This Eid outfit option is more chill in terms of comfort and practicality. It’s perfect for moms on the go like me–but you’re still stylish. I had bought this satin skirt a few months ago when I found it on sale at Tristan (Quebec store) and I loved the color. So unique and special. The fabric is quite thick, so it doesn’t look like a piece of lingerie. I originally bought it to wear to my husband’s graduation ceremony due in October 2020. Prematurely! I was way too excited and still am and cannot wait for him to graduate as his success is mine and quite frankly, I’m fed up with him studying all the time. lol! But when COVID happened, I wasn’t quite sure there would be one, so I decided to wear her now. What better opportunity than to wear satin for Eid? Feminine, delectable, and fancy.

Satin isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it can either look good or trashy. Depends on how you take the time to style it. I did satin this time around modestly without looking trashy. For this look, I went with color contrasting and blocking. Didn’t want to add too many prints. Simple, sweet and let the accessories do the talking. Besides pink and turquoise always look good together. Very summery and tropical. Reminds me of a Barbie girl look but way toned down.

Opted for flat sliders this time for comfort and ease to run around chasing my monster. Honestly, I don’t do heels often since the baby was born as I prefer to have the power to run after her, and lately, she’s an adventure fiend. Can’t let her out of my sight. Who else has a baby with so much will to get hurt just to explore??? I love these sliders from Zara because even though they’re not heels, they’re still pretty fancy with the beading.

I went with a slouchy bag option as it is big and fits everything including my kitchen sink. Slouchy bags are all the rave in the fashion world right now. So, I attempted that one with an old slouchy leather shoulder bag and it worked perfectly. To pull the look together, I added a printed veil to bring together all the colors I used in my outfit so it wouldn’t be out of context.

Voila for look #4, what do you like? What don’t you like? What would you change and how would you style this lovely skirt?

Happy Thursday!


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Runway looks for less; Take 2!

In another edition of what I love about SS 2020 trends, I am highlighting the fact that maximalist prints are still going strong. Seen or runway shows from Marc Jacobs to Dries Van Noten to Libertine. All the colors and all the clash are giving me butterflies in my tummy. I love me a good color clash, especially when prints are bold and colorful. I mean, how can you not be happy?? Fashion is a way to lift your mood up and this season, there is lots of inspiration that you can use daily to shift your gears and get out of a gloomy wardrobe. Power prints and puffed sleeves are back in a huge way this summer and giant florals, oversized polka dots and the bunch are all the rave. So be brave and creative; do not be afraid to try something new this summer.

I obviously am very happy that bold prints will forever be a thing and even though I don’t buy many trendy pieces, I know I own way too many prints to be out of style at some point. Plus, vintage is big on that! Look for 60s and 70s pieces to get that look. There is always something in the thrift shop with bold prints. Even 80s shirts and skirts have cool prints. Look around your local shop and you’re surely find something cute, well-made and inexpensive. Shameless plug: go to my shop to find some of these pieces.
The puff sleeves, on the other hand, are coming in subtly but gorgeously; Zimmerman hit that one on the head this season on the runway! The puff is either focused on the shoulders or is done gradually down the sleeves. But puffed sleeves, when done right, add a sense of femininity to an outfit and give you a romantic feel. I always opt for puffed sleeves whenever I want to feel girly and feminine.

Although I didn’t go crazy with the print clashing today, I did add a little bit of both elements in my outfit. I opted for some colors and puffed sleeves. I love this blouse so much and bought it a few weeks back to go with a turquoise satin skirt I have for an event and I love that it’s satin, floral and pink. I rarely go for pink but the print on this blouse makes me want to wear it daily. I love how it’s puffed at the top and get a little tighter at the bottom, the cuff adds a badass feel; which I am all about. I paired it with a checkered blazer I got from Tristan in the fall. A little on the expensive side, but as an investment, it’s a good purchase. I know I’ll have it for years and years to come. Adding the blue/purple pants pulled the outfit together. The shoes were my little sneaky print clash and that’s how it all came out!


I love fashion and styling and again, I love the runway. So, here is another look into the spring/summer trends. A way for you to get inspired and do runway looks for less.
Hope you liked this edition and see you in the next one!!

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Runway look for less…

Have you guys seen the S/S 2020 fashion shows? I am an avid follower but only to rinse my eyes with beautiful things. Watching fashion shows, being transported into another dimension and parallel of the unimaginable– seeing pretty, sophisticated garments on the runway is quite the experience. I have been to a few fashion shows and love the thrill of it. What you see backstage and what you see on the runway is two completely different things and that’s what I love about fashion; the amount of work that goes into creating a collection, creating a piece of art is tremendous and the result is even more tremendous! The whole experience is exhilarating. Although fashion history repeats itself, this season was still quite exciting because big couture names bring out pieces that are special and unique; some worked interictally, some simply and some imaginatively. The show that spoke to me the most is the Armani Privé show because of the teal and blue hues, the beading, the details; everything about that show was beautiful. The one look that struck me the most is this one:


I love the transparency and the details on the cape. There is something ethereal yet edgy about the whole look. I can definitely see myself wearing this to a party and make quite the dramatic entrance. I noticed that the element of transparency is still a big thing on the runway this season. I guess I get a lot more excited than the average person because I know the amount of work that goes into making a piece of clothing; especially ones that are filled with beads and embroidery and bedazzles. The hours that go into making something are rigorous.

In today’s post, I thought it would be interesting to take this look from the runway and recreate it for less with pieces that I own in my wardrobe. Again, it’s an inspiration to recreate the overall look and not to produce the exact thing. Teal is also big on the runway; it was present in many shows like Marni and Gucci. You’ll find something teal in stores for sure….especially at Zara if you are dying to do the runway for less.
Here is my attempt at recreating the Armani look for less:

I went with my Zara colorful, sequined sweater that I’ve had for ages. You can go with a beaded 80s jacket if you want and you’ll easily find them at any thrift shop. Obviously, I am overdressed but who cares! Overdressed is always better than underdressed. I already had some teal pants which I purchased also a while back from Zara. I haven’t been for a while, but I am sure that they still have some available. The runway look was finished up with blue heels, but I decided to go for a contrasting pair of shoes instead and went with my favorite of all-time wedding shoes. The burgundy picks up the tones in the top and finishes the look perfectly. And the embellishment of the shoe adds a little more class and makes it more special.

My attempt today with this look goes to show that you don’t really need to own expensive designer things. You can simply be inspired by what is on the runway and find pieces in your wardrobe that work. Besides, as I said, history repeats itself and so you’ll always find something in the vintage shops.




Hope you enjoyed the look! If you’re an avid fashion show follower, which was your favorite show so far from the runway and why? Would like to hear your thoughts x

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How to get out of a winter style rut!

Do you feel like you are stuck in a style rut as of late? I definitely do!! Especially when I am on a no-buy train (have been for a couple of weeks now). I have been forcing myself to dig into my wardrobe and use all the pieces I own equally. It has been hard not to go out in jogging pants lately with the cold and the grim weather, but efforts must be made. I have hit a downer in the wardrobe department, and I am starting to stick to the same sweater and pants lately—so not good! To get out of this said rut, I decide to share with you some tips on how I pick myself up and get re-inspired to dress nicely to combat the winter blues without having to purchase anything new.

The first tip I’d share with you is to take a look at your wardrobe and focus on getting out the pieces that speak to you most, you know those pieces that give you butterfly feelings inside…yeah! Those ones! Get them out and start working around them. Ultimately, you still want to wear pieces that make you happy and bring you joy. Focusing on the pieces that make you feel good about yourself is important and owning said garments is equally important. Find them to not only bring you joy but to also help boost your confidence. It could be a beautiful skirt, a tailored blazer or even colorful shoes. Whatever it is, find it and build around that! Today I chose this skirt and this skirt does bring me all kinds of feelings; the fabric is luxurious, the fit is impeccable, and the print is delicious, what more do I need?? I got this pleated midi skirt a few months back to add to my wardrobe as I was lacking some animal print. When I found this one, I knew that it would be a classic, granted it was expensive, but it is well worth it! I already wore it a million times and I rarely get bored with it. Creating new outfit combinations with neglected pieces in your wardrobe can give you some fuel to reinvent outfits and get the rut out of your life.


The second thing I would tell you to do is to layer; definitely key for the colder months and also a smart way to get use out of your summer items. This is a good way to making the most of your existing pieces and putting them to use all year round. I love to use summer pieces and transition them into the winter; makes for an interesting outfit! You can easily use summer dresses and put sweaters over them, or cardigans and you’d be good to go. An excellent way to add color, textures, and layers; depth! This goes the same for skirts, tees, and thinner shirts. Just find a good way to make layering work for you and mix and match your garments to make cool outfit combinations.

The third tip would be to add color! If you are faint of heart and prefer to stick to neutrals all winter long, no problem, just accessorize with colorful pieces. Like jewelry or shoes. I say shoes are a definite thing to invest in because it is the fundamental element that ends your outfit. It’s like the point that makes a sentence complete. Use shoes or bags to make your outfits pop. I wasn’t afraid to do use both in this outfit. I went for my trusted yellow leather L’Intervalle booties and a vintage Michael Kors bag that I borrowed from mum. Note that borrowing is also an excellent way to refresh your wardrobe without having to buy anything. I tend to do that a lot with my sisters and mum. Makes for cool combos and also a super excellent way to combatting the itch to purchase something new to freshen up your wardrobe.


Last but certainly not least, find inspiration! If you are having a total block in your senses and cannot make anything work for you, find inspiration; whether it is a person’s style, the runway, a good song or even a simple quote. Find what inspires you and use it as fuel. I find this a really good way to bring the downer up. Find your “feel-good” and use it. Don’t be shy googling outfit ideas, it doesn’t mean you’re copying… just looking through photos can bring your mood up and push you to get out of your confront zone and try something different and new. There is no shame whatsoever!

This is how I deal with a style rut! Let me know what you think and what is it that you do to get out of a winter style rut. Share your thoughts, I’d like to hear them!

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Valentine’s Day Outfits Ideas

So the big v-day is coming. And it’s coming fast. So I thought it would be interesting to share with you some outfits that are a little atypical… no floral-y or girly girl.  These look definitely do tell about my style evolution and just how I would do the good old v-day date (today). Maybe because practicality is in mind for me these days; it’s more about comfort and feeling sexy without wearing skimpy clothes. I get that little dresses and satin slips are the thing to sport on v-day, but I went a different route. A little outside of the box I guess.
So without further ado, here are the outfits I would wear on Valentine’s Day
Look # 1

This is my personal favorite and the one I will probably wear this Friday for a date with le hubby. I like it because it’s sexy, it’s badass but still quite feminine. This look can easily be recreated. The leather pants are very sexy, I find, and depending on what top you choose to wear, you can too make this look v-day appropriate. I opted for a feminine, flowy, pink blouse to add a little hint of love and girliness to the look and paired it off with the highest Topshop heels I own. To finish it off, I went for my good old trusted DKNY purse. Again, you can choose to accessories differently, but the main focus of this look is the pants. What’s great about leather pants is that they come in an array of different colors and you can find them everywhere from thrift shops to Zara, to Asos, you name it. Wear the pants to your liking but, most importantly, wear them to flatter your body shape.
Look #2

The second look isn’t so valentine’s typical but I love it, mainly because it screams color. Who said you can’t be playful and youthful on Valentine’s. You just add the right accessories to make your look a lot more date ready. Perhaps more jewels or bedazzled heels…For this look, I went with simple red trousers that fit like perfection and added a rainbow sweater to pull the look together. I let the bag do the talking. This heart-shaped Kate Spade bag is one that is dear to my heart as it was one of my first designer purchases. Although I don’t wear it much, it is very practical and, yes, it does fit my phone! This look would be one I’d wear for when I don’t feel like wearing dresses but still make an effort to be cute. I would change up the shoes to pumps as well, but, here, I went with my favorite yellow L’intervalle booties. They’re so freaking comfortable!
Look #3

The third look is very much spot on Valentine’s day in an outfit. The shirt says it all; it’s pink (neon, might I add) and it’s heart-printed, which is super adorable. This shirt can easily be paired with a cute little black, navy or even pink mini skirt and booties, but I went for a more practical choice and used the same red trouser as the second look. Red trousers are a good item to own as they are versatile and make any outfit choice extra cool. They always add a little something-something, if you know what I mean. Textured trousers are even better!

Look #4

Last but certainly not least!!! This one is what I would probably opt for if I wanted to do a dress and be a girly girl. I love to be unconventional (as we all have figured it out by now, only for the pure joy of being unique). I never liked doing something like others, I liked to break the rules and think outside the box. As for wearing a dress, I would go for something with color (obviously), but not necessarily super sexy (ie: slip dress or bodycon mini or something of the sort). This dress from Zara is super cool for the print and the cut (straight). I love to wear it unbelted usually but for the sake of adding shape to my body on Valentine’s, I added a vintage leather belt to be all snatched! I, of course, went for the yellow booties again, to bring the yellow flowers even more forward. I would go for a clutch for a classy look and slinky sandals but I wanted to keep the look functional and that’s why I paired it with my DKNY purse.

At the end of the day, ladies, you gotta wear what makes you comfortable and always remember the golden rule–that less is more. The less body you show, the sexier you will look. You want to attract the right vibes and so keep the girls tucked and focusing on accentuating your body with accessories. That’ll be the way to go!

Hope y’all found these outfits inspiring to create your signature looks and to be uniquely and unapologetically yourselves and may v-day bring you nothing but love and happiness.

Fashion Business Uncovered.

As I had mentioned in my last blog, I was invited to speak at 2 different events. The second one I am about to share is pretty amazing as it helps students in the fashion business industry grow their passion into an actual profitable business. The speakers invited ranged from different sides of the industry. CEOs of big companies such as Birks and Aldo, designers from Lamarque, Sheertex and more. So, for me to have been invited to speak alongside these wonderful people, was a humbling experience. It doesn’t matter if you do big or small things in your life, as long as you do them with great love is what matters. In 2020, I am more confident and surer of where my business is headed and I am certain of my capabilities and with the help of wonderful people, I shall make things happen. I am currently rebranding, and I have finally found the logo to stick with for the next while. Super excited!
Fashion Business Uncovered is a student-run conference that aims to demystify the intersection between fashion and business, helping young professionals find their place in the industry. This is what I loved about them; it’s run by students for students. When I graduated from fashion school, I had an idea of what life would be like as a designer, but reality gives you a different end game. Out of internship and into my first designing position, I felt weird and unsure of what it was like to have my own business. Creativity was out of the question and so was having an opinion. I am not like that, the reason why I went into the field is to be exactly who I am. So, after years of working for others, I took the baggage I gathered and winged it to make what I have today.
On my panel, I met two other amazing artists, a suits designer and a fashion design teacher at LaSalle College. What I like about the whole experience is that we were simply unafraid to be raw with our feelings, successes, and failures. We each shared the good, the bad and the ugly of the fashion world. I came out of this conference much more focused. I was not afraid to help those who had questions for me and most importantly, be a mentor to those who need it most.

Both those events gave me the courage and power to keep fighting for my dreams. To have people find me as an inspiration is a boost, to say the least. Even though it wasn’t the first time that someone came up to me to tell me that, this time it was different because I finally started believing in my abilities. Not to sound cocky or over-confident, but I am sure you guys know the feeling…faking it was my forte and now I am finally proud of my achievements (even though they seem little). In my 33 years of life, I have done a lot, met so many amazing people, went to many amazing places. There is so much more for me to do and learn. I am wide open for whatever comes and thankful for all the opportunities I get along the way.


I got an excellence badge! MAX award!

Starting 2019 with a lack of confidence in my abilities to put out content or create new things, I felt lost and confused so I retrieved into a cocoon or a shell…sort of like a turtle. I fuelled up whatever energy I had in me to rebuild myself and my confidence. I was all over the place within my ideas and couldn’t seem to make anything work. Although I took much of 2019 to spend time with my daughter, I feel like it was sort of an excuse not to be out there and face my insecurities. I came back from Palestine a little jaded and lethargic. I felt out of context in every aspect and part of my life. I didn’t connect with others as I used to and I very much-loved solitude. As the year went on, I was finally trusting myself again to be out there in the world and to work on my fashion again…although I didn’t truly stop, I was still not as active as I used to be. In the last 4 months of 2019, I finally felt fresh and that’s when the right opportunities came knocking at my door. I was surprised, to be honest, I thought they were prank calls at first but when the organizations insisted on having me speak at their events, I felt humbled, touched, confused, just confused…even now, talking about it, I am still confused. I never thought low of myself as much as I did coming back from Palestine. I just let myself go, which felt almost irreparable. I made myself sick. I was never that confident anyway, but I always tried to keep my head high and fight for what I believed in. To have arrived at a pathetic level was a little astounding to me.


So obviously, at first, I didn’t want to speak at the events, but my husband and family pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. In November, MAX invited me to talk about my achievements in the fashion industry as a Muslim girl. To talk about the realities of my job; the ups and downs that come along with it. I didn’t know where to start, but all I knew is that I can only be myself. And myself I was. I was very silly, very funny, very all over the place but most of all very vulnerable and honest. I am a humble little working woman who sometimes struggles to make ends meet. Truth us, behind the scenes, there are many pop-up shops or events I do where I barely break-even. And that’s not what you want in business. You always want to strive and shoot for the starts.


Anyway, getting back to MAX! MAX is an organization built by professionals for professionals to elevate the brand of Muslims in Canada. Its purpose is to motivate and educate the younger generations of Muslims to excel at what they do and to reach their goals. This organization is there to help the youth understand the struggles of life and to push forward to achieve their dreams, one at a time. I was a mentor with them in 2018, and I loved helping my mentee understand the realities of the fashion industry. I guess with that, they decided to give me a badge of honor and have me as a speaker at their event. An event that awards Muslim professionals with excellence. They were proud that I was self-made and was able to put my message out there despite my very apparent “physical disability” (aka my veil). I, alongside other professionals, shared my journey with many and although scary, it was so freaking amazing! Answering questions and making your point and mingling and networking…the whole thing was a dream. I was so lucky to have met other amazing artists in graphic and in theatre. They are as passionate (if not more) and as brave to face the world to prove their point and to follow their dreams. We all try to pave the way for younger generations and allow them to not be afraid to go against the current. Being Muslim is hard these days, to be entirely honest, and it’s sometimes scary, I am not gonna lie. You never know what will happen to you because you can easily run into a psycho that might punch you while leaving the train (it happened to me recently, just saying). Us, Muslim women, are under the radar and have to work a thousand times harder to prove our place in society. This event pushed me and inspired me to hustle a lot harder now and to positively contribute to society, as a leader, as a Muslim woman, and as an artist. There is a place for change, and I believe that the right people will listen and help in making things happen.


How to style a satin slip dress modestly

This is another one of those trendy things that has been big for the past year…wearing lingerie out on the streets has become such a normality. When does a slip dress become appropriate to wear publicly and how do you not make it look skimpy…I am have been feeling very experimental lately and I figured now’s the time to try out the satin slip dress and see how I make it work out in the real world. I didn’t want to have anything too out there nor did I want anything floral-y or lace-y. I wanted something I can work with as a start and build an outfit around it. This mustard dress from Zara was the perfect middle for a slip dress and mustard is one of my favourite colors anyway. So here’s how I attempted this trend!


The dress to be quite honest was not such a great quality and for the price, especially at Zara, you want to have something well made….but then again, their production system is so quick that quality is no longer the main concern. I wore this dress with a few different ideas in mind but this was one of my favourite because I still maintained my modesty. Adding heels was an option that I kept open but I felt like I was too exposed to the world and so, putting on boots seemed quite fitting and appropriate and the result was interesting.

I also got the argyle sweater from Zara and although it’s very thick and well-made, I didn’t appreciate how cropped it is. Why is everything so cropped lately? I mean, not because I am Muslim or anything, but no one needs to be wearing a cropped sweater in -14C ̊weather. I combined it with the dress because the colors went so well together and having the dress under it meant more warmth.


Along with sweaters and all things winter, boots are my thing and I wish I could wear boots all year long (not that anyone is stopping me) but it would be just too much!

Although I had fun styling this dress, it just wasn’t me and I ended up returning it because it makes no sense just having it there hanging in my wardrobe. How do you guys feel about the slip dress?! Is it a yay or a nay?!


Fashion Vintage

The Western Trend: Here’s my attempt without looking like a cowboy!

As the year is winding down, here I am counting my blessings…although a big part of 2018 was difficult, I was saved by having a sweet beautiful angel; she not only brought me back from the dark but she made me stronger and more resilient. Being a mother definitely changed me but in a way that makes me proud. I am still silly and wild, but I am a better version of those things. I feel like at times, I am gutsier and I am willing to take bigger risks, even more so than before, but I guess, it’s more “calculated” risks. I couldn’t care less what people think of me and this totes translates into my fashion sense as well. I feel like I have more power to play with colors, textures and patterns. I have less fear in me to combine different styles together and this is exactly what I did today. I have seen the western trend over and over on the runway and on the streets and I have always had an affinity for cowboy boots but never wanted to try them. Today, I did! And I quite enjoyed the outcome of my outfit; there’s something super je ne sais quoi about it!


And here’s my attempt at the western style without looking like a cowboy!


SWEATER: Topshop ◊ SKIRT: Zara ◊ BOOTS: Nine West-Vintage ◊ SUNNIES: Aldo ◊ BAG: Antique (Jerusalem)


I found these vintage boots sitting on a shelf in a thrift shop…just there looking at me and begging me to take them home and so I did. They’re a little tight, but regardless, they’re pretty freaking awesome. They’re Nine West…and they’re a sample and I am guessing they never made it to production because I have seen this style in Nine West before. These boots were made early 90s and they’re still in amazing condition—they look and feel brand new.


I fell in love with this skirt the instant I saw it on the Zara website and when I saw them, I had these boots in mind…I felt like they would work so well together; it’s like so boho chic—like a mix of 70s babe and a badass—a little like Marguerite Chapman in relentless.

I know that the colors are very all over the place but looking at the end result, I feel like the outfit is pulled together nicely.So here I come 2019, full force and full of color, texture and pattern mania!


Fashion Vintage

The tartan trend is back…And here’s my interpretation!

Going to a Christmas dinner with friends this year (yes, I know I am Muslim…but that doesn’t stop me from being there for my friends), and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel very blessed to have non-Muslim friends who are genuine, real and caring and super non-judgemental. Growing up in Canada never seemed hard for me and even though I never fit in, I always found a group of people to count as family. None of my friends are Arabic and that never bothered me, we were always so in tune with each other and always so interested in each other’s lives. My friends always had interesting questions to ask me about my religion and respected every bit of it and I did just the same. Anyway, all that just to say I am very excited to dress up and look pretty…yes and put a little bit of makeup on, might I add!

For today’s look, yes you’ve guessed it, I am also wearing vintage. I have been feel it loads lately with the vintage clothes. I fell in love with this skirt the minute I saw it hanging at the Nova shop. Plaid and tartan is huge and having a comeback on the runways lately. I love how many designer incorporate it in many different ways and they are doing it very boldly I might add. These prints come in the form of matched sets, in different tones and colors combined and even neon. What I love most about tartan and plaid is the freedom of styling that comes with it; you can either go all out or opt for a more subtle approach. This skirt is particular is super special because it’s fluffy!!! The fabric is so magical and soft; it’s almost like a wool-blend but not quite—like a hybrid. I love the yellow/greenish line through it.


I decided to go the bold route because why not? I felt like I didn’t want to wear a bland shirt with this skirt, it needed a pop of color or a mix of another print. And this is exactly what I did! My hubby got me this shirt months ago after I gave birth as a little gift to help me feel pretty again…since I was pretty overwhelmed then. Anyway, long story short, I saw this shirt from far and voila…a combination happened in my mind!

I am glad I came back to the cold because I get to wear knee-high boots again! I had these stored far far away in the depth of my wardrobe and here they are making a strong comeback. Woot woot!



JACKET: Suzy ◊ SHIRT: Stella Tweed (Winners) ◊ SKIRT: Shamrock (vintage) ◊ BELT: Unbranded (Vintage) ◊ BOOTS: Nine West ◊ SUNNIES: Brigitte Bardot (Vintage)

Styling shouldn’t be complicated and everything goes, even when you think that some colors don’t match or blend well, try it and it’ll work. I promise! What makes someone unique in their clothes is the way they hold themselves…