Beating the winter blues with florals…

I feel bad for January. Poor January! It’s the first month of the year and it carries so much on its shoulders; from our hopes and dreams to our expectations and resolutions and promises to ourselves to become better humans. Some of us succeed to find that path and some of us just find ourselves astray struggling to find a perfect sense of direction. But life, of course, isn’t about perfect. It’s about improving and refining ourselves to become the best version of who we can be. I feel like when mid-January comes, I become blue and I don’t feel like I am alone in feeling so. We start on such a high and then life takes us in different courses sometimes and we have to remain positive despite it all. I have pushed myself time and time again to remain high even in the most difficult times and surrounding myself with happy people gets me to where I need to be. The winter blues are real this time of year and I make efforts to dress up to feel great in my own body and to keep a healthy mental state. Today, even though I dressed a little grunge and rebellious, I felt sexy and amazing, something I haven’t felt in a while. They say that baby becomes better after four months and calms down, but I’m still waiting!!! This is a vintage dress I have in my store and have been eyeing it since I got it and I cannot stop debating whether I should keep it for myself or simply just sell it along with the million others things I fall in love with. Space is so limited for me these days and keeping things in my closet because I love them isn’t reason enough. However, this 70s floral dress makes me feel like a total babe!

I have been having a 70s moment, like I said before, I feel like it’s such an easy trend to style as it is completely carefree in the most experimental way. Patterns and colors are everything! The ruffles in the dress call for femininity but because it’s black, there’s still a little bit of edge to it and this is why I added a leather jacket, because it keeps it more balanced. I like a solid merge between masculine and feminine! Dark and light! Good and bad! That outfit is completely me; from the floral print, to the boots, to the leather jacket—all elements that make me me. I love that the floral print isn’t too in your face too…it’s not too I AM HERE, LOOK AT ME!



JACKET: Danier leather • DRESS: Vintage (70s) • SHOES: Dr. Martens • BAG: Kate Spade • SUNNIES: Raybans • BELT: Vintage


The boots I got in a sale a couple of weeks ago…I always admired people sporting Dr. Martens booties because they command so much presence, which I feel like I didn’t have. But after giving birth, I feel like I can do anything now and today is the day for me to do Dr. Martens as well! You know when they say give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world, well it’s true…that saying is absolutely true, because I do feel like the world is in the palm of my hands when I wear these boots and I feel like I can do anything I can put my mind to it. I mean, you don’t really need clothes to feel that way, but conquering the world while being and feeling pretty doesn’t hurt!


So here’s to all of us feeling blue! Feel confident, feel pretty and give it your all! It isn’t January’s fault! We just gotta push through the January blues.


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