Punching life in the face with a colorful outfit!

Happy 2019 y’all! May anything you dream of happens and comes to life and flourishes to take you place you’ve never been to before. Day 4 of the New Year and I can’t help but feel quite stressed out and worried already; adulating is hard! Sometimes I wish I was little again and had all my problems taken care of or just go back to the times where finding an outfit was the biggest problem I’ll ever face in life! Sigh……
Despite that, here I am out and about trying to carve my way into this thing called life. I was quite sure and focused about my goals 4 years ago and I knew exactly how to get there, my plans were devised and I was working my way up to my dreams. Things happen, unexpectedly, and life takes you to roads you aren’t quite sure how to handle. I guess I may have put my career on hold and through all these hardships I have been through, I am happy to say that right now, where I am in life, I am content because I found something much more meaningful and fulfilling; love and family. Yes, my job is cut-out for me at this point but I feel more focused and I’m more confident in what I want and don’t want anymore. Cutting out people that bring negativity and drama into my life is much easier and it brings me inner peace and mental health. Using fashion and dressing up is always a way for me to bring my mood up and have a jolly spirit and today’s outfit gave me exactly that! It’s badass, it’s cheerful, it’s wonderful and it makes me happy because it’s a combination of vintage and modern pieces and that’s always the way I want to go.


I got these wonderful boots from Nova (thrift shop) a couple of weeks ago and they were only 5$! I fell in love right away when my eye caught them. They’re giving me super Lenny Kravitz circa the 70s vibes!!! They’re so freaking beautiful! I can’t!!! And I know they’re not everyone’s cuppa tea but, man, are they special. The heel itself brings me so much joy…even the stretchy faux leather gives me thrills! I feel like whenever you’d have a dull outfit, you’d pull these bad boys out and voila! Boom! Clap! Your outfit would be made!


JACKET: Sam Edelman ◊ SWEATER: Forever 21 ◊ JEANS: Tommy Hilfiger ◊ BOOTS: Vintage ◊ BAG: Vintage ◊ SUNGLASSES: Aldo ◊ BELT: Forever 21

Even though the boots are loud enough, I couldn’t help but add even more color and wear a rainbow sweater! Yes, rainbow yet again, because why not? And how can I forget this amazing green vintage ostrich bag. So cute!

I think it is important for us to know our weaknesses and our issues and say them outlook to ourselves but it is even more important to push through them and prevail to arrive to a better version of ourselves. So, yes, adulating is quite hard for me these days but despite it all, I am where I am meant to be.


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