Heyyyyy!!! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Iman, and I am the quirky kid behind personal style/beauty/lifestyle blog, Le Dressing De Moon. Along with running this blog and inspiring you to welcome vintage clothing into your daily life, I am also a vintage shop owner, freelance stylist, fashion designer and hobby photographer living and working in Montreal. Le Dressing De Moon started solely as a vintage shop selling pieces ranging from 1940s-1990s with an Instagram page used mostly for advertising the shop run by myself and my dearest sister and best friend Ahdab (her name means lashes in Arabic).

I love creating in general….People know me as the artist. I studied languages in university (Spanish and Italian)….however, I wasn’t completely satisfied and I decided to go back to school and study fashion design. I graduated with great distinction and that’s how I knew I found my true passion and path in life. I started my own fashion line…but my love for vintage became stronger and stronger as I entered the industry more and more….And that’s how I decided to start my Etsy vintage shop.

While I still run the shop portion of Le Dressing De Moon, this blog has become an entity of it’s own where you can find vintage clothing styled by yours truly…with my own modern twist, my personal beauty tips, some tutorials, vintage inspired looks and sneak peaks into my daily life and all the things I love (traveling, family, food and shoes!!). I would like to welcome everyone to feel comfortable playing with vintage clothing to create looks in whatever manner they want!! Enjoy xoxo

All photos are taken by me, unless otherwise noted.

Christine Turek Photography

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