“Dressing like an adult”: what does that really mean?!

I have always been one of those kids that kept saying…I want to dress like an adult! But now that I am one, I can help but wonder what it really means. Pondering about this for too long hurt my head because sincerely, who the hell care what an adult dresses like. I know that some judgemental party-poopers might comment on certain adults if they dress too funky or too colourful. So, truthfully, what does “dressing like an adult” really mean? I know that there are guidelines in certain industries as to how someone should dress; however, I still strongly feel that we should dress how we feel! Being comfortable in our own skin is necessary to tackle on the simple tasks of living. When you’re dressed nice, you feel nice and when you feel nice, you can conquer the world! Iris Apfel really showed us how adults do it or should do it. She’s such an icon and for a 97 year old woman, she sure damn well know how to dress to impress. She doesn’t care the slightest about making anyone happy but herself and her style is to die for. So I guess to some degree dressing like an adult is about utility and comfort which are things I tend to look for when I dress these days. Perhaps being a mom plays a role in it too…I feel like I gravitate towards a plain top, jeans and a good pair of sneakers/running shoes and I am having quite the moment with sneakers now.


On the other hand, I still really do love to experiment with patterns, colors and textures and outfits like these make me feel confident and happy. I still feel like adulating can be done with fun clothes on. Vintage is also a great way to experiment. Adding vintage to your wardrobe in a modern way can be very interesting, exciting and even rewarding. By adding the Dr. Martens booties to this vintage skirt, I made the outfit more me…a little bit of edge makes me feel like an adult—I can get things done, you know what I mean?!


JACKET: Zara • TOP: Thrifted • SKIRT: Vintage • SUNNIES: Ray-Ban • BAG: Uggs • BOOTS: Dr. Martens BELT: Vintage


Personally, dressing like an adult is about embracing my ‘style’ rather than doggedly following trends. As I grow older, I am dressing more for my body and my shape and also knowing when to retire certain pieces of clothing. So, if you still haven’t figured out what dressing like an adult means, then don’t worry—Because it’s about knowing what’s flattering on you and once you know that, then you just gotta think outside the box and try different things. It is important to always do what feels right for you. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to dress differently. No matter what age, if you’re a mom or in your 70s, it doesn’t need to get boring. You have to be true to yourself first and foremost, so if you want to rock those leather pants or those sparkly shoes, then do it with confidence!



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