Dressing up like a diva! Because why not?

Aren’t there days where you just feel like strolling the streets of your city wearing sequins and bedazzled outfit for no reason? Well I do and once in a while, I let my Beyoncé out and freak down the city. I am almost (or maybe was) generally accused of always overdressing on a daily basis and that never bothered me a bit, perhaps because I knew that I can take on life with a better outfit than most people. I mean, Montréal isn’t really known for being a fashion oriented city, we always dress practical for a day to day life, but being the extra me that I am, I always add sparkle or extreme color in every outfit. People pointing out that I overdress sometimes make me feel self-conscious and may change the way I feel about my outfits and closet in general but then I say to myself, fuck it, you only live once, so freaking dress the way you want to dress! Lesson is basically to never let anyone make you doubt yourself.

Today, I am doing sequins and fur all at once, yes, I may look like Miss Piggy but I don’t give a rat’s bottom because I feel damn good in my own skin….post-partum belly and all! I guess you all noticed that I am quite fond of my faux-fur Sam Edelman jacket and y’all may be bored of seeing it over and over again, but I genuinely love it and I am getting my money’s worth wearing it. I am in love it and I am loving pairing it with many different styled outfits. I feel like it’s easy to dress it up or down…day in day out. Looking bougie is sometimes good for the soul, know what I’m sayin’?



JACKET: Sam Edelman • DRESS: Zara • SHOES: Lord & Taylor • SUNGLASSES: Aldo


Here’s to an new year and a new me! Dress not to impress anyone else other than myself.



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