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The tartan trend is back…And here’s my interpretation!

Going to a Christmas dinner with friends this year (yes, I know I am Muslim…but that doesn’t stop me from being there for my friends), and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel very blessed to have non-Muslim friends who are genuine, real and caring and super non-judgemental. Growing up in Canada never seemed hard for me and even though I never fit in, I always found a group of people to count as family. None of my friends are Arabic and that never bothered me, we were always so in tune with each other and always so interested in each other’s lives. My friends always had interesting questions to ask me about my religion and respected every bit of it and I did just the same. Anyway, all that just to say I am very excited to dress up and look pretty…yes and put a little bit of makeup on, might I add!

For today’s look, yes you’ve guessed it, I am also wearing vintage. I have been feel it loads lately with the vintage clothes. I fell in love with this skirt the minute I saw it hanging at the Nova shop. Plaid and tartan is huge and having a comeback on the runways lately. I love how many designer incorporate it in many different ways and they are doing it very boldly I might add. These prints come in the form of matched sets, in different tones and colors combined and even neon. What I love most about tartan and plaid is the freedom of styling that comes with it; you can either go all out or opt for a more subtle approach. This skirt is particular is super special because it’s fluffy!!! The fabric is so magical and soft; it’s almost like a wool-blend but not quite—like a hybrid. I love the yellow/greenish line through it.


I decided to go the bold route because why not? I felt like I didn’t want to wear a bland shirt with this skirt, it needed a pop of color or a mix of another print. And this is exactly what I did! My hubby got me this shirt months ago after I gave birth as a little gift to help me feel pretty again…since I was pretty overwhelmed then. Anyway, long story short, I saw this shirt from far and voila…a combination happened in my mind!

I am glad I came back to the cold because I get to wear knee-high boots again! I had these stored far far away in the depth of my wardrobe and here they are making a strong comeback. Woot woot!



JACKET: Suzy ◊ SHIRT: Stella Tweed (Winners) ◊ SKIRT: Shamrock (vintage) ◊ BELT: Unbranded (Vintage) ◊ BOOTS: Nine West ◊ SUNNIES: Brigitte Bardot (Vintage)

Styling shouldn’t be complicated and everything goes, even when you think that some colors don’t match or blend well, try it and it’ll work. I promise! What makes someone unique in their clothes is the way they hold themselves…


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