Pink Suit Galore

I was told by someone recently that I am like a chameleon and that my style is constantly evolving but I am always colorful despite the awful weather outside. This is absolutely true! Color is life! I don’t really like to stick to a particular style, I like to dress how I feel, and I guess you do what works best for you. There are days where I want to dress all black too; although I haven’t in ages. I think it important for every human to follow their heart (in life); whether it is in fashion, at work or at home…do you always! Today, even though I wasn’t sure I could do it, I wore a super hot fuchsia suit! It was freaking stressful, but I did it! I am so proud of myself for really stepping out of my comfort zone. Since moving back to Canada, I am slowly trying to get back to the fierce, bold, happy person that I was. And I know that sometimes change in a person is good but in me, it wasn’t. I became sadder and I guess for those who know me super well, it showed. I vowed to myself this year (and every year) to always make efforts to stay happy–and do so for me first to be a better wife, a better mom and a better human. I feel like us women, once we get married and have children, tend to put ourselves in the back burner but I don’t want that for myself. I know that happiness comes from within. However, sometimes we need different means/materials/people (whatever works for each individual) to helps us achieve that as well. Fashion; clothes, colors and textures work for me.


I was looking through different thrift shops to find a bold suit for a while now and couldn’t get my hands on anything. Whether printed or textured or even colorful…it didn’t matter as long as it had a nice fit to it. Since my search was a big flop, I went to Zara to get what I wanted. I got it last spring while pregnant and left it in my wardrobe till I gathered strength and power to wear it out as a complete set. I wore the blazer a few times with jeans but never with the matching trousers.

Since the suit was pretty bold in color, I didn’t want to wear heels so that I wouldn’t be too too out there. Therefore, I turned to my trusted trainers, my favorite on the shelf! My Adidas Gazelles. I like the clash between business chic and sporty—it gives the outfit a comfier approach and I guess I look less aggressive overall. I was still feeling myself; all kinds of fierce! Very much like Romy and Michele with their business suits.


SUIT: Zara ♣ SHOES: Adidas ♣ BAG: Guess ♣ SHIRT: Walmart


I definitely see myself keeping this suit for years to come as it is special, and it makes for different mixing and matching outfits. I will get my money’s worth for sure but if I manage to find a rarity in the thrift shop, I will for sure add it to my little collection.

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