The perfect fall/winter boot for every budget…from 80$ to 700$

I have been falling back in love with boots lately since moving back to Canada and I cannot get enough of the new colourful boots out there; from animal prints to color block boots, there’s something for everyone. A few weeks ago, as I was walking in the mall, I noticed a beautiful pair of vegan leather yellow booties and I cannot get them out of my head and even though I know I don’t need them, I still want them in my life but I cannot justify paying over 400$ for a pair of shoes. I would have gladly spent that money a few years ago when I was less conscious about the inner works of the fashion industry. Plus, now I’m a mom, so I need to think practical, convenient and efficient! But that doesn’t stop me from drooling over pretty shoes online!!! And in today’s post I am sharing with you the coolest and nicest boots for the fall/winter season and where you can get your hands on them.

Just as your coat, you don’t want to be dull and I know living in Canada and having fancy winter boots is kind of difficult, but there are days where there isn’t snow or ice one the ground so you get to enjoy looking pretty fabulous in the cold. I have always had a couple of boots and booties in my wardrobe and some I still do have, and then I have that one ugly pair that I wear when it is super intense out. No one forced me to buy that ugly pair, I mean I could wear something practical and still nice…instead I opted out for something super practical but super ugly.

I say, warmth doesn’t mean ugly and so here are my top picks! For every budget too!


1- The animal print bootie

This bootie has been everywhere and it is massively trending. If you think you can get your money’s worth buying a bold printed bootie, then I suggest you get these from Zara because they always do shoes right! These sit at 99.90$ CAD. I owned a pair of glossy animal print shoe a while ago but I had to sell them since I couldn’t take everything with me in Jericho. Don’t be afraid of bold booties like these because despite the print, they’re easy to style with skirts, jeans and even dresses.


2- The colored knee-high boots

You don’t always need to have black on your feet…your feet too deserve to be happy with a colorful part of boots. Yes, I still do want those yellow booties but I won’t cave in…here’s what I think you can go with this season….

The options are endless but these are my top picks and they range between 70$ and 637$. The red ones from Zara would be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit you wear this winter and it would be easier to style since it is one solid color. You can wear it with little dresses or even over jeans and pants…yes, that’s still a look! I love the pointed toe because it helps lengthen the body more. The striped boots are to die for!!! I absolutely freaking love them and they are only at 70$ from amazon and I could imagine a million and one ways I can wear them. I always had one crazy pair of boots in my closet and although I do not one have currently (since selling a lot of my shoes recently), I feel like I could do with a similar pair as these. How can I not share these amazing Dorateymur color-blocked boots?! They’re seriously insane and bring that 70s look to life. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi with these boots in particular; they’re extremely bold but I love them! The multicolored patent leather, the ornate graphic design, the white accents; ugh! my heart!!! Again, even though these are super colorful, I feel like they can be style in many different ways. They’re pricey at 637$ but I feel like they would be worth every penny.

3- The practical boot

we all want to be warm, cosy and safe during the winter season but that doesn’t mean we have to wear ugly shoes. There are plenty of practical yet pretty shoes out there but the one I see myself wearing would be this one from Sorel. They’re pricer than many other boots on the market but Sorel is a trusted brand and investing in a pair from them is basically a smart move because you know you’ll get your money’s worth. Their shoes last for years (if you take care of them of course) and they keep you warm. These in particular are quite stylish and they go with every outfit. they’re waterproof and comfortable! SO, win-win!

2e6337307e597bc7b4e91b884093de8a_xlarge4- The fashion forward bootie

We all want that pair of booties that add oomph to any outfit and add a pep in our step. Here are some I am totes in love with and if I had space, I would have bought them all….but that would be a total waste of money and space. Opting for colorful accessories during the winter time is for sure going to lift up our mood and spirits and give you hope to get to spring happily.

These white detailed and red heeled Gloria Coelho pair are giving me life. I love a solid heel because I know it’ll be more comfortable than a pencil one and especially in the winter season, you want something more sturdy. These booties are bold but not too overwhelming and in a way that puts you out there without looking like a circus freak. The color combination is classic and easy to style and you can never go wrong with a black/white boot. However, I wouldn’t say the same about these freaking killer Studio Chofakian booties!!!! I cannot express enough how much I would want these on my feet right now. They’re literally me in a shoe; colorful and bright! They’re 50% off right now, still pricey, but if you’re looking for something cool, then I say go for these. The last pair for those who want something colorful but don’t want to pay a load of money for a pair…they sit at 88$ and the colors are easier to style because they’re more on the neutral side.

5- The classic black pair

You can never go wrong with black and it’s pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to styling a little black bootie, it goes with everything and anything from skirts to pants to dresses to whatever it is you feel like wearing. these 2 pairs caught my eye because of their sharp design and you get the option of either a heeled one or a flat one. The contrasting metal zip adds more badass into the whole black boot look. When buying black boots, I always make sure that there’s something special about them. You don’t something too plain-Jane or too boring.


I could share a lot more boots I like but this post would be a million years long and so this is the roundup and I hope you find the pair that make you feel the best you this fall/winter season.

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