Welcome to the 60s

When I saw this dress a few months ago on sale on the Zara website, I fell in love with it because it gave me 60s mod vibes all over. I loved how it was bold and yet so wearable. The color combination was quite brilliant and the cut was super flattering and I couldn’t wait to wear and so I did this weekend. It is not everyone’s taste but I was definitely mine. I find it to be a cross between Pierre Cardin’s space age design and Emilio Pucci’s wild geometric design. 60s fashion was bold, creative and innovative; those years shifted and put the emphasis on the youth and their ability to do their own thing. They were put forward and fashion followed suit in the streets rather than in the big couture houses. There was a little bit of a carefree in the whole mod fashion as everything started to shift with the baby boomers were coming of age. Color played a big role in defining the 60s; where the muted and pastel palette of 1950s fashions gave way to bright, bold colors which were often presented in geometric patterns.

And with that, here’s today’s 60s inspired look:


I love how the dress has super long raw edged sleeves that you can bunch up to help create volume; I find it much nicer than having sticks for arms. It adds interest and definition. The velvet is quite nice and it isn’t too thick, so I feel like my shape still looks sleek and not too overkill.


Going with the whole velvet theme, I wanted to maintain that onto my feet and wore my velvet burgundy shoes to tie the whole look together. I felt like boots would be too much and I would look more witchy than elegant. I feel like the burgundy/gold matched perfectly with the dress color pattern.

The turban also helped in accentuating the whole “do your own thing” vibe that the 60s so focused on and it gave room for me to wear my current favourite vintage earrings. The photos don’t do them justice. Also, this is the first time I wear a dress post-partum and although I still do have a belly and haven’t gone back to working out (as I am taking things slow and enjoying little one), I feel like I am happy with my body despite it all. But to add a little more definition to my waist area, I added a cute vintage gold belt that added a bit more attitude to the look and I love it!


Even though the dress is quite statement, my look was still minimalistic and that’s what I like about it all as I don’t have too much going on. I feel like this dress will stay in my wardrobe for a long time because it is me in a nutshell.



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