Oh so Coco…Coco Chanel!

This outfit, I am particularly very excited about! I cannot get enough of this suit. My brother in law spotted it when we were thrift shopping at Nova a couple of weeks ago and thought it was so me and when he showed me it, I died and a half. I can’t even! It’s so boujee! It made me automatically think of that Chanel suit Marge Simpson bought at a discount shop and wore to a Springfield Country Club, and become so obsessed with fitting in with the rich and famous. I think that was my favourite episode of all time. Seeing how worried she was about changing her clothes constantly to be accepted…I don’t know, there’s something quite sad in this matter—the need for us to constantly spend to desperately fit in into certain social groups. With that, this suit made me feel like I belong in the 1960s where suits became more popularized due to Coco and other wonderful designers. The suit gives me 1950s elegance and this why I felt the need to wrap my head scarf in an Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly kind of way. The head scarf, unlike today, was very popular back then and was donned by leading fashion models where they draped them across their heads and either tied just under the chin or wrapped around the neck for more coverage and security. Even in the 1960s, the fashion of the head scarf continued where young women wore them simply wrapped or even tied in a bow. Jackie Kennedy was known for her head scarf style as well as Sophia Loren who brought back the exotic look with her signature head scarves.

I couldn’t help but add white boots to this look. I feel like it just brought it all together and with the way I tied my scarf…just perfection! Would I wear this out shopping or doing errands you say??? Perhaps, I don’t feel particularly self-conscious in it…meaning I don’t feel over-dressed…I just feel like I came out of a black and white telenovela ready to take on the future.



SUIT: Thomas Haier • BOOTS: Zara • BAG: Aldo • SUNNIES: Aldo • SWEATER: Thrifted

What do you think of this beaut?! Should I sell it or should I keep it?!


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