Corduroy and fur: a 70s edit!

This year, trend has been so focused on the 70s and it is still going strong. Going into the stores and looking through the display windows, all you see are flared pants, colourful tops and platform heels and boots. I am so happy that I have vintage for that. Second to the 1950s, I would say the 1970s are my favourite years and I am quite convinced that I was born in the wrong time. I bet I would have killed the 70s and had the time of my life, Woodstock and all! 70s fashion was all about freedom, a variety of colors, eclectic looks and a penchant to mix and match different styles all at once. It’s the period when the subcultures of hippies, punks and bohemian chic style followers emerged. Hello, Freddy Mercury!

Fashion devotees and connoisseurs love this era for its liberalism and endless creativity that even sometimes lead to little craziness. Some (not so fashion lovers) criticized 70s fashion because of the apparent absence of any style rules and standards. I appreciate the 70s style for its means of expressing the person’s individuality; basically creating a unique vision of style and creativity—the boho-chic vibes, the folk, the gypsy touches, the hippie attitude, the ethnic inspirations, the retro style, the classic with a hint of disco and unisex fashion are all elements that make the 70s fashion era so diverse and vibrant. Perhaps this is why so many designers are constantly revisiting this era, bringing back the aesthetics of the ‘70s spiced up with a modern twist and presenting luxurious renderings of the key garments, styles and details defining this trend.

All that to say that this era is bloody awesome and today I am feeling oh so 70s! And vintage has given me the creative freedom to mix and match pieces that I owned in my wardrobe without going off and purchasing new things. Gotta love me some vintage!


I am wearing head to toe vintage except the colourful bodysuit which I got this year at Zara and when I first saw it on the website I instantly thought, yes! This is so psychedelic and so Scooby Doo retro chic and I knew that I needed it in my life. I wore it loads since buying it and I feel like it would stay in my wardrobe for a long long time. And so combining the top with this outfit was perfect. I felt quite Farrah Faucet in this ensemble and might I say very hot! I know that I’m not wearing designer items or luxurious pieces but these collectible give me more thrill than any brand name out there; knowing that I can make a look out of select items make me proud.


COAT: Vintage ◊ TOP: Zara (bodysuit) ◊ PANTS: Vintage ◊ SHOES: Vintage ◊ BAG: Vintage ◊ SUNNIES: Aldo ◊ BELT: Vintage


Again, these leather croco boots I found in a consignment store over the summer in Point Claire village and when I saw them, I immediately fell in love because they were there, sitting on the shelf, so special, so unique and they were just calling my name! I tried them on and they fit me snug back then because I was preggo, but I took a risk and boy did it pay off because now they fit like a glove! I always love a good coloured shoe because like the dot at the end of a sentence, it finishes and pulls a look together so seamlessly. I would say the same about this green clutch… I mean when you see it just hanging there, you say….um, no potential, but when you style it, it’s add a kick to any outfit.


The corduroy pants I got for 4$, also at the nova sale…and they look brand-spanking-new! Like what? I have always loved corduroy and had a few pants when I was younger, in high school, but I guess with time, I gave them up and now…I feel like why did I ever do that?! Adding textured to an outfit is my thing and even if it’s so subtle, it’s still texture. I think for the next little while, I too will be stuck in the 70s….’Cause I’m having a good time having a good time…don’t stop me now…don’t stop me! See what I did here? Yup, I’m a nerd!


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