It was date night tonight…supper time, perfect time to dress up fancy and cute and wear the highest heels I own. It’s hard for me to dress up (sometimes) these days as I still live in a luggage. Mixing and matching outfits isn’t an easy task at the moment but I still manage to come up with cute ones (once in a while). Today was exceptional because I was planning to wear this piece for the longest time and today was the perfect opportunity. Now I know it’s kinda on the expensive side (200$) and I don’t really give a hoot because it’s so gorgeous…I was super willing to splurge on this one. It’s simple, but very luxurious in a way…the fabric is to die for and the fit is fantastic. I feel like it was made for me. What made me fall in love with it even more is that it’s a jumpsuit!!! WHATTTT??? Who else feels me here? Jumpsuits are perfect for any occasion I find and when adding the right accessories, you can turn it into a killer outfit.

Here’s how I wore my Cynthia Rowley jumpsuit for a date night with the hubs…


What I love about this piece the most if the fact that it looks like a dress but then you walk and people are surprised it’s a jumpsuit. The pant width and length is perfect. The print is gorgeous and it gives you endless possibilities to mix and match it with any color. I find that print can get a little overwhelming on me as I am very petit, but this was just the right amount of print and the right size at that. I didn’t feel like it ate me up…


JUMPSUIT: Cynthia Rowley ♥ SANDALS: Topshop ♥ TOP: Thrifted ♥ SUNGLASSES: Guess ♥ CLUTCH BAG: Borrowed (sister in law)


I opted not to cover up the jumpsuit with a jacket, so I wore a tight top underneath. I was pretty happy with the result…

I got this piece a year ago and this was the first time I was able to wear it out…but if you are interested in getting a similar piece…here are some option to consider:

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The Ramallah edit: OOTD!

Hubs and I went to the beautiful city of Ramallah in the West Bank today to do some shopping. We had a personal business affair to tend to and decided to spend the rest of the time shopping for the house. It’s kinda funny shopping with your partner, I find quite fascinating because we have opposite taste and despite me wanting to strangle him sometimes with his color blindness, we managed to compromise and find things we both love. I wanted to document my outfit today for many reasons and one of them is the fact that my kind, wonderful, loving hubs ironed my shirt, while I was getting ready with other things. I mean, what more could a girl ask for? And he did quite a bang up job at that. It is so cute because he doesn’t even iron his own and he took the time to do mine (I do his PS…always!). Relationships are based on trust, respect and mutual assistance; hence ironing each other’s things!!!

Ramallah is such a beautiful city, the air is fresh and the culture is super modern yet very traditional is some way. People are very driven there, it reminds me a little of Montreal with the sky scrapers and the beautiful homes and landscaping. Downtown Ramallah is insanely busy, it’s the hub of the West Bank….Most people go there to shop and dine and experience a modern busy life. The rest of Palestine is beautiful, but Ramallah is special for some reason. I always feel like a tourist when I go there, because I keep discovering new things!

So here’s what I wore today:

What I wore:

SHIRT: Topshop ◊ PANTS: Free People Denims ◊ SHOES: All Stars Converse ◊ BAG: Aldo ◊ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade


I got this bag as a gift a few months back and this is the first time I wear it. I found that it suited the look I went for, which was super casual yet put together. It’s a cute backpack/shoulder bag from Aldo. What I love about this is that I can use it both ways and switch the straps to my liking. The pompoms add a touch of summer and that makes the look even cooler. The embroidery detailing adds a little bit of Palestine in my outfit; which is very fitting!


The outfit was perfect for the weather, I did not feel hot at any point during the day. The shirt is flowy and airy and it’s perfect for the summer. The flowy sleeves add a little bit of 70s which I always like! It’s super lightweight and comfortable. What I love most about this is that it’s from Topshop, so I know the quality is there and it will last me ages and also, the detailing on the shirt…the embroidered flowers gives you a little oomph and you can totes dress this shirt up or down depending on the rest of your outfit.

As always comfort and style are not compromised. You can do both as long as you’re happy in your own skin!


Orphans, charity, love, humanity and more…

I have had this project in mind for the past 2 years…I was perhaps a little to ambitious in my mind. I would have wanted to produce more items and give back as much as possible. As I decided to “retire” from the fashion industry and no longer create massive collections, I decided to venture into more of a humane/ethical world. I wanted to put myself to good use and make a positive impact in my community…which led me to think, why not use the fabrics/trims/buttons for a good cause. I wanted to create these items for the purpose of making children happy. I wanted to make 100 dresses (initially) for charity and give them to orphaned children in Jordan. I completely fell in love with the country and wanted to perhaps be able to leave a positive mark there. I searched high an low for the right place to invest my time in and with the help of some wonderful people, I was able to find the perfect place I will give my dresses to (will be keeping the name anonymous for the moment).

As I work on many  different project from running a business, to working full-time, to blogging, to planning a wedding…this project was on the back-burner. Truthfully, I was super disappointed with myself for not being able to complete the set amount. After some struggles and some squeezed time, I was able to complete 35 dresses. That doesn’t mean I will not set another goal, it just means that for the moment, this is what I have.



These dresses are collectives of different fabrics I owned, however, some were donated to me by friends. I used up loads of my trims and buttons to embellish them. I didn’t want to make regular boring dresses, I wanted something cool, different and unique. I wanted to make different size dresses and different dresses. Each one unique to its kind; never the same. I wanted the orphans to feel like princess in the special coming times. Since it will be Ramadan soon for us Muslims, Eid will follow. Taking the time to make these dresses in time to make the children feel happy and joyful is super humbling. I wanted to be able to offer those little beautiful angels something special just like them. Eid is a time of celebration for us, it is the time to share your wealth with the needy to make them feel like your equals. It is the time to be happy and celebrate with your loved ones. As Muslims, we grow up with charity instilled in us, because it truly is the essence of religiousness. To be able to share your goods with the needy is a marvelous feeling. It is necessary for me to keep the concept of unlimited love and kindness alive ad going.

Although I didn’t spend much time working of them, I enjoyed every minute and sincerely gave it my all.


PS: this is one is one of my favorite!! I mean look at how cute it looks!! So novelty ❤


I did not just stop at making little girls’ dresses, I decided to go all the way to teens. I did dresses for starting at 2 yrs till about 25 yrs. Now I would have wished that I had the chance to stay at the orphanage for a while and volunteer a little bit all through the holy month of Ramadan…but unfortunately, like I said, sometimes life takes us to different paths…paths we never dreamed of being in.

All in all, these 35 dresses all have a story behind them and I hope that this will at least make the girls happy, even if it’s for a couple of hours. I want to be part of their lives as they are the future and to make them feel loved and wanted is a blessing.

Since I was a little teeny weeny girly, I always wanted to go to Africa and “save” the world. I want to give my time to charity and not have anything in return except gratitude, friendships and memories with real people. Now, I never had the chance to go to Africa (yet), but I decided to start somewhere…although small, I am hoping that it will leave a great and positive impact. Philanthropy is a part of me and I am hoping to continue to share my love of humanity with those around me. For those who are interested in getting involved, you can shoot me an email and I will gladly transfer your messages to those in charge. This is completely non-profit for me. These orphans could use help getting the basic necessities such as school supplies or toiletries.

As Ghandi said; be the change you want to see in the world…I always, since a was little, tried to keep this in mind!


Back to the 60s

Today, I’m going all the way back to the 60s. I sort of wish I was born in the 30s….I mean, in terms of style, the 50s all the way through to the 80s are years filled with great fashion mementos. The prints, the cuts, the fit, the colors, the detailing….everything was beautiful; even the quality! I would do the 50s for the Dior style; all those full skirts have me swooning. The 60s would be awesome to relive for the amazing wide variety of prints; houndstooth, gingham, stripes, and the list goes on. Oh! And!!! Those cute short dresses that Twiggy endlessly sported!! The 70s would be amazing to relive for the flared everything…sleeves, pants, tops, you name it. And the psychedelic prints. The 80s, well, the 80s are the years of crazy neon colors, the layering, the big denims and the crazy hair. It’s a notorious year; the year where you can one day get away with wearing skin tight miniskirts to large MC Hammer pants. Alas, here I am in the modern times where fortunately, history repeats itself! And so this is why I allowed myself to go back to the 60s, it’s not vintage per say, but it is a 60s inspired look.


I had a meeting, so I couldn’t do denims for sure, and I wasn`t going to do a skirt either. So I went for something professional but with flare, obviously, because we’re talking about me. I would almost never settle for boring; I need detail in every outfit. So without further ado, here’s what I wore:

I opted for velvet pants, I know it’s spring, but it’s still kinda chilly out here in
Montreal with all the rain we’ve been getting. I paired them pants with a cute high low gingham shirt. I kept it pretty monochrome in the color department and let the shoes do the talking (they’ve gotta be my favorite pair ).

What I wore:

TOP: Topshop tie sleeve top ◊ PANTS: Zara ◊ SHOES: Topshop


I obviously would have loved to use vintage items today, but I don’t own anything (yet) from that era. I would need to go do a little of bit of sniffing around the thrift shops to find ideal items I can add to my insanely growing collection. But for the moment, this will do.


It’s the 70s…Bardot style!

My mom have had these sunglasses in her drawer forever. I remember seeing them in photos of her wearing them so effortlessly and chicly. Always found my mom such a babe! With her mini skirts and long hair…classic. So, recently, my mom came to me giving me her 70s Brigitte Bardot sunnies so I can sell them. I totes refused! It would be a real crime if I did that! I mean come on! Look at them! They’re beautiful!!! I can’t even.


Since it hasn’t been the greatest weather in Montreal, I wasn’t able to wear them much. But this morning, the sun peaked through and I took advantage of that to wear this baby. However, the weather cheated me yet again and it started raining in the afternoon. What a shame (not really, because I am a big pluviophile). At least I got to wear them for a little bit. These are Brigitte Bardot with the classic BB logo on the side temples. Originally, they were designed by Ted Lapidus, a French fashion designer who then, in his career, decided to venture into accessories.

Bardot was always on point in her style; always perfection without too much effort put into her outfits. Her style was timeless. As I was inspired by the sunnies, I decided to go a little bit on the 70s side and wear some tartan and a loose, gypsy, boho shirt. This is how my outfit came out.

Obviously, I so wasn’t going to do heels today, because I definitely wasn’t feeling it. I made the 70s work by adding my own twist. I went with my most worn item (lately); my white leather converse. I borrowed a vintage jacket from a friend and went super simple in the rest of the look.

What I wore:

JACKET: Vintage leather-borrowed ∞ SHIRT: Como Black ∞ PANTS: Thrifted  NECKLACE: Vintage (find it in my store) ∞ SHOES: Converse


In this outfit, there was flare, print, texture and most definitely comfort. I felt 70s in my own way. I didn’t particularly feel like this was my favorite outfit of all time, but it was good enough for today and the way I was feeling. Just  a little side note, I freaking absolutely love this white shirt! It’s everything. I was looking for the perfect white shirt forever until this baby. I will get loads of wear out of this one this summer!


African Queen

I got this momma a few months ago from the Salvation Army…when there was a 50% off deal. I bought it simple for the daring and beautiful colorful shape it came in. But after washing it and putting it aside, I completely forgot about it. When spring cleaning came to a complete start, I went trough everything I owned and started posting whatever I did not want to keep on my Etsy store. I rediscovered this bad boy. Then I thought to myself, WHAT WAS I THINKING?? This is like a total disaster…like a failed painting project? But then I really thought…that’s so unlike me to discriminate on colorful clothes. And this is how I came about this and gave a chance to this beautiful silk 80s dress (and German made at that!!).


I didn’t feel like wearing this as a dress, simply because I didn’t want to do stockings, so instead, I wore it as a long tunic and cinched it up as a belt. I felt like a total African queen in this. I mean, it’s beautiful! It’s a little big, but it’s beautiful! Why didn’t I ever wear this before? I have this weird theory and always apply it when I go shopping. I usually hate going to the dressing room and buy items purely on looks and then decide at home whether it will look nice on me and fit me or not. And 90% of the time, it works out great for me. Basically, if the item is laid flat or is hanging and it looks ugly, it means that it will totes be fabulous on! And it’s super true!!! For me anyways.

So without further ado….here’s the infamous colorful jewel:

What I wore:

DRESS: Vintage ◊ PANTS: Thrifted ◊ SHOES: Forever 21 ◊ BELT: Vince Camuto


I am so happy I found this item again and will totes give this another go down the line. It’s a very nice piece to own because it’s different and unique. It’s cultural, it’s ethnic, it’s retro and yet super cool.  What more can I ask for?

The gypsy in me…

Round two of the Moroccan journey…this outfit is a good mix of east meets west. I wanted to show off my other pair of handmade Moroccan corset belt and today was the perfect opportunity! Yes, yet another self-promoting post…I’m so incorrigible. The weather in Montréal since the beginning of April has been yo-yoing with us; one day sun, and ten rain…and so on and so forth. I couldn’t wear any more boots or booties (even though I love them so much), I just needed to get my little shoes out.

So this outfit totes made me feel like a super gypsy. It’s free, it’s liberating, it’s ethnic, it’s amazing…and here it is:

This is honestly how my friends describe me…a gypsy, free-spirited chameleon.  My style is never really the same, day in day out; I usually love to experiment with different textures, styles, cuts and looks. For the most part, I push myself out of my comfort zone, because I always like a challenge. I don’t ever like to settle or keep feeling insecure; clothes and fashion give me the choice and power to work on my fears. I am a very anxious child…long story. Just like the choices I took to mix 2 different cultures in this outfit. I am not going to lie, the response of this outfit was mixed…some loved it and some truly hated it…but what mattered the most was that I felt super comfortable and daring!

What I wore:

SHIRT: Thrifted ♥ SKIRT: Zara ♥ BELT: Handmade ♥ SHOES: Aldo ♥ JACKET: Leather-Vintage


I wanted to go with a turban style today, but it was chilly…so I went with veil instead; my engagement veil….that I ended up using as a turban then. Every time I wear it now, I feel nostalgic; in a good way though! I feel like I could potentially wear this forever, it really does feel so liberating for some reason.