Purple Rain

It’s officially party season and there’s no better time to get your sequins and loud clothes out. It is also the time of the years where budget get quite the kick in the rear and the wallet suffers massively but dressing up for parties doesn’t have to break anything because there are a million and one ways to look pretty, feel sexy and dress to the nines without spending thousands of dollars. Vintage and thrifting could be an excellent option and when you’re looking to stand out from the crowd because you’d be sure that no one else will have a similar look to yours. In today’s post, I’m sharing how I’d show up to a party (if I was invited to one). Plus, I am kind of having such a purple moment, I don’t know why but I actually love this color and I am having such fun playing with different colors lately. Although and very contradictorily, I do love my mom uniform most days, which consists of sweatpants and hoodies.

I found this beautiful 80s purple chiffon jumpsuit at the Nova boutique in Pointe Claire when there was a 50% sale storewide. I ended up paying a whopping 4$ and it was the best 4$ I spent so far. I had an outing in mind when I bought this one and I am looking forward to it as it will be my official first date without baby. Wearing this jumpsuit with this faux-fur jacket is giving me Rihanna, bad girl, boss girl vibes.

I found these heels a while back when I was still massively pregnant and I wasn’t sure that they would fit me. Also vintage, I couldn’t not buy them!!! They’re so special and what caught my eye immediately was the color, I haven’t seen anything quite like it and although the shoe itself is simple, the design is special. The combination of gold, purple and emerald green is giving me life and I am feeling very ostentatious. The faux-fur jacket is so cute!!! I wasn’t planning to go that road, but when I saw this little Sam Edelman jacket hanging all alone in a closing sale, I knew I had to get it! It was just so unique and I love how there’s a two-tone purple which adds dimension and texture. I feel like it also adds more styling options, like it can go with many different coloured outfits.


JACKET: Sam Edleman (faux-fur) ♠ JUMPSUIT: Diana A la Vid (vintage) ♠ SHOES:  Abaete (vintage) ♠ SUNNIES: Brigitte Bardot (vintage) ♠ BELT: Zara ♠ BAG: Aldo clutch

On the lips: Charlotte Tilbury Electric Poppy


So, Christmas and new year parties don’t need to break the bank, you can look good without spending a ton. Shop smarter! This look is not exclusive to the holidays and so you can sport it to dates and different occasions.




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