The day I chose myself…

How much is too much when you give in a relationship? Doesn’t matter if it’s with your partner, sister, brother, co-worker, best friend or even your neighbor. Sometimes I feel like no matter how much you give, it’s never enough. People these days seem to want more. Or is it just me feeling that way? I can’t help but feel emotionally shut down whenever I am searching for validation. Maybe not validation. That’s not the word. Appreciation? Don’t know how to put it into words, really…I guess, us humans get comfortable sometimes around those we love and because we are comfortable and sure that they won’t leave, we tend to stop valuing their presence. Their true worth becomes less and less important and what bugs me is that we allow ourselves, sometimes, to become less valuable because of comfort. We are afraid to let go of things or people that no longer hold a place in our heart. We sometimes end up in toxic relationships because of that said fear. I mean, I know that some relationships don’t have to last forever…but those that you really invest in should and if they don’t…well the best thing to do for yourself is to move forward, shoulders back and head high because self worth is far more important than any relationship you’ll ever be in. Loving and valuing yourself is far more important than waiting for that one person to give you what you’re looking for. Validation or whatever it may be.



JACKET: Sam Edelman • TOP: Zara • PANTS: Level 99 • SHOES: L’Intervalle • BAG: Winners • SUNNIES: Kate Spade • BELT: Forever 21


In a technology driven world, relationships seems to have been shaken to their very core and human connectivity seem to have taken a bit of a break. Or so I think. Not trying to be a sourpuss. I mean, don’t get me wrong, technology has helped us humans explore possibilities we never thought we could reach and we have progressed in ways we never thought we would. However, I believe that we all have something to offer and we all need to be valued and not taken for granted. No matter the relationship we find ourselves in, if you ever feel like you’re not valued, then you deserve better and today, I say I do deserve better and that’s how I decide to choose myself. I may not be perfect and I have many flaws and I admit them openly but I deserve to be valuable and valued. Women, and sometimes some men, tend to let ourselves go down a sour spiral where we think that there’s no way out…but there is. We just have to be brave and move forward. Courage is my crown and I will forever wear it. Today, I say, I deserve more!

We all face those little bumps from time to time, in all walks of life and in all kinds of ways but it’s what we do to overcome them that’s important. And today the sun was shining and so was I! Because whenever you feel the best you, don’t be afraid to share it with the world and with the people that truly appreciate your presence!

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