literally me in a shoe; colorful and bright! They’re 50% off right now, still pricey, but if you’re looking for something cool, then I say go for these. The last pair for those who want something colorful but don’t want to pay a load of money for a pair…they sit at 88$ and the colors are easier to style because they’re more on the neutral side.

5- The classic black pair

You can never go wrong with black and it’s pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to styling a little black bootie, it goes with everything and anything from skirts to pants to dresses to whatever it is you feel like wearing. these 2 pairs caught my eye because of their sharp design and you get the option of either a heeled one or a flat one. The contrasting metal zip adds more badass into the whole black boot look. When buying black boots, I always make sure that there’s something special about them. You don’t something too plain-Jane or too boring.




I could share a lot more boots I like but this post would be a million years long and so this is the roundup and I hope you find the pair that make you feel the best you this fall/winter season.

My first attempt at Tokyo street style.

In the recent years of closely following fashion street looks from all over the world, I have to say that my favourite by far is the Tokyo one because of so many good reasons. I thoroughly enjoy everything I see, although to some, it might not make sense. The people of Japan know damn well how to dress and they kill it! What I love it about their street style is that it’s authentic, it’s real and it’s super raw. No two will dress alike and everyone’s got their own thing. The Japanese do not limit their style to just fabric and regular garments, they are not afraid to add in balloons and furs and all sorts of cool things.

They are not afraid to go out of the box and wear ingenious items to stand out from the crowd and this is what I love most about them; they certainly know how to express themselves and leave a big mark. Also their color mixing and matching color game is always lit! They do it so well! So in an attempt to re-launch my love for dressing up after falling ill and after having a baby to care for, here is my Tokyo street style inspired look…


Going into this, I didn’t know what I was really thinking and I was quite worried that I would look insane walking down the street wearing an array of colors. City people really do love their greys and blacks…so I for sure will be an oddball; not that I ever cared…but yeah. I obviously decided to go with vintage because why not? I bought this fuchsia raincoat a while back when I was pregnant from a charity shop and didn’t wear because well it wasn’t the time for it. It’s a vintage London Fog and I know it seems big but it’s so super fashionable and the rest well is history.



TRENCH: London Fog (vintage) ♠ SHIRT: Joe Fresh ♠ SKIRT: Vintage ♠ BOOTS: Spring ♠ BELT: Vintage ♠ BAG: Betsey Johnson ♠ SUNNIES: Aldo

This skirt I also bought at the same charity shop and having been dying to wear it because it’s so loud and colourful but I only had the chance to do so now and it’s quite crazy how the weather changes here. It’s in a very pretty soft light cotton that you can wear in the summer but easily transition it into the fall but wear stockings underneath to keep warm. Although I didn’t completely dive into the Tokyo street style looks and go full full out, I felt pretty confident and happy with the outfit. It just gave me the boost I needed to get back into the swing of things. Sometimes, we need that little push to get out of our comfort zones or perhaps to find ourselves again.



Follow the rainbow!

While pinks and tartans are gracing the catwalk lately, the rainbow trend is making a huge statement and popping up all over the catwalks. Many designers are paying tribute to the LGBTQ community while others are just tired to conform to the bland of the high fashion world and are using the rainbow to make happier collections. I have always loved the rainbow trend…I remember having some rainbow pieces in college and one of them was a scarf and I loved it! You could spot me miles away with that thing; sucks because I don’t know what happened to it. I remember impatiently waiting for winter to arrive so I could wear it proudly. Seeing all those beautiful rainbow inspired pieces in stores brings back so many good memories. I guess yes to inclusivity! I have to say that of all the pieces that walked the runway, my favourite was Christopher Bailey maxi coat for Burberry; it’s an absolute dream! I would wear this as a robe at home while sipping tea all day, every day!


So here’s my version of the rainbow trend, I must admit though that it takes courage to sport such bright pieces and that I had to work on a little bit…


I spotted these wonderful trousers at Forever 21 a while ago while still being massively pregnant and I grabbed them off the rack and didn’t even think about it then; without trying without checking the size, I just knew they would be perfect. And here I am today, proudly wearing them the way I see fit and I couldn’t be happier. They’re a little tight around the butt/hip area, however, I know that they still look great and most importantly, I feel freaking fabulous in them!

I paired this gorgeous trouser with none other than my current favourite sweater and they worked so perfectly together. Match made in fashion heaven.


Since I was out and about with dear little monster of mine, I couldn’t do heels and what better way to finish the outfit than with my white leather Converse. Maybe because I am exhausted and I lack sleep, but it takes a lot these days for me to feel good about myself, however, today I have to admit that I felt fresh and invigorated.


PS…for those of you who’d like to try this trend out but don’t have the guts…well you can! There are many different options available to your own liking…like these awesome joggers:



On Wednesdays we wear pink!

As you all know, I have a deep fascination with sweaters and so expanding my collection is crucial and since my sister knows I have an incurable obsession…she bought me this wonderful sweater dress from H&M in bubble-gum pink and immediately I though ouuuu Mean Girls! I have done pink on pink multiple times when i was in high school, it was almost a uniform of mine back in the day…but for some reason, I left that stage and never looked back and although I still do love pink, I rarely wear it these days. Since coming back to Canada in June, I feel like pink has made a huge comeback in stores and it’s like basically everywhere and so I couldn’t help but fall back in love with it. To pay tribute to the good all days, I decided to do a monochrome all pink outfit, because why not!


I was debating over and over whether I wanted to wear heels or sneakers but I made an effort and went for the heels instead. Seems like, for the last bit of pregnancy and a little bit now, wearing sneakers and flats is almost the right thing to do, even though heels is my biggest weakness. Hopefully, I’ll get back into the swing of things. And since the outfit was a little flat, I added more colour to it by putting touches of blue and gold and these Aldo heels were the perfect fit.


SWEATER DRESS: H&M • JEANS: Calvin Klein • BAG: Aldo • SUNNIES: Aldo • EARRINGS: Vintage • BELT: Zara • SHOES: Aldo


I think those are pretty much basics and see myself hanging on to them for years to come. It is important to shop smarter and I feel like over the years and with experience, I have learned to shop less but invest in pieces I truly love and know will wear. Besides, pink is always a good color to have in your wardrobe to lighten up your days and your mood!



Wardrobe basics: 10 things you need!

I know that it seems quite confusing sometimes when it comes to buying clothes these days with the fast fashion moving at a scary rate; new collections keep dropping on a daily! Buying trendy, cheaply made pieces seems to make sense nowadays but I believe that they aren’t necessary in your wardrobe unless you know you will get your wear out of them. Buying just to buy is pointless and not only makes a dent in your wallet but also a dent on our planet. It is quite important to invest in good quality pieces that will always be necessary to have around in your wardrobe and those are the basics; the building blocks and foundation of a good solid wardrobe. Basically, that’s where your big money should go! We women tend to fall for adverts quite easily and feel like we need to own a lot of shit, but truly we don’t…when you have the basics down, you can easily mix and match whatever you want with them…plus you will be at a point where you no longer have to stress about what to wear. Here are the staples I think every woman should have in her wardrobe:


* Leather Jacket *

A leather jacket is the epitome of badass when it comes to fashion; it adds a certain edge to an outfit without being too out there or too in your face and what I love about a leather jacket is that you can take it from day to night and still look like a million dollars. Investing in good quality leather will ensure that you keep this piece in your wardrobe for years and years…and what’s awesome about leather is that the more you wear it the more it will be amazing as it takes your shape and you’re individuality; you basically become the jacket and the jacket becomes you. Make sure to pick something that is classic but still has a something something to describe you and make you stand out. I would say go with black because you can easily mix and match it with any other item in your wardrobe, but if you feel like you can do another color easily, then go for it! Don’t let anyone stop you!

* Crisp White Shirt *

Whatever your work field is, you will always need a basic white shirt. A good quality classic white button-down shirt will always save you when it comes to meetings or dates or any other important outing. A basic white shirt can take your outfit ten notches up and will make you go from drab to fab in no time. You will look crisp, clean and ready to take on the world! This basic will always be in trend and will always be necessary, so make sure to invest in a good cotton shirt or even silk, whatever your preference, but just make sure that the fit is right and the buttons stay closed! You can never go wrong with having a button down shirt in your wardrobe. If you are in a field that requires you to wear shirts on a daily, then go crazy with the colors and give yourself plenty of options.

* Black Dress *

The little black dress is basically a no brainer and every woman should own at least one LBD in her wardrobe for emergencies. This is a basic piece that you can take from day to night easily without fuss or hassle; just make sure to accessories accordingly and you’re set! Make sure to buy a dress that you’re really in love with and that suits your body type; like that you know that it’ll stay in your wardrobe for a long time. Black dresses are super versatile so don’t be afraid to drop a little more coin into buying one.

Tailored Blazer

This is must even if you don’t work in an office on a daily because it takes any outfit to a whole new level of professionalism. I honestly always feel like I can take on anything when I wear a good tailored blazer; it makes such a difference in the way you hold yourself and the way you present yourself to the world. Making sure that the fit is snug and just right is crucial to owning a blazer. Owning a blazer in a basic color is always a good idea as it can be a versatile piece to wear even over evening dresses to add a little je ne sais quoi element to your look. If you feel like owning two or three in different patterns or colors, go for it because you can never go wrong with them.

* Pumps: Black, Nude & Red (or any pop of color you choose) *

You definitely need a good pair of basic black pump in your wardrobe…but I feel like you also need a good nude pump and a good red pump…maybe not necessarily red, but a good pop of color is needed because you can add this to a boring outfit and make it ten times better and more interesting. Owning black pumps is a must for any woman! Neutral, goes with anything, perfect for work and special outings! Basically a good quality made pump is the be all end all to any outfit! It is the finishing touch to your whole look and making sure that your shoes are right will make you look amazing and then some!

* Dark wash denim *

Dark wash denim is genius to own in your wardrobe; especially when it is tailored and good quality. Don’t pay for jeans that don’t fit you snugly in the right places and certainly don’t pay for jeans that stretch so much that become super baggy when worn. Choose a cut that you are comfortable in but make sure it is dark wash because it’s more versatile and can even work for the office when worn with smart pieces such as a beautiful button down shirt. Dark wash jeans fit a bunch of different scenarios and so don’t shy away from spending a little more on a good pair. Plus dark wash is a lot more flattering than light wash.

* Trousers (Black or whichever color you feel comfortable in) *

We all need a good pair of tailored trousers; this is pretty much a no brainer. Trousers are essentials to own because they smarten your look whenever you need. They’re like a trusted friend that will never do you wrong! Always there and always by your side to make you look elegant, feminine and put together. Trousers will get you through the week; it’s a Monday through Sunday piece; you can easily wear it to work or even to brunch…just make sure to buy a pair that fits you right and accentuates all your good parts. A black pair would be a must-have but if you want to own other colors, it wouldn’t be wrong. Trousers are smart and they’re a great investment!

* Plain White Tee *

No closet is complete without a plain white tee; however, there are different types of qualities…a million cut and a million styles. No piece is more versatile than this item; it is pretty much your holy grail! Always make sure to have a white tee on hand because you can dress it up or down, wear it to work or on a night out. You can style it in many different ways and make it your own. Tucking it into pants, skirts, jeans, you can choose to put it with whatever item you own and you will look amazing for sure.

* Ballet Flats *

Pretty much like the pumps, ballet flats are a must because they’re smart but can be casual too depending on how you style them. Let’s not forget that they are also very comfortable. They can add a little pizazz to your outfit depending on the style you decide to go with. Pointy toe, sling-backs, Mary-Janes…you choose what best suits your lifestyle and you’re all set.

* Evening Dress, Fancy Skirt or Jumpsuit *

Depending on your lifestyle and your own liking, you should have something fancy to wear to special events. Choose a piece to make your own that helps sets you apart from others; something elegant, something feminine and well-made. I would personally go with a jumpsuit because you can never go wrong with jumpsuits. Buying a jumpsuit in a plain color can be very versatile for an evening out…you just have to style it with the right accessories. Not many people would go with a jumpsuit and this is why it would be a great investment because you will have something special to be in. Evening pieces don’t necessarily have to be bedazzled from head to toes; having interesting details in those garments such as cut and stitching can make a whole difference. Choosing a dress or a skirt can be easier as they are available pretty much everywhere you go, just make sure that the cut suits your body type and with that you’ll be set.


Day to day dressing becomes easier when you have the foundations of a basic wardrobe. Having these essentials available to you at all times help you build a wardrobe that you are proud of and that you can easily dress out of…when you have those essentials, you simply build around it so that you can easily mix and match other pieces to have many different looks. You don’t need a big closet to dress pretty and nice, you just need good quality items that will see you through and will be your best friend for a long time. Investing in those pieces is important so that you don’t change them too often or throw them away. Be sure to have items that please you and make you feel extra special.


Fruit trend: yay or nay?!


I guess we all had to be ready this summer for an extra dose of vitamins with all the fruity fashion stocked up in stores…my sister and I were walking around a couple of shops these past weeks and we have noticed how large the fruit fashion trend has gone up. I, for one, ain’t against it…I think it’s cute and it livens up an outfit so effortlessly but then again, it isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea. The fashion industry repeats itself when it comes back again and again to relive a certain trend. The fruit and vegetable trend has woken up a few years back when Dolce & Gabbana launched their 2012 summer collection; it had the most colourful veggie inspired pieces anyone could ever dream of. PS: D&G always kill it when it comes to design. Then we were invaded by the whole pineapple trend around 2014 and then it kept rolling from there when watermelons and lemons and limes started making way into stores little by little right after the lemon D&G collection dropped in 2017. What do you guys think of all these prints? Do you like them or you can’t stand them?? Has the fashion industry taken it too far with these prints and should they take a rest? Would love to hear your thoughts on that one!


I know I am kindda into it. I always loved big bold prints….not too many floral make me happy but a good odd print is always nice. I remember I had a huge obsession with anything bird print at one point; it was all the rage I tell ya. I once spotted lemon printed pants at Zara and wanted to buy them but didn’t have the guts because they were too bold for me at the time and now I kindda regret not buying them because I am sure I would have worn them loads…but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Lemons and cherries have always kept me intrigued and owning a good pair of cherry printed tops would be ideal at the moment to make any bland outfit more interesting. Or having a cherry-centric necklace would be soooo Romy and Michele.


Don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon, so get your fruity prints on and enjoy looking like a fruit salad while you can!!!


The Cami Handkerchief Jumpsuit edit!

I am here again with another pregnancy outfit; I have been quite inspired lately and dressing up has been the only thing cheering up my mood. I have been quite sad, missing le hubs, and so, being creative is my only outlet. Along with the few other purchases I have made recently for my pregnancy, this jumpsuit was one of them. It isn’t a pregnancy item in particular, but it works well for now as it will fro after the pregnancy and this is exactly why I bought it. I got it from EBay a few weeks ago and received it just in time to be able to wear it for the remainder of my pregnancy. I ended up buying it in black and red and I absolutely love how comfy and lightweight it is. I ended up getting it in an XL, for some reason, I thought I would be huge in my third trimester, but it ended up being a little too big, but nothing crazy though; I like how loose it is and what I would be after the baby is just cinch it up with a huge belt and I am sure it would look bomb. I guess I could do that now, but the looser the item the better, I don’t feel restricted or tight.


To top it off, I added a little bit of drama with this upcycled jacket. A jacket I have had for a while but not worn ever…until today, I felt like it made the outfit a little less boring, a little less fat beach whale and a lot more fashionable.


JACKET: @ledressingdemoon ♠ JUMPSUIT: Ebay ♠ SHOES: Urban Outfitters ♠ SUNNIES: Kate Spade ♠ EARRINGS: H&M

I got these slip-on mules a few months back because I knew I would have such a hard time in my third trimester get in and out of shoes; the struggle is real people!!! It is real! Bending is nearly impossible…for someone as flexible as me, I feel like I took it for granted, haha!


To add a little bit more jazz in the outfit, I add these gorgeous yellow earrings from H&M a while back, because I knew they would be the perfect outfit finisher. You just add them to any outfit you like for a pop of color and voila, the trick is done. You instantly look put together.